Klash of Civilizations

   After the staged 9-11 attack on the WTC, we were told by our government that the perpetrators of the attack were a goup of people who 'hated our freedom'. This, in fact, was true. But they were not Muslims, led by Osama Bin Laden, as we were told. There was also talk of, in ceratin political circles, even before the attack, that the West was facing a 'Clash of Civilizations'. This too was true in a sense. But who's 'civilization' was really clashing with ours?

    Most Americans, before the 9-11 event, had little knowledge of Muslams and Islam. There were Muslims in this country, maybe a few million, and they were of various ethinic backgrounds: Arabs, Albanians, Lebanese, some Turks, and African-American Muslims. These Muslims were peaceful and sober, as Islam prohibits consumption of alchohol and drugs, and places an emphasis on the family, and especially the man's role in sustaining his family. In m former neighborhood in Philadelphia, I was in close proximity to two mosques, one a small store front Albanian mosque, and another larger mosque that was opened in an abandoned community center, that the Muslims refurbished to the betterment of the neighborhood. These Muslims were at all time polite and dignified, at were certainly accepted in my multi-ethnic community.

   Actually, the first time Americans really became aware of a possible 'Muslim threat' was after the first WTC bombing in 1993. This was blamed on the famous 'blind sheikh' Ramsay Yusef and his radical followers. In fact, a different 'civiliztion', in my opinion was behind both of the WTC attacks: the Zionist 'civilization', Israel.

    It is beyond the scope of the current post to explore all the background of the WTC attacks, the reasoning behind them, and the actual mechanics of the events. I will leave that for later. But I will leave it to one of the advoctes of the 'Clash of Civilization' paradigm to sum it up in a few words. After the 9-11 attack, Zionist Benyamin Netanyahu was asked for his reaction: he said, in so many words 'It's good for Israel..'

    And here lies the problem with this 'Clash of Civilizations'. It is really a clash of Zionist interests with those of the rest of humanity. And the US has been used as a target and an agent to this end.

    Before the creation of the state of Israel, the US had no conflicts or even much involvement with Arabs or Muslims, beyond deals that the US Government/Rockefellers had with the Saudis in relation to oil. These were business deals, strategic in a sense, yes, but they did not involve any cultural or religious conflict. But once Israel came on the scene, the paradigm shifted. Now there was a clash, of interest or 'civilizations', call it what you will. There was a new agenda and force involved, and this new agenda was not an agenda that would ultimately benefit the American people. Quite the contrary.

    Now, this 'Clash of Civilizations' has evolved as Israel has gained more and more power, and as it's agents have penetrated into the highest levels of our executive, intelligence, congressional and finacial organs. It has reached a kind of climax with the 9-11 attack, and the subsequent US invasion of Israel's long time enemy/secret love Iraq/Babylon. And with the wanton destruction of the Iraqi society, and the slaughter and degradation of it's men, women & children, we have provoked a real 'COC' with Muslims all over the world. And I would say: For who?...for what?.

   Yes, certain people 'hate our freedom'...unfortunately, these people hold the reigns and influence over American power. And what would be the next 'adversary' in this COC?...could it be Christian Civilization?

For more on the 'neo-con' involvement in the 1993 WTC bombing, I refer to an article by journalist Christopher Bollyn:


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