It is lullaby time in AmeriKa. The children have all gone to sleep, soothed by the sweet sounds of a hypnotizing melody. But the dreams are troubled. Why? Because the serpent was the creature singing the lullaby.

We are also in a type of a lull here, as far as events go. Nothing really big to report. Just a continuation of the process of 'transformation' of a once relatively conscious and optimistic people into a nation dominated by the false god of Mammon and those high priests of the same false god.

News? The US is still in Afghanistan for no discernible reason. Of course our alien puppeteers have their reasons for us being there, but there is no reason at all for the American people. Our men and women killed every day, along with innocent Afghans who pose no threat to us. Our men guard opium fields that will supply the raw materials for the heroin that will corrupt Western societies. They also stand guard for the money power of the Rothschild family and their Israeli managers who wish to claim the oil and resources from Central Asia for themselves.  What do we get out of it? A footnote in history as another 'great power' who will eventually be thrown out in a vain attempt at 'taming' these fiercely independent people.

At home we have the puppet President who goes on and on about 'universal health care' and 'health reform', as if anything will rally change for the benefit of our people. The only change will be that our money will go into the pockets of a few consolidated insurance 'providers' who will tack on an extra 30-40% to the cost of any medical procedure. Kind of like what we have now, except it will be like the bank bailout, with the small 'middle-men' getting the boot, and the 'chosen few' replacing them.

The country still suffers from the effects of an insane immigration policy. Immigrants flood in, as more and more Americans lose jobs. Today, I notarized some papers for a young man from Trinidad, here on a 'green card', a young man of about 23-24. He works for a 'non-profit' in my area and makes about 3 TIMES what I earn in a year.

Lastly, the 'sub-mentality' process continues with the destruction of all higher culture and aspiration, AmeriKan Kulture having been reduced to the level of an 'underclass reality show' in the greater part. Art? Please, go listen to a rap 'artist' or watch some mindless video.

I can't even enjoy a football game anymore, since the sport is completely controlled by Las Vegas and alien corporate interests. Anyway, watching television will simple cause you brain damage.

Some of us are not asleep. We are very awake and aware of what is going on. But what can we do? It seems as if we are doomed to be victims of the fates. But at least, as long as we keep our eyes open, we may be able to prevent ourselves from falling into a terrifying nightmare. Life is indeed a battlefield.

So, we will take it one day at a time, and remember that the adversary doesn't sleep much; hardly at all.

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