The Klassless Society

Definition of Communism: The strictly theoretical system imagined by Karl Marx in which all of society, all of economics and all politics are combined in one, classless system based on common ownership of all economic means of production. To achieve this utopian dream, Karl Marx and Frederich Engels wrote the "Communist Manifesto" to inspire violent revolution everywhere.

Of course, Communism was always a 'pyramid scheme' with the wealthy elite still very much in charge, and the proles more enslaved then ever. There was no 'classless' Communist society.

   However, we here in America, under the 'all-seeing and watchful eye' of the gangster government in Washington DC, are building a 'Klassless' society of our own. One with no 'class' or culture/civilizing thought at the top, and with a culture of 'gangsterism/sadism/murder' at both the top and bottom. The 'silent majority' will be ruled by the sociopaths at the top, and terrorized by the bottom-feeders. It is becoming more and more clear.

   Now, both the top and bottom boys have many things in common. They share the gankster mentality, the collect in gangs, secret societies, 'fraternal organizations'. They crave money and power above all else. They violate every one of the Ten Commandments. They practice human sacrifice in various and sundry forms, And, due to the apathy and fear of the 'silent majority', they escape punishment for their crimes.

   Now certainly the boys at the top do make out better. The higher up on the pyramid, the better the view, the easier to see the 'big picture'. The boys at the bottom die at an earlier age, are more 'exposed' and manipulated, and, of course, most never get to 'ascend' the pyramid in a serious way. But they all practice lawlessness. This is according to their religion, "Do As Thou Wilt' and 'As above, so below'.

   Where does this leave the 'middle klass' who form the bulk of the pyramid?. It leaves them on an endless treadmill, and strips them of their human dignity. But, this 'middle klass', by their participation in this alien religion & kulture, are given something: they are allowed to become 'konsumers'.

   Any truly free and alive civilization can only function when it breaks free from the pyramid game. For truly, psychopaths and sociopaths make up only a tiny fraction of our population. If you read the New Testament, Jesus says to his disciples, 'I have chosen twelve of you and one is a devil'. So, from the 'horse's mouth' so to speak, we know that the devil controls only a small percentage. Jesus also said 'While I am with you, you lack for nothing...But now, whoever has a money belt is to take it along, likewise also a bag, and whoever has no sword is to sell his coat and buy one'. Unfortunately, for those who are happy with the pyramid scam, He is no longer with us. Has the time come to buy a sword?

    All civilizations will have certain 'classes' because men are different in their acheivements and capabilities. And there will always be poor among us. But common sense and reason tells us that there must be a moderating factor so that the disparity between the top and bottom is not so great, and so that those in the middle may be free to progress in a natural and constructive way. The moderating and also the creative factor in all of this is God. Many consider God an 'outdated concept' and something that 'cannot logically be proved'. Well, if be the case, then just witness the fruits of this. Both the boys at the bottom and the top subscribe to this, and in fact, worship other gods. The result of this is our new Amerikan Civiliztion and Kulture. And, like I said, it is 'Klassless'. Kommunism takes many forms.




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9/17/2008 08:01:32 am

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