A Retarded Amerika

Definition of 'retarded':

Function: adjective Date: 1895 sometimes offensive : slow or limited in intellectual or emotional development or academic progress From: http://www.merriam-webster.com/       

  Before I go any farther, let me mention that what I am going to talk about here is not the condition referred to when a person is handicapped by a physical or chemical disorder and, consequently, has difficulty in functioning in school, at work or in everyday life. This is something that is beyond the individual's control, and calls for compassion and assistance. What I mean to get to is the widespread lack of reasoning power, ability to focus and concentrate, and general apathy that is prevalent in today's Amerika, Some call this the 'dumbing down of America'. I call it retardation.      There is also a spiritual and moral component here. Let me give an example. Video games. Anyone who is familiar with this kultural form probably has heard of the video game called 'Grand Theft Auto'., It has been very popular for years now. I believe we are at version 4 or 5. For anyone who still reads, and especially one who reads literature written before, say, 1990, you will notice that most novels or stories have a moral. That is, a series of events take place, either with one person or a group of people, and these events usually have a cause and effect relationship, you reap what you sow, karma, etc. There is usually a lesson to be learned from these stories, and both the writer and the reader can draw some conclusions. There is a moral to the story.      Now, with this 'Grand Theft Auto', there is no moral, and there is no story. The entire 'content' of the game is theft and murder with some rape thrown in. That's it. Just a constant series of images of killing, stealing. Is this not a form of retardation? What kind of 'training' is this providing for the viewer, especially an impressionable teenager? Does viewing this video not have the effect of 'slowing or limiting the intellectual process' or 'emotional development'? This game is heavily advertised on mass transit in the city of Philadelphia, and a poster for it is on the front door of every Radio Shack store in the city. 

   Let's move on. When was the last time you had a conversation, in a social setting, that involved, say, literature, art, culture or even politics thathad any depth to it. You know, like 'what do you get out of this drawing or piece of music' or 'why does George Bush seem to go against the interests of the American people in everything he does'? Or just a free-wheeling discussion about anything or everything, but with some real questions being asked? Hasn't happened lately?

    Now, people will talk about money. Americans are obsessed by money. Oil prices. Food prices. Mortgage prices. But the conversations usually revolve around individual money problems, and people's helplessness to solve them. But somebody creates the money, right? Ever hear the average American ask 'Well, who set up this money system, and why does it always seem to fuck us up? Let's see if we can find some answers'. Ever hear anybody ask this question and try to find an answer? No. And why is that? Because Americans have become retarded and have lost or never aquired the ability to think and reason for themselves, or to gain access to the information that will help them aquire some wisdom.

    I believe this retardation has been part and parcel of Americans accepting and adopting the 'Konsumer Kulture' which, driven by advertising, TV, video and the Internet, has reduced us to a society of retards. This is the society of instant gratification, which is a false paradigm. Anyone ever hear the saying 'Good things come to those who wait'? Well, waiting for something in Amerika is unacceptable; we have to have it now. And the power of the media has turned us into mind-controlled 'simulacrums', that is, we appear to be people with a living soul, but, in many cases we have become 'replicants'. Here's a little thing I posted on another Forum about the effect of video stimulus on the human (and American) brain:


I'Virtual Reality', the Internet, and the over-saturation of society by video imagery is dangerous in many forms....the human brain and optical system is not designed to be bombarded by streaming video images...this creates a 'systems overload' for the human brain/consciousness...all of these media I mentioned are tools for mind-control, as they bombard us with a quantity of information that only another computer or robot can deal with succesfully...and, again, the method of the transmission is too intense...if I may draw an analogy, it is like the difference between a South American farmer chewing Coca leaves to give him an energy boost, and an urban dwelling sentient American smoking crack...also, the sheer quantity of information available overwhelms quality...what has happened in the music business is a prime example: you now have literally millions of groups making music, but the sheer quantity and supposedly 'democratic' nature of this music making creates a blurring effect, and makes for an undifferentiated mass of shit...better to slow down...smaller is better...less is more...ever hear of minimalism?...that being said, the Internaet is still a valuable tool for communication and info-sharing...but, IMHO, there is no better way to get information than through the printed word...you have time to digest, and to contemplate the info you have received.

    Well, people don't like reading anymore, because they no longer have the patience to digest information, and have lost the skill to meditate over and examine the meaning of things. This is retardation. a slowing or limiting of our ability for intellectual advancement.

   And you can bet that those boys who print our money, the political criminals who rule us, and the media synchophants and moguls who program us love it this way. It makes life so much easier for them. They love compliance and apathy. All 'authority' loves compliance. 'You, be here at such and such a time and do this, but don't do that. Understand me?' 'Yeah, sure. Allright'.

   And just as a physically or mentally handicapped individual has problems fully enjoying the gift of life, the compliant retarded American will never fully appreciate what it is to be a living human being. The handicapped person, in many cases will strive to overcome his disability so that he/she can enjoy life more fully. But the retarded American is a willing zombie, and has given up God's gift to follow the false idol of Konsumerism and will follow it into the pit of Hell.

   Turn off the TV, turn off the Internet, turn off the static. The 'designer static'. It has you in the beam of it's death ray which 'penetrates lead and brick, however thick'. Create something, whether it be a good meal, a good deed for your neighbor, a little tune on your guitar or piano, a drawing or even a story or a good conversation. Life is not 'virtual' although you can be sure that certain demons want to make it that way. Life is for those who are alive, and who can savor the joy of life. Be creative with your friends, your family, your neighbors. Reach out and touch someone! Then, after you have savored some real living, maybe you can turn your computer back on and write a story or send an email to someone. But, for God's sake, stop staring at that God damned video terminal for awhile. The 'eyes are the window of the soul', but when you open a window, strange things can fly in. Give your eyes a rest; give your soul some rest & relaxation. Don't be retarded.


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If you're going to talk about "tatoos" (sic), shouldn't you look up how to spell the word?


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