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The Mumbai AttacKs: Who Did It?

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Some Background on Indian 'Terrorist' Attacks
First, let us note that Mumbai/Bombay is India's largest city, with a metropolitan population of about 15,000,000. It is also the financial hub of the Indian sub-continent, In this sense, it is a perfect spot for 'terrorist' or '911' type attacks/events.
For those who subscribe to the official 'post 911' view of 'Islamo-fascism' or a 'clash of civilizations' betweeen the Islamic world & the 'Western' world, the so-called terrorist attacks in Mumbai would just seem to be more of the same. Blame the ever present 'al-Quida'. Of couse, 'al-Quida' is a creation of US/Israeli/UK Intelligence services; a convenient 'boogie-man'. But it is portrayed in Western Media as the spearhead of Islamic Jihad. And if you get your news from mainstream Western sources, you will find no information to contradict this. But let us look deeper. In my analysis, the events in Mumbai involve a number of players: Indian security forces, who are dealing with a number of threats, the Israeli Mossad and some Islamic groups, both real & 'fronts' for other parties. Let us look at some other information on these attacks:

From Amaresh Misra, Indian political commentator, with references to past acts by Indian security forces:


It is 4AM in India right now. I am in Mumbai reporting from the ground. I have not slept a wink. Mumbai is under attack. People and forces who killed Mahatama Gandhi, who demolished the Babari Mosque have triumphed. More than 16 groups of terrorists have taken over Taj, Oberai and several hotels. Hundreds of people are dead. For the first time no one is blaming Muslim organizations.

The Mumbai ATS chief Hemant Karkare and other officers of the ATS have been killed. These were the same people who were investigating the Malegaon Blasts--in which Praggya Singh, an army officer and several other noted personalities of the BJP-RSS-Bajrang Dal-VHP were arrested. Karkare was the man to arrest them. Karkare was receiving threats from several quarters. LK Advani, the BJP chief and several other prominent leaders of the so-called Hindu terrorism squad were gunning for his head. And the first casualty in the terrorist attack was Karkare! He is dead--gone--the firing by terrorists began from Nariman House--which is the only building in Mumbai inhabited by Jews. Some Hindu Gujaratis of the Nariman area spoke live on several TV channels--they openly said that the firing by terrorists began from Nariman house. And that for two years suspicious activities were going on in this house. But no one took notice.

Our worst fears have come true. It is clear that Mossad is involved in the whole affair. An entire city has been attacked by Mossad and probably units of mercenaries. It is not possible for one single organization to plan and execute such a sophisticated operation. It is clear that this operation was backed by communal forces from within the Indian State. The Home Minister Shivraj Patil should resign. The RSS-BJP-VHP-Bajrang Dal should be banned. Advani and others ought to be arrested. Today is a day of shame for all Indians and all Hindus. Muslims and secular Hindus have been proven right. RSS type forces and Israel are all involved in not only destabilizing but finishing India. India should immediately snap all relations with Israel. We owe this much to Karkare and the brave ATS men who had shown the courage to arrest Praggya Singh, Raj Kumar Purohit, the army officer and several others.

This is a moment of reckoning especially for Hindus of India. The killers of Gandhi have struck again. If we are true Sanatanis and true Hindus and true nationalists and true patriots we have to see this act as a clear attack by anti-national deshdrohi forces. Praggya Singh, Advani and the entire brand is anti-national. They ought to be shot. Any Hindu siding with them is hereafter warned of serious consequences.

This is a question of nationalism. If no one else, the Indian army will not take this lying down. Communal, anti-national forces have attacked the very foundation of the Indian constitution and the nation. We will fight a civil war if need be against the pro-Hindutva, communal forces and their Israeli backers.

Amaresh Misra

Notice that the first shots in the wave of attacks were fired from Nariman House, the Jewish Chassidic group Chabad Lubavitch's HQ in Mumbai. One's first reaction would be that Jews in India were being targeted for attack by Muslim extremists. But reading the above article, we get a different picture, that 'unusual' occurences were taking place at Nariman House for a number of years. What were these activities? Possibly activities by agents from the Mossad who were using the house as a religious front? Not likely you say? Well, Muslims are accused of using mosques, madrasas (schools) and other community buildings as fronts for terrorism all the time.

Now, the Pakistanis, the Muslim Brotherhood, and numerous other Muslim groups have all condemned these attacks.The first 'official' indentifiction of the supposed attackers is the 'Daccan Mujahadeen' which according to a number of rports 'may not even exist'.The only 'proof' of it's existence is an email:

Now, as to background on the Israeli-Indian connection, you can read this article: 'India & Israel: A Wrong Alliance' by Shahul Hameed


Arms sales form the back bone of the Israeli economy. There are nearly 150 defence firms in Israel with combined revenues estimated at U.S $3.5 billion. India-Israel defence cooperation is strongly encouraged by the U.S. After the September 11th attacks, an India-U.S.-Israel strategic alliance was established and high level military visits and joint working groups of these countries began.

Israel has become the second largest supplier of arms for India. Israel has provided sea-to-sea missile radar and other similar systems, borders monitoring equipments and night vision devices. The Jerusalem Post reported on February 3 that India was sending four battalions of nearly 3,000 Indians soldiers to Israel for specialised anti-insurgency training.

Jane’s Terrorism and Security Monitor reported in August 2001 that Israel was “heavily involved” in helping India Combat Islamic Mujahedeen in Kashmir and several teams now in Kashmir training Indian counterinsurgency forces
The rest here:

Now, remember, all of this is speculation, and I am merely trying to point out that any 'rush to judgement' implication of 'al-Quida' goes nowhere. Many forces are at work here including extremist Hindu & Muslim elements, and possibly the Indian Government itself, the Pakistani Government & the Israeli Mossad. We do know that the US/UK/Israel has aimed toward the destabiliztion of Pakistan as part of the 'War on Terror'.However this is an extremely dangerous game, the chopping up of a sovereign nation. Pakistan, of course has nuclear weapons. One long range goal of this 'terrorism' by unknown parties may be seizure of Pakistani nuclear weapons by a triad of the US/Israel/India and the partition of Pakistan. A good recipe for starting a regional or even world war, nuclear or conventional. So let us use our intelligence, and keep an open mind about these 'incidents', as our own government and so-called 'friendly governments can carry out actions that work to the benefit of no one but those hungry for control & power.

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