Texas National Guard Unit Seizes Bush Ranch in Crawford Texas


AP January 24, 2009

The White house announced today that a small unit of the Texas National Guard, along with militray police, today seized the ranch and property in Crawford, TX, belonging to ex-President George W.Bush.

Not much detail was given by White House Press Secretary Kenneth Larios, other than a brief confirmation of the ation, and the report that 'all had gone smoothly'. Secretary Larios did go into some details about the reasons for the action, and what the current White House hoped to acheive.

"As you know' Larios stated, 'ex-President Bush left the US sometime in the week or so leading up to President Dialogue's innauguration. Through his contacts in the intelligence community, he apparently became aware that the new Administration was seeking certain information, and the answers to certain questions from him. President Dialogue feels that there are unresolved questions relating to US taxpayer funds, and also military and intelligence activity that could only be answered with the help of ex-President Bush. Apparently, Mr.Bush did not feel like co-operating with the current Administration. In fact, it appears that he was attempting to block the obtaining of certain information. When he didn't appear at the Innauguration ceremonies, our feelings were confirmed. And we also have substantial evidence that there might have been crimes commited that were being concealed, crimes that affected the American people in a serious way. So, President Dialogue, with the cooperation of loyal Justice Dept. officials obtained a warrant for the arrest of George W.Bush.'

   'At the present, it appears that ex-Presidnt Bush is in Colombia. We are aware of the fact that the Bush family has extensive property holdings in Paraguay, which is in the same region. President Dialogue has spoken with Paraguayan President Fernando Lugo about this matter, and officials from both countries are discussing the situation to see what we can resolve. We also have spoken with ministers from Colombian President Uribe's staff, but President Dialogue has not yet spoken with Uribe himself. So, the situation regarding the former President remains in limbo for the moment.'

   'This being the case, President Dialogue, by powers granted to him under the Warner Act, has ordered a seizure of the Bush ranch in Crawford, TX. A small unit of the Texas Army National Guard was used, because President Dialogue felt this matter was beyond the scope of the local police officials to handle at his time. The ranch has been seized, and investigators from the Justice Depart. are in the process of collecting any computer files and paperwork that may be there. In addition, all financial accounts that can be obtained and identified as belonging to George W. Bush have been frozen, and are currently under the control of the US Government.'

  ' We have spoken with Mr. Bush's father, George HW Bush, to see if he can be of any assistance in helping us deal with this matter. So far, the elder Mr.Bush has been unforthcoming in our discussions with him. We still hope to obtain his cooperation."


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