The New Year: What We Are In For...

I have taken some time off for Christmas and the New Year to rejoice in the gifts that Our Lord has given us, and to be thankful. But the holiday is over, and now I must reflect on the work of the Devil and his servants on this planet, and how, by speaking out in truth, we may gain the victory.

But for now, just a few things I noticed while watching network news tonite, primarily CNN & BBC. On CNN, there was coverage of the incoming Obama administration, with some focus on his family. His two young daughters were starting at their new school in Washington DC. They were shown getting into a heavily armored SUV, with the usual retinue of Secret Service, who mostly stayed away from the camera lens. Then, cut to some video of the Obama family in their hotel engaged in some mundane domestic activity. The narration during this video stated that the 'Obama family were now public property'. I must say that these scenes were like something out of the Twilight Zone. Slightly out of focus, slightly strange, like watching a hologram. The 'public property' bit disturbed me.

Then, something even more disturbing. Some video of Obama meeting with his 'team' in some building, somewhere in DC. Here, and I don't know whether it wasdue to the lighting or what, Obama looked doped up. Like he had a nice shot of dope earlier in the day. He just looked 'out of it', out of focus, like a mannequin with it's limbs and lips moving. Maybe he was just getting adjusted to his new surroundings. I am sure that arriving in, and realizing that you are going to be a virtual prisoner in Washington DC for the next four years, barring any accidents, can be quite an adjustment, not to say stressful. But seeing a glassy-eyed and pale looking President-Elect was not something I expected. This was on CNN.

A little later I flipped to BBC. There the main story, and, of course the main news story world wide, was the continuing Israeli assault on the Palestinians in Gaza. The Israelis have moved ground forces and tanks into northern Gaza. The death toll today, as announced by BBC was 20+ Palestinians killed, including 13 children. 13 children killed by the brave & courageous Israelis. There were no real shots of the fighting, just reporters dribbling bits of information. Of course, you will not see what the Israelis are really doing until after the 'incurssion' is over, and the buildings have been bulldozed and the bodies buried in a pit.

Then we go to footage of Egyptian ambulances and medical personnel at one of the southern Gaza checkpoints. There was only one Egyptian doctor on duty, and he was interviewed. He spoke of trying to evacuate some seriously wounded Palestinians, but being blocked and delayed by the Israelis at the checkpoint. He stated that they had managed to bring five 'severly wounded' people out of the Gaza concentration camp, but that one had died because the Israelis had delayed them for two hours. He said that the trip to the nearest Egyptian hospital usually took 20 minutes at the most. He lamented that he was the only doctor who volunteered to actually come and provide aid. I got sick and angry. Then, cut to some Israeli politicians talking their arrogant, Godless bullshit, about 'rocket attacks at helpless Jews', and the need to 'do whatever it takes' to defend Israel. Next, a cut back to Washington, where Obama was sitting with a retinue of 'advisors' and talking to the press. One reporter actually pressed Obama to say something about the situation in Gaza. His 'advisors' looked very nervous. But not to worry. Obama said nothing, except that he was being briefed 'every day' about the krisis, and it was important that we have 'only one President at a time'. The puppet performed flawlessly. Then, a cut to the current puppet, Bush, who mouthed the usual line about 'Hamas must stop it's rocket attacks'. Bush looked half-dead.

So, this was the news tonight. This is what we are in for during the next four years, at best. More murder by sons of hell, and more puppet and ventriloquist shows.

I could not help but think of the famous letter from Albert Pike, founder of Scottish Rite Freemasonry in the US, to Guiseppe Manzini of the Italian Alta Vendita which was written in the 19th Century. Here, these two 'Illuminati' sons of hell discussed what would transpire over the next 150 years or so. They talked of three World Wars. The first, WWI, would have as it's aim the destruction of Christianity in Russia, and it's replacement by what became known as Communism. The second, WWII, would lead to the destruction of Germany as a power in Europe, and a shift of power elsewhere. The third, WWIII, would take place in the Middle-East, and would be the final battle that would destroy both Islam and Judaism as religions, in fact, would bring the end of all religions, dealing the final blow to Christianity. Into the void would shine the pure light of their god Lucifer, or Satan, and humanity would finally enter it's longed for 'golden age'. Very bold speculation and vision by these 'elders.

Of course, these 'visions or plans' will come to naught, but, oh, the blackness that lurks in the hearts of men and the conceits of their imaginations. But it is essential to know your adversary. That way, you at least know what you are in for, and can put on your armour.


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