President Frank Dialogue Meets the Press: Part 3



PBS/NPR: And these advisors, I beleive you said yesterday Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, Dov Zakheim...

President Frank Dialogue: Donald Rumsfeld, also...there are also a number of other who are lower on our priority list. But these whom I have mentioned are still operating as if the Iraq War has never happened, like it's just 'business as usual' for the insiders, and we know where they are at, and there are a lot of questions they need to answer. We will get most, if not all of them to face the American public and give us some answers. For instance, Mr. Rumsfeld, on September 10th, 2001, announced publicly that over $2 trillion was missing from the Department of Defense budget, money that could not be accounted for. Of course, you know what happened the next day. Nevertheless, Mr.Rumsfeld never followed up on ehat happened to this missing $2 trillion in taxpayer money, nor was he questioned about it by the press, or Congress, except for one lone Congressperson, on Rep. Sandra McKarry of Georgia. Now why was this issue never brought to the general attention of the American public? Mr. Rumsfeld, in the words of the late Dezi Arnaz, has 'some 'splaining to do.' Also, a Mr.Dov Zakheim, the man who was Comptroller of the Pentagon during this time, the man who signed the Pentagon checks, has mysteriously vanished. We think he is in Israel. This missing money accumulated to the tune of another $1.5 trillion over the next few years, when Mr. Zakheim was still signing DOD checks. He's got some 'spaining to do', also, and he will explain. We are talking with the Israelis about both Zakhein and Richard Perle. There are a lot of questions to be answered.

PBS/NPR:  And you are also trying to arrest former president Bush?

President: There is a warrant out. He is now a private citizen. You notice that he didn't appear at my Innauguration yesterday. We have a good idea where he has gone, but we are handling this with great care. I hope he comes in voluntarily, but...anyway, we have been in contact with his father, former president George HW Bush, and we hope he will be of assistance in resolving this.

CNN: Mr. President, Carl Carrol of CNN. What is the situation on Wall Street, and, also, you have announced the seizure, if I quote you correctly of the Federal Reserve Bank?

President: Wall Street is closed for the next week. All trading ceased as of 3PM EST yesterday. All accounts are now frozen, no transfers of stocks, bonds, derivatives of any kind can be made. Also, the so-called ICE market, which is a futures/derivatives line between Wall Steet and the City of London, which by the way, has been completely unregulated, is also shut down. We have US Treasury and SEC computer whiz kids monitoring this right now, and we are going to try and unravel what has been happening on this particular 'online gambling casino'. With this ICE market, you see, a securities broker can take an order for a futures contract on oil, let's just say. It can be a contract to purchase $1 million dollars worth of oil at a certain amount of dollars, say in March. Well, the broker who takes the order can then use that $1 million as 'leverage' and create, say $30 million in funny money, and buy more futures options. This is quite a game, see? Some would say they are counterfeiting money. This kind of speculation with certain 'moneys' has been a prime factor in driving the price of oil up to it's current nearly $5 a gallon. There's plenty of oil, and it only costs about $15 a barrel when it comes out of the ground. So, why is it $150 a  barrel on the world market? Maybe, because these speculators are manipulating the price, pushing it higher and higher. No. This is going to and has stopped. And this is the tip of the iceberg. The amount of money stolen from American pension funds, insurance funds and investment funds and then run through unregulated 'hedge funds' has brought our economy to the point of no return. All the big Wall Street house and the mega-banks are in on the play. Well, the ball game has been suspended due to the unmitigated greed and avarice of these cheap peddlers. The big banks are nationalized, and we will be unravelling the layers of the onion, little by little. We hope that we can have some viable procedure for reopening the markets very shortly, so that a reasonable amount of trading can resume. There are global ramifications to all this. But, the ramifications of not restructuring the US economy is one of bankruptcy and insolvency for the nation, in financial, morale and spiritual terms. You will be getting day by day reports on the banking and investment situation. We are also working with certain honest foreign partners to get their perspectives on this, and on some ways of accomplishing this restructuring. I receive a call from Russian President Medvedev last night, and also spoke briefly with Prime Minister Putin. Both had some very interesting perspectives on our current situation. We will also be talking to all of the G-8 countries, and getting different perspectives. But, in the end, we will do what is best for America and it's people. And we would hope that American corporations and executives would get on board with plans we have for rebuilding the American economy.

Fox News:  David Fielder, here. Mr.President, some commentators have already been having a field day with you, accusing you of being a dictator, an anti-semite, a new Hitler. How do you feel about these types of comments on only your second day in office?

President:  The 'new Hitler'? I thought that was Saddam Hussein.........murmurs.............................Who said I was a 'new Hitler'?

Fox News: Well, David Heskowitz, from Dialectics magazine said....

President: (Holds up his hands) Well, Heskowitz thinks everyone is a 'new Hitler' who disagrees with him. And I'm an 'anti-semite'?. Is this from Mr. Heskowitz too. C'mon, give me some reasonable source who is calling me names?.................................some laughter.........

Fox News: Well, Maureen Donnell of the NYT has called you a 'right-wing Christian fanatic of a most dangerous kind'.

President: Is Ms.Donnell in the audience?..........looks around and squints because of the lights..........No? I thought she might want to talk to me herself! Well, I am not 'right-wing', for one; I am a Christian, but I am not shoving my religious beliefs in anyone's face, nor will I in the future. However, I do keep Jesus' commandments as the foundations of my life, and they are: Love God, and treat your neighbor as you would have him treat you. But that's common sense right? It's called the 'Golden Rule'. I think it's a good basis for life. This makes me a 'Christian fanatic of the worst kind'? I think not. I would suggest that slaughtering hundreds of thousands of Muslims, along with killing and maiming thousands of American men and women on the basis of a lie is more symbolic of 'fanaticism'. Does that make sense? I think Ms. Donnell has her presidents mixed up!............................loud commotion..................

to be continued....


Inauguration Day January 20 2009: President Frank Dialogue Speaks to the American People

   'My fellow Americans, we live in troubled and dangerous times: we have almost lost our freedom, as a Republic, and we are finally feeling the full effects of the economic looting that certain alien forces have imposed on us, speaking in contemporary terms, for the past quarter century. We are bankrupt as a nation, fiscally speaking. But more importantly, we have lost our moral compass: respect for America is at an all time low worldwide, in terms of how the ordinary people view us. Of course, there are certain elite elements who still have use for us, as security guards for their ill-gotten assets , and as 'human shields' for their campaigns of ethnic cleansing and oppression. We have, in a sense, because of our apathy and laziness, allowed this to happen. But we were also deceived.

In an age of high-technology/media where the average citizen is fed a steady diet of propaganda and mind control, designed to brainwash you into believing that you are 'consumers' instead of US citizens, yea, even human beings, it was not really a hard thing to do. Yea, they have even convinced many that God does not exist. But we know He does. The Bible states that 'when My people are given to believe in a lie, I will send them an even greater delusion!'. We, as a people, have finally woken from this delusion that was thrust upon us. And now, as a people, we will move forward into the light of God, and no longer dwell in darkness.

     Before I get to the meat of my message, let me give thanks to Our Lord for His mercy, and His willingness to forgive. I will also ask for His strength, for all of us Americans, so that he will guide and protect us in the dangerous days ahead. I also want to give my most humble thanks to you, my fellow Americans, for voting for me, believing in my dedication to principles of justice, honesty, compassion and integrity, and trusting that I can lead this nation in the direction of real change and restoration that we need as a nation. I am your humble servant, always, and I will never forget that. And don't you either! Let me know if I seem to be in error, but have patience with me, as the fight is just beginning, and the enemy is the Devil himself.

     I will now make my first announcement, and take my first action as President of the United States of America: Under Section 1076 of the Defense Authorization Act, known as the John Warner Act, I hereby declare the whole territory of the United States of America to be under Martial Law...........(long pause)....................................................................

    I hear a gasp from some of you. I would gasp, too. But I will explain my action, and I will leave it for you to judge.

   My invoking of Section 1076 is neccessary for a number of reasons. However, after the current crisis is resolved, I will ask the Congress of the United States to repeal this law, along with the notorious 'Patriot Act'. However, under current conditions, the traitors who passed this draconian measure will now feel it's full sting themselves. I will explain.

   1) The Martial Law declared under Section 1076 of the Defense Authorization Act will not apply to any ordinary citizens of the USA. Your freedom of movement in the US will not be restricted, and all citizens who have made plans to visit loved ones, attend to business or vacation overseas will not be prevented from doing so. However, when I outline the rest of my program, you may wish to reconsider, at least temporarily, your personal itineraries, as there may be trouble in the short term.  There will be a deployment of state National Guard units in the various states and commonwealths. They will be under strict instructions not toviolate the rights of any US citizen: in fact, there will be severe penalties for any National Guardsmen that violates any constitutional right of an American citizen. I ask your understanding in this matter, and I am also depending on the cooperation of the various state and local authorities in this. This measure is not aimed at ordinary US citizens. For we have bigger fish to fry. I will continue...

   2) As of today, January 20, I am authorizing a complete pullout of all US forces from the nation of Iraq and Afghanistan. These withdrawls will be without condition. The withdrawls, however, will be completed in an orderly manner, to safeguard US servicemen and women, and to allow the relevant authorities and military forces of those countries to reestablish authority in their homelands. The US invasions of these two nations were based on a lie, and now the time has come for truth.

There will be much to resolve in reference to what is, in reality, the destruction of the civil authority in these societies that accompanied our invasions, but the withdrawl of our troops is the first step. I have consulted with our loyal officers in the US Armed Forces, and I trust them with the proper implementation of my orders. The invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan were never approved by Congress, in terms of a declaration of war, so they are in effect illegal occupations. They will end.

   3)  In keeping with this, I have ordered all US Armed Forces worldwide to go to their highest state of readiness, and I have ordered our strategic nuclear forces to a state of DEFCON 2...Any attacks, by any nation, on US forces while we are carrying out this withdrawl will be met with force. Our military and intelligence services will be on special alert for so-called 'terrorist' and 'false flag' provocations.

   4) I am ordering National Guard units in the US in states bordering Mexico, including Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California to seal our southern borders. In addition, for a period of 30 days, all commerce between Mexico and the USA will pause, as National Guard units, the US Border patrol review the security situation. If a US citizen chooses to visit Mexico during this time, he will be allowed to do so, but will have to register with Customs oficials at the border, and receive a special US travellers permit; otherwise, the US citizen will not be readmitted to the US. I take this step because of the REAL threat of organized drug traffickers along our Southern borders, and because of the threat of certain elements smuggling weaponry, and other destructive device through our porous southern border.

   5) On the economic front, I am ordereing a complete auditing of the Federal Reserve Bank covering a period of 1990 to the present. I am also,  under Section 1076, suspending the Owen-Glass Federal Reserve Act. As of tomorrow, US Mints will no longer print Federal Reserve Notes. They will be replaced by US Treasury notes, in the same denominations. The auditing of the FED will be complete and thorough, and will bring to light all of the private holdings in our 'national' bank, and, finally, the dismantling of the FED. 

   6) All major 'clearing-house' banks, such as JPMorgan/Chase, CitiBank and others are, as of today, nationalized. I am, under Section 1076, suspending the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999, which led to the amalgamation of the 'monster' banks, and directly to our current bankruptcy. Starting this week, I am sending special 'SWAT' teams of SEC and US Treasury/Secret Service officials, along with associated computer experts, to do a complete and thorough audit of all these 'money-center' banks'. This will be time consuming, and I hope, that with the cooperation of reasonable and loyal banking officers, we can complete this process, and in the meantime, carry on normal banking affairs to a sane degree.

If we can't, I have a number of alternative plans. We have quietly recruited a significant number of intelligent and qualified economists & students from various State Universities and the private sector to help us sort out the banking debacle, and to help us put the issue of money into proper perspective, in line with the needs of the producers of wealth, the American people.

   5) As of 3PM today, Wall Street is closed, for a minimum of 7 days. Take a little vacation, fellas. Any transactions after 3PM today are null and void, until I say otherwise. Any attempt to move funds by means of computer after 3PM EST from any Wall Street brokerage or related 'hedge funds' will be considered reason for arrest and prosecution. Any attempt to move funds out of the US will be dealt with even more severely.

SEC and US Treasury teams are already on Wall Street as I speak, and they are under instruction to secure as much computer data as possible. Our big target is hedge funds. As of 3PM today, all hedge fund trading is suspended. Period. We are hoping to obtain the cooperation of the highest officials of these mega-banks. But, if there is no cooperation, I will enforce arrest orders. Tomorrow, the NY Naional Guard will be taking up a presence on Wall Street and in the NYC financial districts, including at the HQs of all the major investment banks and firms.

   6) Officials of our State Department/US Treasury  will be discussing the US financial crisis with foreign nations that are heavily invested in US Treasury notes. All I can realistically say now, is that we have a number of different strategies to solve this problem, and we will be working on it non-stop in the coming months. I will keep you posted.

   7) I have ordered the arrest of former US President George W. Bush, the former VP Richard Cheney, along with many of their policy advisors. We have a report that Richard Cheney has left the country and is now in Dubai, with his wife Lynn. We are seeking his extradition.Some other advisors, sometimes refered to as 'neo-cons' have fled to Israel, including Richard Pearl, Rabbi Dov Zakheim and Paul Wolfowitz. We are seeking their extradition. When these fugitives are captured, they will be taken to our base at Guantanamo Bay for questioning. Either myself, or one of my associates will be keeping you up to date on our progress in apprehending these law-breakers. We cannot have a functioning civil society when the little people are incarcerated for violating the law, yet the 'big boys' get away with murder. There will be a reckoning, and justice will be served. I am also ordering, as of tomorrow, the dismantling of the so-called 'Department of Homeland Security'. All upper-level administrative staff are dismissed as of now. Local administratives and operatives are also terminated, but will get a severance pay. Then they will be eligible for our new unemployment compensation benefits, which I will be discussing with State governors in the coming few weeks. Also, under my Executive Order, and I hope with the approval of Congress through legislative act, every US elected official will be asked, under oath, whether he/she belongs to any 'secret society' where their allegiance may be contrary to the US Constitution. Any perjury in this matter will be lead to dismissal and possible prosecution.. 

   8) In order to lessen and alleviate the burden of our hard-working middle and lower middle-class, I am reviewing the idea of a 'mortgage amnesty' for millions of Americans. This mean a possible elimination of mortgages for primary dwellings. It is my belief that every American has a right to a decent home, and to own it. The mortgage industry has become a cesspool of usury and avarice, and this will be eliminated. With the nationalization of our mega-banks, we hope to distribute some of these unlawful profit back to the American working man & woman.

  9) As of now, there is a freeze on oil prices. National Guard units will be dispatched to major refining areas/terminals to prevent sabotage. Speculators in the oil 'futures markets' are also hereby put on notice. Our Strategic Oil reserve is at an all time high, so there is no shortage. I will be speaking with major oil executives, and genuinelly hope to gain their cooperation in the sensible use/developement of American-owned oil; I hope to convince them to develop some of the huge fields that lie off-shore and in Alaska in an enviromentally sound manner. I intend to be very persuasive.

10)  I expect to be the target of one or more murder attempts in the coming months. For this reason, I have purged the US Secret Service as best is reasonably possible, and have installed men loyal to this President and the American people to lead my defense. But, one cannot guard against every circumstance: As the old blues song says 'When the Lord get's ready, you got to move...'. Fortunately, I have a wonderful VP in former Minnesota governor Johnny Valentine, an ex-Navy SEAL so I do have backup.

    In closing, because I want to let you all go and have a little fun, we've got food and drink over at the various venues, I just want to thank you again for your support. With the help of Our Lord, I believe we will defeat our enemies, be they foreign or domestic. So, enjoy yourselves tonite, and peace be with you, because tomorrow the shit will hit the fan!

God Bless America.'