Speculators, Spivs, Lawyers & Geeks

All the focus on the 'Financial Crisis' has revolved around the machinations of the bankers and their operatives, the politicians in Washington DC. This is part of the picture. But the real source of our problems is more fundamental.

America is no longer a productive country. We are no longer a working nation, in terms of producing anything of value. We depend on cheap foreign goods as consumers. We no longer produce energy that is aimed at our domestic market. Our farmers have been bankrupted and folded into multi-national conglomerates. Our manufacturing base for essential items such as steel has shrunk to a miniscule level.
We no longer invent and produce items that our own nation can consume, let alone goods for export.

A man must work. I know that if I cannot work at something, if I sit idle for days or weeks at a time, I fall into a sort of 'black hole'. An entropy happens. The longer one is idle, the harder it is to get back into a productive rythmn.

For most men, work means working with his hands, and using his intelligence to inform his handiwork. What is left to American men to produce?

We were seduced by the 'yuppie' cilture. a culture designed for speculators, spivs, lawyers and geeks. The aforementioned are a parasite class. They produce nothing of value, but suck the lifeblood of the labour of others for their sustenance. We were duped into thinking that a 'service economy' would be the 'next thing', the inevitable future. But who 'services' but a prostitute, who has no other means of earning her daily bread except in the selling of her body? We have whored ourselves before the false gods of the parasites.

My father, who fought in WWII, was a mechanic. First in the USAF, stationed in England, where he worked on airplanes. The, when he got back, he worked for the Yale Corporation, the company that first mass produced the fork-lift truck. Pop could do anything as far as working with cars; he could also build a house, or do anything related to repair and renovation. He lost his job. after 25 years with Yale & Towne, when Cleveland's Eaton family, friends of the Rockefellers, bought Yale and decided to move the company to North Carolina, where there were no labour unions. This as in the late 70s, and this was the beginning of the trend of destroying our manufacturing base, in search of greater and greater profits, moving companies wherever cheap or slave labour was abundant.

Then you had the 80s, with the takeover of Wall Street by alien speculators. These aliens had never done any real work in their lives. This was the heyday of the 'Yuppie Revolution' where the philosophy was basically 'easy money without work'. Certainly without working with you hands. It was the decade of 'Always Take'. The energies of this parasite class were directed at the dismantling of whatever was left of the American productive plant, selling it off in exchange for 'junk bonds', and then disposing of the real assets of American industry into the hands of foreigners. We were told this was wonderful. What fools we were. This was a nest of termites eating into the foundation of our home, America. The proceding decades saw this criminal trend accelerate into what we have now. Which is America as a wholly owned 'subsidiary' of foreign and domestic parasites.

The rise of the personal computer and the Internet have also given rise to a new false paradigm. We witness the emergence of 'geekdom' or the computer obsession. As real work has been downgraded, we also see a downgrading of social values, as the workplace has traditionally been a socializing factor for society. Men working together (women also). But with this downgrading and elimination of traditional work and handicraft, we see the emergence of 'virtual' or computer related work. Much of the activity of the computer user or worker is done in isolation. This leads to a 'dysfunctional' way of looking at the world. An alienation from fellow humans. And, this new 'virtual culture' is custom designed for the parasite, as it leads to the introduction and manipulation of 'virtual wealth'. Another layer for the 'shell game'.

Let us not forget the lawyers. In a den of thieves, a 'negotiator' serves a vital function. They say that everyone has a price. The lawyer helps determine what everyone's 'price' is, and thereby helps to perpetuate the enterprise, make it run smoothly, without resort to more drastic measures that may upset the apple cart.

We need to put America back to real work: On the land for farmers, in revitalized factories/industries for the craftsman, in the development and use of our great natural oil and mineral resources, and in infrastructure, using the graduates/technicians of our universities. The parasite class must be given a dose of strong medicine, eliminating a majority, and containing the destructive activities of the survivors. At the same time, we need a system of 'micro credit' which will encourage the innovator in his productive activities, and give us a strong local base for a healthy economy. The big and the small need to work, and to get paid for their labours, in just measure.

I call for the 'bug man' to come into our house, and for him to spray and lay bait and traps with the goal of neutralizing the termites and cockroaches. As the 'bug man' works, so shall we, doing a thorough house cleaning, and then getting to work in the garage and basement, so to speak.

Work will set you free

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