Leslie Schaff CNN April 23 2009

President Frank Dialogue: The First 100 Days


Perhaps one of the most controversial events of President Dialogue's first 100 days in office started unfolding on February 1 2009. As he had announced on Innauguration Day, the President shut down all road traffic between Mexico and the United States for a period of a week. The result was chaotic at first, but within a day or two, citizens on both sides of the border accepted the fact that there would be a 'transit vacation' as the President called it for a week. Exceptions were made for citizens in cities like San Ysidro CA or Tijuana MX who had legitimate small or medium businesses on the other side of the border. Exceptions for medical emergencies were also made. A small amount of traffic was allowed for shipments of perishable goods, primarily foodstuffs, that had been ordered beforehand, and were due for delivery. The first two days were indeed hectic for US Border and Customs Agents stationed at the more heavily trafficked border checkpoints. Tempers flared as many travellers, who had 2 weeks notice of the transit halt, still attempted to cross. US Border Agents were in any case backed up by small, but 'equipped' units of State National Guards from California, New Mexico, Arizona and Texas.
There were no major flareups of violence at any of the major 'gateways' such as El Paso or Laredo TX or the Tijuana/California crossing. California Governor Schwartzenneger at first called the president's plan 'insanity' and 'a recipe for disaster', but agreed to cooperate after a personal phone call from the President. Their were strenous objections and outcries from companies like Wal-Mart, and other chains which depend on a supply of imported goods that come through Mexican ports and trucking. But the President brushed these aside with the comment 'The world doesn't start or end with Wal-Mart, or K-Mart or any kind of mart'. The White House also gave the order for the 'removal' of any illegals attempting to come into the United States through 'backdoor overland routes'. US Border Guards reported the arrest and removal of nearly 5000
Mexicans attempting to enter the US during this two week period. Assisted by National Guard units, illegals were escorted back to the major entrance points and sent back with warnings not to return. President Dialogue spoke to Mexican president Felipe Calderon and emphasized the 'seriousness' of the problem and his intentions to enforce immigration policy as strictly as possible. The Mexican president criticized President Dialogue's tactics as 'heavy handed' and 'counter-productive to 'good Mexican-American relations'. President Dialogue stated bluntly that he was aware of the seriousness of the issue, but chided Calderon saying that 'America will not become a dumping ground for Mexican problems' and that Mexico must 'seriously address it's own issues of corruption, povert and discrimination if this problem is to be resolved'. He also stated that National Guard units were available to help contain narcotics trafficking if the 'Mexicans had problems dealing with this issue themselves'. During this period there was an intense outcry from such Latino groups as 'La Raza' and others, but much popular sentiment backing a President taking concrete steps to halt the flow of illegal traffic, both in humans and material.
Perhaps more startling was the President's announcement that starting June 1, there would b a 'freeze' on all new immigration applications for a period of 18 months. Pesident Dialogue stated that 'Immigration is a major problem because the American economy is broken right now, and we must turn our attentions to the employment of Americans, along with the rebuilding of the American economy. We do not need foreign workers, we need jobs for American workers'. The White House also announced a halt to the policy of granting visas, such as the H-!B, to foreign immigrants for a period of 18 months. He announced that he would be scheduling a 'summit' od corporate leaders in the summer to address this issue, and to get 'their input and, hopefully, co-operation on the matter of putting Americans back to work'. President Dialogue announced that immigration applications 'already in the pipeline' would be processed, and that their would be 'very limited emergency exceptions made' on new immigration. 'The Department of Immigration has too much work on it's hands already, and I feel that a freeze on new apps will make it a bit easier for them to sort out what we have already. Immigration is a good source of new blood and energy, in the right proportion, but our current immigration situation is quite out of balance'.

Foreign Affairs/EU/Russia/China

President Dialogue announced in February that he 'would not be doing any globe trotting' in the near future, but invited the leaders of the European nations to Washington DC, where he would meet with them or their representatives. 'I intent for our State Department to be quite active during my administration, and I hope that our foreign partners would stay in contact with our representatives there, as any kind of big summits are out of the question for me right now'. New Secretary of State Yousef Halawi, a little known Arab-American working in the Stae Department, said that 'US diplomats would be working overtime to deal with the many crises and trouble spots in the world in a reasoned and thoughtful manner, and we hope to gain renewed trust and confidence from those who have become alienated because of US policies under previous administrations, and to gain an understanding from our traditional allies concrning new directions we are about to journey in.' The White House announced that President Dialogue had placed personal phone calls to all Heads of State of the EU, and asked for their 'help and co-operation' in the maintenance of cordial relations and the 'solving of problems'. President Dialogue has reportedly spoken on a number of occasions with Russian President and PM  Medvedev and Putin, and the announcements was made by both sides that 'a new era of relations' was in the making for the US and Russia. President Dialogue renounced what he called 'interference in the traditional Russian sphere of influence' and said that he would personally oppose any NATO expansion into areas of the Caucasus or the Ukraine.
He also announced 'an unconditional cancellation of planned US 'missile shields' in Poland and Czechoslovakia. President Dialogue has also spoken with Chinese President Hu Jintao, and asked for China's help in 'resolving all problems of substance concerning American and China, whether financial or political'' and 'promoting a strong and fruitful relationship in the cultural sphere'.

Iraq, Iran, Israel, Afghanistan

President Dialogue plans for an 'expeditious' withdrawl from Iraq on Innauguration Day. Some troops have already come back, and his new Commander there, General Walter Egam has been givn the charge to 'get our men and women out of har,'s way as quickly as possible' Of the estimated 130000 troops in Iraq curently, the White House announced that a minimum of 100000 would be withdrawn by January 2010. 'What we do not want to see is a 'balkanization' of the Iraqi state', the President stated. 'However, due to misguided policies, we ourselves have given momentum to such a thing. We are hoping that the Iraqi Government, along with all religious and ethnic groups, such as the Kurds, Arabs, Turkomens, the Sunnis and the Shi'a, will work toward a normaliztion of the Iraqi society. We will aid them in any way possible, hopefully peacefully. But, we do not intend to keep any kind of permanent troop presence in Iraq, and our priority is withdrawl'.
On Iran, President Dialogue has stated categorically that'There will be no American military action in Iran. This is a great and ancient civilization, and the US is interested in seeing it make progress, not in attacking it'. He also affirmed Iran's right to persue the peaceful use of nuclear power. 'The US has had a troubled relationship with Iran, but we hope to make progress toward a reestablishment of diplomatic relations. Iran plays a very important stabilizing role in the region, and it must be respected for this'.
Israel is a whole other can of worms. Back in September, then Congressman Dialogue addressed a meeting of AIPAC in Washington DC and shocked the organization with his bluntness: 'The US supported the creation of the State of Israel, and has given it enormous aid, both financial and military over the past 50 some years. However, many Americans, and I, myself, feel that the current relationsip between America and Israel is dangerously out of balance. One of the reasons for the disatrous US involvement in Iraq was because of our support of Israeli goals and strategies. The result has been a fiasco for America, both politically and financially. This must and will change. If Israel, because of it's policies, remains a consistent flash point for war in the Middle East, the world will never have any stability. So I say to Israel, 'It is time you make serious peace with your neighbors. And the time is now, not some 5 or 10 years down the road, as this will be too late. It is time for Israel to allow the Palestinians to live as decent human beings, and to earn a living. This is the first step. Without this, there is only darkness ahead.' The outcry was very fierce from the Jewish leadership both in the US and in Israel. Particularly the press. The Jerusalem Post featured numerous op-ed pieces calling President Dialogue's views as 'the beginning of the end for the Jewish State' and some even called him a 'new Saddam Hussein'. Congressman Dialogue was restrained in his response, calling such statements 'counter-productive' and 'out of tune with the changing times'. But, his 'America First' theme did touch a chord with some Jewish voters, and he managed to receive about 15% of the Jewish vote. The first 'Israeli crisis' of his Presidency occured after the Israeli action in Gaza during January. President Dialogue called the Israeli military action 'completely un-called for and brutal'. He then announced a suspension of military aid to Israel until the Israelis were willing to make what he called 'real attempts at peace, and not attempts at ethnic cleansing'. There were reports that the President put US militray forces in the Middle East on high alert during this period, specifically focusing on any Israeli military action outside of Israel's borders. The current situation remains in a kind of limbo, awaiting the results of Israli elections this spring. But it is clear that the new president has jettisoned any 'neo-con' policies concerning activity in the area.

To be continued...


President Frank Dialogue: The First 100 Days

Leslie Schaff CNN April 23 2009

President Frank Dialogue, 'America First' Party President, has now been in office for 100 days, a rather tumultuous and often confusing 100 days. America's first 3rd Party President in almost 200 years has, as they say, 'upset the apple cart'. In fact, many apple carts. His bold initiatives to tackle America's foreign and domestic problems have met with strenuous opposition on the part of the banking and financial sectors, both here and globally, and his issuing of subpoenas for former members of the Bush Administration have had a chiiling effect on some members of Congress and former Capitol Hill lobbyists and functionaries who the President declared 'thought Washington DC was their person fiefdom'. His declaration of 'martial law' under the John Warner act on his innauguration certainly shocked the nation, but the results of this have, in general, not affected the great majority of US citizens. In brief, here is a capsule summary of President Frank Dialogue's 'first 100 days' in office:

Nationalization of Major Banks & the Federal Reserve Bank

All major 'money market' banks were seized by the Federal Government. In the case of JPMorgan/Chase, Citi Bank, Bank of America and Wells Fargo, National Guard units, from the various states were bank HQs are located, were stationed outside in a 'symbolic' show of force. Teams from the US Treasury and the SEC moved in to audit records and assess all assets and debts. US Treasury Secretary Katherine Wallace states that the audits would 'probably take at least a year to complete'. In the meantime, she announces that bank business would 'continue normally' with the caveat that US money laundering regulations, requiring any transfer of funds greater than $10000 be documnted, would be enforced 'as strictly as humanly possible'. Special IT/Computer teams working for the Federal Government are dispatched to monitor 'electronic funds transfers', particularly those that involve transfer of funds to 'offshore' or foreign accounts. President Dialogue speaks with leaders of Russia, China, Japan and the EU, asking for their 'patience and co-operation' in the process, stating that 'It is essential for both America and the global economy that any anomalies or 'irregularities' involving transfer of monies or securities be dealt with 'with dispatch'. President Dialogue also warns against any 'electronic runs on US banking institutions' and says that attacks on American currency during this 'transition period' may be considered an 'act of war on the USA'. President Dialogue also has FED Chairman Ben Bernanke dismissed, replaced by 'temporary overseer' Walter Schmidt, former Treasury official. Bernanke is subpoened and called in for questioning and ordered to co-operate with the FED audit. President Dialogue announce that the US Treasury will 'in a period of 'not more than 18 months' begin printing US Treasury notes that will replace current FED notes.

Bank Bailout

President Dialogue announces that the 'TARP fund'reated during the later days of the Bush Administration is 'null and void'. 'Any banks that have engaged in fraudulent or extremely speculative issuance of counterfeit 'debt instruments' such as derivatives, credit swaps and other speculative paper will have to 'eat them', so to speak. The American people are not to be burdened with the cesspool of debt created by speculators who treat the wealth of the American people as if it were chips in a Las Vegas casino. I can offer no immediate releif to those who have put money into, or allow speculators to put their monies into such
'instruments'.  All savings accounts and other accounts will be insured by the American Government up to the FDIC limits. Some millionaires and billionaires will not fare so well, at least in the short term. My concern is not for them, but for the American middle class that they have attempted to destroy.'

Mortgage Amnesty/Relief

HUD Secretary Joseph Kosinski has been implementing President Dialogue's Inaugural Day pledge of mortgage relief for homeowners by implementing a national 'Mortgage Forgiveness' plan, with all primary dwellings with mortgages of up to $300000 having the mortgages 'written off'. President Dialogue: 'In the light of the sweeping changes we are making in the banking system, and in the light of the crushing debt that has been placed on the American taxpayer by misuse and theft of taxpayer monies, I aim to see that as many Americans as possible gain complete and debt free title to their homes or primary dwelling. Private property is a basic American right, and while we work out our financial problems and create a new, positive system for the American economy, I will see that no one loses their home. It will take intensive work and capital to rebuild the American economy, and rebuild we will. In the meantime, I will help remove some of the crushing debt burden on our people by eliminating their monthly mortgage payment. Now, with this relief goes responsibility. There are still municipalities to run, and I cannot get rid of, or change local community policies in regard to property taxes and the like. But, until we have made some headway in our reforms, and until we can develop a more efficient and productive way to manage our economy, at least the American people will have TANGIBLE relief in the form of not being burdened with outrageous mortgage payments. The maintenance of your home, and the maintaining of appropriate community standards as far as safety, structural matters and appearances are up to you.'

To be continued:   Foreign Policy Matters & Immigration in Part 2


The World Watches As the 'America First' President Turns Things Upside Down

The Economist   January 27 2009
Peter Mitchell

In most cases, after an American Presidential election, there is a sense of anti-climax. Presidents come, and Presidents go, but except in extremely unusual circumstances, the transition is a smooth one, and business 'goes on as usual'. The 2008 Presidential election in the United States took place in 'extremely unusual circumstances, with the US facing record budget deficits, the aftermath of an eight year war in the Middle East, an imploding economy and a general feeling of a 'hope for change'. But what has happened after the election of 'third party' 'America First' President Frank Dialogue has gone past anything that has happened in American history for the 150 years, possibly going back to the years of the American Civil War. Change was what was wanted, and the new American President is giving the American nation change, in ways never anticipated by his own nation, not to mention the rest of the globe. He has come into the White House, not exactly like a whirlwind, but more of a 'quiet storm'. And now the World must sit back and watch and wait as this 'America First' president makes good on his promise for 'fundamental change'.

Just 18 months ago, Frank Dialogue was an unknown Congressman from the state of Pennsylvania who had attracted almost no national at all. He was a low ranking member of the House of Representatives Finance Commitee, who was not particularly vocal on many issues, but, in his own words, 'took copious notes, formulated a wide range of questions, and, generally, got a look at how things operate'. But, as questions of continued funding for the war in Iraq were brought up, in addition to questions related to tax-payer expenditures for what then Representative Dialogue called 'very questionable purposes', Dialogue gave an increasingly louder voice to what some pundits described as 'American populist sentiment'. As a Republican Congressman, he was ignored by the mainstream members of his party, and, according to some, drew a very critical eye from then President Bush and Vice-President Cheney.

What followed in late 2007 and 2008 was a veritable whirlwind. Dialogue announced a 'new coalition of Americans' who wanted fundamental changes in American economic & foreign policies, and the 'America First' party was born. The initial groundswell was a grass roots one, with funding and seed money coming from Internet contributions, but the America First did get some unexpected mainstream news coverage, mostly as a political 'novelty act'. But Representative Dialogue started pushing harder; He formed an alliance with the popular ex-governor of Minnesota, Johnny Valentine, who was himself a charismatic political maverick, and things started snowballing. Travelling in a leased RV, Representative Dialogue criss-crossed the nation, visiting 48 states in the mainland US, and later both Alaska and Hawaii. His workers were mostly low paid or volunteer operatives who tirelessly pushed his message of 'fundamental change and America First, and there was a constant increase of support from local communities which aided his campaign. A big breakthrough came from unexpected support from 'higher-ups' in the US Auto Industry, and surprising support from the Ford family for his pledge to rebuild the American auto industry and to 're-tool' America.

Perhaps the biggest shocker was his campaign and debate showing against the Democrat Obama and Republican McCain. In what can only be called a public 'blood letting', Dialogue ripped apart both candidates in the fall debates, particularly targetting Senator Obama on his failing to provide public proof that he was indeed a natural born American. He also tore into McCain for what he called 'the selling out of America' to banking and corporate interests. It was indeed a 'blood letting' never before viewed in a US Presidential campaign, and never on 'prime time' television. His ratings soared. It was also then that now President Dialogue claimed the death threats started.

But Election Day came, and in what may have been the biggest upset in American political history, Dialogue was elected with 40% of the popular vote, and a total of 270 Electoral College votes, the exact number needed to elect a President. The rest of the story is well known, and, as they say it's 'history'

But with the momentous announcements of President Dialogue in his Innaugural Address ('nationalizing' the FED and 'mega banks' like JPMorgan/Chase & CitiBank, announcing and 'unconditional' withdrawl from Irag and a 'phased out' withdrawl from Aghanistan, along with his stunning announcement of 'Martial Law' in the US), a stunned world, global banking community, and global corporate interests are viewing the 'America First' President of the US with trepidation. His closure of the Wall Street market for a week sent shock waves through the global financial sector. But President Dialogue just responded with his now famous words 'They need a little vacation anyway,,,Too much stress, things happen too fast there, so who knows whta's really happening?' He insisted that it was necessary to freeze all trading in order to 'begin to sort out the whole mess, to get some kind of handle on the funny money, derivatives and credit swaps and the like that have been issued so we can see who is doing what a little more clearly.' Former FED Chairman Alan Greenspan called the President's orders 'a form of insanity'. FED Chairman Ben Bernanke called it 'a highly dangerous move for the nation and the world' but didn't repeat his criticism when the President announced that Bernanke would be brought in for questioning by the Justice Department and the SEC 'to throw some light on certain matters'. Reaction from corporate America has meen muted, but negative rumblings have been heard from some quarters. The Oil Industry has had no official comment.

In Europe, the silence has been stunning. Gordon Brown sent his regards to president Dialogue, and ststed that 'In these turbulent times, we trust that the American President will keep a firm hand on the wheel, but will also realize the importance of 'global networking' in the financial and political spheres.' Presiden Sarkozy of France also sent the tradition well wishes, but also 'hoped that the American president would grasp the importance of America's position in the global marketplace, and in the area of unity in the 'promotion of democratic global institutions and policy'.

Perhaps the most encouraging words about President Dialogue came from the Russian President Dmitri Medvedev who, along with Russian PM Vladimir Putin, apparently have had a number of rather lengthly phone chats with the new president. Medvedev stated 'I have personally talked with President Dialogue via both telephone and email, and I am reassured that he intends to re-establish a relationship with Russia based on co-operation, consultation and  rationality both in the political, financial and military spheres. I have been almost stunned by his openess; only time will tell what the results will be, but, let me just say that I am encouraged'. Putin was more succint in his reply to questions about the new American President 'He respects Russia and he respects Russians.' President Dialogue's announcement of the cancellation of proposed 'defensive' missile installations slated for Poland & the Czech Republic, with 'no conditions' must have been quite pleasing to the Russian President and Prime Minister.

The reaction from Israel and the Arab World has been one of shock. President Dialogue was heavily critical of Israel during his campaign, and won very little Jewish support in the election. Some estimates hold that about 90% of American Jewish voters cast their ballots against him. Prime Minister Olmert said publicly that 'Israel takes a wait and see attitude about President Dialogue, but, since we are a realistic people, we understand that some changes will be forthcoming. What they will be, and how they affect Israel, only time will tell. But I would urge no hysterical reactions on the part of certain segments of the press or the Israeli political community. Israel has influential voices that speak in it's interest, and we know that these voices will be heard'. President Dialogue has called for an 'immediate lifting of the Gaza blockade, as the Palestinians have a fundamental right to live, work and take care of their families.'

The Arab world, has been shaken by allegations of 'collusion' made by the new President in regards to certain actions and financial transactions involving Arab states and former VP Richard Cheney. This issue got even thornier, particularly in the UAE/Dubai, when the US Government issued an arrest warrant for the former VP, who became a resident of Dubai, on Innaugural Day. The US Justice Department asked the Emirate of Dubai for the extradition of the former VP, but this question became mute when Mr.Cheney died of a sudden heart attack at his residence in Dubai,

to be continued....



Texas National Guard Unit Seizes Bush Ranch in Crawford Texas


AP January 24, 2009

The White house announced today that a small unit of the Texas National Guard, along with militray police, today seized the ranch and property in Crawford, TX, belonging to ex-President George W.Bush.

Not much detail was given by White House Press Secretary Kenneth Larios, other than a brief confirmation of the ation, and the report that 'all had gone smoothly'. Secretary Larios did go into some details about the reasons for the action, and what the current White House hoped to acheive.

"As you know' Larios stated, 'ex-President Bush left the US sometime in the week or so leading up to President Dialogue's innauguration. Through his contacts in the intelligence community, he apparently became aware that the new Administration was seeking certain information, and the answers to certain questions from him. President Dialogue feels that there are unresolved questions relating to US taxpayer funds, and also military and intelligence activity that could only be answered with the help of ex-President Bush. Apparently, Mr.Bush did not feel like co-operating with the current Administration. In fact, it appears that he was attempting to block the obtaining of certain information. When he didn't appear at the Innauguration ceremonies, our feelings were confirmed. And we also have substantial evidence that there might have been crimes commited that were being concealed, crimes that affected the American people in a serious way. So, President Dialogue, with the cooperation of loyal Justice Dept. officials obtained a warrant for the arrest of George W.Bush.'

   'At the present, it appears that ex-Presidnt Bush is in Colombia. We are aware of the fact that the Bush family has extensive property holdings in Paraguay, which is in the same region. President Dialogue has spoken with Paraguayan President Fernando Lugo about this matter, and officials from both countries are discussing the situation to see what we can resolve. We also have spoken with ministers from Colombian President Uribe's staff, but President Dialogue has not yet spoken with Uribe himself. So, the situation regarding the former President remains in limbo for the moment.'

   'This being the case, President Dialogue, by powers granted to him under the Warner Act, has ordered a seizure of the Bush ranch in Crawford, TX. A small unit of the Texas Army National Guard was used, because President Dialogue felt this matter was beyond the scope of the local police officials to handle at his time. The ranch has been seized, and investigators from the Justice Depart. are in the process of collecting any computer files and paperwork that may be there. In addition, all financial accounts that can be obtained and identified as belonging to George W. Bush have been frozen, and are currently under the control of the US Government.'

  ' We have spoken with Mr. Bush's father, George HW Bush, to see if he can be of any assistance in helping us deal with this matter. So far, the elder Mr.Bush has been unforthcoming in our discussions with him. We still hope to obtain his cooperation."



President Dialogue Announces Mortgage Forgiveness Plan

USA Today January 23, 2009

'America First' party President Frank Dialogue today announced an 'across-the-board' mortgage forgiveness plan for 'primary housing' for all American homeowners/mortgage holders.

Speaking from the White House, President Dialogue announced that all Americans who hold mortgages for their 'primary dwellings' would be entitled to a 'mortgage forgiveness rebate' up to a maximum of $300000. President Dialogue, who stunned the nation on Innauguration Day by announcing that the US was under martial law, and further shocked Wall Street and the financial market by nationalizing mega-banks JPMorgan/Chase, CitiBank, Goldman-Sachs and others, and also declared his intention to shut down the FED and transfer it's money-issuing powers directly to the US Treasury, detailed his mortgage plan to the press and the public in a brief statement which he personally issued today from the Oval Office.

'It is my belief that a primary desire and right of every American citizen, who so wishes, is to own his own dwelling place at a reasonable price. In the last ten years, we have had an explosion of home purchases and construction, but this has been accompanied by a corrsponding series of 'loanshark-type' mortgages issued by numerous banks and home finance companies. The result of this was the so-called 'housing bubble', and the consequent assumption of unreasonable amounts of debt by those who purchased homes. During this process, we witnessed extreme cases of price-inflation in regard to construction, usurious practices on the part of lenders, and, also, a dramatic increase in home prices that had no basis in the reality of the true value of the property. In addition we have had widespread fraud in the mortgage industry on the part of banks and other lenders, with money gained, and then leveraged from these mortgages, funnelled into unregulated funds, and also numerous cases of money simply dissapearing. Witness the case of Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac, a quasi 'public-private partnership' that 'sells' mortgages, and has basically kept two sets of books, and now has an estimated debt in the trillions of dollars. To begin the process of returning some of this value to the American people, from the hands of speculators, I am, as of today, issuing an Executive Order, under powers assumed by me deriving from the Warner Act, that will order all banks, mortgage companies and other financial institutions to issue a mortgage rebate credit, up to a maximum of $300000, to all homeowners/mortgage holders in the United States of America. This credit will apply only to primary dwellings, that is, the house that the borrower actually uses as his amin residence, either for his/herself and with the family. Vacation houses, rental properties and commercial dwellings will not be included in this 'forgiveness' package. I, along with my economic advisors, including HUD Secretary Catherine Alston Fitzsimmons, will be reviewing possible similiar packages for small and medium sized businesses. We understand that America needs a resurgence of small businesses and start-ups, and we also understand the financial and tax burdens that many of these same business people face. But, one step at a time.

The program will work like this: if you have a mortgage, you will be eligible for forgiveness of your debt for a value up to $300000. Say, you have a mortgage that still has 50 payments totalling $100000 due, at whatever interest rate. Your mortgage will be forgiven, in full. If you have a mortgage for $750000, then your mortgage will be forgiven to the tune of $300000. From these two examples, you can see that my emphasis is on the working middle-class, possibly working in what remains of our blue-collar industry, or in some service sector, who have been economically crushed by increasing inflation, stagnant pay scales, and usurious interest rates. Not to mention taxes. These are the people who are the heart of America, and, during my administration, I am going to go out of my way to address this segment of America, because their revitalization economically, psychologically and spiritually is the key to our rebuilding America.

We have teams from the Justice Dept., the Treasury and other related agencies establishing a presence and working with various lenders around the nation, and their presence should be quite well established within a period of 30 days. When I speak of lenders, there are hundreds of mortgage lenders around the nation: the big ones like Washington Mutual, Wells Fargo and such are alresdy becoming aquainted with our teams. Our team members will assit these various lenders in compiling the various papework and files for our program. Our 'Forgiveness Team' members will work with personnel at these companies, banks and S & L's to help smooth and expedite the rebate process. Let me say here that the S & L's will be an area of concer, as some of these small institutions have had significant exposure to the 'bubble' and have, in may case been the victims of usurious pracices by the big 'money-center' banks. I am a proponent of the idea of 'micro-banking', the 'smaller is good and sometimes better' approach to credit. S & L's are, in a sense, our equivalent of 'micro-banks' and we will be paying particular attention to them in our fiancial 'common-sensing' plan, as they are closely tied to the communities they serve, and will be an important building block in the reformation of our 'America First' economy.

To the American mortgage holder, I say this: Get your paperwork together; almost all of you will be eligible under the 'forgiveness' plan, so get your files in order, and in a week or so, we will announce when the various lending institutins will start the process of wiping these mortgages of the books. Ex-president Bush gave you a $600 'stimulus check'. I am giving you the home you have worked so hard to pay for, no strings attached. Well, there is one string. I am going to need all of you to help turn America around, to make America into a country that creates and works again. But, for the great majority, you will not have the heavy yoke of a mortgage to bear. You will have a home that is YOURS. And, with this burden removed, we can move America forward into the 21st Century, instead of back to the mideival serfdom of landlord/tenant, estate owner/serf.

That finishes my message for today. Thank you, and God Bless America.


From the mini-novel 'The America-First President' by Frank Dialogue............Copyright 2008.........may be reprinted for Educational purposes only.......Commercial use prohibited.




President Frank Dialogue Meets the Press: Part 4; Conclusion


CBS: Mr.President, this is Tom Merkel from CBS. My question regards your announcement that the border between the United States and Mexico and the US will be closed for 30 days. What are the ramifications of this for business between the US and Mexico? And what threats are you so concerned about that you have taken this drastic step?

President Dialogue: Thanks for your question, Tom, and it's a good one. Let me try to put it in a nutshell for you. Over the past 8 years, our southern border has been wide open for all intents and purposes. In the past 5 years or so, there has been a dramatic increase in violence on our southern border, even some instances of Mexican troops or federales crossing into the US and attacking our border police. I don't know if you are familiar with these incidentA, Tom, as the mainstream media has refused to cover this issue realistically. Anyway, these incursions that I have mentioned are completely intolerable to me as President, and are a threat to American citizens living in border areas. Now, most of these incursions and violence are related to drug trafficking; and to some extent we have seen a drug war being fought in northern Mexico between various criminal drug cartels and the Mexican Federal government. And, as I view it, this war is not about preventing the export of drugs, but about which parties will cut up the profits, or control the movement of drugs. Now, Tom,  I'm not talking about a few kilos of marijuana here: I'm talking huge amounts of weed, cocaine and heroin, coming from Mexico, and also Columbia, Central and South America. And, as I said, the war for the profits from these drugs is being fought by heavily armed and utterly ruthless narco-gangs, and heavily armed, corrupt and ruthless Mexican officials. This is going to stop. Now. Right away. As soon as humanly possible. This is why, as of today, National Guard units from the border states are being stationed on the Mexican border. Now, Tom, this mess has been building up for a long time. There are criminals on both sides of the border killing and profiteering from this. So, being realistic, we are not going to reverse this whole trend immediately; but we are getting started on it as we speak to each other. I have ordered the governors of California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Louisiana to instruct their state Guard commanders to deploy. My staff and myself have had discussions with the various state National Guard commanders about this and they have been working on a number of workable plans for this deployment. I won't go into a lot of detail about this; the governors from the states I have mentioned and the Guard commanders will all be giving briefings in the next week about the finer details of this planning, and the effect it will have. I consider this narco-violence not only terroristic activity, but also a direct attack on the United States of America. Later today, or tomorrow at the latest, I will be talking with Mexican President Calderon about this matter. I expect that he will co-operate with us in this matter. As I said, I consider this activity to be an attack against the US.

CBS: Mr.President, you have also taken a hard line against immigration in your campaign. Can you tie your position on immigration in with this border closing and troop deployment?

President: Tom, let me make my position clear. On immigration: I am considering imposing a 2 year ban on new immigration to the United States of America. Why? Do I dislike immigrants? Tom, we are a country of immigrants, and I am not opposed to immigration, per se. Immigration offers a chance of a better life to many people, and also brings new blood, so to speak, into our great nation. BUT, and this is a big but, we are being overwhelmed with immigrants presently. Both legal and illegal. The Department of Immigration could use at least a year to catch up on existing immigration requests, more likely two years. As far as illegal immigration, we are going to bring this to a halt as far as humanly possible, mainly by penalizing employers who hire illegals. We are going to go after them at the local, state and federal level, with emphasis on the local as they are the grass roots affected most by this illegal immigration. Now, we intend to be as humane as possible; this is a big mess, and we are not going to engage in mass deportations. But we are going to move against any business or financial institutions that are providing money to illegals. And, in my discussions with President Calderon, I will make clear to him the critical nature of this issue to America. The problem basically is that America has become a dumping ground for other countries poverty, and this is going to end. We have very serious economic and structural problems in the United States, with regards to jobs and productive activity, and Americans, especially American men, need jobs. We have lost a large percentage of our productive/industrial base to foreign countries, and I intend to see it rebuilt, in a new and better fashion. And I don't want to hear this crap about 'jobs that Americans won't do'! I am offering a challenge to Americans,  also: the road back from near bankruptcy will be rough, and some of the work will be nasty. But, Americans themselves have to do it, whatever it takes. So, those 'jobs that Americans don't want to do', well, America, they will become available to you again. Because I believe that Americans want to work, but want a decent wage and to get treated fairly. We will be getting rid of these foreign work visas that allow companies to contract out for aliens to replace American workers at lower cost. We are going to put Americans back to work again. But, and let me be frank, Americans are going to have to get up off their asses and do some shit work if we are going to get this turned around. Forget the 'service economy'. We are going to become a modern hi-tech economy, and we are going to invent and build things here again, as we did in the past..........................(murmurs and laughter at the President for saying 'shit' and 'get off your asses')................

President: One last question. How about you, Miss?

CNN: Laura Adnali from CNN. Mr.President, you told us you have received threats on your life already. I have never heard a President say this openly. Are you afraid, and where are these threats coming from?

President: Well, Miss Adnali, first question: No, I am not afraid. A human being has a finite life span, so we will all stand before God sooner or later. Now, I hope it's later, for sure, because I have a job to do, and I want to make some headway with it. But, realistically, I think I have a 50-50 chance of finishing my term alive. I say this because from what I have observed, we have a cartel of gangsters and wannabe gangsters pulling a lot of strings that the average American doesn't see, and they have already tried pulling my strings. But, I am not a puppet, I am an American, and, in fact, the American President. I owe nothing to anyone except to God and to the American people. As to who these 'string-pullers' are, all I will say for now is what anyone with common sense can figure out for themselves. The 'string-pullers' are the ones who manipulate our money, and also try to manipulate our culture, media and everything else. Now, it takes a whole lot of different people to make a world, and that's a good thing, but some people, how should I put this, they never have enough. And it has even gone beyond individuals, They have been putting a 'machine' in place that is in opposition to what makes human beings human. I don't want to get too philosophical, but America is not a machine, nor are it's people 'human resources' like soybeans, oil, or minerals are 'natural resources'. Americans are human beings, made in the image of God, and we all have individual talents that, when we work together, can be used to create a wonderful society. What we fight against is called 'the Beast'. We are not beasts. We are humans. So..........and as a last word, on that fear thing?...You ever heard the songwriter Neil Young?...He said 'It's better to burn out than it is to rust'. Well, I am not intending to burn out, but we got a lot of rust to scrape off of America, and I intend to put everyone to work on that one. So.........Thank you all, and I will be in touch.

Loud commotion, shouts, more questions, general cacophony......


President Frank Dialogue Meets the Press: Part 3



PBS/NPR: And these advisors, I beleive you said yesterday Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, Dov Zakheim...

President Frank Dialogue: Donald Rumsfeld, also...there are also a number of other who are lower on our priority list. But these whom I have mentioned are still operating as if the Iraq War has never happened, like it's just 'business as usual' for the insiders, and we know where they are at, and there are a lot of questions they need to answer. We will get most, if not all of them to face the American public and give us some answers. For instance, Mr. Rumsfeld, on September 10th, 2001, announced publicly that over $2 trillion was missing from the Department of Defense budget, money that could not be accounted for. Of course, you know what happened the next day. Nevertheless, Mr.Rumsfeld never followed up on ehat happened to this missing $2 trillion in taxpayer money, nor was he questioned about it by the press, or Congress, except for one lone Congressperson, on Rep. Sandra McKarry of Georgia. Now why was this issue never brought to the general attention of the American public? Mr. Rumsfeld, in the words of the late Dezi Arnaz, has 'some 'splaining to do.' Also, a Mr.Dov Zakheim, the man who was Comptroller of the Pentagon during this time, the man who signed the Pentagon checks, has mysteriously vanished. We think he is in Israel. This missing money accumulated to the tune of another $1.5 trillion over the next few years, when Mr. Zakheim was still signing DOD checks. He's got some 'spaining to do', also, and he will explain. We are talking with the Israelis about both Zakhein and Richard Perle. There are a lot of questions to be answered.

PBS/NPR:  And you are also trying to arrest former president Bush?

President: There is a warrant out. He is now a private citizen. You notice that he didn't appear at my Innauguration yesterday. We have a good idea where he has gone, but we are handling this with great care. I hope he comes in voluntarily, but...anyway, we have been in contact with his father, former president George HW Bush, and we hope he will be of assistance in resolving this.

CNN: Mr. President, Carl Carrol of CNN. What is the situation on Wall Street, and, also, you have announced the seizure, if I quote you correctly of the Federal Reserve Bank?

President: Wall Street is closed for the next week. All trading ceased as of 3PM EST yesterday. All accounts are now frozen, no transfers of stocks, bonds, derivatives of any kind can be made. Also, the so-called ICE market, which is a futures/derivatives line between Wall Steet and the City of London, which by the way, has been completely unregulated, is also shut down. We have US Treasury and SEC computer whiz kids monitoring this right now, and we are going to try and unravel what has been happening on this particular 'online gambling casino'. With this ICE market, you see, a securities broker can take an order for a futures contract on oil, let's just say. It can be a contract to purchase $1 million dollars worth of oil at a certain amount of dollars, say in March. Well, the broker who takes the order can then use that $1 million as 'leverage' and create, say $30 million in funny money, and buy more futures options. This is quite a game, see? Some would say they are counterfeiting money. This kind of speculation with certain 'moneys' has been a prime factor in driving the price of oil up to it's current nearly $5 a gallon. There's plenty of oil, and it only costs about $15 a barrel when it comes out of the ground. So, why is it $150 a  barrel on the world market? Maybe, because these speculators are manipulating the price, pushing it higher and higher. No. This is going to and has stopped. And this is the tip of the iceberg. The amount of money stolen from American pension funds, insurance funds and investment funds and then run through unregulated 'hedge funds' has brought our economy to the point of no return. All the big Wall Street house and the mega-banks are in on the play. Well, the ball game has been suspended due to the unmitigated greed and avarice of these cheap peddlers. The big banks are nationalized, and we will be unravelling the layers of the onion, little by little. We hope that we can have some viable procedure for reopening the markets very shortly, so that a reasonable amount of trading can resume. There are global ramifications to all this. But, the ramifications of not restructuring the US economy is one of bankruptcy and insolvency for the nation, in financial, morale and spiritual terms. You will be getting day by day reports on the banking and investment situation. We are also working with certain honest foreign partners to get their perspectives on this, and on some ways of accomplishing this restructuring. I receive a call from Russian President Medvedev last night, and also spoke briefly with Prime Minister Putin. Both had some very interesting perspectives on our current situation. We will also be talking to all of the G-8 countries, and getting different perspectives. But, in the end, we will do what is best for America and it's people. And we would hope that American corporations and executives would get on board with plans we have for rebuilding the American economy.

Fox News:  David Fielder, here. Mr.President, some commentators have already been having a field day with you, accusing you of being a dictator, an anti-semite, a new Hitler. How do you feel about these types of comments on only your second day in office?

President:  The 'new Hitler'? I thought that was Saddam Hussein.........murmurs.............................Who said I was a 'new Hitler'?

Fox News: Well, David Heskowitz, from Dialectics magazine said....

President: (Holds up his hands) Well, Heskowitz thinks everyone is a 'new Hitler' who disagrees with him. And I'm an 'anti-semite'?. Is this from Mr. Heskowitz too. C'mon, give me some reasonable source who is calling me names?.................................some laughter.........

Fox News: Well, Maureen Donnell of the NYT has called you a 'right-wing Christian fanatic of a most dangerous kind'.

President: Is Ms.Donnell in the audience?..........looks around and squints because of the lights..........No? I thought she might want to talk to me herself! Well, I am not 'right-wing', for one; I am a Christian, but I am not shoving my religious beliefs in anyone's face, nor will I in the future. However, I do keep Jesus' commandments as the foundations of my life, and they are: Love God, and treat your neighbor as you would have him treat you. But that's common sense right? It's called the 'Golden Rule'. I think it's a good basis for life. This makes me a 'Christian fanatic of the worst kind'? I think not. I would suggest that slaughtering hundreds of thousands of Muslims, along with killing and maiming thousands of American men and women on the basis of a lie is more symbolic of 'fanaticism'. Does that make sense? I think Ms. Donnell has her presidents mixed up!............................loud commotion..................

to be continued....


January 21 2009: President Frank Dialogue's First Press Conference/The Media Response

Covered by ABC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, PBS & Fox News


President Frank Dialogue: Ladies & Gentlemen from the press, greetings!...I am sure you have a bunch of questions for me, so here I am: fire away!

CNN: Mr.President, Leslie Schaff, from CNN...We certainly do have many question...but let me ask one very obvious one: Is that a gun you are carrying, in a holster on your side?

President: Hi, Leslie...yes it is...why do you ask?

CNN: Well, Mr.President, and I think that I can speak for most of the reporters here. we have NEVER seen a President carrying a firearm; are there guns in the White House now?

President: Leslie, there have always been guns in the White House; it's just that you press folks never see them...I am protected by the Secret Service...I assure you they are all armed...and they always have been while protecting a US President...now, why do I, personally, have a firearm?...because as good as the guys and gals are who are protecting me, and they are the best, I like to have a little insurance policy of my own...I am trained in the proper use and maintenance of a firearm, and am alos trained in safety procedures...and, as you might have heard, I was threatened a number of time during my campaign.

CNN: But, Mr.President, what kind of message does that send to the American people, that a President brings his own handgun to a Press Conference?

President Dialogue: Hopefully, it sends the American people the message that their Commander-in-Chief takes his own security seriously and personally, and also that he believes in the Secon Amendment to the Constitution!

A loud commotion, bordering on pandemonium breaks out......

President: Calm down everybody...I can't answer questions with everyone shouting...(waits until quiet is established)...OK, next question!

MSNBC: Tom Callaghan, MSNBC here...Mr.President, you have certainly come in with a bang, so to speak...But, you have declared martial law in the United States of America...this has never happened in our democracy...what clear and present danger, so to speak, prompted such a draconian measure, and by a new President...already, people are saying that we have elected a dictator!

President: No, Tom, I am not a dictator...Although I outlined ten essential points for my action in my innauguration speech, I will elaborate...That is the reason for this press conference, to talk to the American people and the press...First of all, there will be no curtailement of basic freedoms: Congress was sworn in yesterday, and they will continue to function, although I will not put my signature on new legislation for a period oftime...the courts are functioning...the Press is functioning...all the major networks are here...nobody is telling you what to say, nor will anyone from my Administration do so...people are going to work and school, doing what they normally do in their everyday lives...the only thing closed is Wall Street...and they need a vacation anyway...and we need to do and are doing a lot of checking there...as I said yesterday, this declaration of Martial law is not directed against the average citizen, but against...

MSNBC: But, Mr.President, martial law???...Is there some kind of clear and present danger to the nation, has al-Queda or...

President: (holds up his hands) Tom, just to prove I am not a dictator, what would have happened to you if you had rudely interrupted our ex-president Bush like you just did me?

MSNBC: Mr.President, we need to know...

President: (holds up his hands again) Tom, respectfully, if you shut up for a minute, I will give you a complete answer...OK?...OK...Well, at least you guys are showing some life, and a little spirit in questioning authority...OK...a clear and present danger?...first, one: the US has already received threats, through 'backdoor channels', today even, that it would be 'very dangerous for the US to pursue a policy of making changes or eliminating the Federal Reserve Bank'...I won't elaborate on these threats now, but that's why I have sent troops from the National Guard to NYC, on Wall Street and at some other financial centers...also, my nationalization of JPMorgan/Chase and CitiBank is also causing threats...BUT, the second threat I moved on was the most immediately critical...under our ex-president George Bush, a number of 'contracts' were given out to private & FOREIGN companies, to 'guard' our strategic NUCLEAR facilities...this means civilian nuclear power plants, nuclear waste sites, and, the most insane of all, MILITARY sites where nuclear weapons and materiel is stored...do you understand what I am saying...let it sink in for a minute...FOREIGN & PRIVATE CONTRACTORS have had access to our nuclear weapons & materiel..........(pause)...............With these 'contractors' doing our security duties, it makes me a little nervous....Might have an accident....All right....as of last night and today, all of these foreign contracts have been dissolved, and troops from the National Guard, the Army, Air Force & Navy have removed any 'contractor' guard from their posts, all over the United States...some of these guards have been taken into custody for questioning, and we have launched an investigation into anyone, foreign or domestic, who was involved in the setting up and carrying out of these 'contracts'...

 To be coninued.....