The Pennsylvania Turnpike sKam

    Yesterday, we received news that PA Governor Rendell had agreed to a deal with a foreign corporation, in partnership with CitiGroup, to lease the Pennsylvania Turnpike for the next 75 years.

     You can read the article youself. But here's the deal: this Albertis Infraestructure S.A (Barcelona). along with Citi Infrastructure Investors (NYC) would take over one of the two main arteries in our state for a period of 75 years, with the right to increase tolls 25% the first year, and 2.5% (or the rate of inflation) EVERY YEAR AFTER THAT. Any one who works for the Turnpike Commision would have his contract honored until the end of the current ter: after that, they can negotiate with CitiGroup!

    Now  these shenanigans have been going on for awhile all over the country, but now the globalists have come to Pennsylvania, ready to buy or 'lease' vital assets already paid for by the taxpayers. The supposed reason for this privitization is a basic one: the States and the Federal government are broke, and can no longer pay to keep our infrastructure in good working order. So, we give them to foreign entities, who will do the job for us, but, of course, at a price.

   These global corporations have already purchased or 'leased' tax-payer paid for public highways in Texas, Indiana and California. America what remains of it's hard assets to these foreign entities, for what amounts to pennies on the dollar. Here is an interesting article giving a bigger picture:

   The big problem with this whole scheme, other than the moral one cutting up and selling our state and national assets, like a butcher would after he carves up the carcass, is that no one really knows who owns these companies. Here is the website for Albertis Infraestructure S.A.

    Any info on there about who really owns this company? No. And there is a good reason: these 'global' companies are all just fronts, or shells within shells. The real controllers of these companies are the 'invisible hand', mostly composed of what some refer to as the 'Illuminati' or the European 'Black Nobility' along with their bankers, the Rothschilds, Oppenheimers, Rockefellers.

    You see, we fought the Revolutionary War to free ourselves from the domination and greed of these European 'nobles', but 235 years after we won that fight, they are back, and accomplishing their original aim under the noses of the fat, lazy and apathetic American people. Actually, these elites are very long-term in their view, and they have never stopped their interference in our affairs, both financial and political. But now, after 20 years of Bush1/Clinton/Bush2, they are on the verge of victory. They have given up the use of the sword to overcome us; they use the 'fountain pen', or, in reality, super-computers,in order to loot our assets and livelihood. And in reality, they have created a gigantic machine, one that answers to no one but the few at the top. A big vacuum-cleaner, if you will. Remember what Ross Perot said about that 'giant sucking sound'?

   Going back to the specific PA Turnpike deal, I noticed an interesting item: Governor Rendell says that the 'lease' money would be 'invested' with the PA State Employees Retirement System. Now, who manages the PASERS fund? Maybe Goldman-Sachs? Maybe this employees retirement money is then placed into a 'hedge fund'. Maybe an unregulated off-shore hedge fund. Do we have full confidence in Goldman-Sachs or CitiGroup to take care of our hard earned pension money?

    In closing, this deal is bullshit. We lose. A more painful, but better alternative is PA Act 44, which would put a toll on Interstate 80. Also remember this: taxpayers used to get a return on their Federal Income taxes for the maintenance of infrastructure. But the Federal government has stolen our money, and in itself has become PRIVITAZED. We are being sKammed.

    Backgrond on the 'Black Nobility' in a nutshell:

    For more about the 'Black Nobility' today, you can go here: 

    This 'Black Nobility', known today as the Bilderbergers, will be meeting outside of Washington DC, in Chantilly VA, in the beginning of June.

12/26/2010 03:09:40 pm

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