Christmas Village in Philadelphia: Freemason Mayor Nutter's Satrap Orders the 'Christ' removed

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter: Freemason; Prince Hall Lodge; Scottish Rite

Huge Menorah at Independence Mall Set Up by Chabad Lubavitch

Once again, it is the Christmas season, the time we celebrate the birth of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, in Bethlehem. And once again, we see the attacks of the serpent and his helpers on Jesus. After 2 millennium, they still do not understand that you cannot kill Jesus Christ. They should have understood this the first time they tried. But those who do not understand history are doomed to repeat the same mistakes, over and over again. But now, they do not try to physically destroy him, because He is Risen. So, they continue with their campaign to blot out his name, and poison the hearts of His sheep with their eternal hate.

We had a comic/tragic scene play out as to this in Philadelphia, the 'City of Brotherly Love' and the name of one of the seven churches spoken of by Christ in Revelation. The forces of religious hypocricy and politically correct poison made another of their attempts to blot out his name. Which is a shame because, for all it's problems, Philadelphia has generally been tolerant of religious differences.

At issue was a model of a 'German Christmas village' set up in the plaza of our town's City Hall. Now, to the best of my understanding, this particular 'village' really had no religious significance at all, but was a purely commercial venture. In Europe, Christmas combines a celebration of Christ's birth with traditional pagan celebrations of the winter solstice. Some Christians attack this as a 'paganization' of the true meaning of Christmas. But to me, it is just an inclusion of certain celebrations of the season's change into the larger Body of Christ.

In any case, a minion from Mayor Michael Nutter's office ordered the word 'Christmas' stricken from a metal arch that displayed the sign 'Christmas Village'.
Supposedly, this was due to complaints from 'certain parties passing by' including a probable apocryphal story of a Jewish child asking his/her parents 'Why do they have this and we don't?'

Well, for this most likely imaginary 'Jewish child', the answer is that Jews do not celebrate Christmas, and their religious leaders have taught them throughout the centuries to hate/fear the name of Jesus Christ. But, the better explanation to this 'child' would be that 'It belongs to a different tradition, but we are allowed to participate if we choose to. Do not be upset'.

So, we had the minion of City Hall giving this order to blot out Christ's name, but then there was protest. After all, Philadelphia is still 75% Christian. Why wouldn't Christians be upset at this attempt at mischief by a low class political satrap?

Well, no need to worry. Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, the City's fourth consecutive FreeMason mayor, came to the rescue. In 'the spirit of the holiday season' Mr. Nutter graciously allowed the 'Christmas' part of the sign to be restored, thereby showing his magnaminity, and 'sensitivity to the people he serves'. And, of course, he stated that since the 'Christmas Village was merely a commercial venture, and not a religious one', no one should take offense. Of course! A celebration of the season of 'Santa Claus' and merchants furiously peddling their wares! No Jesus Christ involved, nosiree!

Michael Nutter is a PR hound, and a slick one. His move was made with this in the forefront. Some may also wonder why I emphasize his membership in a Masonic lodge. Allow me to digress, briefly.

FreeMasonry claims to be a 'brotherhood' that works from a completely secular, or non-denominational foundation. In their PR, Masons claim that they recogn1ze a 'Grand Architect of the Universe' or a 'God of Providence'. They basically say that they believe in a God, but since 'He is known by many names' and they seek to 'include all qualified candidates', they subscribe to 'no religion', but rather try to 'uncover the Ancient Wisdom' concerning religious matters.

Well, on most levels, FreeMasonry is an 'old boys' network' of rather financially secure men, or men in 'positions of influence' who use their connections through the Lodge to 'move up in life'. A curious fact of FreeMasonry is that the Lodges are still segregated on racial lines: The PA Grand Lodge admits only Whites, while Blacks have their own Prince Hall Lodges. In any case, the advantage of belonging to a Lodge lies in the area of 'connections', 'getting things done' and 'moving on up'.

But, when we look deeper into the nature of  Scottish Rite Freemasonry, we find that it is indeed a very religious organization, but a different one, in the sense that they worship another god. Masonic 'theologians' such as Albert Pike and Maley Hall claim this 'god' is Lucifer. Some higher degree Masons are 'let in on the secret' that 'God's' real name is Jahbulon, a devilish combination of Jehovah, Ba'all, and the Egyptian sun god Osiris. There is debate about the origin and contrivance of this name, but I give you my understanding.

If one visits the Grand Lodge of PA in Philadelphia, one is overwhelmed by the symbolism of the design, and the feeling that one is in a 'place of worship'. The question is who they worship. Freemasons will use various Holy books in their rituals: Bible, Koran and, possibly, Talmud in such lodges as B'nai B'rith (Sons of the Circumcision). Most Masonic religion is based on their interpretation of the Old Testament, or rather a Kabbalistic interpretation. The name of Jesus Christ and the New Testament is verbotten.

Masons have allied with such Jewish groups as the ADL, Chabbad Lubavitch and secular groups as the ACLU, along with other factions to undermine and, finally, destroy the Christian religion and tradition. It is no accident that you have seen the continuous attempt to 'kill Christ' in America over the past 50 years, at least. Powerful men, and forces are at work regarding this matter, supported by a mass media that also hates Christ, and seeks to 'blot out his name'.

Unfortunately, forces within the Roman Catholic Church seem to have joined with the aforesaid elements in an unholy alliance to achieve this goal. We witness a Church that supposedly, as the Bible states, raise 'His name above all other names' continually back down in the face of political and religious pressure from Jews, atheists, and every type of serpent in the face of this bold and open attack.

On Independence Mall, Philadelphia, home of the founding of our Nation, residing place of the Liberty Bell, you will see, every year, a huge menorah towering over the landscape. It dwarfs the Liberty Bell...It is placed there by Chabad Lubavitch, one of the world's leading anti-Christian religious group. They obtain a permit from the National Park Service every year for this purpose, during the 'holiday season'. It commemorates Hannukah, or the Maccabean Israelites, cleansing of their temple in Jerusalem. Hannukah was traditionally a rather minor Jewish holiday, but it is now used for political reason as a 'wedge' against Christian celebration of Jesus Christ's birth

Next to the huge menorah, you will see a tiny 'creche' or Nativity scene, placed there by the Catholic league, whoever they are. The contrast is unavoidable and striking. During the commemoration of the Advent of Christ, in a majority Christian nation. a simple symbol of His birth is dwarfed by a huge symbol of another religion, one practiced by less than 1% of Americans. Facts are facts.

The charade of 'Kwanza' is also pushed by these same anti-Christs as an 'alternative' to the Lord Himself.

I personally am extremely tolerant of different religions, faiths. It is a foundation of our free nation. But, I cannot tolerate an attack on Our Lord, Jesus Christ. As a Christian, I am bound to witness for Him, and to stand by Him, because of all He has done and does for me.

Let us also remember that Christmas is, and will always be about Jesus Christ and not some 'Santa Claus'. Santa is simply an anagram for Satan, the biggest counterfeiter of all. They want you to think that 'Santa' brings you gifts on Christmas, and forget the One who gave all for all of us.

Let me also mention that several Philadelphia columnists actually took a pro-Christian stance in this matter, however they phrased it.

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