Dear friends and readers: You may have noticed that I have been quite inactive as far as writing and posting essays on KULTURE/AMERIKA in the past year or so...Part of this was due to being quite busy playing music in 2010, and in 2011, I have been laboring in other business ventures...However, the website here gives me a much needed outlet for 'verbiage', and I am gradually readjusting my compass so that I will be posting regularly again...I wish to thank my readers for their comments whether they were in praise, in criticism or just hard to figure...I think the 'net is a great communication tool, especially for us grass roots commentators...I hope you are all well, and I will be posting again with due diligence......................Frank Dialogue
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Truth is beautiful. Without doubt, and so are lies

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has been said concerning the slopes formed by the overflowing of the rivers, in page 114, sup. It has been said, that the crest of this slope is at the river bank, and that it declines towards the country: so that the several diverging branches of a river have the effect of forming the Delta into

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