Texas National Guard Unit Seizes Bush Ranch in Crawford Texas


AP January 24, 2009

The White house announced today that a small unit of the Texas National Guard, along with militray police, today seized the ranch and property in Crawford, TX, belonging to ex-President George W.Bush.

Not much detail was given by White House Press Secretary Kenneth Larios, other than a brief confirmation of the ation, and the report that 'all had gone smoothly'. Secretary Larios did go into some details about the reasons for the action, and what the current White House hoped to acheive.

"As you know' Larios stated, 'ex-President Bush left the US sometime in the week or so leading up to President Dialogue's innauguration. Through his contacts in the intelligence community, he apparently became aware that the new Administration was seeking certain information, and the answers to certain questions from him. President Dialogue feels that there are unresolved questions relating to US taxpayer funds, and also military and intelligence activity that could only be answered with the help of ex-President Bush. Apparently, Mr.Bush did not feel like co-operating with the current Administration. In fact, it appears that he was attempting to block the obtaining of certain information. When he didn't appear at the Innauguration ceremonies, our feelings were confirmed. And we also have substantial evidence that there might have been crimes commited that were being concealed, crimes that affected the American people in a serious way. So, President Dialogue, with the cooperation of loyal Justice Dept. officials obtained a warrant for the arrest of George W.Bush.'

   'At the present, it appears that ex-Presidnt Bush is in Colombia. We are aware of the fact that the Bush family has extensive property holdings in Paraguay, which is in the same region. President Dialogue has spoken with Paraguayan President Fernando Lugo about this matter, and officials from both countries are discussing the situation to see what we can resolve. We also have spoken with ministers from Colombian President Uribe's staff, but President Dialogue has not yet spoken with Uribe himself. So, the situation regarding the former President remains in limbo for the moment.'

   'This being the case, President Dialogue, by powers granted to him under the Warner Act, has ordered a seizure of the Bush ranch in Crawford, TX. A small unit of the Texas Army National Guard was used, because President Dialogue felt this matter was beyond the scope of the local police officials to handle at his time. The ranch has been seized, and investigators from the Justice Depart. are in the process of collecting any computer files and paperwork that may be there. In addition, all financial accounts that can be obtained and identified as belonging to George W. Bush have been frozen, and are currently under the control of the US Government.'

  ' We have spoken with Mr. Bush's father, George HW Bush, to see if he can be of any assistance in helping us deal with this matter. So far, the elder Mr.Bush has been unforthcoming in our discussions with him. We still hope to obtain his cooperation."



President Dialogue Announces Mortgage Forgiveness Plan

USA Today January 23, 2009

'America First' party President Frank Dialogue today announced an 'across-the-board' mortgage forgiveness plan for 'primary housing' for all American homeowners/mortgage holders.

Speaking from the White House, President Dialogue announced that all Americans who hold mortgages for their 'primary dwellings' would be entitled to a 'mortgage forgiveness rebate' up to a maximum of $300000. President Dialogue, who stunned the nation on Innauguration Day by announcing that the US was under martial law, and further shocked Wall Street and the financial market by nationalizing mega-banks JPMorgan/Chase, CitiBank, Goldman-Sachs and others, and also declared his intention to shut down the FED and transfer it's money-issuing powers directly to the US Treasury, detailed his mortgage plan to the press and the public in a brief statement which he personally issued today from the Oval Office.

'It is my belief that a primary desire and right of every American citizen, who so wishes, is to own his own dwelling place at a reasonable price. In the last ten years, we have had an explosion of home purchases and construction, but this has been accompanied by a corrsponding series of 'loanshark-type' mortgages issued by numerous banks and home finance companies. The result of this was the so-called 'housing bubble', and the consequent assumption of unreasonable amounts of debt by those who purchased homes. During this process, we witnessed extreme cases of price-inflation in regard to construction, usurious practices on the part of lenders, and, also, a dramatic increase in home prices that had no basis in the reality of the true value of the property. In addition we have had widespread fraud in the mortgage industry on the part of banks and other lenders, with money gained, and then leveraged from these mortgages, funnelled into unregulated funds, and also numerous cases of money simply dissapearing. Witness the case of Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac, a quasi 'public-private partnership' that 'sells' mortgages, and has basically kept two sets of books, and now has an estimated debt in the trillions of dollars. To begin the process of returning some of this value to the American people, from the hands of speculators, I am, as of today, issuing an Executive Order, under powers assumed by me deriving from the Warner Act, that will order all banks, mortgage companies and other financial institutions to issue a mortgage rebate credit, up to a maximum of $300000, to all homeowners/mortgage holders in the United States of America. This credit will apply only to primary dwellings, that is, the house that the borrower actually uses as his amin residence, either for his/herself and with the family. Vacation houses, rental properties and commercial dwellings will not be included in this 'forgiveness' package. I, along with my economic advisors, including HUD Secretary Catherine Alston Fitzsimmons, will be reviewing possible similiar packages for small and medium sized businesses. We understand that America needs a resurgence of small businesses and start-ups, and we also understand the financial and tax burdens that many of these same business people face. But, one step at a time.

The program will work like this: if you have a mortgage, you will be eligible for forgiveness of your debt for a value up to $300000. Say, you have a mortgage that still has 50 payments totalling $100000 due, at whatever interest rate. Your mortgage will be forgiven, in full. If you have a mortgage for $750000, then your mortgage will be forgiven to the tune of $300000. From these two examples, you can see that my emphasis is on the working middle-class, possibly working in what remains of our blue-collar industry, or in some service sector, who have been economically crushed by increasing inflation, stagnant pay scales, and usurious interest rates. Not to mention taxes. These are the people who are the heart of America, and, during my administration, I am going to go out of my way to address this segment of America, because their revitalization economically, psychologically and spiritually is the key to our rebuilding America.

We have teams from the Justice Dept., the Treasury and other related agencies establishing a presence and working with various lenders around the nation, and their presence should be quite well established within a period of 30 days. When I speak of lenders, there are hundreds of mortgage lenders around the nation: the big ones like Washington Mutual, Wells Fargo and such are alresdy becoming aquainted with our teams. Our team members will assit these various lenders in compiling the various papework and files for our program. Our 'Forgiveness Team' members will work with personnel at these companies, banks and S & L's to help smooth and expedite the rebate process. Let me say here that the S & L's will be an area of concer, as some of these small institutions have had significant exposure to the 'bubble' and have, in may case been the victims of usurious pracices by the big 'money-center' banks. I am a proponent of the idea of 'micro-banking', the 'smaller is good and sometimes better' approach to credit. S & L's are, in a sense, our equivalent of 'micro-banks' and we will be paying particular attention to them in our fiancial 'common-sensing' plan, as they are closely tied to the communities they serve, and will be an important building block in the reformation of our 'America First' economy.

To the American mortgage holder, I say this: Get your paperwork together; almost all of you will be eligible under the 'forgiveness' plan, so get your files in order, and in a week or so, we will announce when the various lending institutins will start the process of wiping these mortgages of the books. Ex-president Bush gave you a $600 'stimulus check'. I am giving you the home you have worked so hard to pay for, no strings attached. Well, there is one string. I am going to need all of you to help turn America around, to make America into a country that creates and works again. But, for the great majority, you will not have the heavy yoke of a mortgage to bear. You will have a home that is YOURS. And, with this burden removed, we can move America forward into the 21st Century, instead of back to the mideival serfdom of landlord/tenant, estate owner/serf.

That finishes my message for today. Thank you, and God Bless America.


From the mini-novel 'The America-First President' by Frank Dialogue............Copyright 2008.........may be reprinted for Educational purposes only.......Commercial use prohibited.




The Ministry of Truth

   Most readers are familiar with George Orwell's novel '1984'. It is a vision of a dystopian society called Oceania, built on the remains of the former Great Britain. It was published in 1949, after the English people were exhausted from WWII. After the war they faced extreme economic hardship, their usual venal and corrupt leaders, and the spectre of the Soviet Union. It was a depressing time. The vision of society that Orwell saw was one that combined the most manipulative aspects of the Communist beast with a more sinister vision of a living hell, controlled by the Beast himself. 'What is the goal of power?' 'Why, complete and total power...there is no other goal.'

  .A pyramid diagram of Oceania's social classes; Big Brother atop, The Party in middle, the Proles at bottom.

    '1984''s main character, Winstone Smith, works for the Party, and his job is at the 'Ministry of Truth'. This is the 'department' where reality is created through manipulation. In fact, language is even 'invented' here. All historical documents are under the Ministry's control, and can be altered at will, for what ever purpose suits the Party.

    In the US, we have a Ministry of Truth also. But it is more de-centralized than Orwell's. It is spread out though the organs of mass media including television, radio, print medium, and most influential of all, 'Hollywood'.

   Some have called this media 'combine' the Cryptocracy. We shall stay with that description for now. The most directly used medium used by the Cryptocracy is television. Consider the word: 'tell-a-vision', You tell people what you see, or, maybe, what they should see. A powerful concept, fraught with potential for good and evil.

   The Cryptocracy, in the modern era, first practiced it's 'art' through early era  television, and advertising (Madison Avenue). It was a rather benign period, family oriented and proclaiming the burgeoning consumer culture. Cheerios, Gillette shavers, Chevrolet, Swanson TV dinners, the Flintstones, Wide World of Sports and the like. Straightforward news anchors like Edward R. Murrow and Walter Cronkite. Products you could 'trust'. And, in most cases you could. Then things started changing.

     The 1960s progressed, and we had assasinations: JFK, MLK, RFK, and we had the Vietnam War The first 'tell-a-vision' war. With the unfolding of these events, the Cryptocracy realized something: you could sell other, bigger things than cars and tooth-paste. You could sell 'world views'. It was a lesson that the 'Crypts' had to learn, because their grip on power was loosened during the 60s. Too many big people killed and shot with too many loose ends. Too many questions being asked. And too many artists and musicians doing their thing and getting too much attention and power.( Some people suggest that the Beatles and the 60s 'counter-culture' was a 'Crypts' project. I disagree: it was grass-roots, but later converted into 'product'). Well, anything the people could think of, the Crypts could answer. They had the power, and they had the motive. And they controlled the media.

     We saw an evolution of Crypts 'production values' through the 70's with the 'Watergate: The Fall of A President' being  a prime-time winner. Then after the rather uncharismatic leading man Jimmy Carter turned off viewers, we suddenly had 'Iran: The Hostage Crisis'...It wasn't quite a blockbuster, but it was a popular soap-opera, and set the stage for later spin-offs.

    The 80s featured Hollywood's President, Ronald Reagan, who was a great character actor, with a flair for the dramatic. After the sad-sack Jimmy Carter, Reagan was like a 'new day dawning for America'. His show made for amusing diversion, and he sold a lot of products. But who was to know that his successor, that old Yale 'peckerwood' George HW Bush would bring Crypt production values into a whole new era?

    The 'new age' was ushered in by the surprise 'reality' blockbuster 'Operation Desert Storm', directed by George HW Bush, with help from a whole 'krewe of advisors'. 'Desert Storm' had everything: The steady leading man George HW, the 'action figure' General Schwartzkoff, the Black Warrior, Colin Powell and the 'evil genius behind the scenes' Dick Cheney. It had the best video technology, 'embedded reporters' as cameramen, a great villain, the diabolical Arab Saddam Hussein, a man whose 'goon squads' threw 'babies from  their incubators' in Kuwait and then sold the incubators as booty to other Arab tribesmen. And so many subplots like the frightened Israelis, afraid of being 'gassed' in Tel Aviv by the 'new Hitler'. What a show! It was such a success that George HW actually proclaimed that we were ushering in a 'New World Order'!

     But see, Andy Warhol once said that in the future 'everyone would have 15 minutes of fame'. Because people get bored. They constantly have to get 'new images' to stimulate them. So, almost immediately after 'Operation Desert Storm' ended, people forgot about it. It was boring. There were more mundane issues to deal with. Like making a living.

     So, the 'New World Order' was kinda 'dead on delivery'. Well, not really, but it was put on the shelf for awhile, until new 'production techniques' could be developed. But the Crypts are nothing if not persistant. They tried various 'pilot projects' thru the 90's, the longets running of which was 'The Clinton Body Count'.Bill had some charisma, and his wife was like Tabitha the witch, except not as cute. And he also played saxophone, and liked 'the girls'. Ooo-oo! So he was entertaining, and, hey some good product got sold too. Lke the whole United States. Some other semi-successful mini-series were 'Bosnia/Kosovo' and 'The 1993 WTC Bombing'. Oh, I forgot 'Waco' and 'The OKC Bombing'. Not 'blockbusters' but good practice runs.

    The blockbuster came in 2001, under the directorship of George W.Bush and Dick Cheney (with foreign specialists handling the 'technical work'). Of course, I'm talking about '9-11'. Even the title was a stroke of genius. What nuber do you call when you need emergency help? You got it, 911! Marlon Brando once said that 'the Jews control Hollywood'. Well, when we observe the Israeli production values that run through '9-11', maybe the guy was right!

    And the spinoffs that came right after! 'The War on Terror', 'They Hate Our Freedom', 'Islamo-Fascism', 'Afghanistan: The Hunt for Osama Bin Laden', 'Department of Homeland Security'.This was a bonanza for the Cryptocracy, Surely, they had hit the motherlode. 'Plans for the 'New World Order' mega-blockbuster were taken off the shelf, and pre-production got underway.

    But wait. It seemed like this movie was the only thing on 'tell-a-vision'. People watched it over and over, with the spin-offs. And then, people started noticing that the production was a bit more shoddy than it first appeared. And there were flaws in the plot. The acting didn't hold up to repeated viewing. The Ministry of Truth, spread out in it's outposts from NY to Hollywood to London to Tel Aviv to Bagdad worked overtime to 'tell-their-vision'. But a lot of folks started seeing a different picture. Maybe the new thing called the Internet had some effect on the Ministry. People could create their own realities for themselves, or at least examine the historical documents. It was that ole 'grass-roots magic' weaving it's spell, kinda like the 60s. Maybe. But wasn't reality 'virtual' anyway?

     We recently had a new show come on called 'The Georgian Conflict'. This was a new Crypto pilot, but it seemed to fall on it's face. First of all, it was scripted in the US, but it was filmed in Russia/Georgia. And, the Russians are 'artists' and 'cryptos' in their own right. But they have different production values than Hollywood. In fact, they are developing their own film industry. The show starred a Georgian comedian name Mikheil Saakashvili and a Russian villain named Putin, but somehow the acting was stilted, although Putin did have some moments of drama. But the plot, with the 'heroic little democracy' defeating the 'Russian Bear' was never gonna fly. It just didn't make sense.

    But the Ministry of Truth did it's best. CNN, FOX, MSNBC and even the particularly repulsive 'voice of the baby boomers' NPR all wailed and bemoaned the 'Russian aggressors' and the 'threat to democracy'. All lies. All bulshit. All tired and old.

    I think it's time for a wholesale employee turnover at the Ministry of Truth. They need new blood in there. But can one retire from the Ministry of Truth? I guess Winstone Smith had a sort of 'retirement'. Not a nice one. Maybe they are just afraid to quit at the Ministry. Or maybe you just can't get out with your soul. Maybe that;s it.

1994 online: http://www.george-orwell.org/1984/index.html

the '1984 Pyramid graphic': http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:1984_Social_Classes_alt.svg





Poland MaKes a MistaKe

   The major US propaganda organs all announced today that Poland has finally come to terms with the US over the 'Polish missile shield', ostensibly designed by the US military/industrial complex to give early warning and 'protection' against missiles launched from 'rogue states' such as Iran, North Korea, or whatever countries that don't have a Rothschild sponsored 'central bank'. You can hear/read about the details from any of the major prop-organs, but I will include a link here for you to peruse: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2008/feb/02/poland-agrees-to-house-us-missile-inceptors/

   Now, the logic of this missile-shield has always defied any kind of accepted logic. Why does the US need a missile shield against, say, Iranian missiles in Central Europe? The US has satellite tracking that covers the globe that will alert us as to any missile launhes; in addition, the US has deployed in the Persian Gulf area Navy, Air Force and other strategic and tactical early warning systems. Any launch of Iranian missiles would be picked up immediately. As for North Korea, another 'rogue nation', we have a huge presence in South Korea, Japan and the Pacific which would do the same as regards the Koreans. So why put these missiles in Poland or radar in the Czech republic? Both are NATO members, and NATO also has detection and intrception capabilities.

     The first reason for the deployment is simply money. From what I read, the missiles would be of the Patriot-type, manufactured by Raytheon Corporation. The Patriot has never been tested in combat, except for a very poor performance in Israel during Gulf War I. So, this is just another big money contract for one of the Bush connected military contractors. Polish taxpayers will foot the bill.

   Is Poland afraid of an attack from Iran? This, again, defies any logic or common sense. So, against what 'attacker' will these missiles be targeted. The obvious target is the Russians. Russia, her people and her natural resources are the target of the Rothschild octopus, and the US is the military 'police' arm of that same syndicate. The current conflict in Georgia was a provocation of the Russians by US/Israeli/Georgian employees of the Octopus, and the Russians seemed to be the winner. But, now, with the Polish mistake, we see the second stage of that provocation playing out.

   This week, we saw the Polish president Lech Kaczynski making a visit to Tiblisi, Georgia to 'show support' for his fellow clown, the Harvard 'educated' Georgian 'leader' Mikheil Saakashvili. I believe the Ukaranian leader showed up also. It was a meeting of the 'Three Stooges'.

    Now, after this vaudeville act in Tiblisi, the Polish announce, that after years of wrangling, the Polish will accept the American missiles. Polish Defense Minister Sikorski announced the agreement with the reasoning: 'We cannot wait for NATO to help us if we are under attack, so we need a 'special arrangement with our loyal ally' the US. Notorious liar and oil industry operative, US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice appeared in Washington with Sikorski for the announcement.

   Of course, the Russian were not too pleased with this 'sudden' decision on Poland's part. Here:


  The Russians have actually showed remarkable restraint in dealing with this affair, as they did in Georgia. But what will the Poles get from this?

   Nothing. Polish leaders do not learn from history. Just as in the time before WWII, Poland believed lies from the West in regard to her security; and here, she puts her faith in the criminal and degenerate Bush 'organizatsiya' for 'protection'. Just as the UK & France did nothing to save Poland from Hitler and Stalin, and just as they continually betrayed Poland after WWII, any 'promises' that Bush/Cheney make to Poland will be flushed down the toilet. As I stated this is just another contractor payoff for Bush, And,as for Poland, to Bush it is just a place to hide his ex-lover, Victor Ashe, the current US Ambassador. Poland expects help with modernizing it's Air Force as part of the deal, and, probably the US will be happy to sell it some outdated planes.

   Of course, this 'missile shield' is inadequate even before it is deployed, so it's military value will be about zero. But the message and provocation sent to Russia will linger in the memory banks for a longer period. Poland needs to understand that Putin is not Stalin, and that George Bush, Barrack Obama or John McCain are not Iosef Pilsudski. Hitler said that 'Slavs were incapable of governing themselves'. Putin has proved this is incorrect. Now Poland needs to show that it can generate the type of leadership that will seek to make it independent and self-sufficient. So far, there appears to be no one on the Polish horizon that fits this bill. And where is the Polish Roman Catholic or Christian leader who will speak the truth on this unholy alliance with Bush? Poland, beware!




'Neo-Kon' Game in Georgian/Russian Conflict

  Last night I was viewing the opening ceremonies from the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. These particular ceremonies are called the 'Parade of Nations' All nations, big and small, get their chance to greet the crowd in the stadium, wave the flag, and generally have a good time. But their were a few twists to this 'Parade of Nations'. NBC was the broadcaster, and Bob Costas was the commentator. For the most part, Costas mouthed the usual pap, with a few cute anecdotes about small countries like Botswana, which he read from the tele-prompter. Nothing unusual. But, of course, when Iraq and Iran's turns came to march out, all of a sudden Costas becomes a 'political commentator', talking about 'chaos in the shattered nation of Iraq' (now, who would have caused that?), and, for Iran, the warning that 'they must stop their drive to aquire nuclear weapons'. And, of course, although he couldn't be too blunt about it, numerous innuendos about 'human rights' problems in China itself. Words mouthed by a hypocrite for his paymasters.

    But this wasn't a big surprise. That came with a shot of Vladimir Putin, in the grandstands, intently watching the proceedings. Then, the surprising announcement (to me, anyway, as I had not turned on the news all day), that 'Russian troops were attacking Georgia'. And, then, a cut to a shot of Vladimir Putin and George Bush leaving some kind of official event, or press conference somewhere in Beijing: Putin looking very angry, indeed, George Bush looking rather sheepish, and then Putin thrusting his hand in Bush's direction, and making a gesture that said 'NO!'. Bush's expression, in fact, was similiar to the one he had on his face when he was reading that book about the goat to those school children during the '9-11' attack. That look that says, 'Hey, don't look at me! I don't know what's going on.' The look of 'astonished me' and 'plausible deniability'. Then Costas also commented about Putin's look of anger. And some more comments about the conflict with the hope that 'the bloodshed will soon cease'.

    So I flip over to BBC, and there was extensive coverage, but nothing too coherent: reports that a couple of Russian planes were shot down, and that the Georgians were shelling civilian targets in South Ossetia, a predominntly Russian region in north Georgia that has been the scene of turmoil for the past 10 years. Also, some may remember the massacre of Ossetian and Russian children that took place at Beslan, in North Ossetia (Russia) that took place a numer of years ago, supposedly orchestrated by 'Chechen' terrorists. The BBC commentators really had little in the way of hard information, but the slant of the story was that of 'Russian aggression against the tiny nation of Georgia'. The Georgian president Mikhail Saakashvili appeared briefly, making some rather hysterical comments about Russian 'aggression'.

    Now, in trying to take this all in, I couldn't help but recall the persistent US interference in Georgian affairs over the past few years:  The so-called 'Rose Revolution' funded by western banking & intelligence interests, the wooing of Georgia by NATO, and, not least, the 'BTC' pipeline, owned by the Rothschilds/British Petroleum & sundry Israeli interests. The pipeline runs through Azerbaijan and Georgia, bypassing Russia, to bring Rothschild/BP oil to Turkey, where it is shipped o Western Europe and also to Israel. All of this, combined with the afore-mentioned Beslan massacre, which I believe was financially backed by elements from the Rothschild octopus, through Boris Berezovzky and his Chechen connections in Britain, are reason enough to make Vladimir Putin very angry. And there is another interesting element.

   This escalation of an extremely dangerous situation took place while both Bush and Putin were away from their respective countries. Which means that Dick Cheney and his 'neo-kon' chicken-hawk psychos were at the helm in Washington, and the virtually uknown and untested new Russian President Dmitri Medvedev was running the show in Moscow. Now, Medvedev, we don't know about yet. Puin picked him, but is he a loyal Russian? And can he handle this level of inrigue? As for Cheney, Elliot Abrams, Richard Perle and their nest of vipers, we know them to well. Bush can claim plausible deniability, like he did when he was reading to the schoolchildren when the September 11 attacks took place. Cheney was in charge in Washington on hat day.

    More disturbing is the presence of an unknown number of American Marines and Special Forces who have been staioned in Georgia for a number of years as 'trainers and advisers'. Here is a link:  http://www.kavkazcenter.com/eng/content/2008/07/10/9971.shtml

    Also, the Israelis are there also, in the form of mercenaries: http://www.debka.com/article.php?aid+1358

    So, we have a real can of worms here. Remember that power comes from the end of a gun, but usually this power serves money, and oil is a big source of money. One of the first and most detailed analysis of the 9-11 event, 'Crossing The Rubicon' by Michael Ruppert, went into great detail about Western/Zionist plans to go after Caspian oil for a conglomerate of BP/Chevron Corporations. Again, BP is the Rothschilds, the Dutch House of Orange, and other interests. Chjevron, too. The Russians have had some mighty battles with these elites over the past ten years, seemingly won by Putin when he put out arrest warrants for, or imprisoned a number of the Rothschild backed 'oligarchs' like Michel Khordokovsky and Boris Berezovzky. And as Russia has righted it's national economy and secured it's energy resources, it has also regained some of it's former political might. This is a dangerous situation for certain 'Western' powers who have tried to dominate the Russian nation for well over a century. And, the 'neo-kon' bloc in Washington and Tel Aviv are still at work, collecting paychecks from their puppet-masters, causing untold misery for innocent people all over the globe, and stealing whatever they can lay their hands on. Criminals need wars to cover up their grand larceny, and to keep the peoples in a state of fear and misery. However, the 'neo-kons' may have really miscalculated in this case, or perhaps their goal is just to create more diversion and chaos. Psycopaths don't think like normal people. So, we shall see.

Links to Alex Jones, who hosted a very good discusion with Paul Craig Roberts and Robert Chapman on this issue last night, 8/8/8:

http://www.infowars.com    and also


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Tampering with KULTURE/AMERIKA


   I recently noticed that KULTURE/AMERIKA, which came up #1 on Google when the title was keyed in had sisappeared from the Google search results, only appearing when one of the blogs was referenced by some other source or website. I am sure what caused this, but I have taken some steps to see if I can remedy the problem. Also, I was recently banned from a Philadelphia web forum for printing an essay critical of certain aspects of so-called 'kool' or 'hip' Amerikan Kulture entitled 'Tatoo You'. Apparently, although the essay was simply social commentary, there was a reader or two who thought this article was about THEM personally. Well, this wasn't the case, but because of their complaints, I was banned from the forum, PhillyBlog, with the message 'You are banned from this forum...Reason Given: none...Time for return: Never'. This is free speech in certain 'politically correct' minds. Not a good sign for those with 'controversial' points of view. But, anyway, we keep moving forward. Hopefully, KULTURE/AMERICA will come up on the Google search engine again without difficulty.

Forum that banned me: http://www.phillyblog.com

I will be posting in the future on: http://www.phillyfuture.org

And you can always read me on: http://www.libertyforum.org