January 21 2009: President Frank Dialogue's First Press Conference/The Media Response

Covered by ABC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, PBS & Fox News


President Frank Dialogue: Ladies & Gentlemen from the press, greetings!...I am sure you have a bunch of questions for me, so here I am: fire away!

CNN: Mr.President, Leslie Schaff, from CNN...We certainly do have many question...but let me ask one very obvious one: Is that a gun you are carrying, in a holster on your side?

President: Hi, Leslie...yes it is...why do you ask?

CNN: Well, Mr.President, and I think that I can speak for most of the reporters here. we have NEVER seen a President carrying a firearm; are there guns in the White House now?

President: Leslie, there have always been guns in the White House; it's just that you press folks never see them...I am protected by the Secret Service...I assure you they are all armed...and they always have been while protecting a US President...now, why do I, personally, have a firearm?...because as good as the guys and gals are who are protecting me, and they are the best, I like to have a little insurance policy of my own...I am trained in the proper use and maintenance of a firearm, and am alos trained in safety procedures...and, as you might have heard, I was threatened a number of time during my campaign.

CNN: But, Mr.President, what kind of message does that send to the American people, that a President brings his own handgun to a Press Conference?

President Dialogue: Hopefully, it sends the American people the message that their Commander-in-Chief takes his own security seriously and personally, and also that he believes in the Secon Amendment to the Constitution!

A loud commotion, bordering on pandemonium breaks out......

President: Calm down everybody...I can't answer questions with everyone shouting...(waits until quiet is established)...OK, next question!

MSNBC: Tom Callaghan, MSNBC here...Mr.President, you have certainly come in with a bang, so to speak...But, you have declared martial law in the United States of America...this has never happened in our democracy...what clear and present danger, so to speak, prompted such a draconian measure, and by a new President...already, people are saying that we have elected a dictator!

President: No, Tom, I am not a dictator...Although I outlined ten essential points for my action in my innauguration speech, I will elaborate...That is the reason for this press conference, to talk to the American people and the press...First of all, there will be no curtailement of basic freedoms: Congress was sworn in yesterday, and they will continue to function, although I will not put my signature on new legislation for a period oftime...the courts are functioning...the Press is functioning...all the major networks are here...nobody is telling you what to say, nor will anyone from my Administration do so...people are going to work and school, doing what they normally do in their everyday lives...the only thing closed is Wall Street...and they need a vacation anyway...and we need to do and are doing a lot of checking there...as I said yesterday, this declaration of Martial law is not directed against the average citizen, but against...

MSNBC: But, Mr.President, martial law???...Is there some kind of clear and present danger to the nation, has al-Queda or...

President: (holds up his hands) Tom, just to prove I am not a dictator, what would have happened to you if you had rudely interrupted our ex-president Bush like you just did me?

MSNBC: Mr.President, we need to know...

President: (holds up his hands again) Tom, respectfully, if you shut up for a minute, I will give you a complete answer...OK?...OK...Well, at least you guys are showing some life, and a little spirit in questioning authority...OK...a clear and present danger?...first, one: the US has already received threats, through 'backdoor channels', today even, that it would be 'very dangerous for the US to pursue a policy of making changes or eliminating the Federal Reserve Bank'...I won't elaborate on these threats now, but that's why I have sent troops from the National Guard to NYC, on Wall Street and at some other financial centers...also, my nationalization of JPMorgan/Chase and CitiBank is also causing threats...BUT, the second threat I moved on was the most immediately critical...under our ex-president George Bush, a number of 'contracts' were given out to private & FOREIGN companies, to 'guard' our strategic NUCLEAR facilities...this means civilian nuclear power plants, nuclear waste sites, and, the most insane of all, MILITARY sites where nuclear weapons and materiel is stored...do you understand what I am saying...let it sink in for a minute...FOREIGN & PRIVATE CONTRACTORS have had access to our nuclear weapons & materiel..........(pause)...............With these 'contractors' doing our security duties, it makes me a little nervous....Might have an accident....All right....as of last night and today, all of these foreign contracts have been dissolved, and troops from the National Guard, the Army, Air Force & Navy have removed any 'contractor' guard from their posts, all over the United States...some of these guards have been taken into custody for questioning, and we have launched an investigation into anyone, foreign or domestic, who was involved in the setting up and carrying out of these 'contracts'...

 To be coninued.....


Inauguration Day January 20 2009: President Frank Dialogue Speaks to the American People

   'My fellow Americans, we live in troubled and dangerous times: we have almost lost our freedom, as a Republic, and we are finally feeling the full effects of the economic looting that certain alien forces have imposed on us, speaking in contemporary terms, for the past quarter century. We are bankrupt as a nation, fiscally speaking. But more importantly, we have lost our moral compass: respect for America is at an all time low worldwide, in terms of how the ordinary people view us. Of course, there are certain elite elements who still have use for us, as security guards for their ill-gotten assets , and as 'human shields' for their campaigns of ethnic cleansing and oppression. We have, in a sense, because of our apathy and laziness, allowed this to happen. But we were also deceived.

In an age of high-technology/media where the average citizen is fed a steady diet of propaganda and mind control, designed to brainwash you into believing that you are 'consumers' instead of US citizens, yea, even human beings, it was not really a hard thing to do. Yea, they have even convinced many that God does not exist. But we know He does. The Bible states that 'when My people are given to believe in a lie, I will send them an even greater delusion!'. We, as a people, have finally woken from this delusion that was thrust upon us. And now, as a people, we will move forward into the light of God, and no longer dwell in darkness.

     Before I get to the meat of my message, let me give thanks to Our Lord for His mercy, and His willingness to forgive. I will also ask for His strength, for all of us Americans, so that he will guide and protect us in the dangerous days ahead. I also want to give my most humble thanks to you, my fellow Americans, for voting for me, believing in my dedication to principles of justice, honesty, compassion and integrity, and trusting that I can lead this nation in the direction of real change and restoration that we need as a nation. I am your humble servant, always, and I will never forget that. And don't you either! Let me know if I seem to be in error, but have patience with me, as the fight is just beginning, and the enemy is the Devil himself.

     I will now make my first announcement, and take my first action as President of the United States of America: Under Section 1076 of the Defense Authorization Act, known as the John Warner Act, I hereby declare the whole territory of the United States of America to be under Martial Law...........(long pause)....................................................................

    I hear a gasp from some of you. I would gasp, too. But I will explain my action, and I will leave it for you to judge.

   My invoking of Section 1076 is neccessary for a number of reasons. However, after the current crisis is resolved, I will ask the Congress of the United States to repeal this law, along with the notorious 'Patriot Act'. However, under current conditions, the traitors who passed this draconian measure will now feel it's full sting themselves. I will explain.

   1) The Martial Law declared under Section 1076 of the Defense Authorization Act will not apply to any ordinary citizens of the USA. Your freedom of movement in the US will not be restricted, and all citizens who have made plans to visit loved ones, attend to business or vacation overseas will not be prevented from doing so. However, when I outline the rest of my program, you may wish to reconsider, at least temporarily, your personal itineraries, as there may be trouble in the short term.  There will be a deployment of state National Guard units in the various states and commonwealths. They will be under strict instructions not toviolate the rights of any US citizen: in fact, there will be severe penalties for any National Guardsmen that violates any constitutional right of an American citizen. I ask your understanding in this matter, and I am also depending on the cooperation of the various state and local authorities in this. This measure is not aimed at ordinary US citizens. For we have bigger fish to fry. I will continue...

   2) As of today, January 20, I am authorizing a complete pullout of all US forces from the nation of Iraq and Afghanistan. These withdrawls will be without condition. The withdrawls, however, will be completed in an orderly manner, to safeguard US servicemen and women, and to allow the relevant authorities and military forces of those countries to reestablish authority in their homelands. The US invasions of these two nations were based on a lie, and now the time has come for truth.

There will be much to resolve in reference to what is, in reality, the destruction of the civil authority in these societies that accompanied our invasions, but the withdrawl of our troops is the first step. I have consulted with our loyal officers in the US Armed Forces, and I trust them with the proper implementation of my orders. The invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan were never approved by Congress, in terms of a declaration of war, so they are in effect illegal occupations. They will end.

   3)  In keeping with this, I have ordered all US Armed Forces worldwide to go to their highest state of readiness, and I have ordered our strategic nuclear forces to a state of DEFCON 2...Any attacks, by any nation, on US forces while we are carrying out this withdrawl will be met with force. Our military and intelligence services will be on special alert for so-called 'terrorist' and 'false flag' provocations.

   4) I am ordering National Guard units in the US in states bordering Mexico, including Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California to seal our southern borders. In addition, for a period of 30 days, all commerce between Mexico and the USA will pause, as National Guard units, the US Border patrol review the security situation. If a US citizen chooses to visit Mexico during this time, he will be allowed to do so, but will have to register with Customs oficials at the border, and receive a special US travellers permit; otherwise, the US citizen will not be readmitted to the US. I take this step because of the REAL threat of organized drug traffickers along our Southern borders, and because of the threat of certain elements smuggling weaponry, and other destructive device through our porous southern border.

   5) On the economic front, I am ordereing a complete auditing of the Federal Reserve Bank covering a period of 1990 to the present. I am also,  under Section 1076, suspending the Owen-Glass Federal Reserve Act. As of tomorrow, US Mints will no longer print Federal Reserve Notes. They will be replaced by US Treasury notes, in the same denominations. The auditing of the FED will be complete and thorough, and will bring to light all of the private holdings in our 'national' bank, and, finally, the dismantling of the FED. 

   6) All major 'clearing-house' banks, such as JPMorgan/Chase, CitiBank and others are, as of today, nationalized. I am, under Section 1076, suspending the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999, which led to the amalgamation of the 'monster' banks, and directly to our current bankruptcy. Starting this week, I am sending special 'SWAT' teams of SEC and US Treasury/Secret Service officials, along with associated computer experts, to do a complete and thorough audit of all these 'money-center' banks'. This will be time consuming, and I hope, that with the cooperation of reasonable and loyal banking officers, we can complete this process, and in the meantime, carry on normal banking affairs to a sane degree.

If we can't, I have a number of alternative plans. We have quietly recruited a significant number of intelligent and qualified economists & students from various State Universities and the private sector to help us sort out the banking debacle, and to help us put the issue of money into proper perspective, in line with the needs of the producers of wealth, the American people.

   5) As of 3PM today, Wall Street is closed, for a minimum of 7 days. Take a little vacation, fellas. Any transactions after 3PM today are null and void, until I say otherwise. Any attempt to move funds by means of computer after 3PM EST from any Wall Street brokerage or related 'hedge funds' will be considered reason for arrest and prosecution. Any attempt to move funds out of the US will be dealt with even more severely.

SEC and US Treasury teams are already on Wall Street as I speak, and they are under instruction to secure as much computer data as possible. Our big target is hedge funds. As of 3PM today, all hedge fund trading is suspended. Period. We are hoping to obtain the cooperation of the highest officials of these mega-banks. But, if there is no cooperation, I will enforce arrest orders. Tomorrow, the NY Naional Guard will be taking up a presence on Wall Street and in the NYC financial districts, including at the HQs of all the major investment banks and firms.

   6) Officials of our State Department/US Treasury  will be discussing the US financial crisis with foreign nations that are heavily invested in US Treasury notes. All I can realistically say now, is that we have a number of different strategies to solve this problem, and we will be working on it non-stop in the coming months. I will keep you posted.

   7) I have ordered the arrest of former US President George W. Bush, the former VP Richard Cheney, along with many of their policy advisors. We have a report that Richard Cheney has left the country and is now in Dubai, with his wife Lynn. We are seeking his extradition.Some other advisors, sometimes refered to as 'neo-cons' have fled to Israel, including Richard Pearl, Rabbi Dov Zakheim and Paul Wolfowitz. We are seeking their extradition. When these fugitives are captured, they will be taken to our base at Guantanamo Bay for questioning. Either myself, or one of my associates will be keeping you up to date on our progress in apprehending these law-breakers. We cannot have a functioning civil society when the little people are incarcerated for violating the law, yet the 'big boys' get away with murder. There will be a reckoning, and justice will be served. I am also ordering, as of tomorrow, the dismantling of the so-called 'Department of Homeland Security'. All upper-level administrative staff are dismissed as of now. Local administratives and operatives are also terminated, but will get a severance pay. Then they will be eligible for our new unemployment compensation benefits, which I will be discussing with State governors in the coming few weeks. Also, under my Executive Order, and I hope with the approval of Congress through legislative act, every US elected official will be asked, under oath, whether he/she belongs to any 'secret society' where their allegiance may be contrary to the US Constitution. Any perjury in this matter will be lead to dismissal and possible prosecution.. 

   8) In order to lessen and alleviate the burden of our hard-working middle and lower middle-class, I am reviewing the idea of a 'mortgage amnesty' for millions of Americans. This mean a possible elimination of mortgages for primary dwellings. It is my belief that every American has a right to a decent home, and to own it. The mortgage industry has become a cesspool of usury and avarice, and this will be eliminated. With the nationalization of our mega-banks, we hope to distribute some of these unlawful profit back to the American working man & woman.

  9) As of now, there is a freeze on oil prices. National Guard units will be dispatched to major refining areas/terminals to prevent sabotage. Speculators in the oil 'futures markets' are also hereby put on notice. Our Strategic Oil reserve is at an all time high, so there is no shortage. I will be speaking with major oil executives, and genuinelly hope to gain their cooperation in the sensible use/developement of American-owned oil; I hope to convince them to develop some of the huge fields that lie off-shore and in Alaska in an enviromentally sound manner. I intend to be very persuasive.

10)  I expect to be the target of one or more murder attempts in the coming months. For this reason, I have purged the US Secret Service as best is reasonably possible, and have installed men loyal to this President and the American people to lead my defense. But, one cannot guard against every circumstance: As the old blues song says 'When the Lord get's ready, you got to move...'. Fortunately, I have a wonderful VP in former Minnesota governor Johnny Valentine, an ex-Navy SEAL so I do have backup.

    In closing, because I want to let you all go and have a little fun, we've got food and drink over at the various venues, I just want to thank you again for your support. With the help of Our Lord, I believe we will defeat our enemies, be they foreign or domestic. So, enjoy yourselves tonite, and peace be with you, because tomorrow the shit will hit the fan!

God Bless America.'




The Pennsylvania Turnpike sKam

    Yesterday, we received news that PA Governor Rendell had agreed to a deal with a foreign corporation, in partnership with CitiGroup, to lease the Pennsylvania Turnpike for the next 75 years.


     You can read the article youself. But here's the deal: this Albertis Infraestructure S.A (Barcelona). along with Citi Infrastructure Investors (NYC) would take over one of the two main arteries in our state for a period of 75 years, with the right to increase tolls 25% the first year, and 2.5% (or the rate of inflation) EVERY YEAR AFTER THAT. Any one who works for the Turnpike Commision would have his contract honored until the end of the current ter: after that, they can negotiate with CitiGroup!

    Now  these shenanigans have been going on for awhile all over the country, but now the globalists have come to Pennsylvania, ready to buy or 'lease' vital assets already paid for by the taxpayers. The supposed reason for this privitization is a basic one: the States and the Federal government are broke, and can no longer pay to keep our infrastructure in good working order. So, we give them to foreign entities, who will do the job for us, but, of course, at a price.

   These global corporations have already purchased or 'leased' tax-payer paid for public highways in Texas, Indiana and California. America what remains of it's hard assets to these foreign entities, for what amounts to pennies on the dollar. Here is an interesting article giving a bigger picture: http://www.waxingamerica.com/2006/07/america_for_hig.html

   The big problem with this whole scheme, other than the moral one cutting up and selling our state and national assets, like a butcher would after he carves up the carcass, is that no one really knows who owns these companies. Here is the website for Albertis Infraestructure S.A.    http://www.albertis.com/en/

    Any info on there about who really owns this company? No. And there is a good reason: these 'global' companies are all just fronts, or shells within shells. The real controllers of these companies are the 'invisible hand', mostly composed of what some refer to as the 'Illuminati' or the European 'Black Nobility' along with their bankers, the Rothschilds, Oppenheimers, Rockefellers.

    You see, we fought the Revolutionary War to free ourselves from the domination and greed of these European 'nobles', but 235 years after we won that fight, they are back, and accomplishing their original aim under the noses of the fat, lazy and apathetic American people. Actually, these elites are very long-term in their view, and they have never stopped their interference in our affairs, both financial and political. But now, after 20 years of Bush1/Clinton/Bush2, they are on the verge of victory. They have given up the use of the sword to overcome us; they use the 'fountain pen', or, in reality, super-computers,in order to loot our assets and livelihood. And in reality, they have created a gigantic machine, one that answers to no one but the few at the top. A big vacuum-cleaner, if you will. Remember what Ross Perot said about that 'giant sucking sound'?

   Going back to the specific PA Turnpike deal, I noticed an interesting item: Governor Rendell says that the 'lease' money would be 'invested' with the PA State Employees Retirement System. Now, who manages the PASERS fund? Maybe Goldman-Sachs? Maybe this employees retirement money is then placed into a 'hedge fund'. Maybe an unregulated off-shore hedge fund. Do we have full confidence in Goldman-Sachs or CitiGroup to take care of our hard earned pension money?

    In closing, this deal is bullshit. We lose. A more painful, but better alternative is PA Act 44, which would put a toll on Interstate 80. Also remember this: taxpayers used to get a return on their Federal Income taxes for the maintenance of infrastructure. But the Federal government has stolen our money, and in itself has become PRIVITAZED. We are being sKammed.

    Backgrond on the 'Black Nobility' in a nutshell:


    For more about the 'Black Nobility' today, you can go here:


    This 'Black Nobility', known today as the Bilderbergers, will be meeting outside of Washington DC, in Chantilly VA, in the beginning of June.


Kulture of Kriminals, Big & Small

    Last week I was returning home from Center City Philadelphia. I went down into the subway station at Juniper Street to wait for my trolley. There were only a few people down there, so I went down to one end, where I sat down next to an older black woman. I took out some reading material, and waited for the trolley.

    While sitting there, a young African-American male came up and sat on the bench across from us. He was listening to a rap 'song' on his iPod, and 'rapping' along with the 'song'.

    Every word out of his mouth, which I am sure duplicated exactly what he was listening to, was to this effect: 'Nigger, watch youself, 'cause I got my gat...Gonna put a bullet in your cap...You motherfuckin' punk, think I'm playing?...Got my niggers and my gun, now you be layin'....and so on and so forth. Interestingly enough, this young fellow was rather conservatively dressed, certainly not in 'gangsta style'. And he seemed totally oblivious to the fact that his loud 'rapping' might offend or disturb other people. He was kinda zombie like.

    I turned to the woman sitting next to me and said 'You know, what you're looking at is our 'next generation of citizens and leaders'. She looked at me, then looked at him. She had taken notice, too. She said 'I pray to God not. He's a complete idiot. You know, I usd to be in favor of welfare and giving checks to these girls who have kids, but now I've changed my mind. Look at what it's producing! I'm so tired of all this shit!'

    I said 'Well, you know we have a culture that glorifies criminals. From the man in the White House, right down to these kids and the stuff they listen to and watch. When we were kids we used to watch the Flintstones!' 'Yeah, the Flintstones, Rocky & Bullwinkle, cartoons...I just don't understand all this', nodding toward the young zombie.

    They say the fish rots from the head down. But in America today, it seems to be rotten all over. Hey, I was riding on a suburban train one day, and they had up a big advertisement for the video game 'Grand Theft Auto'. Now, anyone who has seen GTA knows that the whole thing is about gang-banging, murder, robbery, screwing and then disposing of prostitutes etc. What kind of 'game' is this? What is it conditioning and preparing a younger generation to accept?

    Now, this is the rot from the 'tail' so to speak. At the 'head', we have our federal government and it's various corporate sponsors. We have as our 'leader' one George W.Bush, this puppet who claims to be a Christian. He blasphemes in the name of Jesus Christ. George Bush worships another 'god'. His sponsoring and propagating of the mass 'human sacrifice' that is taking place in Iraq should make this clear to anyone. In the Bible, those who practiced human sacrifice were the diciples of Molech (the devil), or followers of the priests of Baal (same ole devil). and of  course, the rest of the coterie of criminals surrounding the fake cowboy from Texas are worshipping in the very same 'church'.

    So, you have Kriminals, big and small, and a Kulture that glorifies it. Makes you sick to your stomach, and makes you wonder how low we can go.

     Some web links to incidents from George Bush's personal life that you might not be aware of:

         The Maggie Shoedinger case:


        The Matamoros Satanic Cult Killings:


     Just some food for thought. Do you own follow-ups.



Kastration & Kontrol

   They have cut the balls off of our economy. Not only that, they have decided, that for the most part, men are no longer neccesary. Let me explain, and let me get personal.

    I am a skilled male worker. I have an insurance license in my state, along with a public notary license. In addition, I have a diploma in computer/IT technology. I have also devoted most of my adult life to music, both as an instrumentalist and a composer. You would think that these skills would qualify me for some meaningful work in our society. But they do not. And, as I am just past the half-century mark in terms of age, I have another strike against me.

    Now what I am about to relate may sound like sour grapes, and if it is, then my grapes have gone bad.

    Because of the current 'downturn' in our economy, I found myself to be one of the 'under-employed'. We do not get listed in any statistical analysis computed by the government. But, there are millions of us out here.

    For the past 6 months I have placed almost 100 applications with various corporations, banks, staffing services in search of a reasonably paying job. The result? Nothing. Now there are some reasons for this.

   Most job applications nowadays have to be done 'online'. This means that you do not speak to another human being who can meet and evaluate you. All you get is a computer-generated message saying 'Thank You for applying, and we will review your qualifications'. This is frustrating. Another thing is that most of these applications are not even processed by the 'Human Resources' department of the company that you are applying to, but by 'third party contractors' staffed by $10 workers who couldn't care less about an email from you, one of hundreds or thousands that they receive to be 'processed'. In effect, your application goes down the memory hole. But that's not all.

   I have taken the initiative to follow up some of these job applications in person, by going to local offices of the companies I have applies to, and asking to speak with the managers. Usually I can actually speak to a manager or 'person in charge' because of my special powers of persuasion. The response is always one of surprise, that a person looking for a job would actually take the initiative to come in and make a personal appearance. Most of these 'managers' are quite polite, and promise to 'email Human Resources' about me, testifying to my initiative and tenacity.

   But there is another aspect here: for these insurance or in some case clerical or managerial positions, it seems as if 90% of the succesful applicants are women! And it is also women who make the hiring decisions. Where are the men?...I guess men are supposed to be CEOs or high level management. But since those positions are about 1% of the 'workforce', where does that leave the rest of us? The traditional manufacturing jobs are gone, and these were the jobs that the average skilled or semi-skilled American male usually depended on for a living. Even the hi-tech positions are vanishing, with Americans being replaced by foreign workers who will work for less, and won't ask any questions. I recently discussed the computer/IT employment market with a corporate recruiter, and he told me that it would be hard for me to get work, even if I was qualified, for a number of positions that were available, because I had been working in 'another field' for the past 5 years...I assured him that my computer/IT skills were still good, and gave him a list of my work experience.He agreed with me, but then said that 'the market was funny', and told me about a recent man that he tried to place in a job with a local corporation, but who was rejected because he had 'too much experience'.The company wanted someone who was not as skilled, of course, so they could pay this person less. So, here I was presented with a contradiction: It might be hard for me because I was working in another field for the past few years, and, by the example of this man he mentioned, taht I might have too much experience. I told him that I could get any reasonable job done, and then asked him to keep my application on file. He said he would. But I am not holding out any grest hope.

   The music game is another story, which I won't go into at length here. But I will relate one tale. Last year, I applied for a composer's grant with a major Foundation in my state. I reviewed the list of composers who were given grants during the past 10 years, and over half of them were women. I reviewed their work, and found that most of the compositions that were given awards were more in the line of 'performance art' than music. I found this curious, but predictable. In applying for these type of grants, one is dealing with the 'academic mindset', which fawns over anything that could be be construed as 'radical'. But the pieces that I reviewed were in no way radical, only lacking in quality. The late Miles Davis once said, when discussing this 'academic' view of music 'White people just eat up that shit...Black people know better.'

   Anyway, we have been castrated both economically and culturally. And women are not at fault in this, as they are just human beings who want to live. Rather, it is all of us who have permitted these changes to take place, by letting our gender and economic roles be 'redesigned' by social engineering, and by losing our common sense. Now, manhood is defined by which corporate sports team you root for, and what slick sales deals for useless products you can concoct. I know I am being extreme, viewing things as I do from the viewpoint of a conservative man living in a fairly 'liberal and cosmopolitan city'. But I think that if you went to the American heartland or the South, you would find these kinds of things happening, too. Too many women in the workforce, working cheaper, and displacing men. What are men to do in this 'Battle of the Sexes'? In this 'corporate culture'? Sour grapes leave a bad taste..



Klash of Civilizations

   After the staged 9-11 attack on the WTC, we were told by our government that the perpetrators of the attack were a goup of people who 'hated our freedom'. This, in fact, was true. But they were not Muslims, led by Osama Bin Laden, as we were told. There was also talk of, in ceratin political circles, even before the attack, that the West was facing a 'Clash of Civilizations'. This too was true in a sense. But who's 'civilization' was really clashing with ours?

    Most Americans, before the 9-11 event, had little knowledge of Muslams and Islam. There were Muslims in this country, maybe a few million, and they were of various ethinic backgrounds: Arabs, Albanians, Lebanese, some Turks, and African-American Muslims. These Muslims were peaceful and sober, as Islam prohibits consumption of alchohol and drugs, and places an emphasis on the family, and especially the man's role in sustaining his family. In m former neighborhood in Philadelphia, I was in close proximity to two mosques, one a small store front Albanian mosque, and another larger mosque that was opened in an abandoned community center, that the Muslims refurbished to the betterment of the neighborhood. These Muslims were at all time polite and dignified, at were certainly accepted in my multi-ethnic community.

   Actually, the first time Americans really became aware of a possible 'Muslim threat' was after the first WTC bombing in 1993. This was blamed on the famous 'blind sheikh' Ramsay Yusef and his radical followers. In fact, a different 'civiliztion', in my opinion was behind both of the WTC attacks: the Zionist 'civilization', Israel.

    It is beyond the scope of the current post to explore all the background of the WTC attacks, the reasoning behind them, and the actual mechanics of the events. I will leave that for later. But I will leave it to one of the advoctes of the 'Clash of Civilization' paradigm to sum it up in a few words. After the 9-11 attack, Zionist Benyamin Netanyahu was asked for his reaction: he said, in so many words 'It's good for Israel..'

    And here lies the problem with this 'Clash of Civilizations'. It is really a clash of Zionist interests with those of the rest of humanity. And the US has been used as a target and an agent to this end.

    Before the creation of the state of Israel, the US had no conflicts or even much involvement with Arabs or Muslims, beyond deals that the US Government/Rockefellers had with the Saudis in relation to oil. These were business deals, strategic in a sense, yes, but they did not involve any cultural or religious conflict. But once Israel came on the scene, the paradigm shifted. Now there was a clash, of interest or 'civilizations', call it what you will. There was a new agenda and force involved, and this new agenda was not an agenda that would ultimately benefit the American people. Quite the contrary.

    Now, this 'Clash of Civilizations' has evolved as Israel has gained more and more power, and as it's agents have penetrated into the highest levels of our executive, intelligence, congressional and finacial organs. It has reached a kind of climax with the 9-11 attack, and the subsequent US invasion of Israel's long time enemy/secret love Iraq/Babylon. And with the wanton destruction of the Iraqi society, and the slaughter and degradation of it's men, women & children, we have provoked a real 'COC' with Muslims all over the world. And I would say: For who?...for what?.

   Yes, certain people 'hate our freedom'...unfortunately, these people hold the reigns and influence over American power. And what would be the next 'adversary' in this COC?...could it be Christian Civilization?

For more on the 'neo-con' involvement in the 1993 WTC bombing, I refer to an article by journalist Christopher Bollyn:



My Christian Manifesto

  1) I believe that Jesus Christ is the Living God, the Eternal Word which brought into creation the will of His Father and whose Holy Spirit is the source of all wisdom and understanding.

  2) I believe that through His life on this earth, his teaching and love, and his ultimate sacrifice for us on the Cross of Calvary, we are saved from our sins, and are heirs to the promise of Eternal Life...'I AM the way, the truth and the life; No one comes to the Father, except by Me'.

  3) I believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God, as received by men...the Bible is a book of history, poetry, philosophy and prophecy, which reaches it's fullness in the words of Jesus Christ...it is the logbook of man's relation to God, both for the better and the worse...however, I do not worship the Bible.

  4) I believe that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the ONLY solution to the problem's of mankind...all is reduced to His two commandments to us: Love God with all your heart, soul  and mind, and love your neighbor as you would yourself...all problems flow from man's refusal/inability to keep these simple commandments.

  5) As Jesus taught us to repond to situations with a simple 'yes or no', I say 'no' all 'isms' and 'ologies'.

  6) Jesus taught us that 'blessed are the peacemakers' and to 'turn the other cheek' to our enemies...so, as Christians, we are commanded to seek peace and not war...but Jesus Christ did not command us to commit suicide...rather  “When a strong man, fully armed, guards his own house, his possessions are undisturbed...But when
someone stronger than he attacks him and overpowers him, he takes away from him all his armor on which he had relied and distributes his plunder"...we are to protect our selves and our loved ones and our nation, but first put on the 'armour of God'.

  7) I believe that Christians should avoid politics...BUT, it is imperative for them to take moral positions in the battle between good and evil...and they should be prepared to suffer for their righteousness, as Our Lord suffered...we must be willing to 'take up our cross and follow Him' if we be called Christians.

  8) I believe that Satan or the Devil exists: he is the 'cosmic' spirit of pride, who seeks to elevate himself above God...but, this is not possible, which makes the devil a self-deceiver and a psychopath, for he can not let go of his pride...we do not know how the devil became what he is...the Book of Job says that 'God travaileth when He brought forth the crooked serpent.'

  9) I believe that God is Love, and that He created us out of this Eternal love...Jesus Christ is the personification of this Love.

10) I believe that Christianity is the foundation of all that is good and even great in Western culture...but we are in danger because we have lost sight of this basic truth...I don't believe in what they call 'apologetics'...There is no reason to apologize for the love of Jesus Christ and obeying His teaching.

   In closing, I will only repeat what Jesus said to His diciples at the Last Supper: 'Love one another, as I have loved you'.



Kulture #1

  I just got out of a Wendy's fast-food restaraunt. I go to fast-food places a couple times a week. What I noticed at this particular Wendy's was an overiding sense of hostility, depression and resignation on the faces of all the workers there, from the cooks to cashiers to the manager, a pretty 30-something woman, who looks like she is ageing a year for every week she works there.

   Now, you might say: 'Big fucking deal!...who wants to work in a fast-food joint?'. And you would be correct. But let me put my feelings into some perspective.

   Behind me in line were three foreigners, well-dressed, one an Oriental, another looked like he was from Eastern Europe, and the third guy I didn't really focus on. They looked like they might be part of the foreign technocrat folks that corporations are bringing to America to take our jobs, because they work for less and won't cause problems. But they seemed to be nice guys.

   So I said to the Oriental, 'You know, we ought to be happy that these people are just dishing out our food, and not really cooking it; do you see how hostile and surly they all are? Good they're not back in a kitchen somewhere really cooking, because then they might spit in your sandwich.' The Oriental guy gave me a funny look at first, then him and his buddies took a look at the cashiers and sandwich makers and go-fers and said, 'You know, you're right'.

   So then I told them, 'You know it wasn't always like this. My dad used to take me to the first McDonald's that opened in Philadelphia, back in the middle 60's, and when you went there, McDonald's had a policy that you would always get your food within 60 seconds. The help were always friendly, they actually took some pride in what they were doing, even if it was only grilling burgers, the joint was clean, and, to top it off, a hamburger was 15 cents, french fries cost a dime, and a soda or a  milk-shake was 20 cents. Now, the prices are 10 to 20 times what they were, the service stinks even though they have all these expensive computers to keep track of the orders. And the food even tasted better back then.'

    This is a small snap-shot of how America has changed. Things have gotten too big, too impersonal, just too TOO! Now, I guess this to be expected: situations arise and evolve and devolve. Empires rise and fall, except events move at a very fast speed in 2008.

    We are still the richest nation in the world, in a certain sense. But, somehow it has all become hollow. Consumer culture is one of the emptiest forms of 'civilization' that have come down the pike. The human race needs to do productive and meaningful work to prosper. Meaningful work has almost disappeared from the American landscape. The whole concept of the 'service economy' was a misconception from the git, this meaning of 'service' being akin to what a prostitute gives to a john.

    What is real service? Real service is a human being giving a meaningful part of their time and themselves to worthwhile work, for the community and the greater good. This kind of service in turn rewards the individual who gives it by enriching him/her and enlarging their worldview. We do not value real service, although we expect and in fact demand to be 'serviced'

   Of course, we must also talk about labour. The National Socialists had a famous sign outside one of their internment camps that said 'Work will set you free'. Of course, the work they demanded was slave labour. This kind of labour is not a source of freedom. But the saying was still true, in the sense that a man profits from a labour that he enjoys and loves, and profits when he can enjoy the fruits of that labour. But labour has been cheapened, and meaningful labour elimanted from modern society for a large mass of people. We now have 'virtual labour'. This builds nothing; it only serves to illustrate how alienated we have allowed ourselves to become from our basic need to build something real.

   Those foreign guys I met at the Wendy's are new to Amerika. To them, it is an opportunity for a new start, hopefully a better life, maybe money they can send to a family back in Vietnam, India or Romania. What they don't realize is that they are now in a hollowed out shell of what was once a great nation. Most Americans don't even realize this, because they have become worshippers of a different god, one who specializes in the process of 'hollowing out'.


It's the Ekonomy, Stupid!
What none of the Presidential 'candidates' will talk about, at least in any depth or with any sense of reality, is the economy. And why is that?. Because they are all paid for or employed in some form or another by the forces that have destroyed it.

   The American economy is gone. In insurance terms it would be classified as a total loss. How did this happen?

   The primary goal of globalists and Wall Street usurers is short term profit, and profit on an outrageous and obscene scale. These 'usurers' or 'forces' owe allegiance to no nation, and in fact find the traditional nation-state as an impediment to there greed. Nation-states that have any stable culture have laws that seek to limit the monopolization of wealth, at least to some extent. This is because in any society the concentration of wealth into the hands of any small group results in tyranny. This being said, the practice of monopoly wealth accumulation usually occurs to some degree anyway, so therefore there are degrees of tyranny. Communism, which was supposed to create a 'worker's paradise', turned into a worker's tyranny, in which the state through it's control of production and labour, enslaved those who it promised a 'utopia' to. Of course, there are political and 'religious' aspects of Communism that also came into play. Fascism is another form of monopoly control, in which the State & large Corporate interests are merged in a governmental form. What we have in America today is the synthesis of Communism & Fascism, i.e., the control of government by global corporate interests, and the imposition of a form of communism on the masses, resulting in a gradual 'reduction' and a final elimination of the middle-class, who are the bedrock of any decent modern society. This process began in earnest during the 1980's, with the emergence of the most voracious groups of Wall Street criminals, the KKR's, the Milkens and their ilk. These criminals began the process of breaking down of the great American industries and businesses into fragmented parts, much as a butcher works on a carcass. Here began an accelerated process of the sell-off of America's industrial plant and economic heart, to various faceless or 'multi-national' groups who then took the parts of this carcass and peddled it where they could. As there was nothing much left after this debacle, the 1990's saw the emergence of various 'bubbles', mostly involving information technology, that were valued without any sense or connection to reality. Now, we have the 'housing bubble' which is just another ponzi scheme that created 'paper' wealth, and allowed the 'casino-masters' on Wall Street to further hide from the American people the fact that our national wealth has been looted. Of course, the rise of financial instruments such as derivatives and 'black holes' called hedge funds, all unregulated financial fictions, helped expidite the theft.

   At the center of all this is the Federal Reserve Bank, the private and foreign owned American Central Bank, which issues our currency. This is the heart of the financial beast, and needs to have a dagger thrust into it. But, as a historical example, two American Presidents who decided to bypass this beast and issue our OWN currency through the US Treasury, Abraham Lincoln and JFK, wound up with bullets in their head.

    And herein lies the problem. All the Presidential candidates, in one way or another, are indebted to these alien usurers who suck the lifeblood from America.  John McCain was the guest of honor at a fundraiser held in his name in London by the Rothschild family, one of the shareholders in the FED. What is an AMERICAN Presidential candidate doing having funds raised for him by foreigners, and the world's most influential foreigners st that? This is treason!

   Barack Obama is supported by the global speculator George Soros, and has received funds from him, although to what extent we don't know. Soros acts as a front man for the aforementioned Rothschilds.

   Hillary Clinton's money sources are more varied, but in the past she has received money from the 'Canadian' Bronfmann family, who control a huge portion of the North American liquor trade. She has also received money from Rupert Murdoch, global media baron, and also money funnelled through Chinese fronts, as did her 'husband' Bill. We are also looking into her connections with Jackson Stephens, big time securities/investment banker, reputedly head of the 'Dixie' mafia, and a big player in the BCCI affair, and also a money man for Billy Boy and the Bush family.

   The only Presidential candidate not taking money from these sources is Representative Ron Paul. And look at what happened to him: shut out of any media coverage for his campaign, and most likely 'warned off' from pursuing his campaign more vigorously.

   So, yes, 'It's the Ekonomy, Stupid!', but you will get no solutions from McCain, Obama or Clinton. Only bullshit, and a further aquiesence to the 'planned destruction of America'. Oh, and as the old saying goes. 'When your neighbor loses his job, it's a recession; when you lose yours,it's a depression.' Better get some Prozac. It's going to get pretty depressing when good bread costs $5 a loaf, when gas for your car costs $5-6 a gallon, and when diesel fuel goes to $6-7. But, hey, America has been living beyond it's means for too long a time, hasn't it?