One of the biggest news story of 2012 occurred in December: the Sandy Hook School shooting. I remember my first reaction to the story: 'This is happening again?

Fortunately, I post on an Internet forum, 'The Information Underground', and the moderator over there, Ognir, posted the story almost immediately after it was first reported. The thread that developed 'Connecticut state police hold a news conference in Newtown to comment on the investigation of a shooting at school' turned into what has been, IMHO, the best researched and most thoughtful thread that sprung up on the web in the 'event' aftermath.

I am not going to belabor the issue here; I will simply direct readers to go to the thread, which pulled in the broadest possible information from a plethora of websites, and thanks to the tolerance of the moderators, allowed us to examine the issue in depth, as much as humanly possible.

My conclusion was arrived at after a few weeks of exploring the topic: The 'event' was a production of the US Department of Homeland Security, making use of MSM, actors, corrupted locals, scheming politicos, money (always important) and the exhaustion and shell-shock of the American people, weary from a decade of the 'war on terror', perfidy in Washington DC, Wall Street and state and local governments.

Please remember that those of us seeking 'what really happened' in this case had only the Internet at our disposal, as opposed to 'the authorities' who had many, many tools in the bag of tricks. I believe we have proven that there is a very reasonable doubt in this case, in addition to piling up mounds of circumstantial evidence. For those unfamiliar with the rule of law, a person or persons can be INDICTED for a crime due to circumstantial evidence, but cannot be CONVICTED if there is a reasonable doubt.

Please check out 'The Information Underground' thread, as it is all there, over 40 pages worth of material