The Allegory of the Termite

Our biggest problem in the USA is an invasion of insects, termites if you will...These 'termites' appear, at the bottom, in the form of illegal and legal immigrants who have overun our nation, taken our jobs and lowered the value of labour...They have been fascilitated by American citizens who think they are 'getting a bargain' by giving jobs to these people...What they actually do is to allow their own house to be destroyed and infested...We have become a lazy nation...Any responsible home owner will be vigilant to maintain his house, to protect it against damage and vandalism, because it is an investment, and one that can be passed down to the children...We have become fat on 'Big Macs' and Wal Mart, distracted by dumb entertainment, and other nonsense...At the top, we have a more voracious breed of 'termite', again alien in nature, who steal, speculate and destroy our industries, our savings, our pensions and our currency...What is the solution?...Possibly, a good 'pest man' or a team, to attack the insects and remove them from our house...I hope it is not too late.

Termite Nest

Do you have termite damage? Need to know how to fix it?

Termites can cause damage to a house pretty quickly once the termite colony gets going.

Termite Control
If you can catch the termite infestation fast enough, you may not need to worry about fixing any damage, however in most cases when you have visual proof of termite damage, it may be too late.

Termites can cause damage to the studs in your home's walls to the trusses in your roof. They can destroy trees in your backyard, which may not seem to be a bad thing, but if they rotten tree falls on your house or across your backyard fence, you may think otherwise.

If you live near trees or a patch of woods, you need to be extra careful and have a professional termite inspector come out to your home every couple of years to make sure you don't have a termite colony forming near your home.

Here is a picture of just how dangerous termites can be. This is the inside of a tree that was destroyed by termites. It has been completely hollowed out by those hungry monsters:

The problem occurs when you have termites and you can't see the damage they have caused. Such as when the termites start eating the wall studs in your home. In this case, you may not even know you have damage, but at the same time, your walls may collapse at any given time!

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