The Klimax

This week, the Bush Administration reached a kind of klimax/climax. No Viagra was needed, but who knows what substances were used to achieve this orgasm. Let me digress, and then elaborate.

I once read a brief interview with Bush, and he talked about his days working as a PR man for the Texas Rangers MLB franchise. George W. had screwed up most of the other jobs that his pappy, George HW had arranged for him. Worked in the oil business, here and there, but it just didn't work out. George started drinking a little too much, and putting stuff up his nose. No good. So, his pappy hooked him up again. Some of the owners of the Texas Rangers gave George a job as a glorified PR man for the team. All he did was sit behind the Rangers' dugout and drink beer, while glad-handing the Rangers' corporate season ticket holders. He also got a point or two of ownership stock from the Rangers, which netted him about $10 million. He said about the experience 'That was the best job I ever had, and I really enjoyed it. So why did he finally quit? Well, apparently some of the corporate and political types decided ole 'Bunya' would make a 'helluva fine' governor for the State of Texas. Now George's earlier try at politics didn't go so well, and when he got the texas Rangers job, he was in hog heaven. Happy. But, when duty, or the 'organization' call, hell, what was he gonna do?

So, he became 'gubnor' of Texas, and then, well we know what happened in 2000. And after that. 9-11, 'they hate our freedom'. the 'War on Terror', the Iraq War, the Afghanistan War, the 'every Ameican an entrepeneur'. But all of this was bullshit. George W. Bush was placed in the White House by the 'organization' or the 'syndicate' for one reason, and one reason only. 'The Klimax'.

'The Klimax' is simply the wholesale sale of American assets, and the mortgaging of our and our children's future to the Global Mob. All was revealed this week when Bush, along with the 'Two Amigos' (I am being very polite here), Henry Paulson and Ben Bernanke DEMANDED that America bend over and take it up the behind to the tune of about a trillion of taxpayers money to bail out the shysters on Wall Street and the privately-owned FED. This was the final stage of the Bush Administrations 'War on America' and a 'full spectrum' psychological attack on the already badly shaken, and brainwashed American psyche.

The American economy was initially assaulted in the 'full spectrum' mode by  Wall Street jackals and hyenas like Michael Milken, Carl Icahn, KKR and all the others during the 1980s. These criminals, through manipulation, sold off great chunks of the American industrial/productive plant during that decade. Some of it was just broken into pieces, some sold to 'foreign investors' and some simply liquidated. The process continued through the Clnton Administration. We were all fed bullshit about the 'hi-tech & service economy'. Well, long and short of it, the jackals were just 'servicing themselves'.

Now, we have reached 'The Klimax'. The Klimax is reached because we are now cleaned out, and the American people are given the job of 'clean-up woman'. Like after the great Wall Street clash, the big winners are the Rothschild Syndicate, and their voracious operatives like the Israeli Zionists and the so-called 'russian' Organizatsya'. The Klimax.

I watched two traitorous Senators on CSPAN the other night:Reid from Nevada and Dodd from Connecticut. They were discussing how 'they' would make the right judgements for US, and all would be well. Probably 90% os Americans oppose this proposed bailout, which would make slime bag Paulson an effective 'economic dictator' over the US Treasury and economy. Reid and Dodd are both traitors, and don't represent anyone except themselves, and their 'bankster' puppet masters. The Klimax.

If this deal goes down, it is bye-bye to an independent and sovereign America, and another rape of the American people. But as Jesus Christ said: 'Where the carcass is, vultures gather'.

Bye-bye, American Pie. We now become 'The United States of America/Rothschild LTD'. We will still be permitted to market the name 'The United States of America' commercially, and collect the licensing fees. The payments we collect will help pay down our 'debt' ...The Klimax.





In Philadelphia, everybody used to 'get along'...No guns, no murders over stupid issues...I worked as a 'pizza man', delivering pizzas for any number of joints, and always made good money and enjoyed the work...But all that is changed...White Americans can no longer do this work in the big cities: only Mexican, Muslim or African immigrants, and every year one or two of these poor people get a bullet for their work...But, in the 'old days'.....

I was a pizza delivery man for years...I live in Philadelphia...My first job out of high school was as a delivery man for a pizza joint in the Fishtown neighborhood in Philly, which at at that time (1971) was primarily white trash Irish, some Polacks and Germans, too, with Latinos up further in North Philadelphia...But everybody loved pizza...I worked for a joint called 'Lou's Pizza'...It was owned by a Jewish guy, named Lew Rosenthal, and the main pizza maker was a fat 'white trash' Irishwoman named Tootsie...Tootsie weighed about 300 pounds...But Tootsie and Lew both made great pizza, old-fashioned Italian neopolitan style with thin crust, and excellent sauce and the best mozzarella...They worked there 7 days a week, 12-13 hours a day...I worked delivery about 5 nights a week, and I made about $250-75 take home, which was good cash for an 18 year old then...Lew had a little car for delivery that I used, and gas was cheap, maybe 79 cents a gallon; he paid for the gas...We would deliver pizza, along with fresh milk shakes, sodas, cigarettes, we had 'em all in the shop...There was also a bar next door, and for special customers, I would go in and pick up 6-packs or quarts...'Lou's Pizza' was really a little joint, and kind of a dump, but we kept it clean enough, no rats, roaches, mice...Tootsie was a born comedian, and kept everybody laughing...Lew was cool, too...One time, some little red faced Irish kid came in and told him "You fucking Jew, what're ya' doin' in Fishtown?...Lou the Jew!'...Lew flipped out, and me and Tootsie had to grab him or he would have strangled the little runt, who deserved it...But it was generally calm, just a smooth runing money machine...The most unusual thing that happened to me on a delivery run was one time, delivering to a Puerto Rican neighborhood next to Fishtown, I took a pizza to a Puerto Rican woman who was a regular customer...In those days, you could leave your car running outside the house, without having to worry about somebody staeling it...for a reasonable amount of time, anyway...So I went to the door and rang the bell...A window on the third floor opened up, and the woman stuck out her head and asked if I could bring the pizza upstairs...I said 'Sure'...The front door was unlocked, so I went in and walked up to the third-floor, and saw the bedroom door cracked open...I knocked lightly and went in, and the woman was naked on the bed 'playing' with herself...she was middle-aged and not too bad looking...She asked 'Is the pizza hot?...And did you bring me the Pepsi?'...I said 'Yeah, sure, I brought you everything.'...We stared at each other...Then I said 'Ah, look my car's running ouside, and I've got other deliveries' then I handed her the bill for $7.44...She opened her purse, and handed me a $10 bill...Then she said, 'Just give me $1 back'...So, I did...a $1.66 tip...I said, 'Listen I gotta go, but it was nice seein' ya...I'll see ya' next time you order'. She said 'Yeah, OK'... I walked back down the stairs and debated whether I had passed up something good...But I had other deliveries to make, and my car was running...So, I went back to work...I waited for a delivery to that particular address again for about three weeks, but no calls...She usually ordered every week, Friday night...When we finally got a delivery for her address again about a month later, and I took the pie over, there was a different woman living there.

Always 'do the right thing!'


Ex-Vice President Cheney Suffers   Massive Heart Attack in Dubai

Reuters January 25 2009

US ex-Vice President Richard Cheney suffered a massive heart-attack today in Dubai, Reuters has learned. Sources at the American Hospital Dubai reported that Mr.Cheney, who was apparently entertaining at his villa on Palm Island, a mega-condominium complex here, suffered the attack around 1AM Dubai time, or 10PM GMT.

Reports are so far sketchy, but the former American Vice President has a history of heart problems. Cheney became a resident of Dubai sometime in late 2007, when his former company, Halliburton, shifted their corporate HQ to the UAE. It is reported that at this time, he purchase a villa on Palm Island, an expansive luxury home/condominium complex, that also has as residents such global luminaries as Madonna and British soccer star David Beckham. Prices for these accomodtions start somewhere in the neighborhood of $2-3 million and can go much higher.

No status or condition report on Cheney is currently available. American Hospital officials would not even announce officially that Cheney was a patient. In an ironic twist of fate, Osama Bin Laden, Cheney's 'arch-enemy' in the global War on Terror, was also treated at the American Hospital Dubai in the summer of 2001 for kidney failure.

In Washington, the White House has apparently learned of Cheney's health problems through diplomatic channels. The current White House, and President Frank Dialogue, have, in the past week, issued a warrant for Cheney's arrest for matters involving 'national security', and have been speaking with officials in the UAE about having Cheney returned to the US. The White House had no comment on the current situation other than a statement by Press Secretary Ken Larrios that 'we are following the situation'.


From the online 'mini-novel' 'The America First President' copyright 2008 by Frank Dialogue....All rights reserved...For Educational and Non-Commercial Use only.


 'Bullshit Artist' Alex Jones At It Again

   I was flipping through the short-wave band last night, and the reception wasn't very good...I usually like to listen to 'Voice of Russia', 'Radio Ukraine', 'China Radio International' and even, to get a sense of how far the Netherlands has fallen, 'Radio Netherlands'. But since the reception was bad, only one station really came through with a strong signal: WWCR, 'World Wide Christian Radio' out of Nashville TN...And, of course, the biggest mouth on WWCR is Alex Jones, the self-appointed 'Godfather of the 9-11 Truth Movement'.
   Jones was interviewing 'occult researcher' Jordan Maxwell...Now, Maxwell has done some significant research into the occult; in fact, IMHO, he is an 'occultist' himself, with much of his world view deriving straight from the 'Masonic Bible'...The trouble with these researchers who delve into the occult is that it is difficult to tell whether they are 'exposing' something, or whether they are just propagating the occult under the disguise of 'investigation'.
Maxwell mentions his 'compatriots' such as Zachariah Sichin, David Icke, and Baigent, Lee & Lincoln, the authors of 'Holy Grail, Holy Blood'. All of these people are either Freemasons or Kabbalists, whatever 'new disguise' they use to conceal their real views...And, of course, both the Kaballah and, particullarly, Scottish Rite Freemasonry are 'Jewish', or rather 'Mysical Judaism': the Kaballah being the guide for Jewish 'spiritual matters' (the Talmud for 'material or practical' isuues) and Freemasonry an adaption of the kaballah for the 'goyim'.
   Which brings me to my main point...Jones questioned Maxwell on 'who is behind' the conspiracy, who is at the 'top of the pyramid'...and, as one would expect from Alex and many of his guests who delve into such 'primary and esoteric questions' the answer given was another line of bullshit.
   Maxwell named the 'Hanseatic League' and 'Teutonic Zionism' as the key to the 'shadow government' that has been ruling us for the past 7-800 years or so...Now, there is some truth in this, as the world-vies of Aryanism and Zionism are similar in many respects...But, when the mention was made of Jews or 'Jewish Zionism', very briefly, both Jones and Maxwell dismissed any notion of Jewish aspirations to power as irrelevant, Jones stating that Jews were merely playthings in the hands of these 'Teutonic Zionists' or Nazis...Jones also stated that when one 'kicks in the last door of the power matrix', one will find a room full of Nazis.
   I have no particular sympathy for Nazis, and here I specifically mean the most extreme power wielders among them...I don't subscribe to racialism...Some of the economic policies of the National Socialists did indeed make sense...But many, including Hitler were, indeed into the occult, subscribing to such philosophies as practiced by the Theosophy movement and the Thule Society...Hitler himself was a drug addict, under the influence of a cocktail of chemicals including methedrine, synthetic morphines and other substances that were administerd to him by his Jewish doctor Simon Morel...but back to Jones: He NEVER, I repeat NEVER, holds Judaics responsible for their crimes and influence, for instance, the barbaric 'Talmudic revenge movement' known as Communism/Bolshevism, nor dies he mention that the heart of the 'international banking establishment' is Jewish (by 'international' I refer to the European bankers, the most powerful for the past 200 years)...In fact, according to Jones, Jews are merely 'Hof Juden' or 'house Jews', whose primary function is to serve their 'royal' masters in Europe, ot the 'military/industrial/banking' complex in the US...according to shills like Jones, Jews are just pawns, sacrificial lambs or as described by the Jewish cartoonist Art Spiegelman. 'Maus'.
This is not to say that 'Jews rule the World'...but, if one tries to view history realistically, one must note that an ethnic group that makes about .035% of the world's population wields enormous power in proportion to it's actual numbers...and this ethnic group's role in history must be noted.
 Jones derived much of his inspiration and 'schtick' from the late William Cooper, who hosted the radio show 'Hour of the Time' for many years...Jones even got the inspiration for his theme music from the audio clips that used to open Cooper's show...Now, this is no crime, because Jones is a type of artist, and all artists borrow or 'steal' ideas from their predecessors...But, the big-mouth Jones must come under another 'artist' label, and I'm sorry to say this because I have found both him and his guest informative, and, yes, entertaining...Alex Jones, for me, has become a 'bullshit artist'...the bullshit accumulates when a person becomes too 'full of themselves'...The late William Cooper liked to use this term too, to describe certain 'personalities'...Bullshit artist.

Alex Jones Interviews Jordan Maxwell:

'The Hour of the Time' website: Cooper, now deceased, broadcast strictly on short-wave...the 'Age of the Internet' was only, his followers have archived some of his work, and have kept the program name for the website...I haven't listened to it lately, si I can't recomment one way or the other...the HOTT program is broadcast on short-wave on WBCQ ('The Planet') out of Monticello ME, Mon-Fri @ 7.415 on your short-wave band.



1 ‘Thou shalt be as gods’

2 ‘Image is everything’

3 ‘What is in a Name?’

4 ‘We are open 365-24-7'

5 ‘We aim for the abolition of the family’

6 ‘Thou shalt not kill without cause’

7 ‘Do as thou wilt’

8 ‘The ends justify the means’

9 ‘Truth is relative/What is truth?’

10 ‘The whole world shalt be yours for the taking’ 





Liberty Forum Down: and Out?

The Internet forum site 'Liberty Forum' has been offline since the 5th 0f September. Liberty Forum is basically a 'libertarian' forum where a wide range of articles are posted, and discussions take place. It is uncensored, and is a great source for news articles from around the world, and the posters are really on top of any breaking issue, in addition to exploring issues related to the 9-11 'event', the 'War on Terror' and just about anything and everything related to those issues. Some members of Liberty Forum browse my website, and if any visit KULTURE/AMERIKA in the near future, feel free to pass on information about the problems Liberty Forum is having, or just leave a comment. Is this just a 'technical' or 'administrative' problem, or is something else going on here. Another site with a brief discussion of Liberty Forum's problems:

No real hard info here, just some 'insider' suggestions that I cannot decipher. Any real info would be appreciated.



The Klassless Society

Definition of Communism: The strictly theoretical system imagined by Karl Marx in which all of society, all of economics and all politics are combined in one, classless system based on common ownership of all economic means of production. To achieve this utopian dream, Karl Marx and Frederich Engels wrote the "Communist Manifesto" to inspire violent revolution everywhere.

Of course, Communism was always a 'pyramid scheme' with the wealthy elite still very much in charge, and the proles more enslaved then ever. There was no 'classless' Communist society.

   However, we here in America, under the 'all-seeing and watchful eye' of the gangster government in Washington DC, are building a 'Klassless' society of our own. One with no 'class' or culture/civilizing thought at the top, and with a culture of 'gangsterism/sadism/murder' at both the top and bottom. The 'silent majority' will be ruled by the sociopaths at the top, and terrorized by the bottom-feeders. It is becoming more and more clear.

   Now, both the top and bottom boys have many things in common. They share the gankster mentality, the collect in gangs, secret societies, 'fraternal organizations'. They crave money and power above all else. They violate every one of the Ten Commandments. They practice human sacrifice in various and sundry forms, And, due to the apathy and fear of the 'silent majority', they escape punishment for their crimes.

   Now certainly the boys at the top do make out better. The higher up on the pyramid, the better the view, the easier to see the 'big picture'. The boys at the bottom die at an earlier age, are more 'exposed' and manipulated, and, of course, most never get to 'ascend' the pyramid in a serious way. But they all practice lawlessness. This is according to their religion, "Do As Thou Wilt' and 'As above, so below'.

   Where does this leave the 'middle klass' who form the bulk of the pyramid?. It leaves them on an endless treadmill, and strips them of their human dignity. But, this 'middle klass', by their participation in this alien religion & kulture, are given something: they are allowed to become 'konsumers'.

   Any truly free and alive civilization can only function when it breaks free from the pyramid game. For truly, psychopaths and sociopaths make up only a tiny fraction of our population. If you read the New Testament, Jesus says to his disciples, 'I have chosen twelve of you and one is a devil'. So, from the 'horse's mouth' so to speak, we know that the devil controls only a small percentage. Jesus also said 'While I am with you, you lack for nothing...But now, whoever has a money belt is to take it along, likewise also a bag, and whoever has no sword is to sell his coat and buy one'. Unfortunately, for those who are happy with the pyramid scam, He is no longer with us. Has the time come to buy a sword?

    All civilizations will have certain 'classes' because men are different in their acheivements and capabilities. And there will always be poor among us. But common sense and reason tells us that there must be a moderating factor so that the disparity between the top and bottom is not so great, and so that those in the middle may be free to progress in a natural and constructive way. The moderating and also the creative factor in all of this is God. Many consider God an 'outdated concept' and something that 'cannot logically be proved'. Well, if be the case, then just witness the fruits of this. Both the boys at the bottom and the top subscribe to this, and in fact, worship other gods. The result of this is our new Amerikan Civiliztion and Kulture. And, like I said, it is 'Klassless'. Kommunism takes many forms.