Kulture of Kriminals, Big & Small

    Last week I was returning home from Center City Philadelphia. I went down into the subway station at Juniper Street to wait for my trolley. There were only a few people down there, so I went down to one end, where I sat down next to an older black woman. I took out some reading material, and waited for the trolley.

    While sitting there, a young African-American male came up and sat on the bench across from us. He was listening to a rap 'song' on his iPod, and 'rapping' along with the 'song'.

    Every word out of his mouth, which I am sure duplicated exactly what he was listening to, was to this effect: 'Nigger, watch youself, 'cause I got my gat...Gonna put a bullet in your cap...You motherfuckin' punk, think I'm playing?...Got my niggers and my gun, now you be layin'....and so on and so forth. Interestingly enough, this young fellow was rather conservatively dressed, certainly not in 'gangsta style'. And he seemed totally oblivious to the fact that his loud 'rapping' might offend or disturb other people. He was kinda zombie like.

    I turned to the woman sitting next to me and said 'You know, what you're looking at is our 'next generation of citizens and leaders'. She looked at me, then looked at him. She had taken notice, too. She said 'I pray to God not. He's a complete idiot. You know, I usd to be in favor of welfare and giving checks to these girls who have kids, but now I've changed my mind. Look at what it's producing! I'm so tired of all this shit!'

    I said 'Well, you know we have a culture that glorifies criminals. From the man in the White House, right down to these kids and the stuff they listen to and watch. When we were kids we used to watch the Flintstones!' 'Yeah, the Flintstones, Rocky & Bullwinkle, cartoons...I just don't understand all this', nodding toward the young zombie.

    They say the fish rots from the head down. But in America today, it seems to be rotten all over. Hey, I was riding on a suburban train one day, and they had up a big advertisement for the video game 'Grand Theft Auto'. Now, anyone who has seen GTA knows that the whole thing is about gang-banging, murder, robbery, screwing and then disposing of prostitutes etc. What kind of 'game' is this? What is it conditioning and preparing a younger generation to accept?

    Now, this is the rot from the 'tail' so to speak. At the 'head', we have our federal government and it's various corporate sponsors. We have as our 'leader' one George W.Bush, this puppet who claims to be a Christian. He blasphemes in the name of Jesus Christ. George Bush worships another 'god'. His sponsoring and propagating of the mass 'human sacrifice' that is taking place in Iraq should make this clear to anyone. In the Bible, those who practiced human sacrifice were the diciples of Molech (the devil), or followers of the priests of Baal (same ole devil). and of  course, the rest of the coterie of criminals surrounding the fake cowboy from Texas are worshipping in the very same 'church'.

    So, you have Kriminals, big and small, and a Kulture that glorifies it. Makes you sick to your stomach, and makes you wonder how low we can go.

     Some web links to incidents from George Bush's personal life that you might not be aware of:

         The Maggie Shoedinger case:


        The Matamoros Satanic Cult Killings:


     Just some food for thought. Do you own follow-ups.


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