Dear friends, I am 'pained' (literally) to report to you that I have suffered a ruptured disc in my lower back. This happened at the beginning of February, and has caused me great pain, and limited me in my activities, one of which is writing for KULTURE/AMERIKA. But, I am slowly navigating the 'medical-industrial' complex as far as getting some in depth treatment. It has ben a month of doctor's visits, seeking referrals, taking pain killers, and generally moving slowly. However, things are finally moving ahead as far as getting treatment, so I am also getting back to writing. I am putting together a new piece of personal history to put up here, with a contribution from a friend. Should be done in a short time.
In the meantime, 'watch your back', as I would not wish any kind of spinal injury on anyone. Peace be unto you all!.....................................Frank D.
12/28/2010 09:48:15 am

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6/27/2012 05:57:00 pm

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6/3/2017 12:31:02 am

I hope you recover quickly from the illness experienced by you. So you can write again on this blog.


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