The Klimax

This week, the Bush Administration reached a kind of klimax/climax. No Viagra was needed, but who knows what substances were used to achieve this orgasm. Let me digress, and then elaborate.

I once read a brief interview with Bush, and he talked about his days working as a PR man for the Texas Rangers MLB franchise. George W. had screwed up most of the other jobs that his pappy, George HW had arranged for him. Worked in the oil business, here and there, but it just didn't work out. George started drinking a little too much, and putting stuff up his nose. No good. So, his pappy hooked him up again. Some of the owners of the Texas Rangers gave George a job as a glorified PR man for the team. All he did was sit behind the Rangers' dugout and drink beer, while glad-handing the Rangers' corporate season ticket holders. He also got a point or two of ownership stock from the Rangers, which netted him about $10 million. He said about the experience 'That was the best job I ever had, and I really enjoyed it. So why did he finally quit? Well, apparently some of the corporate and political types decided ole 'Bunya' would make a 'helluva fine' governor for the State of Texas. Now George's earlier try at politics didn't go so well, and when he got the texas Rangers job, he was in hog heaven. Happy. But, when duty, or the 'organization' call, hell, what was he gonna do?

So, he became 'gubnor' of Texas, and then, well we know what happened in 2000. And after that. 9-11, 'they hate our freedom'. the 'War on Terror', the Iraq War, the Afghanistan War, the 'every Ameican an entrepeneur'. But all of this was bullshit. George W. Bush was placed in the White House by the 'organization' or the 'syndicate' for one reason, and one reason only. 'The Klimax'.

'The Klimax' is simply the wholesale sale of American assets, and the mortgaging of our and our children's future to the Global Mob. All was revealed this week when Bush, along with the 'Two Amigos' (I am being very polite here), Henry Paulson and Ben Bernanke DEMANDED that America bend over and take it up the behind to the tune of about a trillion of taxpayers money to bail out the shysters on Wall Street and the privately-owned FED. This was the final stage of the Bush Administrations 'War on America' and a 'full spectrum' psychological attack on the already badly shaken, and brainwashed American psyche.

The American economy was initially assaulted in the 'full spectrum' mode by  Wall Street jackals and hyenas like Michael Milken, Carl Icahn, KKR and all the others during the 1980s. These criminals, through manipulation, sold off great chunks of the American industrial/productive plant during that decade. Some of it was just broken into pieces, some sold to 'foreign investors' and some simply liquidated. The process continued through the Clnton Administration. We were all fed bullshit about the 'hi-tech & service economy'. Well, long and short of it, the jackals were just 'servicing themselves'.

Now, we have reached 'The Klimax'. The Klimax is reached because we are now cleaned out, and the American people are given the job of 'clean-up woman'. Like after the great Wall Street clash, the big winners are the Rothschild Syndicate, and their voracious operatives like the Israeli Zionists and the so-called 'russian' Organizatsya'. The Klimax.

I watched two traitorous Senators on CSPAN the other night:Reid from Nevada and Dodd from Connecticut. They were discussing how 'they' would make the right judgements for US, and all would be well. Probably 90% os Americans oppose this proposed bailout, which would make slime bag Paulson an effective 'economic dictator' over the US Treasury and economy. Reid and Dodd are both traitors, and don't represent anyone except themselves, and their 'bankster' puppet masters. The Klimax.

If this deal goes down, it is bye-bye to an independent and sovereign America, and another rape of the American people. But as Jesus Christ said: 'Where the carcass is, vultures gather'.

Bye-bye, American Pie. We now become 'The United States of America/Rothschild LTD'. We will still be permitted to market the name 'The United States of America' commercially, and collect the licensing fees. The payments we collect will help pay down our 'debt' ...The Klimax.



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