Poland MaKes a MistaKe

   The major US propaganda organs all announced today that Poland has finally come to terms with the US over the 'Polish missile shield', ostensibly designed by the US military/industrial complex to give early warning and 'protection' against missiles launched from 'rogue states' such as Iran, North Korea, or whatever countries that don't have a Rothschild sponsored 'central bank'. You can hear/read about the details from any of the major prop-organs, but I will include a link here for you to peruse: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2008/feb/02/poland-agrees-to-house-us-missile-inceptors/

   Now, the logic of this missile-shield has always defied any kind of accepted logic. Why does the US need a missile shield against, say, Iranian missiles in Central Europe? The US has satellite tracking that covers the globe that will alert us as to any missile launhes; in addition, the US has deployed in the Persian Gulf area Navy, Air Force and other strategic and tactical early warning systems. Any launch of Iranian missiles would be picked up immediately. As for North Korea, another 'rogue nation', we have a huge presence in South Korea, Japan and the Pacific which would do the same as regards the Koreans. So why put these missiles in Poland or radar in the Czech republic? Both are NATO members, and NATO also has detection and intrception capabilities.

     The first reason for the deployment is simply money. From what I read, the missiles would be of the Patriot-type, manufactured by Raytheon Corporation. The Patriot has never been tested in combat, except for a very poor performance in Israel during Gulf War I. So, this is just another big money contract for one of the Bush connected military contractors. Polish taxpayers will foot the bill.

   Is Poland afraid of an attack from Iran? This, again, defies any logic or common sense. So, against what 'attacker' will these missiles be targeted. The obvious target is the Russians. Russia, her people and her natural resources are the target of the Rothschild octopus, and the US is the military 'police' arm of that same syndicate. The current conflict in Georgia was a provocation of the Russians by US/Israeli/Georgian employees of the Octopus, and the Russians seemed to be the winner. But, now, with the Polish mistake, we see the second stage of that provocation playing out.

   This week, we saw the Polish president Lech Kaczynski making a visit to Tiblisi, Georgia to 'show support' for his fellow clown, the Harvard 'educated' Georgian 'leader' Mikheil Saakashvili. I believe the Ukaranian leader showed up also. It was a meeting of the 'Three Stooges'.

    Now, after this vaudeville act in Tiblisi, the Polish announce, that after years of wrangling, the Polish will accept the American missiles. Polish Defense Minister Sikorski announced the agreement with the reasoning: 'We cannot wait for NATO to help us if we are under attack, so we need a 'special arrangement with our loyal ally' the US. Notorious liar and oil industry operative, US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice appeared in Washington with Sikorski for the announcement.

   Of course, the Russian were not too pleased with this 'sudden' decision on Poland's part. Here:


  The Russians have actually showed remarkable restraint in dealing with this affair, as they did in Georgia. But what will the Poles get from this?

   Nothing. Polish leaders do not learn from history. Just as in the time before WWII, Poland believed lies from the West in regard to her security; and here, she puts her faith in the criminal and degenerate Bush 'organizatsiya' for 'protection'. Just as the UK & France did nothing to save Poland from Hitler and Stalin, and just as they continually betrayed Poland after WWII, any 'promises' that Bush/Cheney make to Poland will be flushed down the toilet. As I stated this is just another contractor payoff for Bush, And,as for Poland, to Bush it is just a place to hide his ex-lover, Victor Ashe, the current US Ambassador. Poland expects help with modernizing it's Air Force as part of the deal, and, probably the US will be happy to sell it some outdated planes.

   Of course, this 'missile shield' is inadequate even before it is deployed, so it's military value will be about zero. But the message and provocation sent to Russia will linger in the memory banks for a longer period. Poland needs to understand that Putin is not Stalin, and that George Bush, Barrack Obama or John McCain are not Iosef Pilsudski. Hitler said that 'Slavs were incapable of governing themselves'. Putin has proved this is incorrect. Now Poland needs to show that it can generate the type of leadership that will seek to make it independent and self-sufficient. So far, there appears to be no one on the Polish horizon that fits this bill. And where is the Polish Roman Catholic or Christian leader who will speak the truth on this unholy alliance with Bush? Poland, beware!



George Kelly
9/6/2008 04:46:28 am

I'm retired from the US DOJ and was responsible for organized crime investigations.Your obvious anti-semetic atatements is as distorded as your personality.I have fowarded your blog to DOJ Criminal Division.

9/6/2008 04:50:55 am

Thanks for your reply, although I haven't yet checked which essay you have replied to....so I don't know what 'anti-semitism' you refer to...If, indeed, you worked for the US Department of Justice, I commend you f=
or your service to our country...And, in fact, you must be aware that the US Dept of Justice has much larger issues to address than the essays of a grass-roots writer...I would suggest, for one, the disappearance of almost $3trillion from the DOD budget from the years, approximately, 1997-2004...Mr. Donald Rumsfeld announced this 'shortfall' on the date September 10, 2001...of course, given that the American people were attacked by terrorist forces the next day, this story was never followed up either by the media, or any agency of our government that investigates matters of possible fraud or=
theft by other government agencies...If you have an interest in bringing j=
ustice to the American taxpayer, I would suggest you contact the GAO on
this matter, and see if any steps toward resoulution have been taken...My 'webblog' is simply a forum to express my opinion, and comment on matters both cultural and political...I cover news stories, historical background, and also include fictional material...My site takes a 'libertarian stance', from a Christian perspective...So, in that sense, I seek to analyze historical trends, and the players involved...As a person who grew up in a 'multi-cultural' environment, and this before the term 'diversity' was ever dreamed up, I do not point fingers or make any 'gratuitous' accusations at any ethnic group...However, as the US government has used the mechanism of 'profiling' in regard to certain elements in regard to 'terrorism'. I will not hesitate to identify groups/persons who make an impact on events/history...Again, thank you for your reply, and keep reading and commenting!


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