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The Israeli's, who have been systematically killing, starving and ethnically cleansing the Palestinians of Gaza, stooped to a new low this week with a commando attack on the Gaza relief convoy, made up of ships and volunteers from a score of nations who were trying to break Israel's illegal blockade of Gaza and bring much needed relief and humanitarian supplies to the besieged people of Gaza. It is simply time for this outlaw nation to cease and desist from it's murderous acts, either voluntarily or otherwise. Decent human beings can no longer sit back and watch these actions without reaction. I will post a letter I wrote to the online Rothschild publication 'The Economist' giving some thoughts on the situation. Surprisingly, The Economist was much more truthful in it's reportings than the Zionist controlled media in the USA.

To the Economist:

FrankDialogue wrote: Jun 5th 2010 8:24 GMT I am amazed that even in 'The Economist', the Rothschild family's own publication, we get a fairly factual and realistic account of the deadly and murderous Israeli attack on the Gaza relief convoy...I say this because in the USA, the main media mouthpieces like CNN, FOX, MSNBC and PBS invariably hew to the line demanded by the Israelis.

This is a disgraceful state of affairs, and for Israel, while they may temporarily feel glee at the mainstream media spin, I assure you that millions of 'alternative' and foreign media readers in America are fully aware of the cowardly acts of the Israeli 'commandos', even the holding of a gun to a one year old child's head. Israel has completely exposed itself as a gangster/terrorist state.

The Israelis had the chance, after the Oslo accords, to make some kind of reasonable peace with the native Palestinians...Many of these Palestinians were educated in the US and Europe, and returned to Palestine with the hopes of starting businesses and living a decent life...Unfortunately, the Israelis, who would have been natural business partners for these budding Palestinian entrepreneurs,descended into xenophobic madness and psudo-religious racism, and what we witness today is the result.

The buzz in the 'alternative' press is speculation about the final end of the Zionist state...Before you label this as 'far fetched', given Israel's nuclear arsenal and military power, remember that apartheid South Africa also had a strong military AND nuclear weapons, but that state was peacefully dismantled.

I would venture to say, however, that Israel will not allow history to take it's course so peacefully.

Israel's raid on aid ships to Gaza: A deadly raid | The Economist

Now here's more, and it just gets worse and worse...Time to put an end to all this.

Israelis subdued captain by pointing gun at a child: Algerian activist gives chilling account of atrocities

  • By Layelle Saad, GCC & Middle East Editor, and Ramadan Al Sherbini, Correspondent
  • Published: 00:00 June 3, 2010

According to a report in The Guardian, an Algerian activist, who gave her name as Sabrina, revealed that Israeli troops pointed their gun at a one-year-old Turkish child in front of his parents to force the captain of the Mavi Marmara to stop sailing.

Many reports have emerged from among the 124 activists who crossed over into Amman, Jordan, yesterday.

In an interview with Sky News, IT professional Hasan Nowarah, from Glasgow, described the moments as the Israeli troops descended on the ship.

"All you could see was screaming and bullets. Out of the blue as I looked around our ship, all I could see were hundreds of Zodiacs. Hundreds of Zodiacs full of soldiers, and big ships, lots of ships, and I believe as well submarines in the sea."

Kuwaiti MP Walid Al Tabtabai said the Israelis were "brutal and arrogant".

"Israelis roughed up and humiliated all of us, women, men and children," he said.

Algerian Izzeddine Zahrour said Israeli authorities "deprived us of food, water and sleep and we weren't allowed to use the toilet".

"It was an ugly kidnapping and subsequently bad treatment in Israeli jail," he said.

"They handcuffed us, pushed us around and humiliated us," Egyptian MP Hazem Farouq, who was also on the boat, said and added what he witnessed on the ship "defied his imagination".

"It was hell on the sea. I saw Israeli soldiers killing activists in cold blood and then walking on their bodies," Farouq, who was one of more than 700 activists aboard the Freedom Flotilla attacked by Israeli commandos, said on Tuesday in Cairo.

"The Israeli soldiers sprayed bullets as if they were a mafia in an American film."

Farouq and his colleague Mohammad Al Beltagui were detained along with many activists, who survived the widely condemned Israeli attack. They were released late on Monday after direct intervention by the Egyptian Foreign Ministry.

Egypt was the first Arab country to sign a peace treaty with Israel in 1979.


"The Israelis left some of the injured activists bleeding without treatment until death," Farouq said.

He added that he and Al Beltagui had been robbed of all their belongings and around $3,500 in cash. Both MPs belong to the banned Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt's strongest opposition force.

"All the survivors on the ship were beaten up, stripped and humiliated by the Israeli commandos while other Israeli soldiers were busy firing teargas," said Al Beltagui.

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