Euro-Americans/'White People' in Kensington

Kensington & Allegheny El Stop Phila PA

The neighborhood of Kensington in Philadelphia provides a birds-eye view of the new 'multi-cultural' AmeriKa of the 21st Century, and as a worker here, I also see it from the Prole's eye view.

Kensington was always a working class neighborhood: In the earlier and middle parts of the last century it was populated by European immigrants: Irish, German, Polish, some Italians and Jews. It was a center of the garment/fabric/mill industry and had innumerable factories and warehouses for all types of clothing/apparel. It also housed one of Philadelphia's leading manufacturers, Philco, which made everything from TVs to washing machines to refrigerators. It was also a neighborhood of churches, predominantly Roman Catholic, but dotted with many churches of Protestant denomination.

Kensington was working class, but, because of the plethora of jobs available, it was also a gateway to the middle class for these European-Americans. It was a bit of a tough community, where it was helpful to be able to use your fists, but in the main it was law abiding.

Today, Kensington retains some of the working class toughness of yesterday, but with a loss of spiritual and moral fibre. Where the former European immigrants were united to some extant by culture, and certainly by Christian religion, today we have a polyglot of Asians, Hispanics, African-Americans, Carribean Blacks along with a minority of new European imports.

We also find an infestation of drugs, prostitution and the children of fornication that would have been unimaginable in times past. This due to deterioration of spiritual awareness on the part of these newcomers, and a general cheapening of the sense of the value of life.

Heroin is readily available almost 24 hours a day, along with cocaine and crack, and alcoholism is rampant. Unwed pregnant women parade the streets with previous 'fatherless' children in baby strollers. The educational level is pathetic, with reading comprehension hovering around a 7th or 8th grade level. Awareness of current events or national affairs is non-existent. All that matters is money, primarily welfare and what can be made hustling. Prostitution is rampant.

I understand that I am painting a bleak picture here, but what I see is a confirmation of the prediction made by certain social pundits, to the effect that AmeriKa will be a '3rd world country' in the next 20 years. These pundits may have erred on the side of optimism, as I see the reality of this right now.

Because of the insanity of this county's immigration policy, and because of the rampant greed of the international & multi-national capitalists, we face a collapsed and unproductive economy, and an avalanche of the poor from marginalized nations who have no idea what birth control means. And it is all driven by money & media, as these immigrants get a distorted picture of wealth in AmeriKa, and a false sense that our nation is ripe for the plucking.

The deterioration of the European-American community that remains in an urban area like Kensington is astonishing. Euro-American or 'white' children are subjected to a daily brainwashing by main stream media (MSM) about the joys and correctness of 'multi-culturalism' and race mixing, and consequently their educational achievements have fallen down to the level that were formerly the balliwick of so-called 'ghetto residents'. Learning and knowledge is scoffed at for the most part, and the only kind of smarts values are 'street smarts' or whatever cunning is needed to 'get over'.

One gets the feeling that he is living on some kind of plantation, or worse yet, in a mental institution.

In the areas of music and cultural arts, which were at one time a constructive free time time activity or hobby, we find that this has been replaced by low forms like 'rap' which is an embodiment of mindlessness set to a computer beat. But, you see, this so-called form only requires aggression and a big mouth, as opposed to the actual work and discipline it takes to master or at least learn a musical instrument. This goes hand in hand with the printed word or books being replaced by video games. Not only does this cause a deterioration in mental coordination, it makes the used subject to hypnotic control by the creator of the game/program.

And in all this, money is the 'god'.
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