BaracK Obama's Kristian Minister

   Barack Obama, the new 'black hope' for America has been having a rough time lately. Most of this rough sailing has been due to the 'performance' of his supposedly 'Christian' pastor, Jeremiah Wright. After watching Wright's performance at a National Press Club luncheon this week, one had to ask the question: Who is paying this Wright to sabatoge Obama's campaign?

   There are differing opinions. I spoke to an African-American businessman today, who is based in the Maryland area, and has had some dealings with Wright and the United Church of Christ. His opinion is that Wright is simply a charlatan and a supreme egotist, seeking only to gain the limelight for himself. He also offered some opinions about Wright's love of money. All of his comments about Jeremiah Wright were negative in the extreme

   The question I ask is, in relationship to his recent actions and statements, is Wright just a shill, a la Al Sharpton, or is there someone paying him off? Now Wright, who is from Chicago, a city dominated by organized crime of every ethnic slant, is already a rather wealthy man. He lives in a home that is very expensive, and was aquired by 'questionable' means through the Trinity Church of Christ, which is a local branch of the United Church of Christ. Wright seems to me to be a 'minister' in the same sense as the 'Reverend' Jesse Jackson, who had extensive ties to Chicago organized crime. Why, considering his already substantial wealth, would he be acting in a manner that appears to be deliberately sabotaging the campaign of Obama? Is he taking money or orders from someone or some 'entity', either because of personail greed, or because he is being blackmailed?

   Whichever is the case, Obama is getting a lesson in how American big time politics works, if he wasn't already aware of it, at least in part. Obama is being put on notice that if he is a 'bad boy' or acts in the interest of the American people, he can be eliminated, either politically or physically. You see, organized crime has merged with government, and now it is done openly, without any shame. This whole soap opera is also, in reality, another attack on Christianity, as certain forces delight in smearing anything done in the name of Jesus Christ. But for true Christians, this is only another marker that we, as a nation have made a wrong turn. After all, our President, the devil-worshipping George W.Bush, who supposedly confesses Jesus Christ, is responsible for mass-murder and war crimes in the Middle-East, and the further destruction of our once great nation America, economically and morally. So all Christians, please beware!

   Stay tuned.

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