It's the Ekonomy, Stupid!
What none of the Presidential 'candidates' will talk about, at least in any depth or with any sense of reality, is the economy. And why is that?. Because they are all paid for or employed in some form or another by the forces that have destroyed it.

   The American economy is gone. In insurance terms it would be classified as a total loss. How did this happen?

   The primary goal of globalists and Wall Street usurers is short term profit, and profit on an outrageous and obscene scale. These 'usurers' or 'forces' owe allegiance to no nation, and in fact find the traditional nation-state as an impediment to there greed. Nation-states that have any stable culture have laws that seek to limit the monopolization of wealth, at least to some extent. This is because in any society the concentration of wealth into the hands of any small group results in tyranny. This being said, the practice of monopoly wealth accumulation usually occurs to some degree anyway, so therefore there are degrees of tyranny. Communism, which was supposed to create a 'worker's paradise', turned into a worker's tyranny, in which the state through it's control of production and labour, enslaved those who it promised a 'utopia' to. Of course, there are political and 'religious' aspects of Communism that also came into play. Fascism is another form of monopoly control, in which the State & large Corporate interests are merged in a governmental form. What we have in America today is the synthesis of Communism & Fascism, i.e., the control of government by global corporate interests, and the imposition of a form of communism on the masses, resulting in a gradual 'reduction' and a final elimination of the middle-class, who are the bedrock of any decent modern society. This process began in earnest during the 1980's, with the emergence of the most voracious groups of Wall Street criminals, the KKR's, the Milkens and their ilk. These criminals began the process of breaking down of the great American industries and businesses into fragmented parts, much as a butcher works on a carcass. Here began an accelerated process of the sell-off of America's industrial plant and economic heart, to various faceless or 'multi-national' groups who then took the parts of this carcass and peddled it where they could. As there was nothing much left after this debacle, the 1990's saw the emergence of various 'bubbles', mostly involving information technology, that were valued without any sense or connection to reality. Now, we have the 'housing bubble' which is just another ponzi scheme that created 'paper' wealth, and allowed the 'casino-masters' on Wall Street to further hide from the American people the fact that our national wealth has been looted. Of course, the rise of financial instruments such as derivatives and 'black holes' called hedge funds, all unregulated financial fictions, helped expidite the theft.

   At the center of all this is the Federal Reserve Bank, the private and foreign owned American Central Bank, which issues our currency. This is the heart of the financial beast, and needs to have a dagger thrust into it. But, as a historical example, two American Presidents who decided to bypass this beast and issue our OWN currency through the US Treasury, Abraham Lincoln and JFK, wound up with bullets in their head.

    And herein lies the problem. All the Presidential candidates, in one way or another, are indebted to these alien usurers who suck the lifeblood from America.  John McCain was the guest of honor at a fundraiser held in his name in London by the Rothschild family, one of the shareholders in the FED. What is an AMERICAN Presidential candidate doing having funds raised for him by foreigners, and the world's most influential foreigners st that? This is treason!

   Barack Obama is supported by the global speculator George Soros, and has received funds from him, although to what extent we don't know. Soros acts as a front man for the aforementioned Rothschilds.

   Hillary Clinton's money sources are more varied, but in the past she has received money from the 'Canadian' Bronfmann family, who control a huge portion of the North American liquor trade. She has also received money from Rupert Murdoch, global media baron, and also money funnelled through Chinese fronts, as did her 'husband' Bill. We are also looking into her connections with Jackson Stephens, big time securities/investment banker, reputedly head of the 'Dixie' mafia, and a big player in the BCCI affair, and also a money man for Billy Boy and the Bush family.

   The only Presidential candidate not taking money from these sources is Representative Ron Paul. And look at what happened to him: shut out of any media coverage for his campaign, and most likely 'warned off' from pursuing his campaign more vigorously.

   So, yes, 'It's the Ekonomy, Stupid!', but you will get no solutions from McCain, Obama or Clinton. Only bullshit, and a further aquiesence to the 'planned destruction of America'. Oh, and as the old saying goes. 'When your neighbor loses his job, it's a recession; when you lose yours,it's a depression.' Better get some Prozac. It's going to get pretty depressing when good bread costs $5 a loaf, when gas for your car costs $5-6 a gallon, and when diesel fuel goes to $6-7. But, hey, America has been living beyond it's means for too long a time, hasn't it?