You might have seen this video: It went 'viral' on the Internet in 2011, describing the British woman talking as a racist. The UK is now under strict Orwellian political correctness laws, and criticism of 'certain ethnic groups' is a crime. Free speech can only be exercised under the threat of jail time.

Comment: This goes on in my city too, and a new caste system emerges: The Whites flee the city, leaving it at the mercy of the Blacks, with support from 'progressive WASPs and Jews who live 'far from the maddening crowd'...But ethnic Whites are too poor to move...So now Blacks have 'middle management jobs' and the new underclass is the Africans, Latinos (to some degree) and poor Indians or other immigrants who the Blacks can boss around...The new Africans are despised by American Blacks...As one of the remaining ethnic Whites, I get a 'proles eye view' of the 'new diversity'...Watch how the Whites 'punk out' and turn on Miss Emma...Notice also how Miss West criticizes Polish immigrants flooding the UK and taking British jobs...I am of Polish & Slavic descent, but I don't mind her criticism because it is the truth.........Frank D.

Emma West is an English woman who has been arrested because of her viewpoints, in particular her statement calling for the repatriation of immigrants in the United Kingdom during a dialogue between her and black immigrants in a tram. The video of the last part of this dialogue circulates on the internet under the title "My Tram Experience". It was uploaded to You Tube on November 17th, 2011 under the title "My Tram Experience" by user "ladyk89". The video shows how Emma West is almost physically attacked from behind by a black youngster and other blacks shouting anti-white statements at her such as:

"If we don't come here you guys (white/English people) don't want to work. You guys (white/English people) don't want to work we have to do the work for you."

The Black women who made this comment does not show any gratitude for being given asylum in England; instead she says that the English are lazy. But if she really believes in her own words she would go back to Africa to "do the work" for her fellow blacks, as a lot of work can still be done in Africa. She does not do that and she knows very well that she is in England not to work but to enjoy all the benefits of living in a white country, benefits that she would not have in a black African country.

Emma West had to use strong language to stand firm in a threatening situation where she was surrounded by hostile immigrants. (First, 'use the mouth'...Frank D.)

The first part has never been released. This part presumably would show the provocations by the black immigrants that started the dialogue.

Person who made cell phone video...The Black that secretly filmed Emma West and presumably also the provocateur and the one who posted the video on youtube ("ladyk89") without permission from Emma West.

Emma West

Robert Henderson
Posted on January 8, 2013

It is now 14 months since Emma West was charged with racially aggravated public order offenses after she got into an argument on a tram which led her to make loud complaint about the effects of mass immigration. This was captured by a passenger on a mobile phone and uploaded to YouTube. The details of her arrest and treatment plus a link to the incident on YouTube can be found at

Three times her trial  has been delayed, on the  third occasion in early September last year (  No further trial date was set then and to the best of my knowledge none has been set since her last appearance in court. (If anyone has more up to date information please let me know).  On each occasion the delay was ascribed to the need to complete psychiatric reports on Miss West.  It stretches credulity way beyond breaking to believe such reports could not have been completed long ago.

Why has there been this inexcusable and increasingly absurd delay?

Despite being put into a high security prison for more than a month (  and having the risk that her son be taken into care, Miss West has made it clear throughout that she wishes to plead Not Guilty.    The reason for the delay  probably lies in that plea. The liberal elite rely on people charged with such offenses being intimidated into pleading Guilty.  A full blown trial would mean public discussion of the consequences of mass immigration and the ruthless measures which the liberal elite use to suppress such debate.  They  greatly fear that because it would risk the politically correct emperor being shown to have no clothes. .

The facts of the case speak for themselves: the behavior of the authorities is not compatible with a free society.
Miss West has been threatened by UK 'Social Services' with the removal of her children, and been harassed and incarcerated by police in the UK for simply standing up for herself and her child. Provocations occur constantly on public transport, especially in 'diverse' cities, and it is usually better to 'turn the other cheek'...But sometimes a righteous anger is the only thing that certain people understand.
As I stated earlier, this is an 'old story' in terms of the attention span of the media and the general public. My whole point here is that certain issues are verboten, but that doesn't take away their importance. Only with an honest discussion can we come to an understanding of what is happening around us. Emma West simply said out loud what a great number of people feel.

Politicians are useless in these matters. The so-called British nationalist party, the BNP, most likely gave lip service to this case, but you can be sure, when push came to shove, the BNP didn't do a damn thing for Miss West. Britain has been under the rule of one of the world's most corrupt political and financial elites for centuries now, leading their people into the slaughter of many wars, but in the end, they simply herd the English onto the global plantation.

Of course, the goal is to make us all serfs and plantation workers.

I invite discussion.
Lady Gaga Making a Statement

AmeriKan Kristian Soldiers at Work Overseas
Spreading 'the good news'

Iraqi Child: AmeriKan Kulture 'Over the Top'

I didn't want to get too political with this post, but how can you seperate culture from politics? I guess it's a question of what came first 'the chicken or the egg', but it seems to me that any critique of a culture must take into account the economics and politics that help incubate it. Some would say they are all the same thing.

To keep it simple, there are two Americas/AmeriKas. They operate seperately and they overlap.

First, AmeriKa and it's Kulture.

AmeriKa has become a civilization devoid of civilizing factors. Yes, certainly, we have material comforts, consumer utopia and the necessary communications grid to send out messages to the ends of the earth and into space. But what message are we sending?

We have every kind of food you could want. If you had a craving for the intestines of a dog, you could probably find a 'gourmet fusion' restaurant that would serve them up. We have vegans, meat eaters, seafood lovers, vegetarians, you name it. You want Asian, burgers, pizza, kosher, it's all here. Halal, too. We have entire television networks devoted to food. Any appetite can be satisfied.

Music? What do you like: classical, heavy metal, jazz, bluegrass, power pop? It's all readily available: Today we have internet 'radio stations' that cover every 'niche market'.

Technology? We are drowning in it: Flat screen TVs, laptops, Blackberries, cell phones, video cameras, digital cameras. Go to 'Best Buy'.

Videos or TV? We got cable, satellite TV, YouTube, DVDs, NetFlix, We even have some actual movie Theaters left where you can see a film the old fashioned way.

Money? Hell, even with the continuing rumours of economic collapse, we have paper money, plastic money, digital money, gold and silver.

But what does it mean? For the most part it means emptiness.Why? Because, at it's core, what we consider 'mainstream AmeriKan Kulture' is built on a foundation of lies, greed and, yes, ignorance.

In my 40+ years of being aware of the 'bigger picture', I have never seen a more violent or heartless AmeriKa than the one we live in now. Every type of murder, rape and bestiality is commonplace now. This, in our 'Kommunities'. At the top, we are a perpetrator of mass murder and genocide: we are a destroyer of whole cultures. I thought Vietnam was bad, but the criminal actions of AmeriKa in the MidEast and Afghanistan take the proverbial cake. And they are carried out with such an almost apathetic, run of the mill cold-bloodedness, that the mind boggles. A generation nurtured on video games gets to play with real people and from what I can gather sees it all as an extension of 'X-box'.

Pornography is rampant, replacing normal human sexual relations, especially among single men. With the advent of feminism, and the rampant egotism prevalent today, the opposite sex becomes 'objectified'.

The violence and pornography have completely penetrated mainstream entertainment programming, sending occult messaging and imaging to the jaded masses. Worse, children are fed this unholy diet as soon as they can be placed in front of a tube.

Corruption? It is a given, at all levels of he Kulture. For all atheists out there, remember that when God is removed by man from the picture, the center can not hold. Society becomes a case of 'Is that all there is?'

AmeriKans today are, for all our riches and comforts, an ungrateful people who 'want it all NOW!'.

But, there is another America out there, and it is with this America that hope still remains alive.

I see the overlapping 'Americas' from a bird's eye view when I play music, especially when I play it on the street. I meet and talk to the Americans who long for something beautiful, something infused by the Spirit, or, at the very least, something that will break the enveloping greyness of the consumer Kulture. These people are the ones who still have the capacity to turn off the 'white noise' of the Kultural matrix/machine.

I see the same in students, a generation that senses that 'something is not quite right' but can't put their finger on it, completely. But they know enough to want to continue the search, intuitively sensing that things can be better than this. Most of these student are from the liberal arts and humanities, neglected fields of endeavor that have been overwhelmed by the drive to train functionaries for the NWO in 'studies' of business and finance.

I see the other America in the Churches, too. While it may seem that 'God is Dead', and while we watch with disgust the cowardly and corrupt behavior of many religious leaders and janissaries, the heart of Americans still longs for God, but the ears mightily strain to hear His voice because of all the noise.

The one AmeriKa is built on fear. Fear sells, and it is an easy emotion to appeal to, for everyone is scared of something. The other America is still based on faith, hope and charity, the classic virtues. What is in short supply is knowledge and wisdom. These are premium qualities in a time of 'the Big Lie'.

The real America is built on 'grass roots culture' which has many forms. The basis of it is one-to-one communication, building from the ground up. When things get too big, they are invariably doomed. The hollowing out takes place. This is illustrated by the 'Lady Gaga' syndrome, the substitution of trash for civilization. No matter how they may dress it up, they are doomed. Just remember that.

Mystery Babylon will fall, and the people will cry out in wonder. It is always like this.

On to 2011.

'And a child shall lead them...'

Young Jimi

Before: Osage Street Still Intact, But Ready to Go Up in Flames as Bomb is Dropped


It is amazing: Philadelphia is the only city in the United States where a city government/mayor has ordered a BOMBING of it's own taxpayers...Yet, it happened in Philadelphia 25 years ago.

I will always remember that day, because it was the day of my father's funeral, the day we laid him to rest...The story of his death and how I found out is another story, but let's just say my mind was in a different place that day, remembering Dad, and dealing with the frayed emotions of my family: about his death and toward me.

After the burial I skipped the reception for relatives and friends that my mother had arranged, and just went home...I turned on the TV, and saw that the MOVE crisis, which had been going on for a long while, and, on that particular day while listening to the radio in the morning, seemed to be coming to some kind of head.

MOVE were a Black radical 'back to nature' group who had caused an extremely violent confrontation with the City of Philadelphia back in 1978.
They had occupied a big Victorian house in the Powelton Village section of the city, and brought chaos into that neighborhood, On the weekends they blockaded an adjacent street, and raised money by watching cars, dumped all of their garbage into their back yard, which resulted in swarms of rats infesting the area, had their children running around naked, and, as the topper, openly carried firearms and got on the bullhorn threatening neighbors and police about what would result if anyone tried to interfere with them. After about 2 years of this with neighborhood residents begging for the city to do something,  and after a particularly grizzly incident where they invited a few members of Philadelphia's City Council 'over for dinner' to discuss matters, and then brought out a dead baby in a shoebox, Mayor Frank Rizzo ordered police SWAT teams into action. The result was a major shootout where one Philadelphia police officer was shot, one MOVE member got his ass whipped on camera, and the rest of the cult members dragged out and locked up. The MOVE children taken by DHS but later returned to relatives. Mayor Rizzo had the MOVE house bulldozed the wek after the shootout. Rizzo took a lot of flack for 'police brutality' but in reality, the only person killed was a cop, and MOVE was guilty of child abuse.

Things were quiet for awhile, but in 1985/85 they took over a house on Osage Street in West Philadelphia, a block of rowhouses, and proceeded to terrorize their neighbors, with the constant yelling of obscenities through a bullhorn 365/24/7, and the building of a gun bunker on the roof of their house. They were all armed.

All Philadelphia residents who were old enough to comprehend remember what happened on that day: In an attempt to resolve a situation that could have been diffused many months back, if not for cynical politics and notions of 'political correctness' by city leaders, a whole city block (Osage Street in West Philadelphia) consisting of middle and working class Black families was bombed and torched, all to remove a handful of rabble rousers and would be revolutionaries...Innocent children and adults died, and a peaceful, relatively prosperous and decent neighborhood was destroyed. The MOVE members and children could have been taken into custody peacefully on a number of occasions, but Mayor Goode, not wanting to be viewed as an 'Uncle Tom' by certain deluded elements, refused to act, and the result was tragedy.

The aftermath was just as bad, as the political buck-passing and refusal to own up to responsibility ran rampant...Freemason Mayor Wilson Goode, Police Commisioner Sambor, the whole crew, showed us what incompetence and cowardice was all about.

And then, of course, came the City's disastrous attempt to rebuild the block...Taxpayer money wasted, corrupt contractors, every conceivable fuck up.

MOVE was a cult, much like Jim Jones' Johnstown group. There was never any evidence uncovered og government involvement, a la CO-INTELPRO, although it is possible that the group's founders, John Africa & Donald Glaspey, were somehow involved with the FEDS.

The only know involvement of FEDs came right on the day of the bombing,
when they supposedly provided Philadelphia police with the explosive mixture that was used for the bomb. But this in itself was bad enough.

Rather, the MOVE events fit in more with a couple of other famous cases in Philadelphia crime history: that of cop killer Mumia Abu Jamal, and sociopath killer Ira Einhorn. All were products of a peculiar Philadelphia flavor 'radical' milieu.

MOVE members still live in Philadelphia, but they now lead a rather quiet lifestyle, with no involvement in confrontational activities. In fact they would probably be embraced by sections of today's environmentalist movement.

Interestingly, the nation and even residents of Philadelphia seem to have completely forgotten what occurred on that fateful day.
After: City of Philadelphia Solution to the Problem...Thanks to Mayor Wilson Goode, Osage Street Looks like Dresden Germany

Ramona Africa: Insane

MOVE Lunatic Founder: John Africa

Donald Glaspey: White Boy Founder, Bailed Out of MOVE Early On

MOVE Members/Supporters

Mayor W.Wilson Goode: Bombed His Own City & Constituents

Frank Rizzo: Cleaned Out the Nest, Saved Lives

 I was I was inspired to do this 'screed' by a foul mouthed and 'frontin' DJ I heard on radio station WPRB-FM, Princeton University the other night...Every word out of his mouth was a slur or a curse...I was kind of astounded that he just went on and on and the station seemed to be OK with it...I hear this language all the time myself where I live, so I figured a White Boy can speak in the 'vernacular' also...I weaved my rap in with some breaking news about a professional basketball player here in town who just got busted the other night...

Man, I grew up watchin' basketball, especially the Philadelphia 76ers...Saw Wilt Chamberlain play, Hal Greer, Chet Walker, Billy Cunningham, Doctor J, Moses Malone, all them...And they all had class...I even met Chamberlain after a game in the 76ers 1967 championship series with the San Francisco Warriors...Chamberlain was a complete gentleman...But nowadays in the NBA, you got a group of idiots out there, and they're makin' millions...But they got no Gospel and they got no brain...
Hip Hop Frank D on 'Da Philly Tip'

"Wazzup, my niggaz and my wiggaz!...Dis' MC Frank D. givin' you da scoop on da shit happenin' in da community...'s mean, you know what I'm sayin'?...Yo, we gots to stop killin' each other, and do like Michael Vick do, front ,and make that bling!..'s mean, da money be green on both sides, yous and mine, 's wazzup!...Now les jes have a look at some current events in the community and da hood...I see yesterday dat Dionte Christmas of da 76ers was busted cold, by cops on north Broad Steet in Philly, for doin' wierd shit wid da car...AND, when the po-lice stop him, man, he got a .009 under the driver's seat...Now, my niggaz, de boy jes got cut by the 76ers and he probably had some shit on his mind...But see, you gots to be careful  's I'm sayin?...Dis nigga might have been gettin' some heat from some niggaz in da hood, and he pissed 'cause he cut and shit, but why he ridin' wid a gun?...And on top 'o dat, da car belong to his boy Marreese Speights, who also balls for the Sixers...Now, Speights already got da bling, so why he packin' heat in he damn car, and then givin' the car to de young boy Christmas?...Don make no damn sense...Niggaz don' be thinkin in a strategic sense, don' think at all..

.Here go Dionte:

Man, dese niggaz makin big change, but dey actin' like niggaz on da corner, pants down below dey ass, shootin' other young niggaz for bullshit...Man, my jaunt like 'dis: You got da money, you ballin', don'  fuck up!...Simple ass shit...Dionte got cut, yeah, but he can go to Europe and shit, make da bling, and live phat, wid European pussy and shit, 'den come back to the NBA...Speights, he givin' himself a headache he din' need...Niggaz, wake de fuck up...Dis about money, no street nigga nonsense!...Dem NBA owners be payin' niggaz good money, but dey don't tolerate dis shit, 'cause it all about BIDNESS!"

Marreese Speights below:
It is lullaby time in AmeriKa. The children have all gone to sleep, soothed by the sweet sounds of a hypnotizing melody. But the dreams are troubled. Why? Because the serpent was the creature singing the lullaby.

We are also in a type of a lull here, as far as events go. Nothing really big to report. Just a continuation of the process of 'transformation' of a once relatively conscious and optimistic people into a nation dominated by the false god of Mammon and those high priests of the same false god.

News? The US is still in Afghanistan for no discernible reason. Of course our alien puppeteers have their reasons for us being there, but there is no reason at all for the American people. Our men and women killed every day, along with innocent Afghans who pose no threat to us. Our men guard opium fields that will supply the raw materials for the heroin that will corrupt Western societies. They also stand guard for the money power of the Rothschild family and their Israeli managers who wish to claim the oil and resources from Central Asia for themselves.  What do we get out of it? A footnote in history as another 'great power' who will eventually be thrown out in a vain attempt at 'taming' these fiercely independent people.

At home we have the puppet President who goes on and on about 'universal health care' and 'health reform', as if anything will rally change for the benefit of our people. The only change will be that our money will go into the pockets of a few consolidated insurance 'providers' who will tack on an extra 30-40% to the cost of any medical procedure. Kind of like what we have now, except it will be like the bank bailout, with the small 'middle-men' getting the boot, and the 'chosen few' replacing them.

The country still suffers from the effects of an insane immigration policy. Immigrants flood in, as more and more Americans lose jobs. Today, I notarized some papers for a young man from Trinidad, here on a 'green card', a young man of about 23-24. He works for a 'non-profit' in my area and makes about 3 TIMES what I earn in a year.

Lastly, the 'sub-mentality' process continues with the destruction of all higher culture and aspiration, AmeriKan Kulture having been reduced to the level of an 'underclass reality show' in the greater part. Art? Please, go listen to a rap 'artist' or watch some mindless video.

I can't even enjoy a football game anymore, since the sport is completely controlled by Las Vegas and alien corporate interests. Anyway, watching television will simple cause you brain damage.

Some of us are not asleep. We are very awake and aware of what is going on. But what can we do? It seems as if we are doomed to be victims of the fates. But at least, as long as we keep our eyes open, we may be able to prevent ourselves from falling into a terrifying nightmare. Life is indeed a battlefield.

So, we will take it one day at a time, and remember that the adversary doesn't sleep much; hardly at all.
 Top to bottom : 'Fiddler on the Roof': Jeffrey Lurie, Eagles Owner; Joe Banner, Eagles Bean Counter/Rasputin; Andy Reid, Eagles Coach; Michael Vick holding puppy.

The Philadelphia Eagles shocked the sports world this week by signing convicted felon Michale Vick, former quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons. Vick spent 18 months in Leavenworth fed prison for running dog fighting rings, and engaging in 'illegal' gambling activities. Some of Vick's boys down in Virginia also slaughtered some of the fighting pups when they outlived their usefulness. The Amerikan nation cried in outrage. The Amerikan nation that has accepted the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and Afghans with nary a whimper.

This week, my hometown Philadelphia Eagles signed Vick to a one year contract, worth $1.5 million, with an option year that could pay $5 million. Fans were shocked, because the Philadelphia Eagles are a team that puts on a facade of only wanting 'character' players. Yet here they sign a convicted felon, a 'dog murderer' and 'public enemy #1'. Many fans were expectedly outraged.

In reality, the Eagles 'ownership team' of Jeffrey Lurie and Joe Banner, two bullshit artists as shifty as they come, made a brilliant move. I will explain, then I will talk a bit about Vick and dog fighting in general.

In recent months, the Philadelphia Eagles have been forced off of the 'media' front page in the city by our World Champion Philadelphia Phillies. The Phillies have become 'numero uno' in the city. Philadelphia fans embraced the Phils because of their exciting play, blue collar work ethic, the down home character of Phils manager Charlie Manuel, and a number of brilliant baseball moves by new GM Rueben Amara Jr. Philadelphia fans have never liked or trusted Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie, or his chief henchman Joe Banner because of their stingy and lying ways, their perceived mistreatment of certain players, and their enormous profiteering. Lurie bought the Eagles for approximately $185 million, but now the Eagles have an estimated worth of nearly $1.5 BILLION. They have a license to 'print money' and have never shown, for all their talk, a real commitment to win a championship. Coach Andy Reid, a rather arrogant character, has never been a fan favorite either. Quarterback Donovan McNabb, an outstanding player, has taken his share of criticism also for the Eagles inability to win a Super Bowl.

So, what to do? Well, the Eagles made some good aquisitions in the off season, including draft choices and free agents, but their training camp ha been plagued by injured players, while the Phillies keep winning, making good moves, and stay on the 'front page' of both print and audio/visual media.

So, they sign Michael Vick, 'Public Enemy #1' for his dog fighting and slaughtering activities, and announce that they will be th ones to 'give him a second chance'. Lurie has enlisted the support of the Pennsylvania Humane Society (doubless with a large donation), and various politically correct personages, and has testified that 'Michael Vick is truly remorseful and is a changed man'. Perhaps. 18 months in Leavenworth will give a man time to reflect. Losing most of your fortune to lawyer's fees and losing all your endorsement deals will also cause some 'reflection'.

Coach Reid, whose two sons have been arrested for drug trafficking, heroin use, and threatening motorists on a highway with a gun, is all in favor of this. He says 'This is America. We make mistakes'. This is quite true.

Immediately, the Eagles become 'front page' again. The local big sports radio station, WIP (owned by CBS), has played the Vick thing to the max. They say 'it is the number one story in town' and maybe the world. The newspapers have a field day. Advertising revenue goes up, people buy more papers. And of course gambling revenue will increase, Las Vegas will make money. Please remember the NFL and Las Vegas are like 'Siamese Twins'. They are 'hand-in-glove'

The Eagles White fans have generally been outraged. This foundation of their fan base is mostly suburban and corporate, and of course to maintain political correctness, how could one support an athlete who killed 'man's best friend' in a brutal and careless manner? But of course they are all Idol worshippers and will never put their money where their mouth is by giving up their season tickets. In fact, they will be buying their children Michael Vick jerseys in a month or so. These are the same White hypocrites who turned a blind eye to our destruction of Iraq and dope control operation in Afghanistan. You can slaughter people, especially when they are 'Muslim terrorists' with impunity, but kill a dog, and you go to hell. This is the state of White America today.

The Blacks take a more realistic attitute, because their reality is often a bit more harsh. Most African-Americans I talk to figure that, well, Vick did fuck up, but he did his time, so let him have a job. A man's got to eat, right?The fact that Vick is Black, a 'target of persecution' and an exciting athlete just simplifies things.

Lurie and Banner certainly though all this out, strategically, and now they again play us like a fiddle. AmeriKans are addicted to spectacles, like the ancient Romans, and most 'civilizations' for that matter, and 'moral misgivings' will give way to the 'just win baby' attitude and the love of the spectacle. Believe me, the Eagles get a nice cut as regards to merchandising fees for all those Michael Vick jerseys that will be sold. And all the controversy: well, controversy makes money for everyone involved.

As far as Vick himself, he will say anything so that he can get paid. Simple as that. But, in fairness, he did 'do his time' so he should have the right to make a living from his skill. How well he will do depends on his attitude, conditioning and how the coaching staff uses him.

Now, on dogfighting. In the US and Mexico, dog fighting is brutal and results in the death of dogs, either during the fight, by more often by the owners and handlers, who shoot, drown or eliminate them like dead meat. These practices occur due to the increasingly pagan nature of North AmeriKan kulture. Young males who grow up doing their killing 'virtually' through video games are highly suceptible to this mindset. Also, the brutal 'sub-mentality' of ghetto kulture, where human life is cheap makes this type of 'sport' acceptable. Although most Americans are under the impression that dog fighting is strictly a 'black thang', fighting 'pups' has always been popular among the American 'redneck' class, especially in the South. Many Chicanos love it too.

In other cultures it is a little different. In Russia, dog fighting is very popular, and a great variety of dogs are used for fighting. From the videos, and websites I have seen, the practice is nowhere near as brutal there: If a dog is injured in a match, the owner withdraws the dog, and does not kill him or torture him. It could be different if 'mafia' organizations are involved, and if large numbers of dogs are bred for fighting purposes.

In Japan, dog fighting takes on an almost 'samurai' quality. There is a special Japanese dog, white furred and quite large, that is used exclusively for fighting. The dog fights take place in a space that resembles a boxing wring more than the 'pits' that are use in AmeriKa. There is a referee, and if one dog sustains even a slight injury, the match is ended, with the other dog declared the winner. It is highly regulated, and there are trophies and the like given out for the best dogs and their owners. There is no brutality at all.

So, we must keep all this in some perspective. While brutality to an innocent animal is horrible, let us not put an animal life above a human life because of some 'guilt' or hysteria. In the specific case of Vick, he should be given a second chance. In the case of Lurie/Banner and the Eagles, they are slick, and made an almost Obama style move, simultaneously generating publicity, 'giving a man a second chance' (compassion), showing 'sensitivity' by 'consulting' animal rights groups, and increasing revenues by aquiring the NFL's most 'notorious' and 'exciting' offender. Like I said, they play us like a fiddle, the sound of the violin soars...


Charla Nash

Charla Nash lost eyes, nose and jaw in chimpanzee attack

NY Daily News

The shocked family of the chimp attack victim said Wednesday a team of doctors is working feverishly to save her life as the extent of her horrific injuries was revealed.

Paramedics say Charla Nash, 55, lost her nose, eyes and jaw as the crazed simian ate her alive in the driveway of her friend's Stamford, Conn., home Monday.

His voice shaky, her twin brother, Mike Nash, thanked the four teams of specialists who performed more than seven hours of surgery.

"The team of doctors and staff battled around the clock to stabilize Charla," he said inside Stamford Hospital.

Charla Nash was listed in critical but stable condition yesterday, and her vital signs were improving, doctors said.

She was left near dead when her close friend's 200-pound ape, Travis, brutally mauled her after escaping the home he was raised in from infancy.

Travis' owner, Sandy Herold, used a butcher knife to stab the 14-year-old chimp, who was suffering from Lyme disease and had consumed Xanax - but the rampage only ended when cops shot the animal dead.

Questions emerged yesterday as to whether Travis should have been removed from Herold's home years ago.

A former Stamford resident, Leslie Mostel-Paul, 52, told the Daily News that Travis bit her hand in November 1996 when she tried to pet him in the parking lot of a local doctor's office.

Mostel-Paul says she contacted police, but her complaint was brushed aside.

"If the police had taken care of what they needed to, this woman wouldn't be lying in intensive care right now," Mostel-Paul said. "He shouldn't have been in the house."

Stamford Police Capt. Richard Conklin said he had no record of the incident and could not confirm or deny its validity.

Miss Nash is in our prayer and thoughts...........Frank Dialogue


Chimpanzee Owner

200 Pound Chimp in Cage

I first thought this story was some kind of joke...But it was not...What horrifies me is the insanity of the owner, one Sandra Herold, a seriously mentally imbalanced woman...She claims that 'the chimp was my life: I ate with him, cooked for him, slept with him...'...You can read the story for yourself...What bothered me about news stories I saw was the attempt to make the chimp a 'victim'...Now, I feel for the ape, since he spent much of his time locked in a cage, with only this neurotic human for company, but...Police officers had to shoot the marauding ape to stop the attack...An interesting sidelight to this story is a cartoon that appeared in the NY Post, showing two police officers shooting a chimp, and making comments about 'a monkey and the 'stimulus package'...The cartoon has stirred some outrage, and I post the cartoon and the Reverend Al Sharpton's reaction to it at the bottom of the post...

Owner now says she never gave slain chimp Xanax

By JOHN CHRISTOFFEREN, Associated Press Writer John Christofferen, Associated Press Writer Wed Feb 18, 6:20 pm ET STAMFORD, Conn.

 As authorities considered criminal charges, the woman whose 200-pound domesticated chimpanzee went berserk and mauled a friend backtracked Wednesday on whether she gave the animal the anti-anxiety drug Xanax. Sandra Herold told The Associated Press on Wednesday that she never gave the drug to her 14-year-old chimp, Travis, who was shot dead by Stamford police Monday after he grievously wounded Herold's friend Charla Nash.

However, Herold said in an interview aired Wednesday morning on NBC's "Today" show that she gave Travis the drug in some tea less than five minutes before he attacked Nash — she even showed a reporter the mug. Police have said Herold told them that she gave Travis Xanax that had not been prescribed for him earlier on Monday to calm him because he was agitated.

In humans, Xanax can lead to aggression in people who are unstable to begin with, said Dr. Emil Coccaro, chief of psychiatry at the University of Chicago Medical Center.

"Xanax could have made him worse," if human studies are any indication, Coccaro said.

The chimpanzee's rampage forced Herold to stab her beloved pet with a butcher knife and pound him with a shovel.

"For me to do something like that — put a knife in him — was like putting one in myself." she said Wednesday. "Then he turned around and like, 'Mom, what did you do?'"

Herold's voice was filled with fear and horror in 911 tapes released by police Tuesday night.

Travis can be heard grunting as she cries for help: "He's killing my friend!"

The dispatcher says, "Who's killing your friend?"

Herold replies, "My chimpanzee! He ripped her apart! Shoot him, shoot him!"

After police arrived, one officer radioed back: "There's a man down. He doesn't look good," he says, referring to the disfigured Nash. "We've got to get this guy out of here. He's got no face."

Doctors at Stamford Hospital said Wednesday that it took four teams of surgeons more than seven hours to stabilize Nash, 55. Hand specialists, plastic surgeons and specialists in orthopedics, ophthalmology and trauma have treated Nash, who has made slight progress but remained in critical condition, Dr. Kevin Miller said at a news conference with the victim's family.

Nash's brother, Mike Nash, did not take questions from reporters but said the family is grateful for community support it has received.

"It should be known that people who were complete strangers to us prior to this have selflessly offered their assistance to our family," he said. "We are eternally grateful to them and to all of you who are keeping Charla in your thoughts and wishing her well."

Police have said they are looking into the possibility of criminal charges. A pet owner who knew or should have known that an animal was a danger to others can be held criminally responsible.

Attorney General Richard Blumenthal said Wednesday that a defect in Connecticut's laws allowed Herold to keep the chimp in her home, probably illegally. There are rules requiring large primates to be registered by the state, but officials have some discretion in enforcing them and violations carry only minor penalties, he said.

"This animal probably was illegally kept, so far as that statute is concerned," Blumenthal said. "Clearly, some kind of permission was necessary for this animal to be at that residence."

Herold, a 70-year-old widow whose daughter was killed in a car accident several years ago, told the AP the chimp "was my life" and that she "never, never, never" gave it Xanax. "He never had anything but love."

Herold speculated that Travis was being protective of her when he attacked Nash, who she said was driving a different car, wearing a new hairstyle and holding an Elmo stuffed toy in front of her face as a present to the chimp.

"She had the toy in front of her. This was just a freak thing," Herold said.

Herrold said Nash is a close friend who traveled with her to a Connecticut casino on Valentine's Day.

"It was the most horrible thing that could ever happen," she said.

Authorities are trying to determine why the chimp, a veteran of TV commercials who could dress himself, drink wine from a glass and use the toilet, suddenly attacked. A test for rabies was negative, Stamford police Capt. Richard Conklin said Wednesday.

Nash had gone to Herold's home in Stamford on Monday to help her coax the chimp back into the house after he got out, police said. After the animal lunged at Nash when she got out of her car, Herold ran inside to call 911 and returned with a knife.

After the initial attack, Travis ran away and started roaming Herold's property. An officer shot the chimp several times after it opened the door to his cruiser and started to get in.

Travis appeared in TV commercials for Old Navy and Coca-Cola when he was younger, and at home he was treated like a member of the family. Don Mecca, a family friend from Colchester, N.Y., said Herold fed the chimp steak, lobster, ice cream and Italian food.

Primate experts say chimpanzees are unpredictable and dangerous even after living among humans for years, but in her "Today" interview, Herold rejected criticism that they are inappropriate pets.

"It's a horrible thing, but I'm not a horrible person and he's not a horrible chimp." she said.

Connecticut law requires primates weighing more than 50 pounds to be registered with the state. But state Department of Environmental Protectionpublic health risk and was owned before the registration requirement began.

Blumenthal, the attorney general, sent letters to legislative leaders and DEP Commissioner Gina McCarthy, asking them to support a proposed law that would ban all potentially dangerous exotic animals, such as chimpanzees, crocodiles and poisonous snakes, from being kept in a residential setting in Connecticut.

McCarthy is seeking a similar law banning large primates. Her agency is also asking the public, police officers and animal control officers who are aware of large primates being kept as pets to report the animals to the agency.

Sourced from Yahoo News

Now, to the cartoon and the reaction of the Rev. Al Sharpton...

The Offending Cartoon

Quote from Al Sharpton:

"The cartoon in today's New York Post is troubling at best given the historic racist attacks of African-Americans as being synonymous with monkeys. One has to question whether the cartoonist is making a less than casual reference to this when in the cartoon they have police saying after shooting a chimpanzee that "Now they will have to find someone else to write the stimulus bill.""Being that the stimulus bill has been the first legislative victory of President Barack Obama (the first African American president) and has become synonymous with him it is not a reach to wonder are they inferring that a monkey wrote the last bill?"

Oh yes. Words of wisdom from one one the biggest political and media whores ever to blemish the American landscape. As always, consider the source. And consider whether the 'stimulus package' is a victory. A victory for who and for what?

But, I must say that this whole story and the cartoon spinoff do Korrectly give a representation of the current AmeriKan Kultural and PolitiKal landsKape. We are most definitely at the end of something. I am afraid that America has become a nation of clowns, both in it's leadership and in the lifestyle and mentality of it's citizens. Definitely the end of something, reflective of a civilization that has lost it's bearings and is in a seriously downward spiral. But perhaps all is not lost. We have become a Kartoon Kulture, and, possibly, the cartoonist and the humourist are really voices of reason. Life would be unbearable if we lost the ability to see the ironic, and this irony often contains truth, be it painful or not. But what have we become when our women substitute a relationship with a monkey for a relationship with a man? Is this the logical result of sexual liberation? Or does it denote a devolution to a sub-human state? As the song says 'I guess I just don't know...'


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One must have a sense of humour...Let's bring it out into the open!



I am in the mood for a short story...I have spent years working with the menatally ill.This is the truth.I worked in various 'residential facilities', day programs and also the psychiatric ward in the hospital.I worked with many hard-core schizophrenics, people who hear voices, have hallucinations, and are basically existing in a different reality.Now, in all my time working with these people, some who had killed people and were declared criminally insane, I never had any real problems, and in fact, was able to communicate quite well with them (at least for the most part). My worst problems were with the staff at these facilities, who tended to treat these people like animals or alien beings. Anyway, let me recount one particular humorous tale. I worked with a guy we called 'Cowboy John'. Now John would get up every day and wear nice Levi type black jeans, fine leather cowboy boots, and sometimes a cowboy hat.John was extremely neat and fastidious, which was ironic, because his roomate in this particular residence was a pig, who ate canned Spam cold, right out of the can, in chunks, sometimes urinated in the trashcan in his bedroom, and once,escaped the facility, ran home to his wife, and promptly got down on the floor and started eating from the dog's bowl..But back to John: He would dress up in cowboy garb, and spend all day smoking cigarettes and drinking hot tea in the kitchen. AND, constantly talked to himself or should I say, had a continous discussion with someone who wasn't there. Cowboy John claimed to be a Korean War veteran, and many of the conversations went something like this: 'Captain, you're making a mistake...We should deploy to the south, the Koreans are there...No, Captain, I said to the south, get out your map...No, I said the squad is gonna take fire this way, Captain...I'M the radio man here and I'm telling  you...'.Crazy. Anyway, one day Cowboy John was sitting in the kitchen for a number of hours, drinking tea and smoking, but being very quiet. After a few hours, I became curious. I say 'John, you are very quiet today...Is everything all right?'. John pointed up to the air conditioning duct on the wall in the kitchen...'John, what are you pointing at?'. He pointed to the duct again, and said 'Can you turn it off?'. 'You mean the air conditioner John?'. 'No' he said 'I mean the intercom up there!..That voice that's coming through it has been blasting away all day and I'm starting to get a headache from listening to that son of a bitch.'

John's roomate, George was also quite a character, as I mentioned. The staff at our facility was primarily Black, and George 'didn't like niggers'. So when George has a Black staff member on duty, especially on the overnight shift, he would make it a point to get mischievious. Many of the black staff tried to be 'over-controlling' so this was a recipe for trouble. Sometimes the staff would come in to empty the trash at the end of the shift, only to find that George had filled the platic trach can with urine, or, if he was really in a mood, he would have a bowel movement in the trash receptacle, or on the floor beside it. The facility involved was actually a very nice set of apartments, so this kind of 'unhygienic behavior' would upset the staff terribly. George also had a tendency to 'wander'. Since this was not a 'locked' facility, and was actually a 'community residential' type set up, all the clients, or patients had the liberty to go out for walks or to the store or whatever. Usually, a staff member or 'counselor' would accompany them, but not always. George was very independent because, although he had been locked in a State hospital for many years, he had previously been married with a family. And his wife still lived nearby our residential facility. One night George took off, and went back to his old home, breaking in through the patio door. Apparently his wife, who was upstairs sleeping, didn't hear him come in. When she came down to the kitchen the next morning, she found her husband George down on the kitchen floor, eating out of the dog's bowl. George was having an early breakfast. She called us, and we went and picked George up.

The real problem at these mental health residences was the staff. These residential facilities came into being when the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania started closing down the large state mental hospitals, due to numerous lawsuits over cruelty and mistreatment of patients. Some 'avocasy groups' filed a class action lawsuit, and an award up upwards of $100,000,000 was granted to establish half-way houses or community residences for former hospital patients. These residences were then run by 'non-profits'. Under Pennsylvania laws, these MH non-profits had to adhere to 'affirmative action' hiring practices, meaning that 75% of the staff hired was black. Many of the staffers were not well-suited in terms of dealing with 'difficult' personalities. Their solution to conflict was the exertion of 'control'. I got my job in this particular facility through a 'heads up' from a friend of mine who already worked there. I needed a job, and since he knew I could communicate with 'out of the ordinary' individuals, I was able to get my position.

The supervisor for this program was a Liberian immigrant who, from what I could see, had no particular qualifications for a supervisory role. In fact, he was having a surreptuous affair with a female staffer, using one of the clients apartments to consummate it. Many of the black staff disliked whites, and after about a yer or so of employment, I was framed up for a 'bogus' violation of staff rules. The supervisor wemt along with these allegations, and I lost my job. However, there was a measure of vindication for me. The MH facility tried to deny me my unemployment benefits on the basis of 'willful violation' of policies of conduct. I had violated no policies. When I went before the unemployment arbitrator or judge, I was confronted by administrators from the facility, the staff members who had lied about me and two lawyers for the 'non profit'. I managed to keep my cool through a one hour hearing, told my side of the story, and the judge believed me, as I was granted my unemployment benefits. About 1 1/2 years later, as I was watching the 11PM news on a local channel, I was greeted with the 'Action News' story of the night: A night supervisor at another Philadelphia MH facility had just been arrested for raping female patients on the midnight shift. I watched the video, and lo and behold, who was being led out of the facility in hand cuffs but my old Liberian supervisor, who had apparently left our old stomping grounds and moved on to 'greener pastures'!

As for 'Cowboy John', George and the rest of my old clients, I don't lnow where they are now, but I wish them God speed. Funny thing, the diagnosis for all of them was almost always: 'Schizophrenia: Undifferentiated' which just means that they acted crazy as loons, but the shrinks could never really put their finger on the real problem,