Ex-Vice President Cheney Suffers   Massive Heart Attack in Dubai

Reuters January 25 2009

US ex-Vice President Richard Cheney suffered a massive heart-attack today in Dubai, Reuters has learned. Sources at the American Hospital Dubai reported that Mr.Cheney, who was apparently entertaining at his villa on Palm Island, a mega-condominium complex here, suffered the attack around 1AM Dubai time, or 10PM GMT.

Reports are so far sketchy, but the former American Vice President has a history of heart problems. Cheney became a resident of Dubai sometime in late 2007, when his former company, Halliburton, shifted their corporate HQ to the UAE. It is reported that at this time, he purchase a villa on Palm Island, an expansive luxury home/condominium complex, that also has as residents such global luminaries as Madonna and British soccer star David Beckham. Prices for these accomodtions start somewhere in the neighborhood of $2-3 million and can go much higher.

No status or condition report on Cheney is currently available. American Hospital officials would not even announce officially that Cheney was a patient. In an ironic twist of fate, Osama Bin Laden, Cheney's 'arch-enemy' in the global War on Terror, was also treated at the American Hospital Dubai in the summer of 2001 for kidney failure.

In Washington, the White House has apparently learned of Cheney's health problems through diplomatic channels. The current White House, and President Frank Dialogue, have, in the past week, issued a warrant for Cheney's arrest for matters involving 'national security', and have been speaking with officials in the UAE about having Cheney returned to the US. The White House had no comment on the current situation other than a statement by Press Secretary Ken Larrios that 'we are following the situation'.

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