Barack Obama: 'Bamba Klat Man'

The looting and destruction of the American economy was not a accomplished by one man, and certainly didn't happen overnight. But the process reached a climax during the Bush administration, starting with the staged '911' event, which itself was a coverup for large scale banking and securities fraud, and drew us into the disastrous 'War on Terror' , which included the invasions of both Iraq and Afghanistan, nations which never attacked us. The purpose of all of this was to bankrupt the US, both financially and morally. But, of course, money was the main reason. We saw this process reach it's penultimate point with the 'banker bailout' and 'electronic run' on American banks which took place in the fall of 2008.
For those who see beyond the 'false front' of American party politics, where both parties are the servants of a foreign master, the promises and rhetoric of Barack Obama, 'Hope for Change', were just more empty words. After the 'bad cop' George Bush, who disgraced America in the eyes of the world, a 'good cop' was needed, one with 'compassion'. But the truth is simpler. The international bankers needed a 'clean up man'.

What is a 'Bamba Klat Man'?

In the Jamaican culture, there is a story passed down, and a term given to a certain type of man. It is this: On the slave ships, 'difficult' or 'uncooperative' slaves were usually brought on deck, and either whipped or beaten to death. They literally 'had the shit beaten out of them'. After the beating or killing was finished there was a mess. The mess included flesh, blood and shit. Someone had to clean it up. Since the slavers found this cleanup unsavory themselves, the task was usually assigned to another slave. The Jamaicans call this slave the 'Bumba Klat Man'. He cleaned up the clots of blood, and the shit. In return, he got a little extra food and maybe some rum or whiskey. The 'Bumba Klat Man'. the cleanup man.

Barack Obama is the banker's clean up or 'Bumba Klat Man'. Today's slave ship differs from the old one in the means used to impose the master's will on the slave. Today, we have a hi-tech slave ship, where the enforcement is done by means of media, and the power of the computer. The masters are not stupid. They can change with the times. Today's methods are also more powerful because they attack the mind directly. And the whip hand is hidden behind a more elaborate facade. After all, the mind is a powerful thing, for better or worse. Of course, force can and will be used as a last resort, or when the slave is perceived as being most vulnerable. But, when a 'mess' is made, there must be a clean up. There must be a 'Bamba Klat Man'.

8/10/2010 12:21:49 pm

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