Obama Handlers Axelrod & Emanuel

Elena Kagan: New Supreme Court Justice...No experience as a Judge, but experience disallowing citizens lawsuits concerning Obama's US birth status as US Solicitor General

The summer of 2010 in Philadelphia has been so hot and humid, one might be tempted to start believing in global warming.Along with the heat comes the usual violence, people shooting each other left and right.Add to this a plague of bedbugs, and you have quite a 'situation'. What I need is a vacation.

Now it gets hot and humid in Washington DC, too. So the Obama family is playing it smart and reducing stress by taking some vacations of their own. Michelle Obama sojourned to Spain, supposedly to 'console a close friend', but she made time to visit King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia, too. The trip is only costing the US taxpayer $75000 a day. The Obamas will also be vacationing in Florida and on Martha's Vineyard this month. Certainly it is hot in these places but you get a nice ocean breeze; cuts down on humidity.

You might wonder who runs the show when the First Family vacations: this would be the same fellows who run it when they're at home in Washington DC. That would be David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel. Axelrod looks after domestic affairs and spin, and Emanuel works on the foreign policy side, funneling the orders from Tel Aviv. Both are capable spin doctors who make what is treasonable 'palatable' for the AmeriKan public. Or they think they do.

What we have seen from the 'Hope for Change' President so far is a continuation of the systematic gutting of AmeriKa begun by Bill Clinton, and brought to a climax under George Bush. Obama was picked as the 'man for the job' in the next consolidation phase.

It is important to understand that every modern US President must be 'blackmailable'. In Clinton's case, this featured his inability to keep his dick in his pants, a plethora of dirty money provided by foreign agents,such as China, and an inexplicable series of suspicious deaths of people close to Clinton. In Bush's case we had his alleged involvement in the murder of a young Texas woman, drug use, and large scale payoffs to and from innumerable corporate and individual actors. In Obama's case, the blackmail factor involves something more basic: Identity.

In truth we so not know who Barack Obama really is. Is he the son of a Kenyan? Is the the illegitimate son of a Black Chicago activist? Was his mother a CIA 'cut out'? What about the missing time when he was supposedly attending Columbia University? Nobody remembers him there. Who is he, really? On top of this we have his 'strange' pick of Elena Kagan as Associate Supreme Court Justice. Elena Kagan was never a judge in her life. BUT, as US Solicitor General, she was involved in the dismissal of a number of US citizen lawsuits attempting at getting to the bottom of Obama's status as a US citizen with the consequent eligibilty as a US President.

In the mean time, the US military is still in Iraq, ensuring that Rothschild owned BP and Rockefeller owned Exxon have the major contracts to process and pump Iraqi oil. Same in Afghanistan with a different twist:  US/NATO serves as a security force to pacify Afghans so Rothschild can build a pipeline through Kandahar province to transport Turkmen natural gas, controlled by the Israeli Merhav group, through Afghanistan for sale to India and China. What does the US get outof this? Dead servicemen, and a further draining of our treasury.

So what change and what hope do we have with Obama? None really. A friend told me the other week that Obama had called for 'an open dialogue by Americans on the race question'. Well, certainly this is an interesting proposition. However, most European Americans actually voted twice in the 2008 Presidential election. They voted once on election day itself, and then they voted again after wards by buying a record number of firearms, and billions of rounds of ammunition. Some talk of 'race war'. Well, rather, I would say this suggests a growing unease on the part of European Americans with our Federal government. The fact that a Black was elected US President really doesn't matter, except that this particular 'African American' seems to represent interests that are contrary to the best interests of America as a whole. Remember that various foreign interests and bankers funded the American Civil War from behind the scenes. They did the same with the Obama nomination and campaign.

In a way, I feel sorry for President Obama, He probably cannot even take a piss or shit without being video taped or eavesdropped on.

So, not much hope for change at the highest level. So, what to do?. THINK GLOBALLY AND ACT LOCALLY, Remember that one?

Try to inform yourself and your friends and neighbors as to realities and dangers of what we face. There is a little that 'Joe Six Pack' can do in the face of the machinations of trillionaires and their puppets and mechanisms. None of this is new as 'there is nothing new under the sun', But do not let yourself perish for lack of knowledge. And even more, use your particular God given talent to the utmost in service of the people. Many intersecting ripples on a pond can lead to a great movement. When things get too big, then go small, back to basics. ACT LOCALLY, in your community, in any way possible, and you will be surprised at the effect that will result. Remember, psychopaths account for probably less than 5% of the total population, but 'the squeaky wheel gets the grease'. No reason greaseballs should be center stage. OVERCOME EVIL WITH GOOD. By dwelling on evil too much, out of proportion, one can lose hope, and lose momentum, thereby letting the parasites triumph. USE YOUR POWER FOR GOOD.

And do not be deceived. The Gospel of Christ and the words and actions of His Apostles are still the best blueprint for common sense, everyday life.This Gospel is vilified and ridiculed across the board, which should only confirm it's truth.

See the big picture, take care to be aware of the small things and act accordingly.

Keep the Faith, and take heart. 'Don't follow leaders and watch your parking meters'.

Elena Kagan tied to Obama's birth certificate - American Grand Jury

The Truth Seeker - Obama's father is Communist Frank Marshall Davis

Barack Obama's Education

The Great Game for the Oil & Gas - Christopher Bollyn


Senator Arlen Specter: Republican, Democrat, B'nai Brith, ADL

Before I post the article about Senator Arlen Specter's latest manouver, I want you to understand something about this man...He is 'our' Senator from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and I have watched this weasel move for many years...Specter was the supposed originator of the 'single bullet' theory for the Warren Commission, investigating the JFK assassination...He is an errand boy for the Crypts/Zionists/CIA, whatever you want to call the international crime family...Please read this report of his intimidation of witnesses in Dallas shortly after the JFK murder...This Specter is a liar and a piece of work....Here is the testimony from a withess he intimidated in the wake of the JFK assassination, Mrs. Jean Hill:

Quote from Jean Hill:

"The FBI took me to Parkland Hospital.  I had no idea what I was doing there.  They escorted me through a labyrinth of corridors and up to one of the top floors of Parkland.  I didn't know where we were.  They took me into this little room where I met Arlen Specter.  He talked to me for a few minutes, trying to act real friendly, then this woman, a stenographer, came in and sat behind me.  He had told me that this interview would be confidential, then I looked around and this woman was taking notes.  I reminded him that the discussion was to be private and he told the woman to put down her notebook, which she did.  But when I looked around again she was writing.  I got mad and told Specter, 'You lied to me.  I want this over.'  He asked me why I wouldn't come to Washington, and I said, 'Because I want to stay alive.'  He asked why I would think that I was in danger and I replied, 'Well, if they can kill the President, they can certainly get me!'  He replied that they already had the man that did it and I told him, 'No, you don't!' 

He kept trying to get me to change my story, particularly regarding the number of shots.  He said I had been told how many shots there were and I figured he was talking about what the Secret Service told me right after the assassination.  His inflection and attitude was that I knew what I was supposed to be saying, why wouldn't I just say it.  I asked him, 'Look, do you want the truth or just what you want me to say?'  He said he wanted the truth, so I said, 'The truth is that I heard between four and six shots.'  I told him, 'I'm not going to lie for you.'  So he starts talking off the record.  He told me about my life, my family, and even mentioned that my marriage was in trouble.  I said, 'What's the point of interviewing me if you already know everything about me?'  He got angrier and finally told me, 'Look, we can even make you look as crazy as Marguerite Oswald [Lee Oswald's mother] and everybody knows how crazy she is.  We could have you put in a mental institution if you don't cooperate with us.'  I knew he was trying to intimidate me....

He finally gave me his word that the interview would not be published unless I approved what was written.  But they never gave me the chance to read it or approve it.  When I finally read my testimony as published by the Warren Commission, I knew it was a fabrication from the first line.  After that ordeal at Parkland Hospital, they wrote that my deposition was taken at the U.S. attorney's office in the Post Office Building."

Specter shift puts Dems near filibuster-proof mark
By DAVID ESPO, AP Special Correspondent David Espo, Ap Special Correspondent – Tue Apr 28, 7:24 pm ET

WASHINGTON – Veteran Republican Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania switched parties Tuesday with a suddenness that seemed to stun the Senate, a moderate's defection that pushed Democrats to within a vote of the 60 needed to overcome filibusters and enact President Barack Obama's top legislative priorities.

Specter, 79 and seeking a sixth term in 2010, conceded bluntly that his chances of winning a Pennsylvania Republican primary next year were bleak in a party grown increasingly conservative. But he cast his decision as one of principle, rather than fueled by political ambition as spurned GOP leaders alleged.

"I have found myself increasingly at odds with the Republican philosophy and more in line with the philosophy of the Democratic Party," he said at a news conference. He added, "I am not prepared to have my 29 year record in the United States Senate decided by the Pennsylvania Republican primary electorate."

Not long after Specter met privately with Republican senators to explain his decision, the party's leader, Sen. Mitch McConnell, said the switch posed a "threat to the country." The issue, he said, "really relates to ... whether or not in the United States of America our people want the majority party to have whatever it wants, without restraint, without a check or balance."

As a result of last fall's elections, Democrats control the White House and have a large majority in the House. Specter's switch leaves them with 59 Senate seats. Democrat Al Franken is ahead in a marathon recount in Minnesota. If he ultimately defeats Republican Norm Coleman, he would become the party's 60th vote — the number needed to overcome a filibuster that might otherwise block legislation.

Specter, who has a lifelong record of independence, told reporters, "I will not be an automatic 60th vote." As evidence, he pointed out he opposes "card check" legislation to make it easier for workers to form unions, a bill that is organized labor's top priority this year.

His move comes as Democrats are looking ahead to battles on health care, energy and education.

Specter was one of only three Republicans in Congress who voted for Obama's economic stimulus bill earlier this year, a measure the senator said was needed to head off the threat of another Great Depression.

Specter called the White House on Tuesday to notify Obama of his decision to switch. The president called back moments later, according to spokesman Robert Gibbs, to say the Democratic Party was "thrilled to have you."

Several officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, said discussions of a possible switch had reached into the White House in recent days, although Gibbs said he had no details.

Gibbs said Obama would raise money for Specter as well as campaign personally for him if asked.

Specter told reporters at his news conference that Gov. Ed Rendell, a Democrat, had suggested a meeting in Washington for this week at which the party's leadership could formally "endorse my candidacy."

In Pennsylvania, State Rep. Josh Shapiro, a Democrat, swiftly announced he was no longer interested in running for the Senate next year. The only announced Democratic candidate has been ` Torsella, chairman of the State Board of Education.

Among Republicans, former Rep. Pat Toomey is expected to run. He had been poised to challenge Specter, who defeated him narrowly in a 2004 primary.

"I welcome Senator Specter and his moderate voice to our diverse caucus," Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., said in a statement that was a jab at the Republicans.

Other Democrats spread the word on Twitter in a way that reflected surprise. "Specter to switch parties? Wow," said a message sent by Sen. Claire McCaskill of Missouri.

At his news conference, Specter grew animated as he blamed conservatives for helping deliver control of the Senate to Democrats in 2006, making it impossible to confirm numerous judicial appointees of former president George W. Bush.

"They don't make any bones about their willingness to lose the general election if they can purify the party. I don't understand it, but that's what they said," he added.

Ironically, Specter had spoken recently about the importance of a strong Republican presence in the Senate.

"If we lose my seat they have 60 Democrats, they will pass card check, you will have the Obama tax increases, they will carry out his big spending plans. So the 41st Republican, whose name is Arlen Specter, is vital to stopping tax increases, passage of card check and the Obama big spending plans."

Pennsylvania has voted increasingly Democratic in recent elections, and Obama's candidacy in 2008 prompted thousands of voters to switch their registration to his party. Specter said their migration had left the GOP primary electorate "very far to the right."

After nearly six full terms in the Senate, Specter is one of a handful of moderate Republicans left, a politician of remarkable resilience who has maneuvered successfully to protect his seat at home and his seniority rights in Congress.

In line to become chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee in 2004, he was forced to reassure conservatives he would not attempt to thwart them on Bush's conservative judicial nominees. As a senior lawmaker on the Senate Appropriations Committee, he is responsible for a steady stream of federal projects in his state.

In recent years, he has battled Hodgkin's disease, a cancer of the lymphatic system, but maintains a busy schedule that includes daily games of squash.

Specter was the sixth senator to switch parties in the past 15 years, and the first to leave the Republicans since former Sen. James Jeffords of Vermont became an independent in 2001. Jeffords' defection gave Democrats control of the Senate. Reid, then the second-ranking Democrat, played a role in that change, as well, offering to give up a committee chairmanship so Jeffords could retain it.

As one of the most senior Republicans in the Senate, Specter held powerful positions on the Judiciary and Appropriations committees. It was not clear how Democrats would calculate his seniority in assigning committee perches.

As recently as late winter, he was asked by a reporter why he had not taken Democrats up on past offers to switch parties.

"Because I am a Republican," he said at the time.

Tuesday's switch was not Specter's first.

He was a Democrat until 1965, when he ran successfully on the Republican ticket for district attorney in Philadelphia.


Associated Press Writers Julie Hirschfeld Davis, Laurie Kellman, Liz Sidoti, Andrew Taylor and Erica Werner contributed to this story from Washington. Peter Jackson contributed from Harrisburg, Pa.


Link to Specter and JFK Coverup


Barack Obama: 'Bamba Klat Man'

The looting and destruction of the American economy was not a accomplished by one man, and certainly didn't happen overnight. But the process reached a climax during the Bush administration, starting with the staged '911' event, which itself was a coverup for large scale banking and securities fraud, and drew us into the disastrous 'War on Terror' , which included the invasions of both Iraq and Afghanistan, nations which never attacked us. The purpose of all of this was to bankrupt the US, both financially and morally. But, of course, money was the main reason. We saw this process reach it's penultimate point with the 'banker bailout' and 'electronic run' on American banks which took place in the fall of 2008.
For those who see beyond the 'false front' of American party politics, where both parties are the servants of a foreign master, the promises and rhetoric of Barack Obama, 'Hope for Change', were just more empty words. After the 'bad cop' George Bush, who disgraced America in the eyes of the world, a 'good cop' was needed, one with 'compassion'. But the truth is simpler. The international bankers needed a 'clean up man'.

What is a 'Bamba Klat Man'?

In the Jamaican culture, there is a story passed down, and a term given to a certain type of man. It is this: On the slave ships, 'difficult' or 'uncooperative' slaves were usually brought on deck, and either whipped or beaten to death. They literally 'had the shit beaten out of them'. After the beating or killing was finished there was a mess. The mess included flesh, blood and shit. Someone had to clean it up. Since the slavers found this cleanup unsavory themselves, the task was usually assigned to another slave. The Jamaicans call this slave the 'Bumba Klat Man'. He cleaned up the clots of blood, and the shit. In return, he got a little extra food and maybe some rum or whiskey. The 'Bumba Klat Man'. the cleanup man.

Barack Obama is the banker's clean up or 'Bumba Klat Man'. Today's slave ship differs from the old one in the means used to impose the master's will on the slave. Today, we have a hi-tech slave ship, where the enforcement is done by means of media, and the power of the computer. The masters are not stupid. They can change with the times. Today's methods are also more powerful because they attack the mind directly. And the whip hand is hidden behind a more elaborate facade. After all, the mind is a powerful thing, for better or worse. Of course, force can and will be used as a last resort, or when the slave is perceived as being most vulnerable. But, when a 'mess' is made, there must be a clean up. There must be a 'Bamba Klat Man'.


Where it started/Nariman/Chabad Lubavitch House

The Mumbai AttacKs: Who Did It?

Thanks to poster 'Amalgamy' from http://www.nolajbs.net  for some links to the source material contained here.

Some Background on Indian 'Terrorist' Attacks
First, let us note that Mumbai/Bombay is India's largest city, with a metropolitan population of about 15,000,000. It is also the financial hub of the Indian sub-continent, In this sense, it is a perfect spot for 'terrorist' or '911' type attacks/events.
For those who subscribe to the official 'post 911' view of 'Islamo-fascism' or a 'clash of civilizations' betweeen the Islamic world & the 'Western' world, the so-called terrorist attacks in Mumbai would just seem to be more of the same. Blame the ever present 'al-Quida'. Of couse, 'al-Quida' is a creation of US/Israeli/UK Intelligence services; a convenient 'boogie-man'. But it is portrayed in Western Media as the spearhead of Islamic Jihad. And if you get your news from mainstream Western sources, you will find no information to contradict this. But let us look deeper. In my analysis, the events in Mumbai involve a number of players: Indian security forces, who are dealing with a number of threats, the Israeli Mossad and some Islamic groups, both real & 'fronts' for other parties. Let us look at some other information on these attacks:

From Amaresh Misra, Indian political commentator, with references to past acts by Indian security forces:


It is 4AM in India right now. I am in Mumbai reporting from the ground. I have not slept a wink. Mumbai is under attack. People and forces who killed Mahatama Gandhi, who demolished the Babari Mosque have triumphed. More than 16 groups of terrorists have taken over Taj, Oberai and several hotels. Hundreds of people are dead. For the first time no one is blaming Muslim organizations.

The Mumbai ATS chief Hemant Karkare and other officers of the ATS have been killed. These were the same people who were investigating the Malegaon Blasts--in which Praggya Singh, an army officer and several other noted personalities of the BJP-RSS-Bajrang Dal-VHP were arrested. Karkare was the man to arrest them. Karkare was receiving threats from several quarters. LK Advani, the BJP chief and several other prominent leaders of the so-called Hindu terrorism squad were gunning for his head. And the first casualty in the terrorist attack was Karkare! He is dead--gone--the firing by terrorists began from Nariman House--which is the only building in Mumbai inhabited by Jews. Some Hindu Gujaratis of the Nariman area spoke live on several TV channels--they openly said that the firing by terrorists began from Nariman house. And that for two years suspicious activities were going on in this house. But no one took notice.

Our worst fears have come true. It is clear that Mossad is involved in the whole affair. An entire city has been attacked by Mossad and probably units of mercenaries. It is not possible for one single organization to plan and execute such a sophisticated operation. It is clear that this operation was backed by communal forces from within the Indian State. The Home Minister Shivraj Patil should resign. The RSS-BJP-VHP-Bajrang Dal should be banned. Advani and others ought to be arrested. Today is a day of shame for all Indians and all Hindus. Muslims and secular Hindus have been proven right. RSS type forces and Israel are all involved in not only destabilizing but finishing India. India should immediately snap all relations with Israel. We owe this much to Karkare and the brave ATS men who had shown the courage to arrest Praggya Singh, Raj Kumar Purohit, the army officer and several others.

This is a moment of reckoning especially for Hindus of India. The killers of Gandhi have struck again. If we are true Sanatanis and true Hindus and true nationalists and true patriots we have to see this act as a clear attack by anti-national deshdrohi forces. Praggya Singh, Advani and the entire brand is anti-national. They ought to be shot. Any Hindu siding with them is hereafter warned of serious consequences.

This is a question of nationalism. If no one else, the Indian army will not take this lying down. Communal, anti-national forces have attacked the very foundation of the Indian constitution and the nation. We will fight a civil war if need be against the pro-Hindutva, communal forces and their Israeli backers.

Amaresh Misra

Notice that the first shots in the wave of attacks were fired from Nariman House, the Jewish Chassidic group Chabad Lubavitch's HQ in Mumbai. One's first reaction would be that Jews in India were being targeted for attack by Muslim extremists. But reading the above article, we get a different picture, that 'unusual' occurences were taking place at Nariman House for a number of years. What were these activities? Possibly activities by agents from the Mossad who were using the house as a religious front? Not likely you say? Well, Muslims are accused of using mosques, madrasas (schools) and other community buildings as fronts for terrorism all the time.

Now, the Pakistanis, the Muslim Brotherhood, and numerous other Muslim groups have all condemned these attacks.The first 'official' indentifiction of the supposed attackers is the 'Daccan Mujahadeen' which according to a number of rports 'may not even exist'.The only 'proof' of it's existence is an email:

Now, as to background on the Israeli-Indian connection, you can read this article: 'India & Israel: A Wrong Alliance' by Shahul Hameed


Arms sales form the back bone of the Israeli economy. There are nearly 150 defence firms in Israel with combined revenues estimated at U.S $3.5 billion. India-Israel defence cooperation is strongly encouraged by the U.S. After the September 11th attacks, an India-U.S.-Israel strategic alliance was established and high level military visits and joint working groups of these countries began.

Israel has become the second largest supplier of arms for India. Israel has provided sea-to-sea missile radar and other similar systems, borders monitoring equipments and night vision devices. The Jerusalem Post reported on February 3 that India was sending four battalions of nearly 3,000 Indians soldiers to Israel for specialised anti-insurgency training.

Jane’s Terrorism and Security Monitor reported in August 2001 that Israel was “heavily involved” in helping India Combat Islamic Mujahedeen in Kashmir and several teams now in Kashmir training Indian counterinsurgency forces
The rest here:

Now, remember, all of this is speculation, and I am merely trying to point out that any 'rush to judgement' implication of 'al-Quida' goes nowhere. Many forces are at work here including extremist Hindu & Muslim elements, and possibly the Indian Government itself, the Pakistani Government & the Israeli Mossad. We do know that the US/UK/Israel has aimed toward the destabiliztion of Pakistan as part of the 'War on Terror'.However this is an extremely dangerous game, the chopping up of a sovereign nation. Pakistan, of course has nuclear weapons. One long range goal of this 'terrorism' by unknown parties may be seizure of Pakistani nuclear weapons by a triad of the US/Israel/India and the partition of Pakistan. A good recipe for starting a regional or even world war, nuclear or conventional. So let us use our intelligence, and keep an open mind about these 'incidents', as our own government and so-called 'friendly governments can carry out actions that work to the benefit of no one but those hungry for control & power.

AWARENESS PORTAL: Source of the original thread:





'Marionnetki' is simply the Polish translation of 'puppet'. A puppet is manouvered either by hidden strings from above, or in the case of a 'glove puppet' it is manuevered directly by a hand on the inside.

As children we all enjoyed a puppet show. My favorite was one that was hosted in Philadelphia called 'Bertie the Bunyip'. The puppetmaster in this case was an Australian named Pete Dexter, and the star of the show was Bertie the Bunyip, who was a mix between an Australian platypus, and something else which I could never figure out. Bertie was a 'good guy' and he had two imbecile puppet friends, the twins 'Fussy & Gussy'. His arch enemy was a fox called 'Sir Guy de Guy'. It was quite a show, and I looked forward to seeing it every Saturday or Sunday morning.

However, as we become adults, we usually put away such 'childish things'. We have our own real life dramas to play out, and, of course, we have the 'world stage' where tragedy and comedy unfolds constantly. But I can still recognize a good puppet show. Unfortunately, this recent election has generated another one, but, unlike Bertie the Bunyip, I do not look forward to it, and I am not entertained.

President-Elect Barrack Obama AKA Barry Sotero is the new puppet on the stage. We have had to endure eight long years of the puppet named Bush, and now we are presented with the 'hope for change' 'new puppet on the block'. 'Nowy Marionnetka'.

Why do I say he is a puppet? Because this time the puppetmasters are well known, and we can watch while Obama is manipulated by the hand in the glove. This is a man who most likely was not born in the USA, which makes his election illegal, and whose Congressional voting record underlies his betrayal of the American people and their best interests. Voted for all Iraqi funding bills,supported the last puppet in deed, if not word, and, of course, voted for the big betrayal, that is, the 'bailout' bill for the International Banking Mafia that effectively mortgaged the future of America.

Let us look deeper: At his money men and advisors. George Soros, front-man for the Rothschilds and international Zionist interests is a main fund-raiser, although he has been careful to hide the money behind nebulous 'campaign donors'. The Bronfman Crime Family from Canada. Wall Street 'donors'. And many, many mysterious 'doantions' that cannot be tracked. Yes, Oprah Winfrey gave him beacoup bucks, but you won't see her around the White House unless Mrs. Obama is holding a luncheon.

Now for his 'advisors'. We have Zbigniew Brzezinski, the 'Wandering Pole', employee of the Rockefellers, cold minded 'global strategist' and founder of 'al-Quida'. Rahm Emmanuel, Mossad agent and cutthroat, chief of fundraising for the DNC in the 2006 Congressional elections, notorious fixer with Chicago organized crime elements and soon to be White House chief of staff. Bill Ayers, along with his wife Bernadine Dorhn, co-founders of the notorious 'Weathermen', bomber of many buildings and responsible for a number of deaths. Ayers got away with the crimes, and moved into more 'respectable' circles, including attending Columbia University, and is now a professor at the University of Illinois in Chicago, He is also affiliated with a number of 'connected' law firms, and also works with the Annenberg Foundation. And, of course, Soros works from 'way behind the scenes' advising Obama AKA Sotero on 'money matters' and the Rothschild interests, both i Europe & America.

So, what we have here is a 'witches brew' of manipulators, mostly from what would be called the 'Trotskyite' wing of the Communist left. The more 'enlightened' wing. One that disguises their desire for control behind 'liberal foundations' and other front organizations. Brzezinski might be the exception, as he is a straight out Rockefeller globalist/TriLateralist. But, in essence, they all work together and none of them work for the people or America. In fact, they all hate America.

And Obama. Sometimes a Muslim, sometimes 'saved by the blood of Jesus Christ', sometimes black, sometimes white, but mostly just a blank slate. Barrack 'Tabula Rasa' Obama. With these global 'puppet-masters' it is simply this: Sometimes the puppet goes on the right hand, and sometimes on the left. But the 'marionnetka' moves when the puppet master moves the hand, and speaks when the 'ventriloquist' 'throws his voice'.

I am sorry to be so cynical. I, too, 'hope for change'. But 'the more things change, they more they stay the same'. 'All the world is a stage...' But some good advice to the American people comes from a song by Bob Dylan:

'You may be an actor in a plot,

It might be all that you've got,

Until your error you truly learn.'

Until we learn the nature of our error, and rid ourselves of the puppet masters for whom no lie is too great, or no crime too horrendous, we will be forced back into 'childish things' and made to content ourselves with puppet shows.

Lyrics from 'License to Kill' by Bob Dylan


Bertie the Bunyip




The EleKtion 2008: Heads They Win/Tails We Lose


EleKtion Day 2008 is upon us. Again, Americans are left with a 'false choice' as far as the two 'major' party candidates go. I would advise anyone with any common sense or the ability to 'think outside the box' to vote for any one of the number of Independent/Third party candidates who will be on the ballot. Here is a link to those candidates:


Let me quickly discuss the 'major' party tickets: Obama/Biden (D) and McCain/Palin (R). Both Obama and McCain are completely in the pocket of the big 'money men' i.e Wall Street, their foreign syndicate partners and various corporate/special interests. They have already sold out the United States by their votes supporting the 'Wall Street bailout' plan rammed down America's throats by the 'Blues Brothers' Paulson & Bernanke. By going along with this treasonous 'grand theft', both Obama & McCain have mortgaged America for at least a generation. At the very least, they have rewarded a group of organized criminals for their wrongdoing, to the tune of a $TRILLION. No American with any kind of common sense could possibly vote for either of these puppets, or in Polish, 'marionetki'. But, of course, common sense is something sorely lacking in the character of today's AmeriKa.

On other issues, both Obama and McCain have completely supported all of Bush's policies and funding chicanery regarding the Iraq War. Obama tries to bullshit on this issue, but he lies. McCain is solidly in the 'neo-con' camp. Both Obama and McCain are in the pocket of the Zionist Lobby, AIPAC approved, and 'Israel First', whatever the cost. Neither would have progressed this far if they weren't.

Both are also supporters of, and lap-dogs, of the 5% 'ultra-rich' elitists who have strangled our people and our economy. Do not be deceived by any bullshit you hear from McCain about his concern for 'Joe the Plumber' or Obama's 'Spread the Wealth' rhetoric. They will both implement more new taxes to further strangle the American middle class and working poor. They both lie through their teeth; they speak with forked tongue.

Obama is a front man for the bankers, a 'velvet glove' on the grasping hand of greed that wraps it's fingers around our throats. Obama is supported by Wall Street and their operatives because he presents a 'fresh face' for the same old snatch 'n' grab, and also because he will win about 80% of the minority vote. Blacks could be justifiably proud if an honest black candidate was this close to the Presidency. Instead, Obama will bullshit them with sweet talk & promises of 'change' as the recession/depression deepens. The emergent black middle-class will be hit hard. And, Mr.Obama has stated his own disdain for White Americans who, in hard times, 'cling to their guns and religion'. Obama is virulently anti-Second Amendment. He is also not opposed to late term abortion. Not the least, there are also serious questions about whether he was born in the US, or has ever held foreign citizenship.

McCain is a washed up political hack. He also has 'elite' money behind him, as exemplified by the fund-raiser that the Rothschild Family gave for him in London earlier this year. The sight of an American presidential candidate being wined and dined by the world's  richest family in a foreign country at a fund raiser should have been HEADLINE news in the USA. Instead it got no publicity at all, thanks to our duplicitous corporate media. He has gotten some Wall Street money to, a few hundred grand from Goldman-Sachs and others, but those folks always play both sides. Obama has gotten millions through the Wall Street money laundry. McCain has always been a mediocrity as a thinker and legislator, 'going along to get along' and in the process selling his country out. His hand is always outstretched: to grasp whatever dollars are nearby. He has MANY skeletons in his family closet. He has also talked of the 'War on Terror' going on for another 100 years. This is music to neo-con ears. But the mood of the country and ven the elites is to wind down the WOT for the time being, as people are starting to put 2 & 2 together, and realizing that the bogus WOT is just another way of robbing all of us blind.

Perhaps the most succinct comment I have heard about McCain was made by an ex-Navy man who knows him, He said "I have some respect for John McCain, because I was also a POW during the Vietnam War, but being a POW doesn't qualify one to be President...McCain is a hot-head, and I wouldn't want his finger anywhere near the nuclear 'button'."

As for their running mates, both Biden & Palin are apparently non-entities, but if one looks a little deeper into their backgrounds, one finds 'anomolies' that give one pause. I won't go into this at depth right now, except to say that both of them, should they get into office, or, God forbid, become President, would be emminently 'persuadable or blackmailable'. Not a good situation at all.

So, as EleKtion Day approaches, i would urge all Americans to exercise their constitutional right to vote: Just don't vote Republican or Democratic. Check out the list of alternative candidates, and choose one of those men or women, Your vote will not be wasted: America needs a new choice, and voting independently will emphasize your commitment to getting rid of the same old crap we have been fed for all these years. The fake two party Republicrat/Demopublican paradigm is not 'graven in stone'. The Republicns as such didn't even exist until Abraham Lincoln won the Presidency. And we have had many viable/influential 'third' parties here. So, there you have it, and the choice is yours.

POST SCRIPT: 90% of Congressional Incumbents should be voted out of office...You will have to do some research locally on this, as the challenger could possibly be more corrupt than the incumbent...But this is a good rule of thumb...Let the incumbents go out and try to get a real job...Exceptions would be men like Ron Paul (R TX); Dennis Kucinich (D OH); and Brad Sherman (D CA)...The Nancy Pelosi's of this world must hit the road...And in Pelosi's case, the alternative is the very brave Cindy Sheehan...So, it's up to you...Which side are you on?


The Klimax

This week, the Bush Administration reached a kind of klimax/climax. No Viagra was needed, but who knows what substances were used to achieve this orgasm. Let me digress, and then elaborate.

I once read a brief interview with Bush, and he talked about his days working as a PR man for the Texas Rangers MLB franchise. George W. had screwed up most of the other jobs that his pappy, George HW had arranged for him. Worked in the oil business, here and there, but it just didn't work out. George started drinking a little too much, and putting stuff up his nose. No good. So, his pappy hooked him up again. Some of the owners of the Texas Rangers gave George a job as a glorified PR man for the team. All he did was sit behind the Rangers' dugout and drink beer, while glad-handing the Rangers' corporate season ticket holders. He also got a point or two of ownership stock from the Rangers, which netted him about $10 million. He said about the experience 'That was the best job I ever had, and I really enjoyed it. So why did he finally quit? Well, apparently some of the corporate and political types decided ole 'Bunya' would make a 'helluva fine' governor for the State of Texas. Now George's earlier try at politics didn't go so well, and when he got the texas Rangers job, he was in hog heaven. Happy. But, when duty, or the 'organization' call, hell, what was he gonna do?

So, he became 'gubnor' of Texas, and then, well we know what happened in 2000. And after that. 9-11, 'they hate our freedom'. the 'War on Terror', the Iraq War, the Afghanistan War, the 'every Ameican an entrepeneur'. But all of this was bullshit. George W. Bush was placed in the White House by the 'organization' or the 'syndicate' for one reason, and one reason only. 'The Klimax'.

'The Klimax' is simply the wholesale sale of American assets, and the mortgaging of our and our children's future to the Global Mob. All was revealed this week when Bush, along with the 'Two Amigos' (I am being very polite here), Henry Paulson and Ben Bernanke DEMANDED that America bend over and take it up the behind to the tune of about a trillion of taxpayers money to bail out the shysters on Wall Street and the privately-owned FED. This was the final stage of the Bush Administrations 'War on America' and a 'full spectrum' psychological attack on the already badly shaken, and brainwashed American psyche.

The American economy was initially assaulted in the 'full spectrum' mode by  Wall Street jackals and hyenas like Michael Milken, Carl Icahn, KKR and all the others during the 1980s. These criminals, through manipulation, sold off great chunks of the American industrial/productive plant during that decade. Some of it was just broken into pieces, some sold to 'foreign investors' and some simply liquidated. The process continued through the Clnton Administration. We were all fed bullshit about the 'hi-tech & service economy'. Well, long and short of it, the jackals were just 'servicing themselves'.

Now, we have reached 'The Klimax'. The Klimax is reached because we are now cleaned out, and the American people are given the job of 'clean-up woman'. Like after the great Wall Street clash, the big winners are the Rothschild Syndicate, and their voracious operatives like the Israeli Zionists and the so-called 'russian' Organizatsya'. The Klimax.

I watched two traitorous Senators on CSPAN the other night:Reid from Nevada and Dodd from Connecticut. They were discussing how 'they' would make the right judgements for US, and all would be well. Probably 90% os Americans oppose this proposed bailout, which would make slime bag Paulson an effective 'economic dictator' over the US Treasury and economy. Reid and Dodd are both traitors, and don't represent anyone except themselves, and their 'bankster' puppet masters. The Klimax.

If this deal goes down, it is bye-bye to an independent and sovereign America, and another rape of the American people. But as Jesus Christ said: 'Where the carcass is, vultures gather'.

Bye-bye, American Pie. We now become 'The United States of America/Rothschild LTD'. We will still be permitted to market the name 'The United States of America' commercially, and collect the licensing fees. The payments we collect will help pay down our 'debt' ...The Klimax.




Klash of Civilizations

   After the staged 9-11 attack on the WTC, we were told by our government that the perpetrators of the attack were a goup of people who 'hated our freedom'. This, in fact, was true. But they were not Muslims, led by Osama Bin Laden, as we were told. There was also talk of, in ceratin political circles, even before the attack, that the West was facing a 'Clash of Civilizations'. This too was true in a sense. But who's 'civilization' was really clashing with ours?

    Most Americans, before the 9-11 event, had little knowledge of Muslams and Islam. There were Muslims in this country, maybe a few million, and they were of various ethinic backgrounds: Arabs, Albanians, Lebanese, some Turks, and African-American Muslims. These Muslims were peaceful and sober, as Islam prohibits consumption of alchohol and drugs, and places an emphasis on the family, and especially the man's role in sustaining his family. In m former neighborhood in Philadelphia, I was in close proximity to two mosques, one a small store front Albanian mosque, and another larger mosque that was opened in an abandoned community center, that the Muslims refurbished to the betterment of the neighborhood. These Muslims were at all time polite and dignified, at were certainly accepted in my multi-ethnic community.

   Actually, the first time Americans really became aware of a possible 'Muslim threat' was after the first WTC bombing in 1993. This was blamed on the famous 'blind sheikh' Ramsay Yusef and his radical followers. In fact, a different 'civiliztion', in my opinion was behind both of the WTC attacks: the Zionist 'civilization', Israel.

    It is beyond the scope of the current post to explore all the background of the WTC attacks, the reasoning behind them, and the actual mechanics of the events. I will leave that for later. But I will leave it to one of the advoctes of the 'Clash of Civilization' paradigm to sum it up in a few words. After the 9-11 attack, Zionist Benyamin Netanyahu was asked for his reaction: he said, in so many words 'It's good for Israel..'

    And here lies the problem with this 'Clash of Civilizations'. It is really a clash of Zionist interests with those of the rest of humanity. And the US has been used as a target and an agent to this end.

    Before the creation of the state of Israel, the US had no conflicts or even much involvement with Arabs or Muslims, beyond deals that the US Government/Rockefellers had with the Saudis in relation to oil. These were business deals, strategic in a sense, yes, but they did not involve any cultural or religious conflict. But once Israel came on the scene, the paradigm shifted. Now there was a clash, of interest or 'civilizations', call it what you will. There was a new agenda and force involved, and this new agenda was not an agenda that would ultimately benefit the American people. Quite the contrary.

    Now, this 'Clash of Civilizations' has evolved as Israel has gained more and more power, and as it's agents have penetrated into the highest levels of our executive, intelligence, congressional and finacial organs. It has reached a kind of climax with the 9-11 attack, and the subsequent US invasion of Israel's long time enemy/secret love Iraq/Babylon. And with the wanton destruction of the Iraqi society, and the slaughter and degradation of it's men, women & children, we have provoked a real 'COC' with Muslims all over the world. And I would say: For who?...for what?.

   Yes, certain people 'hate our freedom'...unfortunately, these people hold the reigns and influence over American power. And what would be the next 'adversary' in this COC?...could it be Christian Civilization?

For more on the 'neo-con' involvement in the 1993 WTC bombing, I refer to an article by journalist Christopher Bollyn:



BaracK Obama's Kristian Minister

   Barack Obama, the new 'black hope' for America has been having a rough time lately. Most of this rough sailing has been due to the 'performance' of his supposedly 'Christian' pastor, Jeremiah Wright. After watching Wright's performance at a National Press Club luncheon this week, one had to ask the question: Who is paying this Wright to sabatoge Obama's campaign?

   There are differing opinions. I spoke to an African-American businessman today, who is based in the Maryland area, and has had some dealings with Wright and the United Church of Christ. His opinion is that Wright is simply a charlatan and a supreme egotist, seeking only to gain the limelight for himself. He also offered some opinions about Wright's love of money. All of his comments about Jeremiah Wright were negative in the extreme

   The question I ask is, in relationship to his recent actions and statements, is Wright just a shill, a la Al Sharpton, or is there someone paying him off? Now Wright, who is from Chicago, a city dominated by organized crime of every ethnic slant, is already a rather wealthy man. He lives in a home that is very expensive, and was aquired by 'questionable' means through the Trinity Church of Christ, which is a local branch of the United Church of Christ. Wright seems to me to be a 'minister' in the same sense as the 'Reverend' Jesse Jackson, who had extensive ties to Chicago organized crime. Why, considering his already substantial wealth, would he be acting in a manner that appears to be deliberately sabotaging the campaign of Obama? Is he taking money or orders from someone or some 'entity', either because of personail greed, or because he is being blackmailed?

   Whichever is the case, Obama is getting a lesson in how American big time politics works, if he wasn't already aware of it, at least in part. Obama is being put on notice that if he is a 'bad boy' or acts in the interest of the American people, he can be eliminated, either politically or physically. You see, organized crime has merged with government, and now it is done openly, without any shame. This whole soap opera is also, in reality, another attack on Christianity, as certain forces delight in smearing anything done in the name of Jesus Christ. But for true Christians, this is only another marker that we, as a nation have made a wrong turn. After all, our President, the devil-worshipping George W.Bush, who supposedly confesses Jesus Christ, is responsible for mass-murder and war crimes in the Middle-East, and the further destruction of our once great nation America, economically and morally. So all Christians, please beware!

   Stay tuned.