What's Up, Doc?

Boris, Natasha & 'Fearless Leader' : 'Ver Is Squirell?'

Here is Squirrel with Moose

Here is 'new Squirrel'...

...and his 'Half-Brother'

'IraqoToons': USA Gains the Respect of the World/The 'Ace of Spades'

'ZioToons' : Flag of Ashkenazistan

Talmudic Jurisprudence at Work

EduKation Today

More EduKation: Children's Book Author now PolitiKally KorreKt

AfroToons : HomesKooling

NetToons: 'Virtual Love'

EuroToons : Spain's Prince Filipe & Wife Letizia Having Sex: Prince Felipe says: 'Do you realize if I get you pregnant, it will be the closest thing to work that I have ever done in my life?'

Serb EuroToon: 'Welcome to the EU...Wipe Your Feet on the Doormat!'

ZioTunes: Esther Teaches Judith to make matzo!

'Enough of These Goyim!' : The Jew Fights Back,,,



One must have a sense of humour...Let's bring it out into the open!

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