As I post articles and info on a number of 'Web Forums', I have noticed a trend toward a certain 'psychopathology' among a great number of forum posters...Now, I am usually fairly blunt in my opinions on various topics, but I try to keep my posts relevant to current issues, have them make historical sense, be verifiable as far as possible, and also maintain a sense of humor and compassion...Unfortunately, a great number of people do not share these same tendencies...They have a lot of 'personal axes' to grind, and sometimes the psychology goes into 'another realm'...Perhaps it has to do with the rising unemployment, and the difficulty we have in making sense of events in 'the world'...So, instead of going 'halfway', why not bring it all out in the open...My ideas for a new 'reality' hate forum:

AF (Agitation Forum) / FYF (Fuck Yourself Forum)

The basic concept of the Forum would be relatively simple...All postings would have to be of a negative and threatening nature...Rhetorical violence would be encouraged, and threats of a physical nature, along with slurs against other posters and anyone would be encouraged...Persons of all nationalities and tribes would be encouraged to post, and would have their own 'niches'...Some suggested 'sub forums':

General Hate

Ethnic Warfare/Cleansing

Back to Africa
Encouraging all 'African Americans' to return to the 'motherland'.

Juden Rouse!
All Jew Haters post here...

Raghead Central
Muslims & Arabs...We made the 'A Bomb' for a reason.

Wetback Patrol
War against illegal Mexicans and ideas for driving them out...

LaRaza/The Race

Expelling the white man from from Aztlan: By 'whatever means neccesary'

All My Niggaz
All 'bout taking out the honky, and dealing with 'snitchin' niggaz'

Sociopaths Enclave


Keep tabs on anyone on the Forum and let them know you are watching 'every move they make'

Domestic Violence Corner

Plot violence against wives, girlfriends and women in general, virtual and real.

Peadophile's Playground

Encouraging sexual relations with children/Sponsored by NAMBLA

The Thinking Sociopath

For high IQ sociopaths, a sub-forum to conceptualize and communicate new ideas for the destruction of the community...'Do What Thou Wilt'

Anarchist/Terrorist Cookbook
Devoted to making weapons of all kinds, and planning ways to cause mass chaos.

Dope Den

A place for dealers, users and addicts to exchange info on drug prices, availability and quality, and new products on the net.

Dawg Style

Yo!...Dog Fighters, we got the 'YouTube', and other tubes, too...Post your best videos: Let's see yo'  pup at work.