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Iraqi Child: AmeriKan Kulture 'Over the Top'

I didn't want to get too political with this post, but how can you seperate culture from politics? I guess it's a question of what came first 'the chicken or the egg', but it seems to me that any critique of a culture must take into account the economics and politics that help incubate it. Some would say they are all the same thing.

To keep it simple, there are two Americas/AmeriKas. They operate seperately and they overlap.

First, AmeriKa and it's Kulture.

AmeriKa has become a civilization devoid of civilizing factors. Yes, certainly, we have material comforts, consumer utopia and the necessary communications grid to send out messages to the ends of the earth and into space. But what message are we sending?

We have every kind of food you could want. If you had a craving for the intestines of a dog, you could probably find a 'gourmet fusion' restaurant that would serve them up. We have vegans, meat eaters, seafood lovers, vegetarians, you name it. You want Asian, burgers, pizza, kosher, it's all here. Halal, too. We have entire television networks devoted to food. Any appetite can be satisfied.

Music? What do you like: classical, heavy metal, jazz, bluegrass, power pop? It's all readily available: Today we have internet 'radio stations' that cover every 'niche market'.

Technology? We are drowning in it: Flat screen TVs, laptops, Blackberries, cell phones, video cameras, digital cameras. Go to 'Best Buy'.

Videos or TV? We got cable, satellite TV, YouTube, DVDs, NetFlix, We even have some actual movie Theaters left where you can see a film the old fashioned way.

Money? Hell, even with the continuing rumours of economic collapse, we have paper money, plastic money, digital money, gold and silver.

But what does it mean? For the most part it means emptiness.Why? Because, at it's core, what we consider 'mainstream AmeriKan Kulture' is built on a foundation of lies, greed and, yes, ignorance.

In my 40+ years of being aware of the 'bigger picture', I have never seen a more violent or heartless AmeriKa than the one we live in now. Every type of murder, rape and bestiality is commonplace now. This, in our 'Kommunities'. At the top, we are a perpetrator of mass murder and genocide: we are a destroyer of whole cultures. I thought Vietnam was bad, but the criminal actions of AmeriKa in the MidEast and Afghanistan take the proverbial cake. And they are carried out with such an almost apathetic, run of the mill cold-bloodedness, that the mind boggles. A generation nurtured on video games gets to play with real people and from what I can gather sees it all as an extension of 'X-box'.

Pornography is rampant, replacing normal human sexual relations, especially among single men. With the advent of feminism, and the rampant egotism prevalent today, the opposite sex becomes 'objectified'.

The violence and pornography have completely penetrated mainstream entertainment programming, sending occult messaging and imaging to the jaded masses. Worse, children are fed this unholy diet as soon as they can be placed in front of a tube.

Corruption? It is a given, at all levels of he Kulture. For all atheists out there, remember that when God is removed by man from the picture, the center can not hold. Society becomes a case of 'Is that all there is?'

AmeriKans today are, for all our riches and comforts, an ungrateful people who 'want it all NOW!'.

But, there is another America out there, and it is with this America that hope still remains alive.

I see the overlapping 'Americas' from a bird's eye view when I play music, especially when I play it on the street. I meet and talk to the Americans who long for something beautiful, something infused by the Spirit, or, at the very least, something that will break the enveloping greyness of the consumer Kulture. These people are the ones who still have the capacity to turn off the 'white noise' of the Kultural matrix/machine.

I see the same in students, a generation that senses that 'something is not quite right' but can't put their finger on it, completely. But they know enough to want to continue the search, intuitively sensing that things can be better than this. Most of these student are from the liberal arts and humanities, neglected fields of endeavor that have been overwhelmed by the drive to train functionaries for the NWO in 'studies' of business and finance.

I see the other America in the Churches, too. While it may seem that 'God is Dead', and while we watch with disgust the cowardly and corrupt behavior of many religious leaders and janissaries, the heart of Americans still longs for God, but the ears mightily strain to hear His voice because of all the noise.

The one AmeriKa is built on fear. Fear sells, and it is an easy emotion to appeal to, for everyone is scared of something. The other America is still based on faith, hope and charity, the classic virtues. What is in short supply is knowledge and wisdom. These are premium qualities in a time of 'the Big Lie'.

The real America is built on 'grass roots culture' which has many forms. The basis of it is one-to-one communication, building from the ground up. When things get too big, they are invariably doomed. The hollowing out takes place. This is illustrated by the 'Lady Gaga' syndrome, the substitution of trash for civilization. No matter how they may dress it up, they are doomed. Just remember that.

Mystery Babylon will fall, and the people will cry out in wonder. It is always like this.

On to 2011.

'And a child shall lead them...'

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