The EleKtion 2008: Heads They Win/Tails We Lose


EleKtion Day 2008 is upon us. Again, Americans are left with a 'false choice' as far as the two 'major' party candidates go. I would advise anyone with any common sense or the ability to 'think outside the box' to vote for any one of the number of Independent/Third party candidates who will be on the ballot. Here is a link to those candidates:

Let me quickly discuss the 'major' party tickets: Obama/Biden (D) and McCain/Palin (R). Both Obama and McCain are completely in the pocket of the big 'money men' i.e Wall Street, their foreign syndicate partners and various corporate/special interests. They have already sold out the United States by their votes supporting the 'Wall Street bailout' plan rammed down America's throats by the 'Blues Brothers' Paulson & Bernanke. By going along with this treasonous 'grand theft', both Obama & McCain have mortgaged America for at least a generation. At the very least, they have rewarded a group of organized criminals for their wrongdoing, to the tune of a $TRILLION. No American with any kind of common sense could possibly vote for either of these puppets, or in Polish, 'marionetki'. But, of course, common sense is something sorely lacking in the character of today's AmeriKa.

On other issues, both Obama and McCain have completely supported all of Bush's policies and funding chicanery regarding the Iraq War. Obama tries to bullshit on this issue, but he lies. McCain is solidly in the 'neo-con' camp. Both Obama and McCain are in the pocket of the Zionist Lobby, AIPAC approved, and 'Israel First', whatever the cost. Neither would have progressed this far if they weren't.

Both are also supporters of, and lap-dogs, of the 5% 'ultra-rich' elitists who have strangled our people and our economy. Do not be deceived by any bullshit you hear from McCain about his concern for 'Joe the Plumber' or Obama's 'Spread the Wealth' rhetoric. They will both implement more new taxes to further strangle the American middle class and working poor. They both lie through their teeth; they speak with forked tongue.

Obama is a front man for the bankers, a 'velvet glove' on the grasping hand of greed that wraps it's fingers around our throats. Obama is supported by Wall Street and their operatives because he presents a 'fresh face' for the same old snatch 'n' grab, and also because he will win about 80% of the minority vote. Blacks could be justifiably proud if an honest black candidate was this close to the Presidency. Instead, Obama will bullshit them with sweet talk & promises of 'change' as the recession/depression deepens. The emergent black middle-class will be hit hard. And, Mr.Obama has stated his own disdain for White Americans who, in hard times, 'cling to their guns and religion'. Obama is virulently anti-Second Amendment. He is also not opposed to late term abortion. Not the least, there are also serious questions about whether he was born in the US, or has ever held foreign citizenship.

McCain is a washed up political hack. He also has 'elite' money behind him, as exemplified by the fund-raiser that the Rothschild Family gave for him in London earlier this year. The sight of an American presidential candidate being wined and dined by the world's  richest family in a foreign country at a fund raiser should have been HEADLINE news in the USA. Instead it got no publicity at all, thanks to our duplicitous corporate media. He has gotten some Wall Street money to, a few hundred grand from Goldman-Sachs and others, but those folks always play both sides. Obama has gotten millions through the Wall Street money laundry. McCain has always been a mediocrity as a thinker and legislator, 'going along to get along' and in the process selling his country out. His hand is always outstretched: to grasp whatever dollars are nearby. He has MANY skeletons in his family closet. He has also talked of the 'War on Terror' going on for another 100 years. This is music to neo-con ears. But the mood of the country and ven the elites is to wind down the WOT for the time being, as people are starting to put 2 & 2 together, and realizing that the bogus WOT is just another way of robbing all of us blind.

Perhaps the most succinct comment I have heard about McCain was made by an ex-Navy man who knows him, He said "I have some respect for John McCain, because I was also a POW during the Vietnam War, but being a POW doesn't qualify one to be President...McCain is a hot-head, and I wouldn't want his finger anywhere near the nuclear 'button'."

As for their running mates, both Biden & Palin are apparently non-entities, but if one looks a little deeper into their backgrounds, one finds 'anomolies' that give one pause. I won't go into this at depth right now, except to say that both of them, should they get into office, or, God forbid, become President, would be emminently 'persuadable or blackmailable'. Not a good situation at all.

So, as EleKtion Day approaches, i would urge all Americans to exercise their constitutional right to vote: Just don't vote Republican or Democratic. Check out the list of alternative candidates, and choose one of those men or women, Your vote will not be wasted: America needs a new choice, and voting independently will emphasize your commitment to getting rid of the same old crap we have been fed for all these years. The fake two party Republicrat/Demopublican paradigm is not 'graven in stone'. The Republicns as such didn't even exist until Abraham Lincoln won the Presidency. And we have had many viable/influential 'third' parties here. So, there you have it, and the choice is yours.

POST SCRIPT: 90% of Congressional Incumbents should be voted out of office...You will have to do some research locally on this, as the challenger could possibly be more corrupt than the incumbent...But this is a good rule of thumb...Let the incumbents go out and try to get a real job...Exceptions would be men like Ron Paul (R TX); Dennis Kucinich (D OH); and Brad Sherman (D CA)...The Nancy Pelosi's of this world must hit the road...And in Pelosi's case, the alternative is the very brave Cindy Sheehan...So, it's up to you...Which side are you on?



I went to High School in Philadelphia, City of Brotherly Love. The school I went to was, at the time, rated either #1 or #2 as the 'best academic High School in the nation'. 95% of our graduates went on to college, many to Ivy League schools, other sto big colleges like UCLA or to big state colleges like Michigan, Penn State and the like. I took a different path in life, one which I sometimes question, but that's the way life is.

One of my classmates, in fact he was in my History class, was the neo-con chicken hawk and opportunist Douglas Feith. Feith became Under Secretary of Defense in the Bush Administration, and also National Security Advisor. He was also a signatory of the infamous PNAC (Project for a New American Century) document, the document which laid out the agenda for 9-11, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the 'War on Terror' and, ultimately, the final implosion of the American economy. Feith has prospered greatly from ass-licking, bureaucratic weaseling and a general lack of respect for hmanity along with a disconnect from reality.

I had forgotten about Feith for years. In fact, it was only when a former classmate who I am still in touch with brought him to my attention a couple of years ago that I made the connection: It's THAT Doug Feith!

Feith was more or less a non-entity personality wise when I was aquainted with him. At our school, he belonged to a clique of 'upwardly mobile Jews' that stayed to themselves primarily. He belonged to the debate-club, and a couple of Jewish organizations. Interestingly, Feith didn't even live in Philadelphia, which supposedly was a requirement for attending our school. He lived in Cheltenhan, a Philly suburb, that was also the home of another famous Zionist, one Binyamim Netanyahu, future Israeli Prime Minister. Feith, as I said, was a bit of a 'non-entity', but he was 'pushy', like his clique of friends.

I was never friends with Feith, because we 'moved in different circles'. He wasn't in my homeroom. But, he was in my history class. And, ironically, he didn't seem to have much real interst or perspective on history back then. But he was just a kid.

Feith was usually quiet in History class. Our history teacher was Mr.Berlin. Berlin was a bit manic, and he his classes were sometimes the scene of heated debates. Mr. Berlin was a full-blooded Zionist, and when the subject of Israel came up, you could expect at least a 20 minute rant. At the time, my opinion on Israel was basically nuetral. One time, a Jewish friiend of mine named Mikey, who was also in the class, challenged Mr.Berlin on Israel's 'legitimacy' : then the fireworks really started. Berlin called Mikey a 'traitor and a piece of shit', and Mikey, who was one of the original 'punks' told the teacher 'Fuck You!'. They almost came to blows, and we had to pull them apart. Mikey was expelled from the class. As I remember, Feith said nothing.

In fact, the only notable words that I ever heard come out of Feith's mouth, came during a discussion of the Vietnam War, which was reaching a peak at this time (1967-71). Now, most of my friends and myslf opposed this war: because of the pointlessness of the slaughter, the nebulous reasons for our being there, and because all of us were eligible for the draft right after graduation. During one particular discussion, Feith started talking about 'bombing Hanoi back to the Stone Age' (probably heard that from Nixon), 'wiping out the Communists', and 'stopping them there, before they come to our shores'. Of couse, all this talk was complete nonsense, but since Feith was not a deep thinker, he probably believed it. Remember, this was about the time that some former 'red-diaper babies' or Trotskyites started morphing into 'neo-conservatives'. The former Trotskyites had made good money in various 'bourgeois' professions, and now they were 'changing'. Anyway, Douglas was not an original thinker.

So, in 1971, we all graduated. Most of the class went on to college. Feith went to Harvard, and later to Georetown. He did get very good grade in school. He worked hard; he pushed. Feith, of course, was never eligible for the draft, getting a deferment for going to Harvard. In this he was a 'bird of a feather' with the rest of the neo-con 'chicken hawks' who never ever served this country, other than feeding at the public trough, sucking up money from various foundations and corporate sponsors, or 'lawyering' for 'connected' law firms. But they have been good at a few things: Sending the children of America to their death in wars for profit & Israel; the wholescale slaughter of innocent Arabs & Muslims; treason against the country that made them rich and powerful; and having a general disdain for humanity.

I didn't go to college, not right out of high school anyway. I got a job delivering pizzas when I graduated, and concentrated on my great love, learning/playing the guitar. After I quit the pizzaria, I took off and bummed around the the great USA for about a year, making stops in Colorado, California and Oregon.

While living in Denver in 1972, I received a letter one day. It was from US Selective Service. I knew what it was. I was eligible for the draft lottery that year. If I got drafted, I didn't know what I was going to do: I wasn't 'running to Canada'; I wasn't going to fake something to get classified 4-F; and I certainly wasn't cut out for the military, at that time.

I opened the letter. It read something like this: 'Mr. Dialogue: This letter is to inform you that you are eligible for the US Draft Lottery this year, 1972. The Draft Lottery works by randomly selecting birthdates, putting them in a pool, and drawing candidates for service from that pool, according to how the birthdates appear in the lottery. Your number this year is #93. We anticipate calling into service men with lottery numbers up to #75. At this time, we do not anticipate that you will be called. If any changes occur, we will notify you.'

WikiPedia on Feith, Family Background
Feith was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was one of three siblings born to Rose and Dalck Feith. His father, Dalck, was a member of the Betar, a Revisionist Zionist youth organization, in Poland, and a Holocaust survivor who lost his parents and seven siblings in the Nazi concentration camps. He came to the United States during World War II, and became a successful businessman, a philanthropist, and a donor to the Republican party, and imbued his son with strong and lifelong opinions about government and international relations. Years later, Feith noted: "[Neville] Chamberlain wasn’t popular in my house".[5]

Feith grew up in Elkins Park, part of Cheltenham, a Philadelphia suburb. Feith came of age during the tumultuous Civil Rights and Vietnam War era. He attended Philadelphia's Central High School.
Of that,

Quote Feith wrote "It's a good school. The class that I was in at Central was the most talented group of kids that I ever went to school with, including college and law school."[6]






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