WTC Building 7

I am writing this 'inspired' by a 'Letter to the Editor' that appeared in my local newspaper, the Philadelphia Daily News, on Tuesday September 16, 2009. The letter was in reference to the '911 Event' and went something like this: "Any American who can possibly think that our own government was involved in such a dastardly and treacherous act is insane, etc, etc, etc," The letter ended with "God Bless America".

Well, God is not blessing America because we now worship the false god named 'Mammon' or money. But what really got me is this example of how many AmeriKans are still in denial about what really happened on that day, who was involved, and why. AmeiKa is in a final stage of addiction, with the accompanying denial. How does an addict know that he is in trouble? The drug becomes harder and harder to get, or the quality suffers, or he can't find a reliable dealer. Or he runs out of money to purchase the drug. All of these things can lead to the shock of withdrawl, but usually the addict is in heavy denial, still trying to procure the drug, until he experiences one too many shocks. A this time the addict may seek help, and confront the truth of his addiction and deception. If he doesn't he will remain enslaved, and his life and the lives of those close to him will fall into ruin.

Now, what is the truth of 'who did 911?' The truth is it was a combination of criminal forces, the main ones being our own government, in partnership with global Zionist money/political interests.

When a mega-event of destruction like this occurs, the question that must be asked is simple 'Qui bono?' or 'Who benefits?' The Serbian journalist Dejan Lucic writes that 'If you can't understand the politics, then follow the money, and the political situation will come into focus'.

We were fed the lie that 'Arab terrorists' committed this crime. But how did Arabs or Muslims benefit in any way? They didn't. The result of this act was the invasion and occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan, resulting in, in Iraq, the destruction of the most prosperous and advanced secular Arab society in the Middle Easy, and in Afghanistan, simply more fragmentation of an already fragmented tribal culture, with the spread of chaos into neighboring Pakistan. Not to mention the hundreds of thousand of innocent Arabs and Muslims killed by the murderous attacks of American & Zionist forces on their countries.

No benefit to Arabs or Muslims. So 'Qui bono?'

The US government, under the control of a group of hardcore Zionist 'neo-cons' had been plotting a strategy for 'A Clean Break in the Middle East' for about 5-10 years prior to the event. But, in their own words 'the only thing that would persuade Americans to go along with such a radical plan (creating a 'Greater Israel' that would have regional hegemony and the permanent establishment of US bases in the region to act as 'policemen') would be a 'new Pearl Harbor'. Well, we got one. Here the politics is clear.

As far as money, this is more complex, because the money aspect of the 'event' goes back a decade, involving the looting of the American treasury, and the funneling of money to Zionist operations. On September 10, 2001, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld announced that over $2 TRILLION as missing from the US DOD budget accounting. He gave no explanation of where this money went. This was the day before the event. Sounds like a major story. But we know what happened the next day, so this 'big' story almost unnoticed. Now, who controlled the purse strings at the DOD for many years?. Who wrote the checks?
Dual Israeli/American citizen Rabbi Dov Zakheim. Dov Zakheim was never asked to give testimony about this money.

In the short term, there was much stock manipulation that took place during the 911 'event'. Short selling of stocks involving American Airlines for one. Small potatoes. There were TONS of financial records destroyed in the WTC, including many belonging to the CIA/Zionist money laundry AIG, whose records were kept on the exact floors where the planes hit. Another example ws the WorldCom tele-communications records. WorldCom was in the process of bankruptcy, so conveniently all records relating to this case were destroyed. The financial firm Cantor-Fitzgerald, involved in all kinds of 'derivatives' schemes and possibly involved with huge amounts of counterfeit US Treasury bonds deals also was blown away. Thee are just a few examples.

And, of course, Mr. Larry Silverstein. Mr. Silverstein bought the WTC complex in early 2001, having the mortgage for said deal arranged by the Blackstone Group, Henry Kissinger's hedge fund. GMAC finance also was involved, and has since been cleaned out by elements connected to NY's Bank Leumi and Israel Discount Bank. Mr.Silverstein took out a special 'terrorism rider' in his insurance policy for the WTC, and when the complex was destroyed, he claimed that since there were TWO attacks (planes hitting each tower' he should be paid twice. The insurance rated the ACV (Actual Cash Value) of the WTC at  some $3.5 billion. After some haggling, Mr.Silverstein was paid some $6 billion for the demolition of both towers.

Then, we have the question of asbestos removal. To come up to code, the State of NY was requiring the owner of the WTC to do asbestos removal in the twin towers. Cost of said asbestos removal? Rough estimate $3 billion. So why remove asbestos for $3 billion when the wTC can be blown to bits for a few million and you can collect insurance for $6 billion?

The US government itself, through the agencies of the FED and other criminal elements, has been engaging in fraud and counterfeiting in regards to Treasury bonds and other securities for quite some time. Many of these records, and records of the US FBI, CIA and other internal organs were stored in WTC 7, the former Salomon Brothers building. All these records were destroyed when WTC 7 collapsed into it's 'own footprint' never having been hit by any planes. Same with the Pentagon. What section of the Pentagon was 'struck by an airliner'. The accounting department, where DOD financial records would have been kept.

How the buildings were brought down is a subject for the debate, the best guesses being by a composite of 'super-thermate' sprayed and placed in the towers, on various floors and concentrated at the base columns. The notion that 'jet fuel' and 'fire' caused the collapse has been dismissed as nonesense by engineers and experts. Never has a large steel framed and cored building ever been brought down by fire. Another possible mechanism could have been a '4th generation' nuclear device, probably using pure hydrogen' that would not have acted with the tremendous explosive force of primitive hydrogen bombs, but with more concentrated force and little lingering radiation.

We must also remember that Dov Zakhein, check signer at the DOD/Pentagon. also had the blueprints for the whole WTC complex since 1994, through his involvement with the 1993 WTC bombing. His company was SPC/TriData. Zakheim also had a company that specialized in computerized remote contol of large airplanes.

There is a ton of documentation detailing the involvement of all these criminal elements in the '911 event'. Journalists Christopher Bollyn and Jerry Mazza are two of the best. But the evidence is voluminous. Remember, in order to have a Grand Jury hand down an indictment, an overwhelming amount of 'circumstantial evidence' is more than sufficient. The hard evidence was all destroyed and removed by the US Government & FEMA, under the watchful eye of the traitor Rudy Guiliani, former US Presidential candidate & NYC mayor.

So, there you have it, in a nutshell. A rather big nutshell, I admit. In order to hold all the evidence and documentation regarding US/Israeli complicity in this case would require at last a small library. This is just a webblog.

My advice to AmeriKa? Get off the hard drugs, and open yourself to the truth. It will hurt initially, but in the long run you will have a good chance for survival.

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It is lullaby time in AmeriKa. The children have all gone to sleep, soothed by the sweet sounds of a hypnotizing melody. But the dreams are troubled. Why? Because the serpent was the creature singing the lullaby.

We are also in a type of a lull here, as far as events go. Nothing really big to report. Just a continuation of the process of 'transformation' of a once relatively conscious and optimistic people into a nation dominated by the false god of Mammon and those high priests of the same false god.

News? The US is still in Afghanistan for no discernible reason. Of course our alien puppeteers have their reasons for us being there, but there is no reason at all for the American people. Our men and women killed every day, along with innocent Afghans who pose no threat to us. Our men guard opium fields that will supply the raw materials for the heroin that will corrupt Western societies. They also stand guard for the money power of the Rothschild family and their Israeli managers who wish to claim the oil and resources from Central Asia for themselves.  What do we get out of it? A footnote in history as another 'great power' who will eventually be thrown out in a vain attempt at 'taming' these fiercely independent people.

At home we have the puppet President who goes on and on about 'universal health care' and 'health reform', as if anything will rally change for the benefit of our people. The only change will be that our money will go into the pockets of a few consolidated insurance 'providers' who will tack on an extra 30-40% to the cost of any medical procedure. Kind of like what we have now, except it will be like the bank bailout, with the small 'middle-men' getting the boot, and the 'chosen few' replacing them.

The country still suffers from the effects of an insane immigration policy. Immigrants flood in, as more and more Americans lose jobs. Today, I notarized some papers for a young man from Trinidad, here on a 'green card', a young man of about 23-24. He works for a 'non-profit' in my area and makes about 3 TIMES what I earn in a year.

Lastly, the 'sub-mentality' process continues with the destruction of all higher culture and aspiration, AmeriKan Kulture having been reduced to the level of an 'underclass reality show' in the greater part. Art? Please, go listen to a rap 'artist' or watch some mindless video.

I can't even enjoy a football game anymore, since the sport is completely controlled by Las Vegas and alien corporate interests. Anyway, watching television will simple cause you brain damage.

Some of us are not asleep. We are very awake and aware of what is going on. But what can we do? It seems as if we are doomed to be victims of the fates. But at least, as long as we keep our eyes open, we may be able to prevent ourselves from falling into a terrifying nightmare. Life is indeed a battlefield.

So, we will take it one day at a time, and remember that the adversary doesn't sleep much; hardly at all.
The first part of this series primarily featured electric guitarists who
 pioneered in the jazz & rock genres. The exception was Django
 Reinhardt, the French 'Gypsy Jazz' guitarist who took up the electric instrument late in his career and was able to translate his unique style from the acoustic instrument. Part 2 will feature a bit more of the great acoustic innovators..........................................Frank Dialogue

Davey Graham, British pioneer of the acoustic guitar...Incredible technique, playing bass lines, chords & melody simultaneously...Influenced such greats as Bert Jansch, John Renbourne & Jimmy Page...Wrote the classic 'Anji'...Best album 'The Guitar Player'...Mixed folk, jazz, raga & blues.

Carlos Santana, probably my personal favorite for drawing the emotional 'cry' out of the electric guitar...Still going strong, incredible player...Best album: 'Moonflower' from the late 70s featuring both Carlos & his band at an all time peak...Best recorded version of the beautiful 'Europa' & climaxes with the ultimate in Latin fusion/rock, the incredible 'Savor/Touissant L'Overture'.

The amazing Brazilian guitarist, Bola Sete ('Seven Ball'), real name Djalma de Andrade...Played nylon string exclusively, and was a master of samba, bosa nova, blues & jazz....Great album: 'Live at the Monterey Jazz Festival'...Super rythmic.

Jimmy Page, 'session man' on many early UK rock tracks, Yardbird, pioneer of tape delay, the 'e-bow' and other effects, excellent acoustic & 12-string player, used many alternative tunings & founder and producer of Led Zepplin...Sometimes maligned, but his guitar playing was ground breaking in many ways.

John Abercrombie, one of the most interesting & intelligent of late century jazz players...First noted for his beautiful track 'Timeless' in collaboration with Jan Hammer & Jack DeJohnette...Best album, the brilliant 'Gateway 2' w/ DeJohnette & Dave Holland no longer available...For new listeners, there is an excellent anthology on ECM Records...Also a wonderful acoustic player, especially in collaboration w/ Ralph Towner.

Ralph Towner, acoustic guitarist, nylon & steel string...Founder of the group Oregon, and a pioneer in modern 'chamber jazz'...Especially notable for his use of extended and open harmonies in his playing & composition.