1 ‘Thou shalt be as gods’

2 ‘Image is everything’

3 ‘What is in a Name?’

4 ‘We are open 365-24-7'

5 ‘We aim for the abolition of the family’

6 ‘Thou shalt not kill without cause’

7 ‘Do as thou wilt’

8 ‘The ends justify the means’

9 ‘Truth is relative/What is truth?’

10 ‘The whole world shalt be yours for the taking’ 




Mickey LlleeVicklestein
9/27/2008 05:37:43 am

Poor us...the worst period in the history of mankind and we have to live through it. If only Hitlers Jewish doctor hadnt interfered with the beautiful majesty of the transcendent spirit of Naziism we wouldnt have to experience the horrific conditions of present day Europe, America, Asia. THIS? This is what has got you bitchin like an animal cunt? Hitler had it goin on. He had an autonomous , prosperous German state. Noone in the world had any problem with him ridding the land of jews. But for some irrational turn in thinking he decided on real war--blood and death--not the Jewish kind, which what-- abstract treachery? Mike, I really wish you could tell me what times you consider to be worthy. World War II was better than what's happening now? Black Plague? The Crusades? The wars and decadence of Greece and Rome? We should never have emancipated the Negro! Zionists, zionists and more zionists. Why do they have to have a piece of anything? The Christian world is just so loving and giving and filled with peaceful intentions that they just cant compete with the satanic power of jews> That's why the Christian gets nothing (because he's already filled to overflowing with the purest love). The Muslim gets nothing! He is a martyr on earth, giving his life for one book. One book! Do we need more books? Do we need jews to write them? Is there any point to reading anyone else's point of view?

Moby Emmanuel Grabdick
9/27/2008 06:00:12 am

Okay, so we have the state of Israel, in existence for sixty years. This being less than the fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a second in the context of human history. But according to you it all comes down to this. The jews are ruining all civilizations and contaminating what was the most elevated culture as well as destroying entire peoples. The most wicked form of fascism ever devised by human thought is reality in the sewage known as the state of Israel. A billion Chinese and the Rothschilds have em by the balls! Those Rothschilds must be mighty warriors! The answer has to be in roundin em all up and reopening Auschwitz. Oh the poor Arab peoples. Hundreds of millions in number and OH! to be denied their land of Palestine, a sliver, while they own riches and territory beyond imagination. This war is a terrible moral and logistic endevour and reprehensible in countless ways. But when compared to other wars (in the last century and previous to that) it does not even come close to matching the horrors and death. Even of Vietnam in which millions died. Another jewish war I suppose. I ask again why should the jews have anything? they have done nothing admirable. The jews are disgusting in their selfish pursuit of self interest. They contribute nothing. Their so-called intelligence and perseverence are rewarded inordinately while the brilliance of the anglo is left to rot by the roadside.

9/27/2008 07:03:14 am

There is no prosperity in the world today--only the jew is rewarded, The countries of India and China, the whole Asian continent, Africa, South America--they as well as us are victims of rampant globalism. They have become indoctrinated in our universities (jewish run). They practice medicine and discover and implement new technologies,they work as scientists and behave as dignified western sophisticates--and wouldnt it be better if they just went back to roundin up sheep like in the time of Jesus and whatever it is India did besides starve in those gloried eras of the past (the Taj Mahal wasnt built with jewish money, that's what makes it so great in addition to its aesthetic attributes) . Why shouldnt they be included FRANK? Not just for their abilities and contributions in the positive sense, but in their ignorance and responsibilities in the negative. A couple of billion people and zero impact all because of the vast international jewish conpiracy of zionist bankers, thieves, moral degenerates with sadistic goals to rule the world!! I believe we all got evil in us. Tell me what you're a victim of? You have and they have (Third World Peoples --the nobel savage) had freedom ripped away from you because of the direction the world is taking. Enlighten us please--but when you admit to believeing in satan than you're not acknowledging the evil in yourself. Why is it better to blame, blame blame? Tell me what is accomplished. Do you really believe your understanding is so complete that you can see the patterns and structures that compose the birth and death of nations. Sorry, but accusations do not stand as explanations. You forget that the whole movement of time has got to be active. There is no stopping the cycles and it does move in cycles. I dont see anyone staying on top throughout. You apparently believe that the jays have been there for eight thousand--okay if that makes you feel better say it oh great harbinger of truth. Truth is a fiction, you create your own when imposing universal constructs for times and places in which you never drew a breath. I dont care what books youve read or what websites. You cant just stand back and exclaim-Kabbalists! Zionists! Freemasons! the ones you so passionately attack are engaged in passionate actions of their own. You talk about all this money being taken. All the greed (especially you know who). What about what's been built? The advances, maybe, just maybe if you look around at where its happened, helped along by "jewish money" . Of course you havent got your moneys worth, only the international bankers--hundreds of billions here and hundreds of billions there. And life sucks and you look around and see nothing. But dont tell me nothing is happening. Youre not the first person to feel anger or emptiness or to feel cheated. Computers, tv, beer, drugs, music everywhere. Everyone eating when they want, what they want becoming fat and with the time and means to think and do a lot more than yo mamma and pappa. Sushi bars and a bottle of wine on a lot of tables. What? You mean this isnt what you want? You know what--your participation is not required. Are you gonna tell me you're not a hell of a lot freer than your father ever was? Do you agree with anything I'm saying? Enough people want these things(beer, music, drugs, computers, sex) that they exist. They are simply a residual of the larger complexities of intellectual endeavor , which contrary to what you may think, is problably more inclusive than ever. Not enough for ya. Some people are never gonna be satisfied. Why do you minimize anything that is being accomplished? Is it because you can imagine something better. Hell, that 's not so original. Its a goddamn shame you admire so little when youve given so much as an artist. But as far as your worldview goes, I'm afraid you're travelin down the wrong road partner.

9/29/2008 06:04:46 pm

I'm going to leave a note on the Blog for 'commentators'...You gotta post your comments at the TOP of the article you wish to comment on...Ironically, these comments which probably referred to my Alex Jones screedt got posted in the 'Commandments of God/Kommandments of Men' blog....I don't know if any of you read that...My position on the whole issue of 'civilization & kulture' should come into clearer perspective after reading that...Also, read 'My Christian Manifesto'...I don't believe in any of the man-made 'isms', be it Nazism, Communism, Zionism, Globalism or Atheism...My belief is that all mankind is broken, and that Jesus of Nazareth showed us the way to fix it, and, indeed give us the 'fix' through His life, death and resurrection...But what does man do?...At best, we 'kick Him to the side'; at worst, we spit in His face...All these 'men of destiny' like Hitler, Stalin, Mao, were, in the end, just fools, and if you study their lives, were often plagued by sexual problems, drug problems, but most of all, lack of God problems...the pimps & whores who rule us now aren't even in the same league, but there is a certain 'mechanism' in place which makes the evil doing easy, and the spread of lies convenient...I guess you call it mass communications...Like anything else in life, there is a good side and a bad side, for didn't God warn us against eating from the 'Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil"?...But, whether you consider the 'tree' a literal thing, or an allegory, the truth of the tale is the same...Man has the potential to do both good and evil...but only through God's help can man stay on the 'narrow path' that leads to righteousness...
As far as the issue of 'Jews' goes, they are people just like everyone else, no better and no worse...They have made tremendous contributions to 'real culture', shaped by their experiences...and they have respect for education, their families and some of them still beleive in God...Hey, if you stick to the law that Moses got from God, you're doing OK...but, especially the Eastern Jews, they have been at the focus of many turbulent and violent events that plagued the 20th Century, and continue to plague the 21st...if you study history, you will find that 'Jews' had big roles in the formation of Communism, and, running parallel with this, Zionism...Further, Nazism was in a sense a reaction to these two trends...but, to get to the heart of the matter, these 'isms' were creations of men, atheistic men, who thought they could usurb God's role, and control 'destiny'...but all they did was create a 'mechanism'...and a 'mechanism' isjust another word for a machine, something that has no soul...I run into many 'Jew haters' on the Internet, and when I try to explain things to them, they fall back on cliches that they heard from someone else...But, hopefully, sometimes they take pause, and really thing about things...I have always had good relations with Jewish people, much better in may ways then my own people...and I always remember that all of us eastern Europeans came over 'on the boat' about the same time: Polacks, Jews, Ukranians etc...and all of our relatives suffered from the twin satanic engines of Communism and Nazism...I just don't want to see these kind of 'mechnanisms' put permanently in place in America...For me personally, I have always been a 'lone wolf' type, and I am happy with that, because at least I am free to really survey my surroundings...And, not to glorify myself, I also feel like a 'voice crying in the wilderness'...But, enough of meta-physics...I believe in no utopias on this earth, and have faith that the American people will 'do the right thing'...It's been good for us so far, maybe too good, and that could be why we are getting a wake-up call now...And when you wake up, do some productive work....Peace to you all: Finklestein, Vicklestein and Grabdick!...and Grabdick, do not do that too often, as it can cause damage: as a child brought up in the Catholic Church, I should know!

8/11/2011 10:52:56 am

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