I originally wrote this piece circa 2007, naming it 'Hebron (Veil of Tears)', because of my concern over the brutal treatment of the native Palestinians in Hebron by Israeli settlers, many of whom were imported from America...I completed it with the input of my compatriots in 'Audio Emotif' (French for 'sound emotion' or 'sound reaction') violinist Kenneth Parker and percussionist Phillip Grim.

A year or so after I put the music together,  attended a photo exhibition by a former member of the Israeli IDF at a gallery in Philadelphia...The former soldier seemed rather troubled by his former duties in Occupied Palestine, and had collated some photographic documentation of his time on duty for this show.

We talked for awhile, and I mentioned to him that I had written a piece of music entitled 'Hebron'...He insisted that I change the title to include 'al Khalil', which, as the Hebrew 'Hebron', means 'friend' in Arabic...So the music became 'Hebron/al Khalil'.

This video is not a big studio production, but the music is performed well, and I feel it is evocative.

I hope you enjoy it.

Violinist Parker and yours truly are currently recording what will be a two volume set of basically acoustic music, violin and acoustic guitar...'Acoustic Emotif'.

The music will range from Beatles music to Swing Jazz to Middle Eastern, Indian and Asian sounds,with the possible inclusion of some traditional Irish music and a few other things....
6/3/2017 12:34:33 am

I want to watch the video, unfortunately the video is no longer on youtube. Can you upload the video again? thanks.


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