I was I was inspired to do this 'screed' by a foul mouthed and 'frontin' DJ I heard on radio station WPRB-FM, Princeton University the other night...Every word out of his mouth was a slur or a curse...I was kind of astounded that he just went on and on and the station seemed to be OK with it...I hear this language all the time myself where I live, so I figured a White Boy can speak in the 'vernacular' also...I weaved my rap in with some breaking news about a professional basketball player here in town who just got busted the other night...

Man, I grew up watchin' basketball, especially the Philadelphia 76ers...Saw Wilt Chamberlain play, Hal Greer, Chet Walker, Billy Cunningham, Doctor J, Moses Malone, all them...And they all had class...I even met Chamberlain after a game in the 76ers 1967 championship series with the San Francisco Warriors...Chamberlain was a complete gentleman...But nowadays in the NBA, you got a group of idiots out there, and they're makin' millions...But they got no Gospel and they got no brain...
Hip Hop Frank D on 'Da Philly Tip'

"Wazzup, my niggaz and my wiggaz!...Dis' MC Frank D. givin' you da scoop on da shit happenin' in da community...'s mean, you know what I'm sayin'?...Yo, we gots to stop killin' each other, and do like Michael Vick do, front ,and make that bling!..'s mean, da money be green on both sides, yous and mine, 's wazzup!...Now les jes have a look at some current events in the community and da hood...I see yesterday dat Dionte Christmas of da 76ers was busted cold, by cops on north Broad Steet in Philly, for doin' wierd shit wid da car...AND, when the po-lice stop him, man, he got a .009 under the driver's seat...Now, my niggaz, de boy jes got cut by the 76ers and he probably had some shit on his mind...But see, you gots to be careful  's I'm sayin?...Dis nigga might have been gettin' some heat from some niggaz in da hood, and he pissed 'cause he cut and shit, but why he ridin' wid a gun?...And on top 'o dat, da car belong to his boy Marreese Speights, who also balls for the Sixers...Now, Speights already got da bling, so why he packin' heat in he damn car, and then givin' the car to de young boy Christmas?...Don make no damn sense...Niggaz don' be thinkin in a strategic sense, don' think at all..

.Here go Dionte:

Man, dese niggaz makin big change, but dey actin' like niggaz on da corner, pants down below dey ass, shootin' other young niggaz for bullshit...Man, my jaunt like 'dis: You got da money, you ballin', don'  fuck up!...Simple ass shit...Dionte got cut, yeah, but he can go to Europe and shit, make da bling, and live phat, wid European pussy and shit, 'den come back to the NBA...Speights, he givin' himself a headache he din' need...Niggaz, wake de fuck up...Dis about money, no street nigga nonsense!...Dem NBA owners be payin' niggaz good money, but dey don't tolerate dis shit, 'cause it all about BIDNESS!"

Marreese Speights below:
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