Tampering with KULTURE/AMERIKA


   I recently noticed that KULTURE/AMERIKA, which came up #1 on Google when the title was keyed in had sisappeared from the Google search results, only appearing when one of the blogs was referenced by some other source or website. I am sure what caused this, but I have taken some steps to see if I can remedy the problem. Also, I was recently banned from a Philadelphia web forum for printing an essay critical of certain aspects of so-called 'kool' or 'hip' Amerikan Kulture entitled 'Tatoo You'. Apparently, although the essay was simply social commentary, there was a reader or two who thought this article was about THEM personally. Well, this wasn't the case, but because of their complaints, I was banned from the forum, PhillyBlog, with the message 'You are banned from this forum...Reason Given: none...Time for return: Never'. This is free speech in certain 'politically correct' minds. Not a good sign for those with 'controversial' points of view. But, anyway, we keep moving forward. Hopefully, KULTURE/AMERICA will come up on the Google search engine again without difficulty.

Forum that banned me: http://www.phillyblog.com

I will be posting in the future on: http://www.phillyfuture.org

And you can always read me on: http://www.libertyforum.org



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