Liberty Forum Down: and Out?

The Internet forum site 'Liberty Forum' has been offline since the 5th 0f September. Liberty Forum is basically a 'libertarian' forum where a wide range of articles are posted, and discussions take place. It is uncensored, and is a great source for news articles from around the world, and the posters are really on top of any breaking issue, in addition to exploring issues related to the 9-11 'event', the 'War on Terror' and just about anything and everything related to those issues. Some members of Liberty Forum browse my website, and if any visit KULTURE/AMERIKA in the near future, feel free to pass on information about the problems Liberty Forum is having, or just leave a comment. Is this just a 'technical' or 'administrative' problem, or is something else going on here. Another site with a brief discussion of Liberty Forum's problems:

No real hard info here, just some 'insider' suggestions that I cannot decipher. Any real info would be appreciated.


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