Depression/The 'Financial Krisis'


Matthew 6: 24/Words of Jesus Christ

No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.

Today, we, in Amerika, and in many parts of the world are experiencing a 'severe financial krisis' which some describe as a 'meltdown'. In reality, what we are seeing is the death of a system that has outlived it's usefuleness, but will not be allowed to die a natural death. As the creators of this system are, in fact, a 'species of vampires' who draw their sustenance from the life-blood of living creatures, the corpse must be resucitated by means of alchemy. Any form of hocus-pocus may be used, any spirit may be invoked, to satisfy the necrophiliac pleasures of the vampires. But they will fail in the end; before that end comes the human suffering will be great, and the greatest weapon that the vampire has is fear.

There has been constant, voluminous commentary from everywhere on the crux of this financil krisis, most of it fixated on the 'big picture' and the ramifications for the 'system'. But how does it affect the average person, like you or me? Today, I will discuss what this 'krisis' is doing and has done to me, and how I am trying to fight my own battle.

I have been unemployed for over a year now. Well, maybe I should say 'greivously under-employed'. I work in the insurance industry primarily, for a mom & pop type outfit, and my hour and income have been cut almost 75%. I also work as a musician, but the 'music business' is hurting even worse, and the income I generate from there works out to a 'break even' at best. I also have a computer/IT certification. This period of unemployment is the longest I have experienced in my life. Some people who still don't quite get it say to me 'Frank, you are so qualified in many areas; surely there must be work available.' Well, no, actually. In my home city, Philadelphia, there is not much demand for a White, 50 year old male, whatever his qualifications or skills. Someone even suggested to me that I should work in a McDonald's the other day, as it was 'honest work'. Well, if you go into any McDonald's, you will notice that the workers are all young, mostly 'minorities', and in most cases not very bright. This is why the service and food in today's McDonald's is so poor. They don't want me at McDonald's because I am 'over-qualified'. I wouldn't fit into the system. Of course, I can fry hamburgers as well as the next person. But that is not the point. The point is I cannot fit into the 'system'. Their system demands mediocrity.

I am struggling right now to keep a roof over my head, battling the landlord, who is in over his head with a mortgage he can't afford. The rent I can make, barely. But paying all of his utility bills poses an extra burden. So far, I have scrapped by, but the stress has made me sick. Physically, but primarily in the realm of the spirit. It is a spiritual battle, and the god of this world uses the weapon of money to pollute the minds and hearts of the people. And to instill fear, and make them forget who the real God is.

Money is simply a creation of the imagination. It is printed on a machine or printing press, and has no intrinsic value whatsoever. Sometimes our money, be it paper or gold or whatever medium, is 'backed' by 'commodities' such as precious metals like gold (or more rarely, silver) or by other minerals such as petroleum oil. Now these commodities, especially oil, do have some real value, as they are used in the manufacturing process, i.e., the production of goods that a society needs to function. Oil is also used to enable people to travel or move from place to place, or to move other products. Sometimes, especially in times of hardship, food commodities can be used as a backing for the money we create. Food has value because we need to eat. On the other hand, gold & precious metals have no intrinsic value, except as used in certain manufacturing processes. By itself, gold is merely decorative, although through human history it has been raised to a level of 'idol status' by those who love the glitter and worship inanimate objects. And the mining & production of gold involves a great web of human misery and exploitation. But, it is relatively rare, and this 'scarcity' gives it it's value to the idol worshippers.

REAL money is simply a means of exchange based on human productivity, creativity and a fair agreement between parties concerned. In the US, our money used to be backed by the production and ingenuity of our people, and the rest of the world's confidence in the same. But since alien forces have stripped America's base of productivity, moved it to foreign lands, or dismantled it, with the reasoning that we are moving into an 'post-work era', our people are no longer productive, and have difficulty using their ingenuity because there must be some kind of foundation to build something new on. We have become fearful and depressed, because we no longer see ourselves as creators and leaders, because real creativity, which needs time and a certain love to flourish, has been replaced by the rise of the fast buck man and the greed based paradigm, And the rest of the world can sense we have lost our confidence and our creative edge: Whereonce American culture/ingenuity was our largest export, now we export war/death & fear. This is not America as I understand it.

So now, we are experiencing the beginnings of what the economists call a depression. It is a psychological warfare. When the economy goes bad, it is because the parasites who we allow to control our money decide to tighten the screws, and remove the amount of money we need to live from our hands. But we must remember that it is all a 'monopoly' game. And the only reason we continue to lose at this game, is because we have given the parasites the power to make the rules, AND THUS CONTROL THE GAME. We can simply stop playing the game, and created a new game, or create something based on real value. But like the drug addict, we have aquired a very bad habit, and have been addicted so long, that any idea of change is almost impossible for us to conceive. But since any addiction is slaver, if we choose to be free people, we must change our way of thinking. And our hearts.

A system based on greed and lies must always fail, as God is not a liar and he controls things in the end. But he gives us a lot of leeway, and sometimes lets us hang ourselves, because we reject truth and common sense. But he does not want to see us hang; He wants us to prosper, as this is His heart and to His greater glory. And, he does not want us to be fearful of the machinations of evil & greedy men. rather, we should be giving, even when material circumstances are against us. Fear is overcome by widom, knowledge & love. Fear is a blinder, and the gangsters who rule this world wish us to be blinded, as a blind man has difficulty seeing the real target.

So, don't be fearful, no matter how much the money men try to manipulate you. There is enough in this world for everyone to have an abundance; the problem is some pigs wish to consume it all. But, a pig will eventually go to the slaughter. But the American people are not pigs, we are human beings, and we will endure as long as we don't allow ourselves to become worshippers of false idols, or fear men seek to blind us. We are a fighting people.

Last week, I was at a low point in terms of this 'financial krisis' and felt like a man walking to the end of a long pier and ready to jump into the ocean. But a friend of mine talked common sense to me, and reminded me that I was worth much more than value of a rent receipt or a utility bill. Human life is worth much more than gold or any commodity,and we should never forget this. The bankers and speculators would put a price tag on all of our lives, and a 'discount' price tag at that. This is because their god is mammon, money or the devil. For those who don't believe the devil exists, I would suggest a visit to an optometrist so you can get your eyesite checked. Better yet, consult a 'spiritual optometrist'. God created this world to be a 'house of prayer', not a 'house of merchandise'. So don't let yourself be bought or sold. Money is simply a tool to make exchange easier. It is not a be-all, end-all. no matter what the aliens may have you believe. Good luck America.

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