'Neo-Kon' Game in Georgian/Russian Conflict

  Last night I was viewing the opening ceremonies from the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. These particular ceremonies are called the 'Parade of Nations' All nations, big and small, get their chance to greet the crowd in the stadium, wave the flag, and generally have a good time. But their were a few twists to this 'Parade of Nations'. NBC was the broadcaster, and Bob Costas was the commentator. For the most part, Costas mouthed the usual pap, with a few cute anecdotes about small countries like Botswana, which he read from the tele-prompter. Nothing unusual. But, of course, when Iraq and Iran's turns came to march out, all of a sudden Costas becomes a 'political commentator', talking about 'chaos in the shattered nation of Iraq' (now, who would have caused that?), and, for Iran, the warning that 'they must stop their drive to aquire nuclear weapons'. And, of course, although he couldn't be too blunt about it, numerous innuendos about 'human rights' problems in China itself. Words mouthed by a hypocrite for his paymasters.

    But this wasn't a big surprise. That came with a shot of Vladimir Putin, in the grandstands, intently watching the proceedings. Then, the surprising announcement (to me, anyway, as I had not turned on the news all day), that 'Russian troops were attacking Georgia'. And, then, a cut to a shot of Vladimir Putin and George Bush leaving some kind of official event, or press conference somewhere in Beijing: Putin looking very angry, indeed, George Bush looking rather sheepish, and then Putin thrusting his hand in Bush's direction, and making a gesture that said 'NO!'. Bush's expression, in fact, was similiar to the one he had on his face when he was reading that book about the goat to those school children during the '9-11' attack. That look that says, 'Hey, don't look at me! I don't know what's going on.' The look of 'astonished me' and 'plausible deniability'. Then Costas also commented about Putin's look of anger. And some more comments about the conflict with the hope that 'the bloodshed will soon cease'.

    So I flip over to BBC, and there was extensive coverage, but nothing too coherent: reports that a couple of Russian planes were shot down, and that the Georgians were shelling civilian targets in South Ossetia, a predominntly Russian region in north Georgia that has been the scene of turmoil for the past 10 years. Also, some may remember the massacre of Ossetian and Russian children that took place at Beslan, in North Ossetia (Russia) that took place a numer of years ago, supposedly orchestrated by 'Chechen' terrorists. The BBC commentators really had little in the way of hard information, but the slant of the story was that of 'Russian aggression against the tiny nation of Georgia'. The Georgian president Mikhail Saakashvili appeared briefly, making some rather hysterical comments about Russian 'aggression'.

    Now, in trying to take this all in, I couldn't help but recall the persistent US interference in Georgian affairs over the past few years:  The so-called 'Rose Revolution' funded by western banking & intelligence interests, the wooing of Georgia by NATO, and, not least, the 'BTC' pipeline, owned by the Rothschilds/British Petroleum & sundry Israeli interests. The pipeline runs through Azerbaijan and Georgia, bypassing Russia, to bring Rothschild/BP oil to Turkey, where it is shipped o Western Europe and also to Israel. All of this, combined with the afore-mentioned Beslan massacre, which I believe was financially backed by elements from the Rothschild octopus, through Boris Berezovzky and his Chechen connections in Britain, are reason enough to make Vladimir Putin very angry. And there is another interesting element.

   This escalation of an extremely dangerous situation took place while both Bush and Putin were away from their respective countries. Which means that Dick Cheney and his 'neo-kon' chicken-hawk psychos were at the helm in Washington, and the virtually uknown and untested new Russian President Dmitri Medvedev was running the show in Moscow. Now, Medvedev, we don't know about yet. Puin picked him, but is he a loyal Russian? And can he handle this level of inrigue? As for Cheney, Elliot Abrams, Richard Perle and their nest of vipers, we know them to well. Bush can claim plausible deniability, like he did when he was reading to the schoolchildren when the September 11 attacks took place. Cheney was in charge in Washington on hat day.

    More disturbing is the presence of an unknown number of American Marines and Special Forces who have been staioned in Georgia for a number of years as 'trainers and advisers'. Here is a link:  http://www.kavkazcenter.com/eng/content/2008/07/10/9971.shtml

    Also, the Israelis are there also, in the form of mercenaries: http://www.debka.com/article.php?aid+1358

    So, we have a real can of worms here. Remember that power comes from the end of a gun, but usually this power serves money, and oil is a big source of money. One of the first and most detailed analysis of the 9-11 event, 'Crossing The Rubicon' by Michael Ruppert, went into great detail about Western/Zionist plans to go after Caspian oil for a conglomerate of BP/Chevron Corporations. Again, BP is the Rothschilds, the Dutch House of Orange, and other interests. Chjevron, too. The Russians have had some mighty battles with these elites over the past ten years, seemingly won by Putin when he put out arrest warrants for, or imprisoned a number of the Rothschild backed 'oligarchs' like Michel Khordokovsky and Boris Berezovzky. And as Russia has righted it's national economy and secured it's energy resources, it has also regained some of it's former political might. This is a dangerous situation for certain 'Western' powers who have tried to dominate the Russian nation for well over a century. And, the 'neo-kon' bloc in Washington and Tel Aviv are still at work, collecting paychecks from their puppet-masters, causing untold misery for innocent people all over the globe, and stealing whatever they can lay their hands on. Criminals need wars to cover up their grand larceny, and to keep the peoples in a state of fear and misery. However, the 'neo-kons' may have really miscalculated in this case, or perhaps their goal is just to create more diversion and chaos. Psycopaths don't think like normal people. So, we shall see.

Links to Alex Jones, who hosted a very good discusion with Paul Craig Roberts and Robert Chapman on this issue last night, 8/8/8:

http://www.infowars.com    and also


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