The 2008 Primary Election: A View From the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

   I worked at the polls in my neighborhood on PA Primary Day, November 22. Since I am a recently registered Republican, and the neighborhood I live in Philadelphia, University City, is about 95% Democrat, I was fortunate enough to get a job at the polls, because by state law, there have to be 'minority' representatives on hand to make sure everything is copacetic.If I was a Democrat, forget it, because with all the registered Democrats, poll-watching jobs are completely dominated by Democrats who have had them for ages. You make about $100 for a 14 hour day, which is not really a big sum. But in my current state of 'financia embarrasment', it was a Godsend. You do, however, have to wait about 5-6 weks for the check. I looked upon it as an investmentin my future!

   But, in a larger sense it was a chance to participate in our democratic process, or what is left of it, and it was chance to meet neighbors and members of the community.

   I was touched and impressed with the turnout of people, which in my district, with about 600+ registered voters, was about 450 people. As we have only 6 registered Republicans in my district, the turnout was overwhelmingly Democrat. And the vast majority of these Democrats voted for Barrack Obama, maybe 20% voted for Hillary Clinton. As University City is a 'politically correct' and 'diverse' neighborhood, this was to be expected. The great majority of these Obama voters were white, although there was a decent black turnout. Hillary Clinton did garner some support, but apparently she was not 'liberal' enough for the University City 'white liberals'.

   On the Republican side, I saw 5 votes for John McCain, and 1 vote for Ron Paul, which I myself cast. Mike Huckabee was also on the ballot, but received no votes.

   As I stated earlier, I was impressed with the number of people who cast ballots, which to me is an indication that most Americans are longing for some kind of change after eight years of the plundering of our economy, and the mass slaughter of innocent Iraqis & American troops by the gangster Bush administration. This was obvious and the feeling was palpable enough so that you could almost touch it.

   Unfortunately, I come to the crux of my post. As anxious as these American voters were to voice their feelings, and contribute to a positive change, they were only offered damaged goods, political bullshit artists, in other words, puppets. I will quickly illustrate:

1) Barrack Obama: Lying bullshit artist, and man of 'many faces', funded by George Soros with some incidental money contributed by 'New Age' Oprah Winfrey...also, a puppet of the Zionest Lobby who calls Israel 'our loyal friend'...voted yes for every funding bill for the Iraq catastrophe, yet tried to paint a picture of himself as an 'agent of change' who wanted to stop this insane war.

2) Hillary Clinton: A female bullshit artist, CIA/Organized crime asset, funded by Rupert Murdoch, the Bronfmann Family, and another 'Israel Firster'...voted for every Iraq funding bill...up to her ears in muck & mire still remaining from the reign of her 'husband' Bill.

3) John McCain: Pea brained bullshit artist, heavily involved in the now mostly forgotten Savings & Loan scandall of the late 80's, another 'Israel Firster' who already made his trip to Israel to show obeisance to Ehud Olmert, a man who says we 'will be at war for the next 100 years', supported every Iraq funding bill, AND was the special guest at a $3000 a plate fundraiser in his honor hosted by the infamous Rothschild Family in why would the nominally 'British' Rothschilds be holding a fundraiser for an American presidential candidate?...also, his father was heavily involved with the cover-up of the sinking of the USS Liberty in1967.

    As one who believes we need a new policy of 'America First', that is the real interests of the American people and nation as paramount, I found that the choice offered these good Americans who came out to the polls to be an insult. Only Ron Paul offered a reasonable choice in terms of honesty and willingness to address real issues, but his campaign strategy made absolutely no sense, unless he was 'warned off'. That being said, he posted about 18% in Pennsylvania, without a campaign of any significance at all.

   So, having vented my spleen, I will close by saying thanks to all those good University City residents & Ameicans who voted, because you all know something is wrong. You just need to look further below the surface, because the 'hidden hand' works overtime, indeed 24/7, to bend us to it's will. God Bless America.