President Frank Dialogue Meets the Press: Part 4; Conclusion


CBS: Mr.President, this is Tom Merkel from CBS. My question regards your announcement that the border between the United States and Mexico and the US will be closed for 30 days. What are the ramifications of this for business between the US and Mexico? And what threats are you so concerned about that you have taken this drastic step?

President Dialogue: Thanks for your question, Tom, and it's a good one. Let me try to put it in a nutshell for you. Over the past 8 years, our southern border has been wide open for all intents and purposes. In the past 5 years or so, there has been a dramatic increase in violence on our southern border, even some instances of Mexican troops or federales crossing into the US and attacking our border police. I don't know if you are familiar with these incidentA, Tom, as the mainstream media has refused to cover this issue realistically. Anyway, these incursions that I have mentioned are completely intolerable to me as President, and are a threat to American citizens living in border areas. Now, most of these incursions and violence are related to drug trafficking; and to some extent we have seen a drug war being fought in northern Mexico between various criminal drug cartels and the Mexican Federal government. And, as I view it, this war is not about preventing the export of drugs, but about which parties will cut up the profits, or control the movement of drugs. Now, Tom,  I'm not talking about a few kilos of marijuana here: I'm talking huge amounts of weed, cocaine and heroin, coming from Mexico, and also Columbia, Central and South America. And, as I said, the war for the profits from these drugs is being fought by heavily armed and utterly ruthless narco-gangs, and heavily armed, corrupt and ruthless Mexican officials. This is going to stop. Now. Right away. As soon as humanly possible. This is why, as of today, National Guard units from the border states are being stationed on the Mexican border. Now, Tom, this mess has been building up for a long time. There are criminals on both sides of the border killing and profiteering from this. So, being realistic, we are not going to reverse this whole trend immediately; but we are getting started on it as we speak to each other. I have ordered the governors of California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Louisiana to instruct their state Guard commanders to deploy. My staff and myself have had discussions with the various state National Guard commanders about this and they have been working on a number of workable plans for this deployment. I won't go into a lot of detail about this; the governors from the states I have mentioned and the Guard commanders will all be giving briefings in the next week about the finer details of this planning, and the effect it will have. I consider this narco-violence not only terroristic activity, but also a direct attack on the United States of America. Later today, or tomorrow at the latest, I will be talking with Mexican President Calderon about this matter. I expect that he will co-operate with us in this matter. As I said, I consider this activity to be an attack against the US.

CBS: Mr.President, you have also taken a hard line against immigration in your campaign. Can you tie your position on immigration in with this border closing and troop deployment?

President: Tom, let me make my position clear. On immigration: I am considering imposing a 2 year ban on new immigration to the United States of America. Why? Do I dislike immigrants? Tom, we are a country of immigrants, and I am not opposed to immigration, per se. Immigration offers a chance of a better life to many people, and also brings new blood, so to speak, into our great nation. BUT, and this is a big but, we are being overwhelmed with immigrants presently. Both legal and illegal. The Department of Immigration could use at least a year to catch up on existing immigration requests, more likely two years. As far as illegal immigration, we are going to bring this to a halt as far as humanly possible, mainly by penalizing employers who hire illegals. We are going to go after them at the local, state and federal level, with emphasis on the local as they are the grass roots affected most by this illegal immigration. Now, we intend to be as humane as possible; this is a big mess, and we are not going to engage in mass deportations. But we are going to move against any business or financial institutions that are providing money to illegals. And, in my discussions with President Calderon, I will make clear to him the critical nature of this issue to America. The problem basically is that America has become a dumping ground for other countries poverty, and this is going to end. We have very serious economic and structural problems in the United States, with regards to jobs and productive activity, and Americans, especially American men, need jobs. We have lost a large percentage of our productive/industrial base to foreign countries, and I intend to see it rebuilt, in a new and better fashion. And I don't want to hear this crap about 'jobs that Americans won't do'! I am offering a challenge to Americans,  also: the road back from near bankruptcy will be rough, and some of the work will be nasty. But, Americans themselves have to do it, whatever it takes. So, those 'jobs that Americans don't want to do', well, America, they will become available to you again. Because I believe that Americans want to work, but want a decent wage and to get treated fairly. We will be getting rid of these foreign work visas that allow companies to contract out for aliens to replace American workers at lower cost. We are going to put Americans back to work again. But, and let me be frank, Americans are going to have to get up off their asses and do some shit work if we are going to get this turned around. Forget the 'service economy'. We are going to become a modern hi-tech economy, and we are going to invent and build things here again, as we did in the past..........................(murmurs and laughter at the President for saying 'shit' and 'get off your asses')................

President: One last question. How about you, Miss?

CNN: Laura Adnali from CNN. Mr.President, you told us you have received threats on your life already. I have never heard a President say this openly. Are you afraid, and where are these threats coming from?

President: Well, Miss Adnali, first question: No, I am not afraid. A human being has a finite life span, so we will all stand before God sooner or later. Now, I hope it's later, for sure, because I have a job to do, and I want to make some headway with it. But, realistically, I think I have a 50-50 chance of finishing my term alive. I say this because from what I have observed, we have a cartel of gangsters and wannabe gangsters pulling a lot of strings that the average American doesn't see, and they have already tried pulling my strings. But, I am not a puppet, I am an American, and, in fact, the American President. I owe nothing to anyone except to God and to the American people. As to who these 'string-pullers' are, all I will say for now is what anyone with common sense can figure out for themselves. The 'string-pullers' are the ones who manipulate our money, and also try to manipulate our culture, media and everything else. Now, it takes a whole lot of different people to make a world, and that's a good thing, but some people, how should I put this, they never have enough. And it has even gone beyond individuals, They have been putting a 'machine' in place that is in opposition to what makes human beings human. I don't want to get too philosophical, but America is not a machine, nor are it's people 'human resources' like soybeans, oil, or minerals are 'natural resources'. Americans are human beings, made in the image of God, and we all have individual talents that, when we work together, can be used to create a wonderful society. What we fight against is called 'the Beast'. We are not beasts. We are humans. So..........and as a last word, on that fear thing?...You ever heard the songwriter Neil Young?...He said 'It's better to burn out than it is to rust'. Well, I am not intending to burn out, but we got a lot of rust to scrape off of America, and I intend to put everyone to work on that one. So.........Thank you all, and I will be in touch.

Loud commotion, shouts, more questions, general cacophony......

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