Obama Handlers Axelrod & Emanuel

Elena Kagan: New Supreme Court Justice...No experience as a Judge, but experience disallowing citizens lawsuits concerning Obama's US birth status as US Solicitor General

The summer of 2010 in Philadelphia has been so hot and humid, one might be tempted to start believing in global warming.Along with the heat comes the usual violence, people shooting each other left and right.Add to this a plague of bedbugs, and you have quite a 'situation'. What I need is a vacation.

Now it gets hot and humid in Washington DC, too. So the Obama family is playing it smart and reducing stress by taking some vacations of their own. Michelle Obama sojourned to Spain, supposedly to 'console a close friend', but she made time to visit King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia, too. The trip is only costing the US taxpayer $75000 a day. The Obamas will also be vacationing in Florida and on Martha's Vineyard this month. Certainly it is hot in these places but you get a nice ocean breeze; cuts down on humidity.

You might wonder who runs the show when the First Family vacations: this would be the same fellows who run it when they're at home in Washington DC. That would be David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel. Axelrod looks after domestic affairs and spin, and Emanuel works on the foreign policy side, funneling the orders from Tel Aviv. Both are capable spin doctors who make what is treasonable 'palatable' for the AmeriKan public. Or they think they do.

What we have seen from the 'Hope for Change' President so far is a continuation of the systematic gutting of AmeriKa begun by Bill Clinton, and brought to a climax under George Bush. Obama was picked as the 'man for the job' in the next consolidation phase.

It is important to understand that every modern US President must be 'blackmailable'. In Clinton's case, this featured his inability to keep his dick in his pants, a plethora of dirty money provided by foreign agents,such as China, and an inexplicable series of suspicious deaths of people close to Clinton. In Bush's case we had his alleged involvement in the murder of a young Texas woman, drug use, and large scale payoffs to and from innumerable corporate and individual actors. In Obama's case, the blackmail factor involves something more basic: Identity.

In truth we so not know who Barack Obama really is. Is he the son of a Kenyan? Is the the illegitimate son of a Black Chicago activist? Was his mother a CIA 'cut out'? What about the missing time when he was supposedly attending Columbia University? Nobody remembers him there. Who is he, really? On top of this we have his 'strange' pick of Elena Kagan as Associate Supreme Court Justice. Elena Kagan was never a judge in her life. BUT, as US Solicitor General, she was involved in the dismissal of a number of US citizen lawsuits attempting at getting to the bottom of Obama's status as a US citizen with the consequent eligibilty as a US President.

In the mean time, the US military is still in Iraq, ensuring that Rothschild owned BP and Rockefeller owned Exxon have the major contracts to process and pump Iraqi oil. Same in Afghanistan with a different twist:  US/NATO serves as a security force to pacify Afghans so Rothschild can build a pipeline through Kandahar province to transport Turkmen natural gas, controlled by the Israeli Merhav group, through Afghanistan for sale to India and China. What does the US get outof this? Dead servicemen, and a further draining of our treasury.

So what change and what hope do we have with Obama? None really. A friend told me the other week that Obama had called for 'an open dialogue by Americans on the race question'. Well, certainly this is an interesting proposition. However, most European Americans actually voted twice in the 2008 Presidential election. They voted once on election day itself, and then they voted again after wards by buying a record number of firearms, and billions of rounds of ammunition. Some talk of 'race war'. Well, rather, I would say this suggests a growing unease on the part of European Americans with our Federal government. The fact that a Black was elected US President really doesn't matter, except that this particular 'African American' seems to represent interests that are contrary to the best interests of America as a whole. Remember that various foreign interests and bankers funded the American Civil War from behind the scenes. They did the same with the Obama nomination and campaign.

In a way, I feel sorry for President Obama, He probably cannot even take a piss or shit without being video taped or eavesdropped on.

So, not much hope for change at the highest level. So, what to do?. THINK GLOBALLY AND ACT LOCALLY, Remember that one?

Try to inform yourself and your friends and neighbors as to realities and dangers of what we face. There is a little that 'Joe Six Pack' can do in the face of the machinations of trillionaires and their puppets and mechanisms. None of this is new as 'there is nothing new under the sun', But do not let yourself perish for lack of knowledge. And even more, use your particular God given talent to the utmost in service of the people. Many intersecting ripples on a pond can lead to a great movement. When things get too big, then go small, back to basics. ACT LOCALLY, in your community, in any way possible, and you will be surprised at the effect that will result. Remember, psychopaths account for probably less than 5% of the total population, but 'the squeaky wheel gets the grease'. No reason greaseballs should be center stage. OVERCOME EVIL WITH GOOD. By dwelling on evil too much, out of proportion, one can lose hope, and lose momentum, thereby letting the parasites triumph. USE YOUR POWER FOR GOOD.

And do not be deceived. The Gospel of Christ and the words and actions of His Apostles are still the best blueprint for common sense, everyday life.This Gospel is vilified and ridiculed across the board, which should only confirm it's truth.

See the big picture, take care to be aware of the small things and act accordingly.

Keep the Faith, and take heart. 'Don't follow leaders and watch your parking meters'.

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