French Gypsy Jazz Guitarist Django Reinhardt...And he only had TWO usable fingers on his fretting hand!

Charlie Christian: First Major Electric Jazz Guitar Soloist...Died in his early 20s

Les Paul: Inventor, 'Pioneer of Over-Dubbing', Great Jazz/Pop Soloist: 'Mr.Guitar'

Wes Montgomery: The 'Godfather' of Modern Jazz Guitar

Jim Hall: Pioneer of Jazz Guitar 'Minimalism' & 'Impressionism'

B B King: 'Memphis Blues Boy' and 'Godfather' of Modern Electric Blues Guitar

Mike Bloomfield: First of the great White Blues/Rockers...Also merged 'East-West'...

Dick Dale: The 'King of Surf Guitar'...Played the original Stratocaster designed by Leo Fender...Influeced Hendrix...Doesn't Consider Himself to be a 'musician'

Pat Martino: Genius, 'mathematical guitar genius' with funk/swing coming 'out his ass'... Applies 'Sacred Geometry'  to his playing of lines and chords...My first teacher.

Jimi Hendrix: Genius, Self Taught...A 'lefty'...Changed the 'World of Electric Guitar' for all time.

John McLaughlin: 'Mahavishnu'... Pioneer of Jazz Fusion and World Fusion...Incredible Then/Incredible Now

These are just some very brief thumbnails, pictures and videos from the men who in my opinion are some of the most influential and individual guitarists of the last 100 years...Some of the YouTubes are not of great quality, but, for the guitar lover and others, it will give a brief glimpse of the skills of these extraordinary musicians...More to come.....

Eric Moyer
1/10/2012 07:45:08 am

I agree with the lists but where is Chet Atkins?He is the greatest of Country and Western guitarists.What about the unclassifiable great Frank Zappa?And every wannabe blues player of the last 40 years who has plugged a Les Paul into a Marshall amp owes a debt to Eric Clapton's early work.


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