President Frank Dialogue: The First 100 Days

Leslie Schaff CNN April 23 2009

President Frank Dialogue, 'America First' Party President, has now been in office for 100 days, a rather tumultuous and often confusing 100 days. America's first 3rd Party President in almost 200 years has, as they say, 'upset the apple cart'. In fact, many apple carts. His bold initiatives to tackle America's foreign and domestic problems have met with strenuous opposition on the part of the banking and financial sectors, both here and globally, and his issuing of subpoenas for former members of the Bush Administration have had a chiiling effect on some members of Congress and former Capitol Hill lobbyists and functionaries who the President declared 'thought Washington DC was their person fiefdom'. His declaration of 'martial law' under the John Warner act on his innauguration certainly shocked the nation, but the results of this have, in general, not affected the great majority of US citizens. In brief, here is a capsule summary of President Frank Dialogue's 'first 100 days' in office:

Nationalization of Major Banks & the Federal Reserve Bank

All major 'money market' banks were seized by the Federal Government. In the case of JPMorgan/Chase, Citi Bank, Bank of America and Wells Fargo, National Guard units, from the various states were bank HQs are located, were stationed outside in a 'symbolic' show of force. Teams from the US Treasury and the SEC moved in to audit records and assess all assets and debts. US Treasury Secretary Katherine Wallace states that the audits would 'probably take at least a year to complete'. In the meantime, she announces that bank business would 'continue normally' with the caveat that US money laundering regulations, requiring any transfer of funds greater than $10000 be documnted, would be enforced 'as strictly as humanly possible'. Special IT/Computer teams working for the Federal Government are dispatched to monitor 'electronic funds transfers', particularly those that involve transfer of funds to 'offshore' or foreign accounts. President Dialogue speaks with leaders of Russia, China, Japan and the EU, asking for their 'patience and co-operation' in the process, stating that 'It is essential for both America and the global economy that any anomalies or 'irregularities' involving transfer of monies or securities be dealt with 'with dispatch'. President Dialogue also warns against any 'electronic runs on US banking institutions' and says that attacks on American currency during this 'transition period' may be considered an 'act of war on the USA'. President Dialogue also has FED Chairman Ben Bernanke dismissed, replaced by 'temporary overseer' Walter Schmidt, former Treasury official. Bernanke is subpoened and called in for questioning and ordered to co-operate with the FED audit. President Dialogue announce that the US Treasury will 'in a period of 'not more than 18 months' begin printing US Treasury notes that will replace current FED notes.

Bank Bailout

President Dialogue announces that the 'TARP fund'reated during the later days of the Bush Administration is 'null and void'. 'Any banks that have engaged in fraudulent or extremely speculative issuance of counterfeit 'debt instruments' such as derivatives, credit swaps and other speculative paper will have to 'eat them', so to speak. The American people are not to be burdened with the cesspool of debt created by speculators who treat the wealth of the American people as if it were chips in a Las Vegas casino. I can offer no immediate releif to those who have put money into, or allow speculators to put their monies into such
'instruments'.  All savings accounts and other accounts will be insured by the American Government up to the FDIC limits. Some millionaires and billionaires will not fare so well, at least in the short term. My concern is not for them, but for the American middle class that they have attempted to destroy.'

Mortgage Amnesty/Relief

HUD Secretary Joseph Kosinski has been implementing President Dialogue's Inaugural Day pledge of mortgage relief for homeowners by implementing a national 'Mortgage Forgiveness' plan, with all primary dwellings with mortgages of up to $300000 having the mortgages 'written off'. President Dialogue: 'In the light of the sweeping changes we are making in the banking system, and in the light of the crushing debt that has been placed on the American taxpayer by misuse and theft of taxpayer monies, I aim to see that as many Americans as possible gain complete and debt free title to their homes or primary dwelling. Private property is a basic American right, and while we work out our financial problems and create a new, positive system for the American economy, I will see that no one loses their home. It will take intensive work and capital to rebuild the American economy, and rebuild we will. In the meantime, I will help remove some of the crushing debt burden on our people by eliminating their monthly mortgage payment. Now, with this relief goes responsibility. There are still municipalities to run, and I cannot get rid of, or change local community policies in regard to property taxes and the like. But, until we have made some headway in our reforms, and until we can develop a more efficient and productive way to manage our economy, at least the American people will have TANGIBLE relief in the form of not being burdened with outrageous mortgage payments. The maintenance of your home, and the maintaining of appropriate community standards as far as safety, structural matters and appearances are up to you.'

To be continued:   Foreign Policy Matters & Immigration in Part 2


French Gypsy Jazz Guitarist Django Reinhardt...And he only had TWO usable fingers on his fretting hand!

Charlie Christian: First Major Electric Jazz Guitar Soloist...Died in his early 20s

Les Paul: Inventor, 'Pioneer of Over-Dubbing', Great Jazz/Pop Soloist: 'Mr.Guitar'

Wes Montgomery: The 'Godfather' of Modern Jazz Guitar

Jim Hall: Pioneer of Jazz Guitar 'Minimalism' & 'Impressionism'

B B King: 'Memphis Blues Boy' and 'Godfather' of Modern Electric Blues Guitar

Mike Bloomfield: First of the great White Blues/Rockers...Also merged 'East-West'...

Dick Dale: The 'King of Surf Guitar'...Played the original Stratocaster designed by Leo Fender...Influeced Hendrix...Doesn't Consider Himself to be a 'musician'

Pat Martino: Genius, 'mathematical guitar genius' with funk/swing coming 'out his ass'... Applies 'Sacred Geometry'  to his playing of lines and chords...My first teacher.

Jimi Hendrix: Genius, Self Taught...A 'lefty'...Changed the 'World of Electric Guitar' for all time.

John McLaughlin: 'Mahavishnu'... Pioneer of Jazz Fusion and World Fusion...Incredible Then/Incredible Now

These are just some very brief thumbnails, pictures and videos from the men who in my opinion are some of the most influential and individual guitarists of the last 100 years...Some of the YouTubes are not of great quality, but, for the guitar lover and others, it will give a brief glimpse of the skills of these extraordinary musicians...More to come.....