Has anyone out there noticed what has happened to the Internet in the past couple of years?

There has been a merger of Google, Yahoo, You Tube, and all of the major web platforms: the services that provide email, news, all of that stuff, and a linking of those entities with the social media providers like Twitter, FaceBook and whatever and which ever. The result of this is the virtual death of the Internet as a grass roots medium for communication of individual thought and viewpoints or alternative thought, call it whatever you wish. With this merger and takeover, everything on the net seamless morphs into a big blob with news of Hollywood celebrities and bottom feeders blending in with news of wars, economics and political events, combining to form a vast waste dump of information with everything having the same value, that is, the value of nothing.

Remember that the danger of the Internet was that, by creating a virtual reality, the net could lead human beings into forgoing basic human interaction for the easy and comfortable reality of sitting behind a keyboard and watching images on a screen. The goal of those who control the media, that is cable television and the Web, has always been to merge everything into a single entity to which you would pay a set of subscription fees for use. And since we live in a 'consumer democracy' everything sold has to be at a lowest common denominator, meaning that all communication is geared to something an idiot can understand.

And by merging everything into A SINGLE PLATFORM, they have control of the 'virtual reality'.

And now, everything is linked together. Primarily motivated by Google, which is the chosen tool of the ruling class, all your various accounts across the Internet are now combined into one, allowing easy tracking of users, IP addresses, and all sorts of information that go into various databases. You can use one password to access all of your accounts. This is sold to you on the pretext of making things 'easy', but what it really does is destroy your privacy, limit your choices, and give the media owners an easy shut off switch to be used when they deem it necessary. Yahoo is constantly pushing these 'changes' in your email that don't work any better than the old system, and certainly don't look better or are no easier to use, but are more streamlined for them to keep tabs on you. And the side effect of this is to make everything become a form of 'spam'.

And of course the social media carriers like Twitter tend to encourage users to reduce everything to one or two sentence posts that really communicate very little. This is the result of the universal presence of cell phones, which don't allow any kind thoughtfulness because it is just too difficult to type into a cell phone keypad. The ultimate purpose of he cell phone, for the PTB, is to give every person a cheap device that can be used by THEM as a 'remote control'.

All this is just what happens when something/anything is mass marketed. It becomes cheap, and in a 'consumer democracy', the goal is to make everything cheaper and more widely available. The paradox of consumer democracy is that you will have the illusion of unlimited choices, but, in reality, you will have only one or two things to choose.

Perhaps all of this cheapness will force some of us to go back to actual human interaction to sort things out. The goal of the 'Powers That Be' (PTB) is to make us all robots, because, put simply, they don't like people, and they view 'individuals' as 'curious'. One other thing: The PTB don't believe in God, and certainly not a personal God who created people in His image. This is why they manipulate, and seek to make things cheap. To them, while life may have some sentimental value, it is just something that can be used and thrown away. They don't understand what they do.

Just some random thoughts.

And here come the robots...

But I must confess, that perhaps some of these robots would be helpful...My friends have become so isolated from me, and me from my friends, that having a robot helper would be much better than almost all the people I know...
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This is the result of the universal presence of cell phones, which don't allow any kind thoughtfulness because it is just too difficult to type into a cell phone keypad.

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