Dear friends and readers: You may have noticed that I have been quite inactive as far as writing and posting essays on KULTURE/AMERIKA in the past year or so...Part of this was due to being quite busy playing music in 2010, and in 2011, I have been laboring in other business ventures...However, the website here gives me a much needed outlet for 'verbiage', and I am gradually readjusting my compass so that I will be posting regularly again...I wish to thank my readers for their comments whether they were in praise, in criticism or just hard to figure...I think the 'net is a great communication tool, especially for us grass roots commentators...I hope you are all well, and I will be posting again with due diligence......................Frank Dialogue
Euro-Americans/'White People' in Kensington

Kensington & Allegheny El Stop Phila PA

The neighborhood of Kensington in Philadelphia provides a birds-eye view of the new 'multi-cultural' AmeriKa of the 21st Century, and as a worker here, I also see it from the Prole's eye view.

Kensington was always a working class neighborhood: In the earlier and middle parts of the last century it was populated by European immigrants: Irish, German, Polish, some Italians and Jews. It was a center of the garment/fabric/mill industry and had innumerable factories and warehouses for all types of clothing/apparel. It also housed one of Philadelphia's leading manufacturers, Philco, which made everything from TVs to washing machines to refrigerators. It was also a neighborhood of churches, predominantly Roman Catholic, but dotted with many churches of Protestant denomination.

Kensington was working class, but, because of the plethora of jobs available, it was also a gateway to the middle class for these European-Americans. It was a bit of a tough community, where it was helpful to be able to use your fists, but in the main it was law abiding.

Today, Kensington retains some of the working class toughness of yesterday, but with a loss of spiritual and moral fibre. Where the former European immigrants were united to some extant by culture, and certainly by Christian religion, today we have a polyglot of Asians, Hispanics, African-Americans, Carribean Blacks along with a minority of new European imports.

We also find an infestation of drugs, prostitution and the children of fornication that would have been unimaginable in times past. This due to deterioration of spiritual awareness on the part of these newcomers, and a general cheapening of the sense of the value of life.

Heroin is readily available almost 24 hours a day, along with cocaine and crack, and alcoholism is rampant. Unwed pregnant women parade the streets with previous 'fatherless' children in baby strollers. The educational level is pathetic, with reading comprehension hovering around a 7th or 8th grade level. Awareness of current events or national affairs is non-existent. All that matters is money, primarily welfare and what can be made hustling. Prostitution is rampant.

I understand that I am painting a bleak picture here, but what I see is a confirmation of the prediction made by certain social pundits, to the effect that AmeriKa will be a '3rd world country' in the next 20 years. These pundits may have erred on the side of optimism, as I see the reality of this right now.

Because of the insanity of this county's immigration policy, and because of the rampant greed of the international & multi-national capitalists, we face a collapsed and unproductive economy, and an avalanche of the poor from marginalized nations who have no idea what birth control means. And it is all driven by money & media, as these immigrants get a distorted picture of wealth in AmeriKa, and a false sense that our nation is ripe for the plucking.

The deterioration of the European-American community that remains in an urban area like Kensington is astonishing. Euro-American or 'white' children are subjected to a daily brainwashing by main stream media (MSM) about the joys and correctness of 'multi-culturalism' and race mixing, and consequently their educational achievements have fallen down to the level that were formerly the balliwick of so-called 'ghetto residents'. Learning and knowledge is scoffed at for the most part, and the only kind of smarts values are 'street smarts' or whatever cunning is needed to 'get over'.

One gets the feeling that he is living on some kind of plantation, or worse yet, in a mental institution.

In the areas of music and cultural arts, which were at one time a constructive free time time activity or hobby, we find that this has been replaced by low forms like 'rap' which is an embodiment of mindlessness set to a computer beat. But, you see, this so-called form only requires aggression and a big mouth, as opposed to the actual work and discipline it takes to master or at least learn a musical instrument. This goes hand in hand with the printed word or books being replaced by video games. Not only does this cause a deterioration in mental coordination, it makes the used subject to hypnotic control by the creator of the game/program.

And in all this, money is the 'god'.
Lady Gaga Making a Statement

AmeriKan Kristian Soldiers at Work Overseas
Spreading 'the good news'

Iraqi Child: AmeriKan Kulture 'Over the Top'

I didn't want to get too political with this post, but how can you seperate culture from politics? I guess it's a question of what came first 'the chicken or the egg', but it seems to me that any critique of a culture must take into account the economics and politics that help incubate it. Some would say they are all the same thing.

To keep it simple, there are two Americas/AmeriKas. They operate seperately and they overlap.

First, AmeriKa and it's Kulture.

AmeriKa has become a civilization devoid of civilizing factors. Yes, certainly, we have material comforts, consumer utopia and the necessary communications grid to send out messages to the ends of the earth and into space. But what message are we sending?

We have every kind of food you could want. If you had a craving for the intestines of a dog, you could probably find a 'gourmet fusion' restaurant that would serve them up. We have vegans, meat eaters, seafood lovers, vegetarians, you name it. You want Asian, burgers, pizza, kosher, it's all here. Halal, too. We have entire television networks devoted to food. Any appetite can be satisfied.

Music? What do you like: classical, heavy metal, jazz, bluegrass, power pop? It's all readily available: Today we have internet 'radio stations' that cover every 'niche market'.

Technology? We are drowning in it: Flat screen TVs, laptops, Blackberries, cell phones, video cameras, digital cameras. Go to 'Best Buy'.

Videos or TV? We got cable, satellite TV, YouTube, DVDs, NetFlix, We even have some actual movie Theaters left where you can see a film the old fashioned way.

Money? Hell, even with the continuing rumours of economic collapse, we have paper money, plastic money, digital money, gold and silver.

But what does it mean? For the most part it means emptiness.Why? Because, at it's core, what we consider 'mainstream AmeriKan Kulture' is built on a foundation of lies, greed and, yes, ignorance.

In my 40+ years of being aware of the 'bigger picture', I have never seen a more violent or heartless AmeriKa than the one we live in now. Every type of murder, rape and bestiality is commonplace now. This, in our 'Kommunities'. At the top, we are a perpetrator of mass murder and genocide: we are a destroyer of whole cultures. I thought Vietnam was bad, but the criminal actions of AmeriKa in the MidEast and Afghanistan take the proverbial cake. And they are carried out with such an almost apathetic, run of the mill cold-bloodedness, that the mind boggles. A generation nurtured on video games gets to play with real people and from what I can gather sees it all as an extension of 'X-box'.

Pornography is rampant, replacing normal human sexual relations, especially among single men. With the advent of feminism, and the rampant egotism prevalent today, the opposite sex becomes 'objectified'.

The violence and pornography have completely penetrated mainstream entertainment programming, sending occult messaging and imaging to the jaded masses. Worse, children are fed this unholy diet as soon as they can be placed in front of a tube.

Corruption? It is a given, at all levels of he Kulture. For all atheists out there, remember that when God is removed by man from the picture, the center can not hold. Society becomes a case of 'Is that all there is?'

AmeriKans today are, for all our riches and comforts, an ungrateful people who 'want it all NOW!'.

But, there is another America out there, and it is with this America that hope still remains alive.

I see the overlapping 'Americas' from a bird's eye view when I play music, especially when I play it on the street. I meet and talk to the Americans who long for something beautiful, something infused by the Spirit, or, at the very least, something that will break the enveloping greyness of the consumer Kulture. These people are the ones who still have the capacity to turn off the 'white noise' of the Kultural matrix/machine.

I see the same in students, a generation that senses that 'something is not quite right' but can't put their finger on it, completely. But they know enough to want to continue the search, intuitively sensing that things can be better than this. Most of these student are from the liberal arts and humanities, neglected fields of endeavor that have been overwhelmed by the drive to train functionaries for the NWO in 'studies' of business and finance.

I see the other America in the Churches, too. While it may seem that 'God is Dead', and while we watch with disgust the cowardly and corrupt behavior of many religious leaders and janissaries, the heart of Americans still longs for God, but the ears mightily strain to hear His voice because of all the noise.

The one AmeriKa is built on fear. Fear sells, and it is an easy emotion to appeal to, for everyone is scared of something. The other America is still based on faith, hope and charity, the classic virtues. What is in short supply is knowledge and wisdom. These are premium qualities in a time of 'the Big Lie'.

The real America is built on 'grass roots culture' which has many forms. The basis of it is one-to-one communication, building from the ground up. When things get too big, they are invariably doomed. The hollowing out takes place. This is illustrated by the 'Lady Gaga' syndrome, the substitution of trash for civilization. No matter how they may dress it up, they are doomed. Just remember that.

Mystery Babylon will fall, and the people will cry out in wonder. It is always like this.

On to 2011.

'And a child shall lead them...'

Young Jimi

Christmas Village in Philadelphia: Freemason Mayor Nutter's Satrap Orders the 'Christ' removed

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter: Freemason; Prince Hall Lodge; Scottish Rite

Huge Menorah at Independence Mall Set Up by Chabad Lubavitch

Once again, it is the Christmas season, the time we celebrate the birth of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, in Bethlehem. And once again, we see the attacks of the serpent and his helpers on Jesus. After 2 millennium, they still do not understand that you cannot kill Jesus Christ. They should have understood this the first time they tried. But those who do not understand history are doomed to repeat the same mistakes, over and over again. But now, they do not try to physically destroy him, because He is Risen. So, they continue with their campaign to blot out his name, and poison the hearts of His sheep with their eternal hate.

We had a comic/tragic scene play out as to this in Philadelphia, the 'City of Brotherly Love' and the name of one of the seven churches spoken of by Christ in Revelation. The forces of religious hypocricy and politically correct poison made another of their attempts to blot out his name. Which is a shame because, for all it's problems, Philadelphia has generally been tolerant of religious differences.

At issue was a model of a 'German Christmas village' set up in the plaza of our town's City Hall. Now, to the best of my understanding, this particular 'village' really had no religious significance at all, but was a purely commercial venture. In Europe, Christmas combines a celebration of Christ's birth with traditional pagan celebrations of the winter solstice. Some Christians attack this as a 'paganization' of the true meaning of Christmas. But to me, it is just an inclusion of certain celebrations of the season's change into the larger Body of Christ.

In any case, a minion from Mayor Michael Nutter's office ordered the word 'Christmas' stricken from a metal arch that displayed the sign 'Christmas Village'.
Supposedly, this was due to complaints from 'certain parties passing by' including a probable apocryphal story of a Jewish child asking his/her parents 'Why do they have this and we don't?'

Well, for this most likely imaginary 'Jewish child', the answer is that Jews do not celebrate Christmas, and their religious leaders have taught them throughout the centuries to hate/fear the name of Jesus Christ. But, the better explanation to this 'child' would be that 'It belongs to a different tradition, but we are allowed to participate if we choose to. Do not be upset'.

So, we had the minion of City Hall giving this order to blot out Christ's name, but then there was protest. After all, Philadelphia is still 75% Christian. Why wouldn't Christians be upset at this attempt at mischief by a low class political satrap?

Well, no need to worry. Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, the City's fourth consecutive FreeMason mayor, came to the rescue. In 'the spirit of the holiday season' Mr. Nutter graciously allowed the 'Christmas' part of the sign to be restored, thereby showing his magnaminity, and 'sensitivity to the people he serves'. And, of course, he stated that since the 'Christmas Village was merely a commercial venture, and not a religious one', no one should take offense. Of course! A celebration of the season of 'Santa Claus' and merchants furiously peddling their wares! No Jesus Christ involved, nosiree!

Michael Nutter is a PR hound, and a slick one. His move was made with this in the forefront. Some may also wonder why I emphasize his membership in a Masonic lodge. Allow me to digress, briefly.

FreeMasonry claims to be a 'brotherhood' that works from a completely secular, or non-denominational foundation. In their PR, Masons claim that they recogn1ze a 'Grand Architect of the Universe' or a 'God of Providence'. They basically say that they believe in a God, but since 'He is known by many names' and they seek to 'include all qualified candidates', they subscribe to 'no religion', but rather try to 'uncover the Ancient Wisdom' concerning religious matters.

Well, on most levels, FreeMasonry is an 'old boys' network' of rather financially secure men, or men in 'positions of influence' who use their connections through the Lodge to 'move up in life'. A curious fact of FreeMasonry is that the Lodges are still segregated on racial lines: The PA Grand Lodge admits only Whites, while Blacks have their own Prince Hall Lodges. In any case, the advantage of belonging to a Lodge lies in the area of 'connections', 'getting things done' and 'moving on up'.

But, when we look deeper into the nature of  Scottish Rite Freemasonry, we find that it is indeed a very religious organization, but a different one, in the sense that they worship another god. Masonic 'theologians' such as Albert Pike and Maley Hall claim this 'god' is Lucifer. Some higher degree Masons are 'let in on the secret' that 'God's' real name is Jahbulon, a devilish combination of Jehovah, Ba'all, and the Egyptian sun god Osiris. There is debate about the origin and contrivance of this name, but I give you my understanding.

If one visits the Grand Lodge of PA in Philadelphia, one is overwhelmed by the symbolism of the design, and the feeling that one is in a 'place of worship'. The question is who they worship. Freemasons will use various Holy books in their rituals: Bible, Koran and, possibly, Talmud in such lodges as B'nai B'rith (Sons of the Circumcision). Most Masonic religion is based on their interpretation of the Old Testament, or rather a Kabbalistic interpretation. The name of Jesus Christ and the New Testament is verbotten.

Masons have allied with such Jewish groups as the ADL, Chabbad Lubavitch and secular groups as the ACLU, along with other factions to undermine and, finally, destroy the Christian religion and tradition. It is no accident that you have seen the continuous attempt to 'kill Christ' in America over the past 50 years, at least. Powerful men, and forces are at work regarding this matter, supported by a mass media that also hates Christ, and seeks to 'blot out his name'.

Unfortunately, forces within the Roman Catholic Church seem to have joined with the aforesaid elements in an unholy alliance to achieve this goal. We witness a Church that supposedly, as the Bible states, raise 'His name above all other names' continually back down in the face of political and religious pressure from Jews, atheists, and every type of serpent in the face of this bold and open attack.

On Independence Mall, Philadelphia, home of the founding of our Nation, residing place of the Liberty Bell, you will see, every year, a huge menorah towering over the landscape. It dwarfs the Liberty Bell...It is placed there by Chabad Lubavitch, one of the world's leading anti-Christian religious group. They obtain a permit from the National Park Service every year for this purpose, during the 'holiday season'. It commemorates Hannukah, or the Maccabean Israelites, cleansing of their temple in Jerusalem. Hannukah was traditionally a rather minor Jewish holiday, but it is now used for political reason as a 'wedge' against Christian celebration of Jesus Christ's birth

Next to the huge menorah, you will see a tiny 'creche' or Nativity scene, placed there by the Catholic league, whoever they are. The contrast is unavoidable and striking. During the commemoration of the Advent of Christ, in a majority Christian nation. a simple symbol of His birth is dwarfed by a huge symbol of another religion, one practiced by less than 1% of Americans. Facts are facts.

The charade of 'Kwanza' is also pushed by these same anti-Christs as an 'alternative' to the Lord Himself.

I personally am extremely tolerant of different religions, faiths. It is a foundation of our free nation. But, I cannot tolerate an attack on Our Lord, Jesus Christ. As a Christian, I am bound to witness for Him, and to stand by Him, because of all He has done and does for me.

Let us also remember that Christmas is, and will always be about Jesus Christ and not some 'Santa Claus'. Santa is simply an anagram for Satan, the biggest counterfeiter of all. They want you to think that 'Santa' brings you gifts on Christmas, and forget the One who gave all for all of us.

Let me also mention that several Philadelphia columnists actually took a pro-Christian stance in this matter, however they phrased it.

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Everything is just a 'shadow of reality'...

Quote from a Forum poster
"For music fans, current times would seem to be wonderful, with all sorts of music free off the net.  But vast majority of downloadable music is mp3's, a format expressly designed to compress music into short-form.  & many (or most) mp3's are ripped from compact disks, themselves an abbreviated form of superior fidelity LP vinyl recordings.  Anyway, back in the 70's & 80's high-quality sound systems were popular.  Now folks seem to have lost their taste for good sound--they're happy to listen to their own mp3 tunes thru earphones.  Computers remain pretty incompetent at reproducing quality sound...most of the pricey soundcards are aimed at gamers & computer stores have cut way back on 5/1 quality speakers.  One has the choice of cheapo sound systems or else $700 systems that can't even replicate previous levels of quality.  Fake progress at work."

This particular gentleman is focusing on technical issues in the main...But we can take it even further...

I'll tell you what they've done to music, and I won't talk in purely technical terms, i.e. audio quality etc...They have REPLACED musicians and artists in a sense, and they have destroyed the sensitivity of the listeners...Take 'rap music' for instance: this is merely a 'cut & paste' form, with 'sound samples' pasted into  digital programming software, a computerized beat, again available in various software packages, added, and then a 'rapper', who is nothing but a talentless knucklehead with a big mouth & ego, spouting some nonsense garbage/verbiage on top of all this...It is not music...Why do I say this?...Because a real musical creation involves an outpouring of the human spirit, sometimes inspired by the Creator, that is meant to uplift or relieve the spirit of other humans...Any of this 'cut & paste' style negates a direct communication between artist and listener...It is a form of de-sensitization...It is mechanical in nature...This 'cut & paste' format desensitization goes for any form of music...Digitization may seem to 'enhance' at first, but the end result is 'everything sounds the same'...It eliminates the human element.

As for the listener or musical audience, the 'throw away' nature of the digital download formats leads the audience into an apathetic state...Whereas formerly hearing live music was considered a special sensual experience, as well as a healthy social one, the availability of 'cheap' or 'free' music has all but destroyed the value of musicians, because why pay a musician or pay for a concert when the whole experience can placed on a FILE which can be listened to or viewed at home by loading into a computer?...Also, the greed of the corporate music monopoly has ensured that a steady stream of homogenized sound will be marketed...Music is simple a product, equal to brands of toilet paper or cat food...It can also become pornography, because isn't that a definition of something that is cheap and without substance?

Before you judge me as a 'Luddite' or 'getting soft in my head' in my old age, let me tell you that I don't oppose technological change, I only try to view it realistically...Perhaps the real change we are seeing is dulling of the human senses in general, and a boredom resulting from a supposedly 'limitless' set of possibilities.

I believe that people still crave art and culture, but have been deadened by the sheer volume of 'product'...Andy Warhol correctly predicted this, and his art reflected a certain sense of 'nothingness'.

In conclusion, the packaging of music and other media in 'file formats' means the art ultimately can lose it's substance...Whereas once going to a theatre to see a film was a big deal, an experience, and buying an album (or CD) by a favorite artist was special, now it has all moved one step beyond, into a virtual world where things 'only virtually exist' and can be flushed down the toilet/memory hole with a push of a button.
Obama Handlers Axelrod & Emanuel

Elena Kagan: New Supreme Court Justice...No experience as a Judge, but experience disallowing citizens lawsuits concerning Obama's US birth status as US Solicitor General

The summer of 2010 in Philadelphia has been so hot and humid, one might be tempted to start believing in global warming.Along with the heat comes the usual violence, people shooting each other left and right.Add to this a plague of bedbugs, and you have quite a 'situation'. What I need is a vacation.

Now it gets hot and humid in Washington DC, too. So the Obama family is playing it smart and reducing stress by taking some vacations of their own. Michelle Obama sojourned to Spain, supposedly to 'console a close friend', but she made time to visit King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia, too. The trip is only costing the US taxpayer $75000 a day. The Obamas will also be vacationing in Florida and on Martha's Vineyard this month. Certainly it is hot in these places but you get a nice ocean breeze; cuts down on humidity.

You might wonder who runs the show when the First Family vacations: this would be the same fellows who run it when they're at home in Washington DC. That would be David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel. Axelrod looks after domestic affairs and spin, and Emanuel works on the foreign policy side, funneling the orders from Tel Aviv. Both are capable spin doctors who make what is treasonable 'palatable' for the AmeriKan public. Or they think they do.

What we have seen from the 'Hope for Change' President so far is a continuation of the systematic gutting of AmeriKa begun by Bill Clinton, and brought to a climax under George Bush. Obama was picked as the 'man for the job' in the next consolidation phase.

It is important to understand that every modern US President must be 'blackmailable'. In Clinton's case, this featured his inability to keep his dick in his pants, a plethora of dirty money provided by foreign agents,such as China, and an inexplicable series of suspicious deaths of people close to Clinton. In Bush's case we had his alleged involvement in the murder of a young Texas woman, drug use, and large scale payoffs to and from innumerable corporate and individual actors. In Obama's case, the blackmail factor involves something more basic: Identity.

In truth we so not know who Barack Obama really is. Is he the son of a Kenyan? Is the the illegitimate son of a Black Chicago activist? Was his mother a CIA 'cut out'? What about the missing time when he was supposedly attending Columbia University? Nobody remembers him there. Who is he, really? On top of this we have his 'strange' pick of Elena Kagan as Associate Supreme Court Justice. Elena Kagan was never a judge in her life. BUT, as US Solicitor General, she was involved in the dismissal of a number of US citizen lawsuits attempting at getting to the bottom of Obama's status as a US citizen with the consequent eligibilty as a US President.

In the mean time, the US military is still in Iraq, ensuring that Rothschild owned BP and Rockefeller owned Exxon have the major contracts to process and pump Iraqi oil. Same in Afghanistan with a different twist:  US/NATO serves as a security force to pacify Afghans so Rothschild can build a pipeline through Kandahar province to transport Turkmen natural gas, controlled by the Israeli Merhav group, through Afghanistan for sale to India and China. What does the US get outof this? Dead servicemen, and a further draining of our treasury.

So what change and what hope do we have with Obama? None really. A friend told me the other week that Obama had called for 'an open dialogue by Americans on the race question'. Well, certainly this is an interesting proposition. However, most European Americans actually voted twice in the 2008 Presidential election. They voted once on election day itself, and then they voted again after wards by buying a record number of firearms, and billions of rounds of ammunition. Some talk of 'race war'. Well, rather, I would say this suggests a growing unease on the part of European Americans with our Federal government. The fact that a Black was elected US President really doesn't matter, except that this particular 'African American' seems to represent interests that are contrary to the best interests of America as a whole. Remember that various foreign interests and bankers funded the American Civil War from behind the scenes. They did the same with the Obama nomination and campaign.

In a way, I feel sorry for President Obama, He probably cannot even take a piss or shit without being video taped or eavesdropped on.

So, not much hope for change at the highest level. So, what to do?. THINK GLOBALLY AND ACT LOCALLY, Remember that one?

Try to inform yourself and your friends and neighbors as to realities and dangers of what we face. There is a little that 'Joe Six Pack' can do in the face of the machinations of trillionaires and their puppets and mechanisms. None of this is new as 'there is nothing new under the sun', But do not let yourself perish for lack of knowledge. And even more, use your particular God given talent to the utmost in service of the people. Many intersecting ripples on a pond can lead to a great movement. When things get too big, then go small, back to basics. ACT LOCALLY, in your community, in any way possible, and you will be surprised at the effect that will result. Remember, psychopaths account for probably less than 5% of the total population, but 'the squeaky wheel gets the grease'. No reason greaseballs should be center stage. OVERCOME EVIL WITH GOOD. By dwelling on evil too much, out of proportion, one can lose hope, and lose momentum, thereby letting the parasites triumph. USE YOUR POWER FOR GOOD.

And do not be deceived. The Gospel of Christ and the words and actions of His Apostles are still the best blueprint for common sense, everyday life.This Gospel is vilified and ridiculed across the board, which should only confirm it's truth.

See the big picture, take care to be aware of the small things and act accordingly.

Keep the Faith, and take heart. 'Don't follow leaders and watch your parking meters'.

Elena Kagan tied to Obama's birth certificate - American Grand Jury

The Truth Seeker - Obama's father is Communist Frank Marshall Davis

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The Great Game for the Oil & Gas - Christopher Bollyn

Turkish Ship Relief Ship Mavi Marmara

The Israeli's, who have been systematically killing, starving and ethnically cleansing the Palestinians of Gaza, stooped to a new low this week with a commando attack on the Gaza relief convoy, made up of ships and volunteers from a score of nations who were trying to break Israel's illegal blockade of Gaza and bring much needed relief and humanitarian supplies to the besieged people of Gaza. It is simply time for this outlaw nation to cease and desist from it's murderous acts, either voluntarily or otherwise. Decent human beings can no longer sit back and watch these actions without reaction. I will post a letter I wrote to the online Rothschild publication 'The Economist' giving some thoughts on the situation. Surprisingly, The Economist was much more truthful in it's reportings than the Zionist controlled media in the USA.

To the Economist:

FrankDialogue wrote: Jun 5th 2010 8:24 GMT I am amazed that even in 'The Economist', the Rothschild family's own publication, we get a fairly factual and realistic account of the deadly and murderous Israeli attack on the Gaza relief convoy...I say this because in the USA, the main media mouthpieces like CNN, FOX, MSNBC and PBS invariably hew to the line demanded by the Israelis.

This is a disgraceful state of affairs, and for Israel, while they may temporarily feel glee at the mainstream media spin, I assure you that millions of 'alternative' and foreign media readers in America are fully aware of the cowardly acts of the Israeli 'commandos', even the holding of a gun to a one year old child's head. Israel has completely exposed itself as a gangster/terrorist state.

The Israelis had the chance, after the Oslo accords, to make some kind of reasonable peace with the native Palestinians...Many of these Palestinians were educated in the US and Europe, and returned to Palestine with the hopes of starting businesses and living a decent life...Unfortunately, the Israelis, who would have been natural business partners for these budding Palestinian entrepreneurs,descended into xenophobic madness and psudo-religious racism, and what we witness today is the result.

The buzz in the 'alternative' press is speculation about the final end of the Zionist state...Before you label this as 'far fetched', given Israel's nuclear arsenal and military power, remember that apartheid South Africa also had a strong military AND nuclear weapons, but that state was peacefully dismantled.

I would venture to say, however, that Israel will not allow history to take it's course so peacefully.

Israel's raid on aid ships to Gaza: A deadly raid | The Economist

Now here's more, and it just gets worse and worse...Time to put an end to all this.

Israelis subdued captain by pointing gun at a child: Algerian activist gives chilling account of atrocities

  • By Layelle Saad, GCC & Middle East Editor, and Ramadan Al Sherbini, Correspondent
  • Published: 00:00 June 3, 2010

According to a report in The Guardian, an Algerian activist, who gave her name as Sabrina, revealed that Israeli troops pointed their gun at a one-year-old Turkish child in front of his parents to force the captain of the Mavi Marmara to stop sailing.

Many reports have emerged from among the 124 activists who crossed over into Amman, Jordan, yesterday.

In an interview with Sky News, IT professional Hasan Nowarah, from Glasgow, described the moments as the Israeli troops descended on the ship.

"All you could see was screaming and bullets. Out of the blue as I looked around our ship, all I could see were hundreds of Zodiacs. Hundreds of Zodiacs full of soldiers, and big ships, lots of ships, and I believe as well submarines in the sea."

Kuwaiti MP Walid Al Tabtabai said the Israelis were "brutal and arrogant".

"Israelis roughed up and humiliated all of us, women, men and children," he said.

Algerian Izzeddine Zahrour said Israeli authorities "deprived us of food, water and sleep and we weren't allowed to use the toilet".

"It was an ugly kidnapping and subsequently bad treatment in Israeli jail," he said.

"They handcuffed us, pushed us around and humiliated us," Egyptian MP Hazem Farouq, who was also on the boat, said and added what he witnessed on the ship "defied his imagination".

"It was hell on the sea. I saw Israeli soldiers killing activists in cold blood and then walking on their bodies," Farouq, who was one of more than 700 activists aboard the Freedom Flotilla attacked by Israeli commandos, said on Tuesday in Cairo.

"The Israeli soldiers sprayed bullets as if they were a mafia in an American film."

Farouq and his colleague Mohammad Al Beltagui were detained along with many activists, who survived the widely condemned Israeli attack. They were released late on Monday after direct intervention by the Egyptian Foreign Ministry.

Egypt was the first Arab country to sign a peace treaty with Israel in 1979.


"The Israelis left some of the injured activists bleeding without treatment until death," Farouq said.

He added that he and Al Beltagui had been robbed of all their belongings and around $3,500 in cash. Both MPs belong to the banned Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt's strongest opposition force.

"All the survivors on the ship were beaten up, stripped and humiliated by the Israeli commandos while other Israeli soldiers were busy firing teargas," said Al Beltagui.

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Before: Osage Street Still Intact, But Ready to Go Up in Flames as Bomb is Dropped


It is amazing: Philadelphia is the only city in the United States where a city government/mayor has ordered a BOMBING of it's own taxpayers...Yet, it happened in Philadelphia 25 years ago.

I will always remember that day, because it was the day of my father's funeral, the day we laid him to rest...The story of his death and how I found out is another story, but let's just say my mind was in a different place that day, remembering Dad, and dealing with the frayed emotions of my family: about his death and toward me.

After the burial I skipped the reception for relatives and friends that my mother had arranged, and just went home...I turned on the TV, and saw that the MOVE crisis, which had been going on for a long while, and, on that particular day while listening to the radio in the morning, seemed to be coming to some kind of head.

MOVE were a Black radical 'back to nature' group who had caused an extremely violent confrontation with the City of Philadelphia back in 1978.
They had occupied a big Victorian house in the Powelton Village section of the city, and brought chaos into that neighborhood, On the weekends they blockaded an adjacent street, and raised money by watching cars, dumped all of their garbage into their back yard, which resulted in swarms of rats infesting the area, had their children running around naked, and, as the topper, openly carried firearms and got on the bullhorn threatening neighbors and police about what would result if anyone tried to interfere with them. After about 2 years of this with neighborhood residents begging for the city to do something,  and after a particularly grizzly incident where they invited a few members of Philadelphia's City Council 'over for dinner' to discuss matters, and then brought out a dead baby in a shoebox, Mayor Frank Rizzo ordered police SWAT teams into action. The result was a major shootout where one Philadelphia police officer was shot, one MOVE member got his ass whipped on camera, and the rest of the cult members dragged out and locked up. The MOVE children taken by DHS but later returned to relatives. Mayor Rizzo had the MOVE house bulldozed the wek after the shootout. Rizzo took a lot of flack for 'police brutality' but in reality, the only person killed was a cop, and MOVE was guilty of child abuse.

Things were quiet for awhile, but in 1985/85 they took over a house on Osage Street in West Philadelphia, a block of rowhouses, and proceeded to terrorize their neighbors, with the constant yelling of obscenities through a bullhorn 365/24/7, and the building of a gun bunker on the roof of their house. They were all armed.

All Philadelphia residents who were old enough to comprehend remember what happened on that day: In an attempt to resolve a situation that could have been diffused many months back, if not for cynical politics and notions of 'political correctness' by city leaders, a whole city block (Osage Street in West Philadelphia) consisting of middle and working class Black families was bombed and torched, all to remove a handful of rabble rousers and would be revolutionaries...Innocent children and adults died, and a peaceful, relatively prosperous and decent neighborhood was destroyed. The MOVE members and children could have been taken into custody peacefully on a number of occasions, but Mayor Goode, not wanting to be viewed as an 'Uncle Tom' by certain deluded elements, refused to act, and the result was tragedy.

The aftermath was just as bad, as the political buck-passing and refusal to own up to responsibility ran rampant...Freemason Mayor Wilson Goode, Police Commisioner Sambor, the whole crew, showed us what incompetence and cowardice was all about.

And then, of course, came the City's disastrous attempt to rebuild the block...Taxpayer money wasted, corrupt contractors, every conceivable fuck up.

MOVE was a cult, much like Jim Jones' Johnstown group. There was never any evidence uncovered og government involvement, a la CO-INTELPRO, although it is possible that the group's founders, John Africa & Donald Glaspey, were somehow involved with the FEDS.

The only know involvement of FEDs came right on the day of the bombing,
when they supposedly provided Philadelphia police with the explosive mixture that was used for the bomb. But this in itself was bad enough.

Rather, the MOVE events fit in more with a couple of other famous cases in Philadelphia crime history: that of cop killer Mumia Abu Jamal, and sociopath killer Ira Einhorn. All were products of a peculiar Philadelphia flavor 'radical' milieu.

MOVE members still live in Philadelphia, but they now lead a rather quiet lifestyle, with no involvement in confrontational activities. In fact they would probably be embraced by sections of today's environmentalist movement.

Interestingly, the nation and even residents of Philadelphia seem to have completely forgotten what occurred on that fateful day.
After: City of Philadelphia Solution to the Problem...Thanks to Mayor Wilson Goode, Osage Street Looks like Dresden Germany

Ramona Africa: Insane

MOVE Lunatic Founder: John Africa

Donald Glaspey: White Boy Founder, Bailed Out of MOVE Early On

MOVE Members/Supporters

Mayor W.Wilson Goode: Bombed His Own City & Constituents

Frank Rizzo: Cleaned Out the Nest, Saved Lives

When I was growing up, and even into my 30s, I never would have conceived of a scene of hundreds of people walking down a crowded street, riding on a bus, driving cars all talking on the telephone. Of course, this was before the age of wireless communications, specifically the cell phone.

Now, wireless has been around for a long time, because you have television and radio. But the 'powers that be' always withhold access to certain technologies for the masses until they have solidified the means to control it and to monopolize the marketplace.

I guess the cell phone first started coming into widespread use in the late 90s, and now it is omnipresent. The cell phone companies have made the technology available to anyone, and, of course, rake in the bucks from rich and poor alike. And, of course, the Internet is now available through the cell phone. Many cell phones also have cameras, both still and video.

What is the effect of this cheap mass communication tool, and does it add quality to life?

This question was in my mind today as I worked at one of my part time jobs, which is playing music on he street. Being a street musician is like being in a 'real time' movie where the action never stops. Literally hundreds or thousands of people pass by me as I play. For me to do this job well, it is necessary to be in a position 'above the action' so to speak. A bit of separation is needed if one does not want to be overwhelmed by the constant traffic and noise.

Now, today I was tired, and my mind was not really able keep up with the flow. But, this being the case, I was still able to observe.

What I observed was a mass of people hurrying down the street, while at the same time talking on a cell phone. I would say about 40% of all the people who passed by were yapping away. The percentage was even higher for the yuppie and business types, and also for those in their teens and 20s. The older folks were not involved in this game.

Psychically, this phenomena produces a large amount of static or 'white noise'. Even if you cannot hear the conversation, the mental airwaves are thick with static. Not only this, but you see people almost walking on top of other folks because they are so involved with cell/self phone. They literally get blinded by the use of this device. Talking on the phone, or 'texting' which is even more awkward.

This phenomena is ubiquitous. On the street, on the bus, trolley or subway, and perhaps the most hazardous, the man or woman behind the wheel yapping on the cell phone.

What do they talk about?

Mostly bullshit. See, 'talk is cheap'. And, with the cell phone, it can become almost worthless. I will be riding the trolley, and overhear conversations. Most are like this:

'Hello...Hello...HELLO!...What??...Yeah, I'm riding on the trolley...Yeah...Yeah...Uh-huh...What are you doing?...It's about 7 o'clock...I blah, blah, blah, blah, blah...'

When you have 6 or 7 people near you having this same conversation, it is extremely annoying, to say the least...Also, you get to hear all of the special 'ring tones' that people have on their cell, all extremely moronic and adding to the general sense of chaos.

Or, you might overhear what should be a private conversation but is now public because the cell phone user has no idea of lowering his or her voice or using any form of discretion. Today, riding on the trolley, the woman in front of me was having an animated cell phone conversation with a friend, and they were discussing a 'big fight' that was going to take place somewhere in the general vicinity of where I live, tonite, and that the woman's friend's boyfriend had threatened to kill a number of people. Even though this is nothing unusual in my city, which has a very high murder rate, it still was a bit disturbing, and was certainly not something that you would want to broadcast to the general public on a trolley car. But, with the cell phone, you are privy to all the dirty details of someone's life, since the conversation takes place in a public space. People have very little discretion nowadays.

The cell phone itself is a good tool in that it is portable, serves as an 'in your pocket' phonebook, and is quickly accessible in an emergency.

But the 'noise' it generates, both literally and psychically, can be quite obnoxious and extremely tiring. Perhaps I am just too sensitive.

You see, when something is too cheap and easy to come by, it can lose whatever real value it has. And, as with the computer, even though it is a means of almost instant communication, it can be a tool for isolation, as when people get too wrapped up in these electronic toys, they cut themselves off from a real world of people, places and things. Perhaps the real world is just too much for most people: it is frought with ugliness, danger and boredom. You could say that these toys serve grown people as a kind of pacifier, like a baby sucks on.

Of course, one cannot halt 'progress'.

But, what ever happened to 'stop and smell the roses'?

Will the human race even remember what a rose looks like, let alone smells like, after the brain is fried by excessive cell phone and computer use?

Text me and tell me what you think.

Dear friends, I am 'pained' (literally) to report to you that I have suffered a ruptured disc in my lower back. This happened at the beginning of February, and has caused me great pain, and limited me in my activities, one of which is writing for KULTURE/AMERIKA. But, I am slowly navigating the 'medical-industrial' complex as far as getting some in depth treatment. It has ben a month of doctor's visits, seeking referrals, taking pain killers, and generally moving slowly. However, things are finally moving ahead as far as getting treatment, so I am also getting back to writing. I am putting together a new piece of personal history to put up here, with a contribution from a friend. Should be done in a short time.
In the meantime, 'watch your back', as I would not wish any kind of spinal injury on anyone. Peace be unto you all!.....................................Frank D.