The New World Order In A Nutshell

   Before we can discuss what the 'New World Order' or NWO is, we must first understand that there has been a World Order for the past two centuries, at least. This 'World Order consists primarily of the Rothschild syndicate, and their various allied European 'houses' including the Saxe-Coburg-Gothas (House of Windsor), the House of Orange (Dutch) and the various offshoots of the Hapsburgs. Almost all of the major European royal houses are 'cousins', and institutions like the Vatican (Roman Catholic Church) and the current EU are also folded into this syndicate; the common denominator is the fact that they use the Rothschild apparatus as their bankers/money men, along with other 'merchant' banks centered in the City of London. Before we go farther. I will post an essential link neccesary for an understanding of the 'World Order' as it has existed for the past 200+ years:

   This is Eustace Mullins treatise on the World must read this to have a basic understanding of World government/finances/theoretical premises

   Now, for the 'New World Order' (NWO). Here is the essential link for seeing how everything is connected. This is from Universite Tangente, a French web site created by cartographers, or mapmakers. They have constructed a series of maps, all taken from open-source publications and web-sites, detailing what they call 'World Government', in terms of finance, media, intelligence operations etc. The site takes a bit of navigating, and, actually, their best map, which outlined the NWO from Asia to Europe to the Americas to the Middle East has been removed. But you will still find a very valuable 'World Government' map, along with maps of the Rothschild syndicate, English banking interests, media conglomorates and intelligence networks. Here is the link:

   Be sure, when navigating the site, to click on the 'see maps' links' and also visit the 'Old Site' and 'Ancient Site'.

    Now we will discuss the NWO. The NWO is simply a fusion of Government, Trans-National Corporations, Banking & Organized Crime. In fact, to simplify further, the NWO is GLOBAL ORGANIZED CRIME. The United States, with it's advanced military technology is the global police arm of the syndicate (along with NATO and Israel). We, as a nation have been reduced to that, The finacial controllers are centered in the City of London and Wall Street. The major operators on Wall Street are as follows:


Goldman Sachs


Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith

UBS Warburg LLC

Credit Suisse First Boston LLC

Morgan Stanley

Lehman Brothers Inc.

    Also included is AIG, world-wide global octopus, money laundry and sluch fund. On a level of 'government/private partnership, you would have the World Bank and the IMF. These are 'off-Wall Street', so to speak. The Federal Resrve Bank, controlled by the Rothschild syndicate, and their junior partners, the Rockefellers, through countless fronts, along with the other Wall Street houses I mentioned, is the 'big daddy'. It is the center of US 'debt creation'.

   In London, you would have a variety of Rothschild controlled merchand banks, along with some who would trace their origins to the British East India Company. A study of English banks is beyond the scope of this essay. But, to note one very interesting example, there is Coutt's Bank, basically a secret bank for the 'House of Windsor'., that provides what are called 'nominee accounts', or secret accounts used by the global elite, including sitting presidents, prime ministers etc, to hide funds extracted from various nations and citizens through extortion and other criminal methods.

   This is Europe and the United States. The Middle-East would be dominated by the organized crime state of Israel, which, financially, was a creation of the Rothschilds. Israel dominates by it's military power and threats of nuclear 'retaliation'. The money power centers around the House of Saud. I am not expert enough to speak on Arab banking practices and what banks they use, but the oil money does give them an extensive power base in terms of the Middle-East. Arabs apparently control about 4.5% of CitiGroup, which is an illustration of clout. However, as the banking system is Zionist dominated, my feeling is that Arab money is used against Arabs in many cases.

    Let me make a point, briefly, about Israel. The Rothschilds consider Israel 'theirs', but there are other elements at play here. Israel is very big organized crime territory, through the 'Russian-Jewish' mafia connection, and also through the Mossad, which, in a sense is a continuation of the old 'American' Murder Inc., the Meyer Lansky-Lewis Lepke crew, which was a Jewish 'enforcement' arm for organized crime in America in the early to mid 20th Century. The Mossad is into EVRYTHING. Many Israelis are aware of this reality, but, of course, it is an 'off limits' topic in the US. Because of this element, Israel is a sort of 'wild card' in the global criminal game. Many are not aware that some of the initial 'muscle' for the creation of Israel was supplied by .connected' gang members of Jewish descent from Lithuania, Latvia, Poland and Russia.

    In Asia: Japan is governed by a combine of corporate interests and the Yakuza. Their long term goals are often similiar. And, also, let us remember that, technically, Japan is still 'occupied' by the United States.

    China is under the control of the PLA (People's Liberation Army), who ahve their own financial apparatus, in alliance with the Chinese 'Triads' and 'Tongs' or organized crime gangs. But they are also infiltrated by elements of the Rothschild syndicate, as illustrated by the example of Hutchison-Wampoa, a conglomorate of Rothschild & Chinese interests, the company that runs the Panama Canal, and is building a huge shipping port in the Bahamas. A major player in the Chinese crew is one Li Kao-Shing, billionaire Hong Kong Triad head, along with other relatives in the Li family.

    India is a country that I haven't studied, so I will refrain from comment about the role of the NWO in the sub-continent. Australia is Rothschild country.

    As for the United States and the role of George W.Bush, we have a paradoxical situation. The Bush family, traditionally, has had no truck with the Zionists. Remember that Grandpa Bush was a big-wig with Brown Brothers Harriman, who served as one of the American 'bankers' for the Nazis. Also, George HW Bush was the target of an assasination attempt by the Mossad in Madrid in 1991, according to former Mossad man Viktor Ostrovsky, after the first Gulf War because of his threat to cut off aid to Israel unless they negotiated in 'ood faith' with the Palestinians. So why does 'Dubya' kiss the ass of the Zionists, to the detriment of any sensible American foreign and domestic policy? My guess is blackmail.

    Anyway, there is the NWO in a nutshell. I will exploe the 'organized crime' factor in depth at a later date. But just remember, they all work together.

George Kelly
9/5/2008 07:03:20 am

I'm retired from the US DOJ and was responsible for organized crime investigations.Your obvious anti-semetic atatements is as distorded as your personality.I have fowarded your blog to DOJ Criminal Division.


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